A Promotion, Please

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Big Tits

He was sitting there as he watched her luscious lips wrap around the base of his cock, the subliminal sex messages of the music resonating in his head while he wrapped his fingers in the soft strands, pulling and stroking. The phone was in his other hand as he listened to his father talk about nonsense. He guessed it was because he had this young thing sucking on the head of his cock with such a salivated mouth that his own salivated just from the feel of the suction of her cheeks and tongue. The more she sucked, the more he lost his train of thought, murmuring yes or no, mhm and um to everything his father questioned. Finally, he got the picture that he was in the middle of something and asked if he should go. Just then, he watched her gulp down his dick, watching it disappear inch my inch in the middle of her cute face. He pictured the gloss of her lips like the cum inside the tube of his cock, hovering there while it wrapped around his shaft, sucking him further and further.

“Yea I have to go.” Because this chick is fucking my dick with her mouth, Dad, He wanted to add but kept quiet, remembering the last time he disrespected the little spitfire, she had cut him off for a month. He could live without her cock sucking abilities, but life was so much better when it was around. Just as he hung up, she sucked his cock clean and then straddled him with her little tight body, everything was firm and toned, tan and perky. He loved it. Her breasts bounced in his face as she began to ride him, still wearing the plaited black miniskirt. She rode him hard and cried out hotly against his neck as he thrusted deep to her slick hole, wanting to hear more, wanting to feel her clench more, and just as she did, the cum inside of his testicles lurched, stirring him more to make the pummeling of her cunt faster and more vigorous. Wildly, he pounded her, tearing at her skirt so he could lean back and watch that pussy slam down on his cock. He laid back and looked up to her breasts jiggling up and down, and her thighs rocking back and forth with the gyrations of her hips and flat stomach, her abs clenching as he reached up to grab her ass roughly.

Their bodies slapped together rapidly after Kızılay Escort the skirt was ripped away. He saw the surprise in her face but that was when he drove it home and made her grip the sheets of the bed, a scream of his name shattering the riffs of the haunting metal music echoing in his mind at that point. He watched her lose so much control as the canal of her pussy grew slippier with the drilling of his dick to what felt like her stomach. Her head of blonde, brown, red, and blue tossed back and forth when he snuck a look at her between concentrations, grabbing her hips in his able hands and making her little frame ride him with the speed he desired. Not wanting to cum so soon, even if they were both shining from sweat and their bodies emitting enough heat to see in the air, he leaned up and kissed her, bringing them to fuck in a seated position, slow and deep. He raised, she ground, he grunted, she moaned, the push and pull of his hands going with the momentum of his manhood. He felt more like a man staring at this young piece of ass getting pummeled by him and enjoying it as well. He was not so old he knew, but just the fact that a teenage girl like this one was so hot for him, unable to contain her body’s lust for his own, and so eager to please him. He felt like a teacher almost, and it made the intercourse that much more intoxicating.

He pulled her off and flipped her on her stomach. He loved the look on her startled face seeing as she thought she was so bad ass compared to him. Lifting her waist up to where she put out her hands to hold herself up on the bed and gasping for the breath that she lacked because of her constant shrill cries of slight pain and overall pleasure from the bone of her pussy, he could not help but smirk at the shining flesh exposed when he backed up behind it. The two tight hams coming together in a tight crack that he just had to feel. He smacked the firm side of her right cheek playfully just to hear her moan, which she whimpered instead. He raised a brow, feeling along the meeting of the two ass cheeks to where her asshole was, slightly moist but considerably closed. He reached down to rub her pussy as he leaned Kolej Escort to look at her face, her lips trembling like her body to hold herself up weakly. He then rubbed the soaked fingers over her asshole looking over it and studying how wet the flesh became. Then repeated the action, smacking her ass again when he felt her ass was good and ready for a pounding.

“Spread ’em for me, chick.”

She reached back with her delicate hands and squeezed her ass cheeks to pull them apart and show all between her ass. He found it cute how such small hands could hold so much strength after most of her energy drained away because of the rapid fucking of her virginesque pussy. As he held his dick steady, slipping the tip in through the fold, his member felt her ass squeeze it in and her body tighten to handle the slight discomfort of such a large organ inside of the shallow, slender cavity. He saw her face wincing as he pushed it in slowly, inch by hard inch. Her ass was still clenching down on his dick, a little hard for his tastes, and he knew she would like it if she could learn to take it like a good girl.

“Spread ’em farther! You want that fucking raise?”

He added the last part just to get a reaction. She whimpered and did so, and he nodded withdrawing and then slamming it in, just so he could hear that scream again, which she gave to him loudly, and he did it again and again, ravaging her ass. Her body twisted and writhed for the first moments. He wanted her to buck back and so he grabbed her hips and forced her body to do what he wanted. He loved how he could control this little being with his strength and power. The more he pulled, the more she moaned, so he knew she did not mind the force. He knew all that from their previous conversations anyway. She was a freak and she knew that he knew it. He focused on the tight hole swallowing his cock throughout as he penetrated it slowly now, then harder and deeper. She relaxed everything so he could ram it in faster and faster. She reached between her legs with her face smashed into the sheets, just so she could play with her clit. The pace had become too fast for her again, and her whimpers and cries became Maltepe Escort scattered and choked between gasps for breath. Her breasts flapped up and down as he bit down on his lip to contain his own groans of pleasure, the urge to cum growing and growing as she started to plead with him for the sweet release of his juices. What, can’t take a little pain? He almost asked, but he did not want to make it seem like the obvious. That this interaction was to use her, no he did not want to speak the truth. True, the sex was great but that was all it could be for him, for now, for this point in time. He had been through the divorce, he had been through the gold digging girlfriends, and he had been through the bitches and whores.

He finally let the rush of hot fluid fill up her ass and then pulled out smoothly, the sucking of her own fluids and his cum sounding as he fell back and she fell forward. Her body curled up and he rolled over to the side so he did not have to see her curl up into a shivering ball. He did not feel like cuddling, he actually more or less wanted her to leave. The excuse was coming to him just as he looked up to see her halfway limping and picking up her clothes, shaking her head slightly at the torn skirt.

“Thanks for fucking ripping it.”

“There’s some sweats in the top drawer, if you want.”

“Yea but what am I going to wear to work tonight.”

He could not believe she was already worried about work, but he raised his hands and covered his face, massaging the tension and scrambling of an answer to her question. He just fucked her for everything she was worth, she was limping, and still she was thinking about something else. Wait, just a minute he had told himself that he wanted her to leave. What was he doing now? God, he was confused, yes go, he told her silently as he opened his eyes to see her little pout pursed in a disgruntled manner. He wanted to see her again, so he stood naked and walked to her pulling her to him as he sat back on the bed. She sat in his lap as he pulled the skirt away. Feeling her hardened tits and warm skin against his own was almost blissful, he thought he might actually miss it. For now, he just wanted to appease her so he could do this again tomorrow.

“Look I’ll give you more tips tomorrow and you can buy another skirt with that, or don’t even come in and I’ll give you some money.”


“I’m your boss, I can do whatever the hell I want to do.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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