A Ride to Change

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Author’s note: The basic outline of this story is drawn from a true event. I have embellished it for the entertainment I hope it provides the readers.

Recently I had gone through a rough break up with my long time girlfriend of four years. I thought she was the one I would be spending the rest of my life with so it was a major shock when she dropped the bomb that tore our relationship apart. It was a long sad month of wallowing in self pity before I recovered enough to even think of returning to the singles scene. The truth was that I was horny and masturbation was not satisfying anymore.

The desire to feel warm flesh under my hands again. To feel soft lips pressed against mine; my dick pounding into a hot pussy was taking over my thoughts. Shaping my actions. The break up was traumatic and I hadn’t had sex in over 2 months. I was ready to find out if Toy Caldwell, aka — Marshall Tucker, was right when he said, ” When I kiss the lips of another woman I’m gonna forget all about you.”

I wanted back in the game. I am a young guy, 27, and on the fit side. My 6 foot frame is 190 pounds of, I wouldn’t say chiseled, but cut muscle. I have brown hair to my shoulders and blue eyes. I knew there was a woman out there who’s attention I could attract.

Coming to the realization that I needed to get laid, I planned for a scouting mission the following Friday. After getting home from work I killed time doing yard work. Being summer and daylight until late evening, it was after 8 o’clock when I finally went inside. After fixing myself something to eat it was 9:30 before I got in the shower. Once I was squeaky clean and dressed it was almost 11:00. Perfect timing I thought. The night club action would be just cranking up by the time I got there.

I called a taxi to take me down town to a club I was familiar with to dance and maybe pick up a chick for a hot night of lusty sex. As I waited for the taxi to arrive I dropped a hit of Mescaline a friend had given me for just such an occasion. I was ready to party. Little did I realize that this trip would open doors of perception previously unknown to me. Or that I would walk through those doors, changing my life forever.

The taxi dropped me off at the club around 11:30. It was packed with young men and women, all enjoying a primal ritual of dance and drink. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink, but before the bartender could serve me a cute little blond asked me to dance. We hit the floor and stayed for two songs before the band slid into a slow tune. I wasn’t feeling it so I asked her to the bar for a drink. She declined and went to sit at a table with her friends.

The bartender had placed my drink on a napkin in front of the stool where I had ordered my drink. As I sat there sipping my drink the thought crossed my mind that I had been given a bum hit of Mescaline. My friend that turned me on to the stuff told me it was organic. That it could take close to an hour to start feeling the effects. It had been close to an hour since I took it and I was not feeling anything unusual yet.

I was almost finished with my drink when I started feeling queasy. Then I got sick to my stomach. I dashed to the restroom, barely making it into a stall. With a loud retch, I emptied my stomach of it’s contents. I sat on the throne; my head spinning, eyes closed. My body was trembling.

Suddenly the restroom door opened. The room filled with a cacophony of music from the band playing in the dance hall. There was an explosion of purple color behind my eye lids. As the door closed on the music from outside my ears filled with a loud buzzing sound like an electrical transformer shorting out.

All sound was magnified. I could hear the guy’s breathing as he pissed at the urinals. It sounded like a waterfall as he washed his hands. I stood up to open the stall door. I just looked at my hand on the latch trying to figure out why the latch looked painted on the door. Fuck, the Mescaline had kicked in with a vengeance. I was super high.

I washed my hands and had trouble stopping myself from standing there lathering the soap in my hands. It felt almost erotic as I stroked my soap covered skin. I didn’t dare look in the mirror.

When I got back to the bar all the seats were taken so I ordered a drink at the waitress stand. Looking around I saw that the woman I had danced with earlier was sitting talking to her friends. I walked toward their table thinking to ask her for another dance. I thought, “She looks pretty hot and she is friendly so I might be able to score early.”

She saw me coming and stood up before I got there. She was smiling, holding her hand out. I set my drink on their table and we hit the dance floor again. Things were definitely looking promising; until we started dancing. I was having trouble focusing. The music was dissonant and over powering my senses.

I didn’t know if it was the stage lighting or the drug, but everything had a lavender tint to it. The only way to describe what I was seeing is to say everything looked crystalline. Anadolu Yakası Escort As the dance progressed time seemed to dilate. I don’t know how long we danced before I just couldn’t take anymore stimulation. Without explanation, I bolted. Not from the dance floor, but from the club. I had to escape the stimulus. The Mescaline was kicking my ass.

Once outside the club I went to the far end of the parking lot where there was scant lighting and sat on the curb, hidden behind the parked cars. I could still hear the music from inside the club, pounding. I held my eyes closed, taking in the psychedelic display through my lids. Every time I opened my eyes my surroundings distorted wildly. I don’t know how long I sat there. Maybe an hour or it could have been minutes, I’m not sure.

I finally got paranoid about being discovered sitting on a curb of a parking lot in a near catatonic state so I got up and started walking. My head had cleared somewhat and I was able to function in a reasonably sober state. I didn’t want to return to the club. I thought a walk might calm me down a bit so I headed out of town; I guess thinking I would walk the 10 miles home. I had walked maybe a half mile when I decided to try hitch hiking. Several cars passed me by before a Chevy sedan pulled over.

What looked to be a very petite woman got out of the passenger side and waved me to her. When I got to the car it was indeed a woman. Even in my drug addled condition I could see that she was very pretty. She smiled showing bright white teeth behind her red lips. I watched her lips move sensuously as she asked where I was headed. I had trouble understanding her but was able to grasp that they were headed right passed where I wanted to go.

“I’m going to the north area around Beauchamp,” I said. I was still having trouble with visual stimulus, but she seemed to have brunette hair. I couldn’t make out the color of her eyes in the dim light though. Her breasts seemed proportionate to her small frame under a tight fitting blouse. At least that was what I hoped I was seeing. She was short. Probably around 5′ 4″. Her skirt was short too and she was wearing dark nylon stockings. “Well hop in. We are going about a mile past Beauchamp on our way home,” she said with a smile.

I turned to get in the car an noticed that the driver was a woman too. I grabbed the back of the seat to fold it forward so I could climb in the back, but the driver patted the seat next to her and said, “Here Sugar. Sit your cute self right here between us.”

High as I was I thought the situation was looking bright. I was being invited to sit between two women who were obviously very friendly. As I slid into the seat I took a good look at the driver before the passenger closed the door and extinguished the dome light.

She looked to be taller and bigger than the passenger. Not big as in heavy; just thick. She had dark hair cut kind of short. She looked… not unattractive. Her large breasts strained against her blouse and her skirt was well above her knees. She was wearing white fishnet stockings. I thought, “Fuck yeah. Why not?” I settled in beside her.

“What’s your name, Sugar?”


“Well then, Jimmy, I’m Toni and my friend is Lonnie. Glad to meet you. Where are you going again?”

“I’m going up around Beauchamp Ave. I live not far from there. My high from the Mescaline was starting to level off a little. At least I seemed to be stabilizing. The beams of light from the on coming cars was fractured into multi- colors and it seemed like I was looking through a kaleidoscope, but I was able to carry a conversation. Toni asked, “What’s a handsome guy like you doing hitch hiking at one thirty in the morning, sugar?”

I was feeling chatty so I told them about doing the Mescaline and freaking out in the club and deciding to hitchhike home. As I related my story I felt Toni’s hand rest lightly on my thigh. My dick stirred. Was I going to get lucky? She said, “It seems like you are having your own little party. Our place is a lot quieter than a club…” I lost the rest of what she said because at that moment I felt Lonnie’s hand on my crotch rubbing the bulge that had started growing there. She stage whispered, “We want to party too, Jimmy. Would you like to party with us?” as she gently squeezed my semi hard cock through my jeans.

“Hell yes, I’ll party with you girls.” I turned to her. I lay my hand on Lonnie’s thigh and slipped it up under her skirt as we kissed. She caught my hand and brought it up to her breast. “Play with these, Jimmy. I think you will like them,” she cooed softly before kissing me again.

My hand was cupping her breast so I squeezed. She moaned softly into my mouth as I unbuttoned her blouse exposing sloping mounds of smooth tit flesh contained in a lacy push up bra. “It fastens in the front,” she whispered. I fumbled the clasp open, freeing her tits. In the wavering light of the passing street lights they looked to be perfect; with small İstanbul Escort areolas surrounding her nipples. My hand covered one feeling the hard nipple against my palm. A tingling sensation went through my hand up my arm and through my whole body. The drug in my system seemed to be magnifying my senses. I massaged her soft tit as I bent and sucked the other nipple into my mouth. Lonnie moaned softly and her breathing accelerated.

My breathing had accelerated too. It had been too long since I had held a hard nipple between my teeth and stroked it with my tongue. It seemed my night was turning out to be just what I was hoping for; if not more. While I was salivating on Lonnie’s breast I felt Toni’s hand on my crotch, rubbing my dick. I reached behind me to stroke her thigh, running my hand under the hem of her skirt. Toni stopped my hand and in a sexy, husky voice said, “I got to drive, Sugar. There will be plenty of time for that when we get home. You are coming home with us aren’t you?”

“Wild horses couldn’t keep me from it,” I declared. I moved my hand back to Lonnie’s breast. Lonnie cupped my chin in her hand and pulled me upward lightly. I rose with no resistance to place my lips on hers. They were soft and warm; slightly parted.

I snaked my tongue into her mouth feeling the tip of her tongue circle mine. She kissed me passionately as I squeezed her tit, tweaking her hard nipple. She moaned into my mouth. I felt her right hand join Toni’s in my crotch. I don’t know how they did it, but working as a team they got my jeans unbuttoned and pulled my zipper down.

She fished my fully hard cock out of my underwear. It was standing straight out of my crotch with Lonnie’s hand around the base. She quit kissing me and looked down at my dick in her hand. “Oh Toni, look at this. It’s so thick. We are going to enjoy this a lot girl.”

My cock is thick. Of course in my younger days when first discovering my sexuality my cousin and I had compared our dicks. His dick was only 5 inches long with a severe downward curve, but it was an amazing 2 and a half inches thick. It was so huge I couldn’t get my middle finger and thumb to touch as I gripped it. He measured mine and it was 7 inches long and an inch and a half thick. I never considered my dick to be huge; just a little bigger than average. Never the less, all the women who had seen it liked it.

Toni put her hand around the shaft above Lonnie’s hand. They both started stroking; giving me a double hand job. I laid my head on the seat back and moaned. The Mescaline was still magnifying the sensations because I was feeling flashes of electricity course through my body. “Oh god, ladies. That feels incredible,” I moaned.

I don’t know how she did it, but Lonnie contorted her body enough to give me head. Toni took her hand away to give Lonnie room. She was taking me to her hand at the base. Her tongue was bathing the head every time she rose up off the shaft. Then I felt her remove her hand from the base just before her lips descended to my pubic hair as she deep throated me.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as my body stiffened trying to get deeper in her throat. She pulled off me then went back down all the way again. I was ready to cum in her throat and she knew it. Lonnie pulled off my cock and smiled as she said, “I know you are close, but I think we will wait until we get you home so Toni and I can share.”

“Oh my god,” I thought. “I have hit the jack pot. My horny ass is gonna enjoy my first threesome.” I was wondering what it was going to be like to cum while high on the Mescaline.

The car blew right past Beauchamp Ave. as I was fondling Lonnie’s tits. It was not much longer before Toni pulled into the driveway of a ranch style house in a quiet neighborhood. She parked under the car port. We got out to go inside, Toni leading with Lonnie bringing up the rear. As Toni unlocked the door and we stepped inside, she turned and crushed me in her arms, kissing me.

She aggressively attacked my mouth with her tongue. Her kiss was curling my toes. At the same time Lonnie dropped to her knees and slipped between us. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them and my underwear to the floor. She untied my shoes, removed them and my socks, then let me step out of my pants before she put my cock in her mouth.

“Oh yeah,” I thought. “I am in heaven. My fantasy of having two women at once is coming true.” I was still feeling the Mescaline. My whole body seemed to be vibrating as a result of their attention to my mouth and cock. I was anticipating a great orgasm.

As I was tongue wrestling with Toni I had my left hand on her ass massaging her cheek. I let my hand slide off her ass and to her front. I reached down below her short skirt and gently stroked her inner thigh as I moved my hand up under her skirt. She moaned into my mouth as my fingers trailed across her stocking top and onto her bare skin. I continued upward to her crotch where I found, A SET OF BALLS!

“Oh fuck! I couldn’t believe Ümraniye Escort I was holding balls in my hand. Was the Mescaline messing with me?” No, they were real. I could feel the weight of them resting in my hand. I didn’t panic. Maybe it was the chemical running through my system or just that I was so aroused from Lonnie sucking my dick that was guiding me, I don’t know, but I made up my mind instantly to do something that I had never thought about doing. I gently squeezed those nuts and continued kissing Toni as I massaged them.

Toni moaned and broke the kiss. Lonnie was still devouring my cock. Toni stroked my cheek and said sweetly, “I see you are not upset, Sugar. We can have a good time if you are good with it. Have you ever had your dick sucked by a man?”

My mind was having trouble processing the situation. I had never had a desire to do anything sexual with a man, but right at that moment; in my state of arousal, I was willing to try it. I answered him truthfully. “No, I have not, but I’m not opposed to it at the moment.”

Man, my jack pot was looking shaky. Here I was super aroused with a cute chick sucking my dick while I kissed a transvestite and massaged his balls. That thought made me realize I was still holding Toni’s balls. Blaming my next move on the Mescaline, I released his balls, but instead of withdrawing my hand I slid it up over his cock.

His cock was laying flat against his lower belly, trapped in his thong. It was hard and felt thick beneath my hand. I squeezed it causing Toni to moan. He kissed me again. Instead of resisting I returned it. It excited me to be doing something I thought to be against my nature. At the moment I thought the Mescaline was releasing me from all taboos and showing me how erotic this unconventional act really was. Toni took my hand and said, “Get up Lonnie. Let’s go to the bedroom where we can get comfortable.”

I followed Toni down the hall. Even though there is no denying that was a real set of balls and a hard dick I had been stroking between his legs I still liked the look of his ass undulating under that dress as he walked to the bedroom.. Lonnie picked up my clothes and followed us.

As I followed Toni down the hall I was thinking. “Am I really going to let him suck my dick? Why am I not angry about her/him being a man? What if he wants me to suck his dick? Kissing him wasn’t bad, even after finding his dick. Ya know, fuck it. I am just going to enjoy this. I can always blame it on being high on the Mescaline, right? What ever happens happens.”

In the bedroom Toni cooed, “Sit on the bed, Sugar and let me get naked.” I sat down and removed my shirt, dropping it on the floor. I was totally naked now; my dick hard between my legs. Lonnie went to her knees again in front of me. The girl was loving sucking my cock. I was loving her mouth on it too.

As Lonnie deep throated me I watched Toni strip. He removed the blouse and bra. There was nothing on his hairless chest except two hard nipples surrounded by quarter size areolas. Then he unfastened the skirt and pushed it over his hips. As it cleared his hips it fell to the floor, leaving him standing there in a filmy, red, lacy, thong; the white fish net stockings held up by a white garter belt and white 3 inch heels.

His balls were hanging free below the crotch of his panties. He lowered the panties to expose a six inch rather average cock. It was hard and standing out pointing to the ceiling. He walked the few steps to the bed and knelt beside Lonnie. “I’ll take over here sweetie. Your turn to get undressed so the fun can begin.”

Lonnie let my dick slip from her mouth as she stood up. Toni took me in his mouth and started sucking me. Now I could never again say that I had never had a man suck my dick. He was very good at it too. He was also talented in the deep throat technique. Toni let one hand slide up my body and stroke my nipples, making them harden. His other hand was massaging my balls. I was enjoying his ministrations as I watched Lonnie undress.

When she removed her blouse and bra her pert 34s looked luscious. Her nipples were hard berries sitting on half dollar size areolas. Her stomach was flat. She had a pink jewel in her belly button. Her hips were slim with not much flair to them. When she unfastened her skirt she turned her back to me and slid it down over her lush round ass. She was wearing a black garter belt and a thong, the strap disappearing between her beautiful ass cheeks; the garter straps stretching across her cheeks to her stocking tops. That ass looked very fuckable as she lowered her thong. When she slowly turned around I got my second shock of the night.

SHE HAD A COCK AND BALLS BETWEEN HER LEGS TOO! A hell of a cock too. It looked to be every bit of 8 or 9 inches and very thick. She was completely hairless and it made her cock look even longer. I couldn’t believe I had just been kissing two men AND enjoying it.

Of course at first I had thought they were women, but even after I found out the truth I had been turned on pressing my tongue into Toni’s mouth. I had enjoyed the sensual feelings of their lips on mine. Our tongues intertwining. I was definitely enjoying Toni’s mouth on my cock right that instant. I couldn’t believe it. Here I thought I had stumbled into a favorite fantasy only to find myself with two transvestites.

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