A Reluctant Vacation

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The wife having two sisters is perfect. We all took a vacation together and I couldn’t be happier.

What started out as a planned getaway with my wife, turned into her sisters coming along. I was hesitant at first. I wanted alone time with Hannah, but she assured me we would still have some alone time.

After the first few nights of the all-inclusive trip, Hannah and I were having sex almost nightly while her sisters were at the bar. They were trying to pick up single college kids. But the third night they came back early.

Hannah and I were fucking on the couch and didn’t hear the door open. They walked in as I was balls deep in their sister. I’m unsure how long they were there but when I saw them, I scrambled to cover up.

Jess, the oldest of the sisters leaned against the wall and smiled. “I knew you two were fucking but I expected it to be in your bedroom. Not on the couch. We all sit there!”

Beth, the youngest just stood there with her mouth open. She obviously was shocked.

Jess walked towards us and Hannah sat down on the couch crossing her legs. “What the hell guys. I thought you were trying to get some dick at the bar?”

“We were, but there wasn’t anyone hot there so we decided to come back and change so we could go for a night swim.” Jess said still walking towards us.

I’m still in shock and trying my hardest to calm my hard on down. Beth is still standing in the hall staring.

“Don’t you worry about your dick getting soft. We will help.” Jess said.

My mind races. What does she mean we? Have they done this before?

“Beth, sweety, come here.” Jess motions to Beth to have a seat next to Hannah. Beth didn’t know what to do. But she followed her sisters command and sat down next to Hannah.

Jess sat on the arm of the chair I was in and spoke to her sisters while she put her hand on my thigh. “It’s just like in college. Hannah, would you like it if we all had sex?”

Hannah smiled and nodded. I am now in shock. I had three hot women looking at me with a ravaging stare. I couldn’t help but get hard again.

Jess was the first to remove her top. Her tits were bigger than her younger sisters. “Would you like to have sex with all of us?”

My mouth was open, I could feel the drool about to fall out. All I could do was stare at her tits. I wanted to suck them and fondle them. They were perky and full. I nodded. And before I knew it, my face was buried in Jess’s chest.

My mouth searched for her nipple as my hand worked on the other breast, squeezing, and flicking the nipple. She tasted salty like the ocean and klasbahis yeni giriş sweat. The towel I placed over me started to move as my cock grew in length.

Hannah noticed and crawled over to me. Her hands exploring my body. She played with my nipples and kissed my stomach. I felt the towel being pulled away but couldn’t look at who was doing the pulling. Jess had my head still pressed against her chest. Her fist was tugging on my hair to make sure I stayed there. I felt a warm mouth around my engorged cock. I knew what Hannah’s mouth felt like, this wasn’t her. This mouth was new, smaller, and the lips felt more plump. I moaned as Beth took my cock in her throat. Hannah was still playing with my nipples and kissing my stomach, biting her way over to my hips. She knew that drove me wild. As she bit down, my ass would rise up and my cock would go deeper in Beth’s mouth.

Jess released my head and I pulled away. I looked down to see my wife and her sister taking turns sucking my cock. I couldn’t help but let out another moan. My head tilted back as Beth deepthroated me and Hannah sucked on my balls. I saw a leg swing over me, and a pussy was coming down to my face. I opened my mouth and my tongue found Jess’s clit.

Jess let out a loud moan. She began grinding her pussy on my face. She kept it trimmed, but there were definitely some fresh razor marks on her. I did all I could to not cum that very instant.

I focused on Jess’s clit while she rode to an orgasm. My mouth sucking and nibbling on her clit. She played with my hair as she came. Her juices spilled on my face as she slowed down and stepped off the chair. I look down at what the other girls are doing. Both are completely naked, still swapping places giving me the best bj I have ever had. Jess walks behind them and takes my cock in her hand. “Beth, go sit on his face. I want to taste his cock now.”

The precum was flowing heavily out of my cock as Jess and Beth switched places. Beth was a little smaller than her sisters, but her pussy was the sweetest. She straddled my face, and I couldn’t get enough. Instead of just the clit, my tongue found her pussy and fucked her. I lapped up her pussy juices. She was drinking mixed drinks the whole vacation and I could taste pineapple and strawberry. It was like heaven. I grabbed Beth’s hips to hold her in position. I wanted to savor this taste.

As Jess and Hannah continued to suck my cock, I felt a warm sensation around my asshole. Hannah knew what my kinks were. She lifted my legs up so she could give me a rim job. Jess was giving me a hand job klasbahis giriş at this point as she watched Hannah lick my asshole. God it felt amazing.

Soon Beth came. She was a squirter and let her juices squirt all over my face. I let out a moan as she stood up.

My head stayed tilted back for a few moments as the pleasure was amazing. I looked down. My wife was still licking my asshole, Jess still had her hand wrapped around my cock. Beth was returning from the bedroom with something in her hand. She walked over and I saw it was a dildo. She must have brought it in anticipation of not getting as lucky at the bar as her sister.

She pulled out some lube as well and started to lube the dildo. “Now Dexter, Hannah has told us some of your fetishes. And right now, she is still licking your asshole, warming it up.” Jess said as she stood up. I noticed that she had a harness on around her crotch. My head tilted back again as her mouth wrapped around my cock. “You are going to cum for us Dexter. You are going to cum in Hannah or Beth while I peg you. Would you like that?”

I moaned loudly. I was already close to cumming as it is. I’ve never been pegged but Hannah and I have explored anal before. The dildo was big though. Bigger than anything I have had in my ass before. I nodded in agreement.

Hannah stopped licking. “He’s ready.” I felt her run her hand over my asshole and up to my pulsing dick. She knew I wouldn’t last long. “Beth, why don’t you fuck him to completion. I’ll sit on his face and watch.”

Hannah straddled my face, her body facing towards the other two. She had the familiar taste that I was used to, but there was a lot more of her juices than I was expecting. I flicked her clit and tongue fucked her like I know she likes.

I could feel lube being spread on my asshole and my legs being held up by Hannah. A finger slid in and my cock twitched. I felt some precum dripping down my shaft. Then there was an unfamiliar feeling. Jess was in position with the dildo pressed firmly against my asshole. I tried to relax but I knew any amount of relaxation wouldn’t prepare me for the feeling. She pulled away.

I felt my cock getting played with a bit, then a warm, wet feeling. Beth’s pussy was sliding down my cock. I moaned loudly. Hannah moaned loudly. Beth moaned loudly. She grinded slowly on my dick. She was tight. A lot tighter than her sister. She wiggled her body around on my cock. I knew she was trying to get me to relax.

A moment later I felt the dildo pressing again and this time there was more lube. “Just relax Dexter.” Her klasbahis güvenilirmi words were calming. As she pressed a little harder, I felt it penetrate me a little. Beth’s pussy was gripping my cock. She knew how to fuck. Her hips were swinging in a circular motion as she fucked me.

Hannah continued to moan as my mouth explored her. My tongue lapping up her juices as they spilled out. One of my hands found Beth’s hips, gripping it tightly as I felt her close to an orgasm. My other hand was helping to make Hannah cum. My fingers gripping Hannah’s ass. Sliding a finger inside her pussy as I focused on her clit, she let out a soft moan.

Jess was pushing the dildo inside me and it went further and further. I didn’t know how much I’ve already taken or how much was left. It felt amazing. I took my wet finger out of Hannah’s pussy and rubbed against her asshole. She enjoyed anal every now and then, but I was pushing limits so she should to.

Jess slowly started to move her hips. I could feel the pressure build up and knew she was starting to fuck my ass. She added more lube and took it slow, running her fingers up and down the back on my thighs to help me relax. Hannah let out a moan as she saw her sister fucking my asshole.

Beth was the first to cum. Her circular motions stopped, and she was riding up and down. She screamed out that she was cumming. Her pussy tightened around my cock, it felt like a hand job with how much of a force there was. She squirted and the cum went all over me.

Jess took that opportunity to fuck me a bit quicker. Hannah was on the verge of cumming. I stuck my finger in her ass, flicked her clit with my tongue and in no time, she was screaming my name. Jess once again took the opportunity and fucked quicker. Beth was still grinding my dick, wanting to have my cum inside her.

Jess was fucking me full force now. It felt amazing. The dildo was perfect size and length to hit my prostate. I felt the buildup. I was about to cum myself. With everything going on, I lost track of who was doing what. Somehow, Beth and Hannah switched positions. Hannah’s pussy was flexing around my cock wanting to milk the cum from it, Jess was still fucking me to the verge of orgasm, and Beth was using my face as her personal sex toy. The moans of the three girls were enough to put me over the edge and I came inside my wife. She rode faster as I came and milked my cock dry. Jess was still fucking me during the whole orgasm, and Beth squirts on my face.

We lay there in the living room for what seems like eternity. Jess is the first to get up. “Same time tomorrow?” She walks out of the room to her bedroom. I hear the shower turn on. Beth gets up, kisses me on the lips and thanks me. She heads to her room and I hear the shower start up there as well.

Hannah looks up at me. Kisses my chest. “Do you regret me bringing them now?”

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