A Respectable Lady Like Lauren Ch. 02

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It was 10:45 when the white Volvo turned onto her street. She stopped a few yards ahead of Murdoch when he stepped into the roadway and flagged her down.

‘Murdoch. What’s the matter? What are you doing here?’

He opened the driver’s door and slid in behind the wheel. The same bossy deprecating tone took over her voice as she backed away from him on the seat. She demanded to know what he was up to, invoking the specter of Dan’s fury if he didn’t explain himself immediately. She seemed dumbfounded when Murdoch began mimicking her with ‘Oh Todd! Oh Todd!… Oh!…Ohh! She looked astonished when he pressed the match book cover into her hand. The Lamb & Python embossed in gold letters brought a chill to her heart and a stammer to her voice.

‘What’s this?’ she pretended.

Murdoch just smiled and told her to relax. He turned the car around and drove directly back to the lakefront. Long before he nosed the Volvo into the service laneway, Lauren knew what was up. When the car lurched to a halt in the same spot it had rested earlier, she was already crying.

‘Are you going to tell Dan?’ she whimpered.

‘That depends on you.’

‘Please don’t. He couldn’t stand it. He’s too proud. It would finish our marriage.’ ‘Like I said. It’s up to you. What are you prepared to do to keep me quiet?’

‘Anything. I’ll do anything, but please don’t tell your brother,’ she wept.

Murdoch felt a rush of new power. The exhilaration of having control over his snooty sister—in–law surged through him. Doubly sweet was the opportunity for a little pay back. He watched her closely as she brought her crying under control. Her composure returned and with it the haughty superiority he hated. She smoothed out her dress, and folded her hands in her lap. The perfect picture of comfortable wealth and respected propriety.

‘You make a lot of noise when you come,’ he began, deliberately renewing her distress.

Her hand covered her mouth and more tears rolled down her scarlet cheeks. ‘What do you want Murdoch, Money?’

‘No,’ he grinned. ‘I only get broke sometimes. But I get horny all the time.’

She swallowed hard and played with her fingers.

‘Take off your dress and show me your goodies.’

Lauren looked anguished and pleaded, ‘Please, I’m your brother’s wife.’

‘And you keep your cunt just for him?’ he chided. ‘It’s a little late for that. You said you’d do anything. Anything to keep Dannyboy from finding out you’ve been fucking around on the side. So do it. Or, we can go back to your house and I’ll tell him everything. It’s up to you.’

Eyes cast to the side, she reached behind and drew down the zipper on her dress. It slipped off her arms as it had before and she unsnapped the brimming white bra. Her sensitive nipples were already hard by the time the night air touched them and Murdoch smiled at their arousal.

‘Nice tits sis,’ he teased. ‘Kneel up on the seat and give me a nice close look.’

She did without complaint. On his instruction, she fondled them herself, squeezing the nipples and stretching them out to full distention. Her dress slipped off her hips and floated around her knees, exposing her thighs and the flowered panties. Carefully, she took it off and once again laid it on the back seat.

Murdoch leaned against the driver’s door and stretched out along the seat. Lauren had no choice but to straddle his thighs with her knees. Too tall to kneel straight, she had to hunch over, extending her hands to the door sill behind him. Her beautiful breasts swung free and unprotected like soft, quivering melons.

He rolled the nipples in his palms, reminding her of how she moaned when Todd had licked them. His hand crept up the inside of her thigh and hooked a finger in the crotch of her panties. With a steady pressure, he pulled at them the way Todd had done in the restaurant. His finger duplicated the same motion and he began to describe what he’d been able to witness beneath the table cloth.

She was stunned by how much he had seen, and worried that others may have been watching too. Murdoch added to her concern by saying he was sure several people had enjoyed the same view. Lauren’s face burned scarlet with embarrassment. But far more mortifying than Murdoch’s words were the reactions of her own body.

His knuckle, gently nudging her clitoris, began to send treasonous sensations fluttering through her belly. She felt herself getting wet and knew there was no way to hide it from him. She knew it would make things worse, but it felt so good there was no will in her to stop it. She tried to make herself kneel still, but her hips swayed irrepressibly.

Confidence in her own self-control was leaving her. Lauren had long despised Murdoch for what he was, and now she hated him for the control he had over her. Yet that same control was lighting fires of want across her exposed flesh. She felt dishonored by his crude language and yet she was incredibly aroused by it. The slight graze of her nipples against his stubbled chin made her breath bayan tuzla escort hiss. She craved the touch of his lips on the distended buds; curved her back lower to press the soft flesh against his face. The unthinkable was imminent.

She wanted Murdoch. Yet this was no Dan; no suave gentleman to whisper about ‘making love to his princess’. This was Murdoch. Murdoch the ne’er do well. Murdoch the rude. Murdoch the foul mouth who coveted her ‘tits’. The same Murdoch who now called her slut and cocksucker for what he’d watched her do with Todd.

She was so aroused, the scent of her sex filled the car. When he told her he could smell it, she groaned aloud at his lack of gallantry. She whimpered when he said he’d smelled it before. At the wedding. When they’d danced.

‘Guys can always smell a wet cunt,’ he proclaimed. ‘And women often cream their pants when they dance. Feeling a woman’s pussy after a dance is called ‘petting the skunk’ he informed.

He asked her if she’d like to take her panties off. She nodded ‘yes’ and immediately felt shamed by her own admission. All vestiges of her virtue slid down her thighs along with the flimsy garment. The abundant wetness between her legs had begun to seep onto her thighs. Her womb ached for the thickness of a man to fill her silky sheath. In the cool night air, the soft, wet petals of her pink flesh stood open like welcoming gates. And just above, the slippery beacon of her desire rolled back its hooded cape and hungered for attention.

Murdoch smirked at the new Lauren perched above him. Her nakedness swayed and undulated with unencumbered desire. She was ready and eager for whatever he demanded. Her impatient hands had already begun to pull at his clothing, fumbling urgently with belt, button and zipper. It made him feel powerful. All of the derision she’d made him endure in the past could now be requited.

He raised his hips and she tugged his shorts onto his thighs. Her hands, warm and urgent, worshipped his genitals. She tried to find his mouth with hers but was denied by a turn of his head.

‘I don’t want my mouth where Todd’s cock has been,’ he sneered, making her feel whorish and cheap

Dropping down she sucked his nipples through the mat of hair on his chest. She moved lower again, laving his belly with her tongue. Her hands cupped his testicles and expertly stroked his prick. She pressed his cock against her cheek like a cherished thing; nuzzled its length with tender kisses; wrapped it in her softness; blew warm breath across the head.

Her tongue flicked gingerly along the base of the frenum teasing the most sensitive part.. Murdoch was incredulous as he watched her. For the second time that night she was naked, sucking a man’s cock — a man other than her husband. All of the puritanical airs and pretense, the priggishness, had fallen away from Lauren as surely as her clothes.

Lauren closed her warm mouth over him and sent exquisite shivers through his belly. She knew how good she was. How powerless it made a man when she sucked in that certain way. The addictive lure of her mouth on a man’s prick had never failed to get her what she wanted. And right now she wanted Murdoch. Murdoch’s breath hissed between his teeth as she fluttered her tongue across his knob.

‘Oh… you little cocksucker’ he muttered. The words made him grin with satisfaction. And there was no reproach from Lauren for his ‘street language’. He loved watching her perfect hair falling forward, sweeping sensuously against his thighs and belly; her regal head bobbing over his prick. The red enamel of her manicured nails scraped lightly over his balls. She listened to the little sighs and moans that escaped from him and tried to imagine the effect she was having.

‘Men love getting their cock in a woman’s mouth,’ she thought. ‘But a smart woman can suck power and control right out through his dick.’

He wanted to see her face. To watch her ovalled lips. His prick sliding to the back of her throat. She was on top of him, pressing down on him. Murdoch wanted her outside, naked and bowed, exposed, and vulnerable.

The dome light flooded the interior of the Volvo as they scrambled out into the moonlight. Murdoch pressed her naked body against the cool metal of the car. His hand plundered her mound, fingering her sopping wetness with a possessive greed. Lauren’s touch never left his hardness. One velvet hand weighed his balls and the other shamelessly urged his prick, exhorting his lust. She arched her back toward him.

The succulent flesh of her breasts swayed irresistibly in the moonlight compelling his mouth to seek her rampant nipples. She held them up for him and he sucked gluttonously. They were the nicest tits Murdoch had ever seen. And she was the sexiest woman. Transformed from the snotty bitch who’d rebuked him for looking, reproached him for swearing, she now yearned for his cock. He could feel it in her touch, see it in her moves, hear it in her every breath. It was Lauren the priss. Lauren the snob. pendik escort Lauren the horny cunt writhing naked in the moonlight begging for cock.

His damp fingers kneaded the smooth flesh of her flanks. He raised her buttocks up onto the fender. She leaned back on her elbows letting her knees drift apart for him. The dark triangle of pubic curls held Murdoch enthralled. Lauren felt acutely exposed watching him gaze between her legs and a luscious tingle of forbidden pleasure shuttled through her belly. Brazenly, she drew her knees up, pressing them to her chest.

In truth, she enjoyed men looking at her. Loved the feeling of their prying eyes sliding along her secret places. The delicate folds were open, waiting eagerly for his kiss, his caress. Her clit throbbed with anticipation. She hoped he could see it nestled between the coral lips, afloat in the fountain of her eagerness.

Murdoch kissed her belly. The sweet smell of expensive perfume mixed with the heady musk of her sex. Her hips rose up to meet him and her fingers snaked along his scalp, gripping his unruly hair. Her ankles crossed behind his shoulders, letting her most sensitive places skim the stubble of his beard.

Lauren watched through narrowed eyes as he kissed her tenderly, worshipfully. She locked his head firmly between her hands and thighs, rocking her pelvis against his adoring face until his cheeks glistened wetly in the moonlight. Her normally courtly voice rose in little shrieks and yelps as she directed his zealous efforts. Each time orgasm’s rapture flashed through her undulating belly she tugged him in more tightly, smothering his carnal utterances with her tender flesh.

He labored diligently for her pleasure until his weary tongue was no longer enough. She craved his cock reaching deeper, filling her more completely. Her voice seemed remote, distant and pleading. Again and again she implored him to fuck her. The sound of the coarse words sent wonderful waves through her belly. ‘Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck your little cocksucker’, she blurted breathlessly.

Suddenly he was looming above; pressing his mouth to hers; forcing her to taste her own juices for the first time. She tried to turn away, but he just laughed. He held her face between his hands and tongued her mouth as he had tongued her nest. His rampant prick rose between her legs raking over her mound. Lauren captured it quickly, stuffing it into her flooded passage. She was coming again. The darkened laneway filled with the wails of her pleasure.

That triggered Murdoch. Deep within his swollen balls he felt a volcanic rush. Lauren’s breasts filled his hands and he pressed down pinning her shoulders. Nothing would contain her flailing hips as she arched to meet his every thrust.

‘Come baby! Come!’ she exhorted. ‘You love my cunt. Fill me up with your cream!’

And he did. An enormous orgasm shook through his very core sending shudders of almost unbearable pleasure through him. His body tensed rigid while Lauren thrashed against his rock-hard penis with total abandon.

After, they held each other for a long time. Neither of them was in any hurry for the night to end. Perspiration drying on their skin felt cool in the night air. Lauren trembled at the audaciousness of being naked in the outdoors. And with Murdoch. Briefly, she thought of Dan. She wondered what he might think if he could see her now. She reached out for his brother and felt between his legs. His cock had softened and lolled lazily against his thigh. Lauren wanted it again. She squeezed its rubbery softness with her palms, sliding its sheath of loose skin to and fro. His balls swung loose in their wrinkled sack.

‘Nice big balls,’ he heard her whisper as she kissed him on the neck. Murdoch smiled in response and told her to lick them. She slid down off the car and knelt on the grass at his feet. She was partially hidden in the shadow of the fender so he led her a little further into the clearing where the illumination was brightest. There was no cover for her there and she was nervous.

‘Someone might see us,’ she worried.

‘Ask Dan to tell them not to look,’ he teased recalling the reproach he’d had from his brother.

Lauren’s concern over being seen having sex excited Murdoch a great deal. His sister-in-law was the best looking woman he’d ever known. A prime piece of ass. And hot. Most guys would pay money to see her get her clothes stripped off. It gave him pleasure to know she’d have no choice if he wanted it that way.

Lauren’s breasts and belly were suddenly swept with goose bumps. She thought she could hear voices in the distance, far down the beach and they seemed to be coming toward them. Murdoch heard them too. The thought of being discovered naked and having sex on the beach filled her with dread. But at the same time, being naked and unseen, spying on them from the shadows, seemed exciting and wicked. Her stomach fluttered at the notion.

Murdoch had walked back to the Volvo and was pulling on his pants and shirt. tuzla kendi evi olan escort Lauren tried to hurry along after him but the ground was rough on her bare feet. Just as she reached the passenger door, the button snapped to the down position. Her clothes remained scattered, out of reach along the back seat of the locked station wagon.

‘Murdoch!’ she hissed as her tugging failed to release the latch. Panic flashed inside her, constricting her breath and choking her thoughts. His smirk sent chills of dismay through her belly. Half crouched beside the vehicle, she scanned frantically for cover. But there was no place to hide. A hundred feet behind her the busy Parkway hummed with traffic.

They could hear the voices coming closer, and listened as they laughed and hooted their way along the sandy strip near the water. Murdoch crept to the edge of the knoll. Four young guys were scavenging for driftwood to make a fire. A two-four provided a seat for the fire maker and the others sucked on beers as they scoured the beach.

He looked back at Lauren. The moon shone brightly across the sand highlighting the white Volvo and basking Lauren in a pale glow. Even at that distance there was no doubt that she was naked. Her one hand still clutched the door handle as if persistence would somehow spring the lock. All the boldness was gone from her demeanor. The cockiness had given way to an imploring look. In seeming contradiction to the panic she felt, her generous nipples stood out hard against the rounded fullness of her breasts. The lush black triangle of her mount seemed larger and more prominent in the alabaster light. Between her thighs and buttocks, tall tickling stems of fox-tail grass intruded onto the sensitive skin, heightening her sense of nakedness and vulnerability.

Murdoch walked nonchalantly down from his lookout. He spoke to her without lowering his voice and she pushed herself into his arms trying to muffle the sound.

‘Ssshhh!’ she hissed. ‘They’ll hear!’

‘I want them to hear,’ he snickered. “I want them to come and see you here naked.’

‘Murdoch…!’ she began to protest, but it was too late.

A silhouetted figure had appeared at the top of the rise and was watching. A shrill whistle alerted his friends. Within a moment there were four more of them checking her out from the shadows.

Lauren squeezed herself close to her brother-in-law, trying to hide her nudity in his clothes. Her hands covered her face and pressed tightly to his chest. She could feel their eyes, like lasers, mapping her figure…skimming her curves…probing her crevices. And sending thunderbolts of sensation through her quivering belly.

They came closer for a better look. Drinking in her nakedness. Laughing like young guys on a lark, bemused and bewildered by their good fortune. The chortling Murdoch made no move to hide her.

‘What have we here? What have we here?’ one repeated nonsensically.

Another held out his half-finished bottle and offered her beer.

‘Nice ass. Very nice ass! Turn around honey. Let’s see it all,’ they enjoined her good naturedly. ‘What’s your name cutie?’

Murdoch eased away to blend into the half circle of young men surrounding her. Cool night air replaced his warmth and reiterated her nakedness.

‘Her name is Lauren,’ she heard him say. ‘Mrs. Lauren Proctor.’

‘Oh Lauren baby, turn around.’

‘Let’s get to know you baby.’

‘You’ve got such a great butt. Show us the rest,’ they cajoled one after the other.

‘What’s a respectable married lady like you doin’ in a place like this?’ brought snickers from the rest.

‘She cheats on her husband,’ Murdoch explained. ‘I found her down here fucking her boyfriend. Then she fucked me so I wouldn’t tell.’

‘Oh we won’t tell either, Lauren. Will you fuck us?’

Lauren’s knees felt weak. The air was pregnant with their burgeoning sexual energy. She could nearly taste it. It made her short of breath. They weren’t leaving. They wanted her. It was like a fantasy where she’d fall asleep and wake up naked in a room full of horny young guys. Except these guys were real and she knew what was expected of her.

A tingling heat radiated through her belly and breasts. She grinned nervously into her hands at their outrageous remarks. A shudder passed through her. She’d never been naked in front of more than one man at a time in her life. But she’d dreamed of it. Wet dreams. And she was wet now.

With one hand on the door handle she turned and pressed her back against the cold metal of the car. Like a goddess gleaning worship from an inner circle of disciples, she offered them an unobstructed view of her beauty. For a moment they were quiet, drinking in the flawlessness of her figure, watching her smile and pirouette for them. Hands held high above her head she thrust out her breasts. The nipples, dark in the moonlight, stood firm and high on tremulous ivory globes.

Slowly, she drew her hands down to cradle their fullness. Ever watchful, she peered into the lustful masks that cloaked their faces. Her fingers led their eyes on a tantalizing trip down from her breasts and onto her belly. The black wedge of luxuriant growth sprang forth between her fingers. On tip toes, she curved her hips outward in a gesture of offering that brought their murmurs of approval.

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