A Rose’s Thorns Ch. 21

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When Jade’s alarm went off at 6:00 AM on a Friday morning, her initial reaction was to groan and hit snooze on her phone. Thirty seconds later, her eyes went wide as she remembered why she had set the alarm.

The 19-year-old quickly threw the covers off of her body and rolled out of bed. The cool breeze of the air conditioner sent goosebumps down her bare skin, but Jade shrugged them off and dashed into to the bathroom down the hall. As usual, she didn’t bother putting on any clothes.

Jade emptied her bladder, then looked at herself in the mirror as she washed her hands, then brushed her teeth. She didn’t have time for a full face of makeup, but she ran a brush rapidly through her chestnut hair, just in case.

Finally, Jade bent down below the sink and opened the cabinet. She pulled out a scale, set it down, and gulped. This was yet another new ritual introduced by her Aunt Rose – one of many that Jade had agreed to in the six weeks since she’d entered an unusual arrangement with her aunt and mother.

Jade stepped onto the scale and watched as the digital numbers counted upward, past the weight she’d expected. “Wow,” Jade mouthed, committing the number to memory before stepping off of the scale. She looked in the mirror once again, downward this time toward her body.

About four months ago, when Jade and her mother Marla had moved in with Rose, Jade had been curvy, chubby even, but that was all. But now, her pot belly was jutting out, her hips were wider, and her thighs were spreading along with them. Jade turned to the side, and saw that her butt was starting to jut out a little further, with faint stretch marks growing at her sides. She wouldn’t be in chubby territory much longer – Jade was on her way to being truly fat.

Jade couldn’t say she was too surprised by this. She’d been picking up fewer waitstaff shifts now that she had few financial worries, which meant less time on her feet. And Aunt Rose was incredibly generous with food – even before she’d started giving Jade orders on what to eat. Jade couldn’t remember the last day she’d gone without a meal that left her feeling a little full.

It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy it, of course. Jade loved good food, and she loved the look that Aunt Rose gave her as she ate it. She was also starting to love the way her body was changing, the way her belly jiggled and her ass stretched against her pants.

Jade briefly fantasized about how this might end, what she might look like if she kept going like this. What if she got as big as Aunt Rose…or, harder to imagine, her mom? Jade pictured the three of them together, taking up all the space in a hot tub, or straining the springs on a mattress… It was enough to get her warm between the legs…

Jade shook herself out of it – she had a job to do. She quickly put the scale back underneath the sink, took a deep breath, and walked out of the bathroom, still naked. She walked down the hall, then toward the main stairs. Now that she thought of it, it seemed like even the creak on the old stairs was louder than it was a few months ago.

“Good morning, Mistress, morning, Mom!” said Jade as she rounded the bottom of the staircase into the main area of the house.

“Jade,” said Rose, simply, glancing up from her newspaper. Jade’s aunt was seated at the head of the dining table, wearing an elegant blazer over her curvaceous body. Her blonde hair was in a sensible bun, and she was sipping a mug of coffee as she read.

“Hi, honey!” said Marla. Jade’s mother was sitting next to the Mistress of the house. Like Jade, she was completely unclothed, all 430-something pounds of her. She was presently working on a delectable-looking piece of coffee cake. Her long, silky brown hair looked a little messy, but Jade noticed that she’d had time to put on a little lipstick and eyeliner – her mother truly had the magic touch when it came to makeup. “Up bright and early?”

Jade nodded. “Well, definitely early!” Jade was used to working late shifts and sleeping in, so this felt a little odd, but she wasn’t about to refuse a command from Rose.

Rose glanced at her watch and said, “Yes, well, there’s only so much time before I need to leave for work, honey.” She set down her newspaper, then looked at Jade and added, “You remember the job you’ve been assigned, I assume? I wouldn’t want to have to repeat myself.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress!” said Jade.

“Well…get to it.”

“Yes, Mistress!” Jade walked to the side of the table across from her mother and pulled out a chair. She squatted down, then got on her hands and knees and crawled under the table. In front of her, she was greeted by the sight of her mother’s double-wide legs, riddled with cellulite, and by her belly hanging over them. Jade hesitated, then gave her mother a quick peck on the knee, hoping Rose hadn’t seen. Marla’s leg wiggled only slightly.

Then Jade turned left, where she discovered that her aunt’s skirt was on the floor, leaving her own thick thighs uncovered and spread. kaçak iddaa Jade crawled toward her and pushed her face forward, probing with her tongue until she found her vulva.

“Mmmm…” sighed Rose, gently stroking her niece’s a. “Good girl…”

It occurred to Jade as she gently teased Rose’s clit with her tongue that while she’d eaten out several women, she’d possibly pleasured Rose more than all of them combined. And that definitely helped her now. Jade knew exactly how to tease, then press in, then pull back with her tongue.

“Yes…yes…yes!” moaned Rose,

Jade worked her way into a rhythm, circling Rose’s clit steadily, hungrily, digging her hands into her aunt’s thighs.

“Mmmm…yes, Jade, don’t stop!”

Jade didn’t. She ate and ate until finally, she felt Rose’s fat thighs squeeze the sides of her head, then spasm mightily. Jade heard muffled moans and gasps coming from above her, then felt Rose’s head pushing her backward.

“Ah…” breathed Rose after a moment. “That was some of your best work yet, honey.”

“Thank you, Ma’am!” said Jade, wiping her face with her arm. “May I come out now?”

“Hmm…not yet,” said Rose. From under the table, Jade watched her stand up and pick up her pants. “I need to go freshen up, but in the meantime, why don’t you show your mom a little love next?”

“Oh! Yes, Ma’am!” said Jade. As Rose walked away, she turned to her right and looked toward her mom.

“You really wowed her this morning, honey!” said Marla. “Here, let me scoot my chair back a little bit – no, actually, I’d better stand up and adjust.” Marla carefully raised herself to her feet, her hands on the table and her blubbery legs jiggling as she stood, and pushed her chair backward. Then she sat back down, bent slightly so she could see her daughter and said, “Everything okay down there, Jade?”

Jade nodded. “You bet! Ready, Mom?”

“Oh, yes please, honey!” Marla eagerly spread her fat thighs apart and pulled up her lower belly rolls to let her daughter in.

Jade had eaten Marla several times in the past month, and one thing she’d learned was that her mother liked it harder than Rose did. She crawled forward and dove into her task, licking her mother’s clit with careless passion.

“Oh God…oh honey…oh yeah, eat me!”

Jade smiled for an instant before getting back into it. With one hand, she teased the rim of Marla’s pussy, then began to finger her with a come-hither motion. With the other, she reached up and pressed on her mother’s big belly, squeezing the flab inward.

“Oh fuck!” groaned Marla. “Yes baby, UGH!”

Jade had found the sweet spot, and she kept up her motions, pressing harder into Marla’s belly to stimulate her from above. She glanced up for a split second and saw that Marla was pinching her own nipples and gasping as she rode the roller coaster, the chair underneath her groaning under her gyrating weight.

“Yes, baby…eat your mommy…finger fuck me…yeah…yes…YES!”

“That’s enough for now,” said Rose.

Jade instantly froze and felt her mother slump. She glanced behind her and saw that Rose had returned from her suite, now fully clothed and wearing sunglasses.

“Oh…I was so…close, Mistress…” panted Marla.

“I know you were, honey,” said Rose. “But I want you good and wound up today, more than you are already, my insatiable cow. Jade, come out from under there.”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Jade. She crawled out from under the table and stood up, arms at her side, making sure she wasn’t inadvertently covering anything her aunt might want to see.

“Put your hands on the table.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Marla, why don’t you stand up and take a look at your daughter with me?”

“Of course, Mistress.” Marla once again slowly, carefully extracted herself from the chair and table and waddled over by her mistress. Both of them stood to the side of Jade, looking at her.

“She’s definitely put on more,” said Rose. She stepped forward and gently pinched the fat of Jade’s thigh. “Wouldn’t you agree, honey?”

Marla gazed over Jade’s body. From her expression and flushed cheeks, Jade could tell that she was frustrated that her orgasm had been denied, and was as turned on as ever. “I can see it, too, Mistress. I think it’s mostly around her legs and butt.”

“Yes, our girl’s starting to turn into a pear-shaped piggy!” said Rose, grinning as she stepped backward. “Jade, honey, how much did you weigh before you moved in with me?”

When she’d first been asked this question weeks ago, she’d had to check her driver’s license, as the number had never seemed that important, but now she’d committed it to memory. “I was 167 lbs, Ma’am.” It felt like years ago, not months.

“And now?”

Jade smiled coyly and said, “194, Mistress.”

Rose clapped her hands together. “Wow, baby, you’ve put on some pounds – not quite as much as your mother, of course, but she got a bit of a head start, isn’t that right, Marla?” Rose patted her submissive’s belly affectionately. kaçak bahis She turned back to Jade and said, “Well, we’ll have to make sure you hit the big two hundred very soon – what’s another few pounds, after all?”

“I’ll do whatever you want, Ma’am!” Something about that number thrilled Jade – maybe it was just the delighted tone in her aunt’s voice, or maybe just the concept of being puddy in her hands. “Should I start eating breakfast, Ma’am?”

“In a moment,” said Rose. “But first, your instructions for today. Marla has the day off, of course, so both of you will have plenty of time to clean the house before my assistant Curtis comes to dinner tonight. You will make sure that this place is looking good enough to entertain the mayor in…or…someone else important, it doesn’t matter. Then by 3:00 PM I want you to start getting ready – get dressed, do your makeup, bring out the beauties you are. Then, Marla, you will get dinner cooking by 5:00. Is that all understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Jade said at the same time her mom said, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. I will text or call if I have further instructions. Curtis has been the best employee I’ve ever had, present company excluded, and I want him to have a lovely evening. Now, one more thing.” Rose frowned at Jade and said, “Unfortunately, honey, you were two minutes late coming downstairs this morning.”

Jade’s face sunk. “Oh, shit, I’m sorry, Mistress, I thought…”

“I know, honey, you’re not all that used to getting up early,” Rose patted her shoulder sympathetically, then pulled back. “But serving me means following my instructions to the letter. So we will have to punish you before I go to work. Bend over.”

Jade gulped. “Yes, Mistress, sorry, Mistress.” She spread her arms out and bent over the table, leaving her plump ass in the air.

“And by ‘we,’ in this case I mean I’m going to delegate the task like a good boss,” said Rose.

Marla looked at her. “Oh…you mean…but…”

“No buts, Marla,” said Rose. “Don’t look so down in the dumps about it, honey, it’s not like I haven’t made you two spank each other before. Now, be a good slave and give your daughter – let’s see, two minutes, so twenty, but we’ll make it a total, not on each cheek. Never let it be said that I’m unreasonable; I think twenty is downright generous.”

“Okay…yes, Mistress,” said Marla. Jade heard her mother walk up behind her.

“And, obviously, make them good, Marla,” said Rose. “Or I’ll have to show both of you how it’s done.”

SMACK. Jade gasped as she felt her mother’s pudgy hand impact on her ass. It wasn’t as hard as Rose would have struck her, but it still hurt. “Oooh…” she groaned.

The SMACKS came slowly, alternating between Jade’s cheeks. It seemed like her mother was trying to be merciful by taking her time, but it ended up just prolonging the experience. Still, twenty wasn’t anywhere near the maximum Jade had received from her aunt, so the pain didn’t bother her much – at least, not as much as the arousal she felt in her pussy.

“That makes twenty,” said Rose, as Marla stopped. “Now, just one more thing.”

Jade heard a *SMACK*, followed by five more, but none of them landed on her ass. She turned her head and saw that Marla was bent forward as Rose spanked her. Marla was biting her lip – probably, as Jade was, from both pain and pleasure.

“Obviously, that was for an unnecessary ‘but’,” said Rose. “Now, then, one more assignment: Jade, I want you to eat at least two pieces of that coffee cake, though don’t stop there if you can eat more. As for lunch, I’ll let you know about noon. You may text me if you haven’t heard by then.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Good girl. Now, I need to run. And remember, ladies, work hard, but have fun…within the house rules, of course!” She planted a kiss on Marla’s lips, then went into the kitchen and out through the door to the garage.

Marla grimaced at Jade sympathetically. “Sorry if I was hard on you, Jade. I did it as softly as I could, but you know how your aunt…or, our Mistress…would have felt about that…”

“Oh, Mom, don’t worry about it!” said Jade. She stepped forward and kissed her mom on the cheek. “I went into this knowing there’d be spanking as part of the package, just like you did. And you know it’s a pretty big turn on.”

“Oh, it is for me, too, honey,” said Marla. “I don’t go out of my way to provoke Rose, but I’m not as, um, what’s the word…strong willed…as you are.”

Jade grinned. “I can be a little bratty.”

“In a cute way!”

“I sure hope so!” Jade squeezed Marla’s hand and added, “I’m just sorry I didn’t finish helping you out under the table – if only I’d been a little faster.”

Marla shook her head. “Oh, gosh, honey, no need to say you’re sorry! You have a beautiful mouth and a talented tongue, and I was like, that close!” She held up two pudgy fingers. “I swear, Rose has a sixth sense for that kind of thing.”

“Well…we could pick up where we left off…” Jade dropped illegal bahis her hand downward and caressed her mom’s enormous rear end.

“Oh, baby…” Marla sighed, shutting her eyes for a moment. Then she opened them and shook her head. “No, we’d better not. If Rose asks about it, you know she’ll see right through me in a second, and then we’ll really be in for it.” She stepped away from Jade and went to the table, then scooped two pieces of coffee cake out of the pan. “Come eat your breakfast, honey, it’s still nice and hot.” She then sat down heavily and reached for the carafe of coffee on the table.

Jade was disappointed that the cake was all that she’d finish eating, but as she sat down at the table, she was delighted by the smell of it. “Oh my God, Mom, this smells amazing!”

“I tried a new recipe!” said Marla. “It’s very rich, practically sinful.”

The pieces that Marla put on Jade’s plate weren’t small by any means – together they had to be about the size of a brick. Jade poured herself a glass of orange juice and started digging into them. “Oh that’s sooo rich, I love apple flavor!”

“Well, it’ll be fall in a couple of days, so I figured it was time,” said Marla, adding a hearty helping of cream to her coffee. “Lots of apple, lots of butter.”

“I love it,” said Jade. Over the past weeks, she’d noticed that her appetite had increased, and she didn’t think the first piece, rich as it was, would be any trouble. “So…I’m super excited to meet Curtis! From what you said, he sounds…really special!”

“Oh, he’s a delight!” said Marla, holding her mug with both hands, a mischievous look in her eyes. “Both out of the bedroom and in it. Well, come to think of it, we’ve never actually been in a bedroom…”

Jade giggled. She’d always enjoyed a closeness with her mom that had only strengthened after her dad had walked out on them a couple years ago. Now, there was no modesty, no prudishness, and almost no secrets between them. It was like Marla was her mother, sister, friend, and lover all rolled into one. “Mom, you’ve gotten so bad, I love it!” She washed down a big forkful of the cake. “Lemme put you on the spot – of all the men you’ve been with, how does he stack up?”

Marla rested her gluttonous double chin on her hand and considered it. “Hmm…well, I had some good times with your father, I’ll admit, but I’d put that son of a bitch on the bottom of the list. He made me finish sometimes, but after the first year or two we were together he didn’t really seem to care. He never even went down on me.”

Jade realized she didn’t even feel grossed out by this, other than her disgust at her father’s ungentlemanly behavior. “What a pig. But you had a one or two guys before him, right?”

Marla nodded. “They weren’t anything memorable. Sweet guys, one just after high school and one not long after him, but I didn’t even go all the way with the first one, just a little fingering, not much chemistry. The second one was very patient when he took my virginity, very kind, but I think even then I wanted to be…you know, bossed around, taken control of. So that didn’t last very long. Then almost two decades with your dad, and I never cheated, not even close.”

“I don’t know how I can even still call him Dad,” said Jade. “He sure doesn’t call me…ever.” She could see a bit of gloom clouding Marla’s face, so she quickly returned them to a more fun topic. “But now you’re much better off! All these men see you as, like, a MILF, they’re practically lining up to get Rose’s permission.”

Marla laughed at that. “If you’d told me before this year that my sister-in-law would be the gatekeeper to my body, I’d have called the men in white coats!” She took a long sip of coffee, then scraped a bit of coffee cake residue off the side of the pan with her fingers and ate it thoughtfully. “Maybe I’m the one who’s gone crazy now…but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”

“Hell, now even the men in the white coats want to do you!” said Jade.

“Well, are they cute?” Marla smiled. “Will they tie me up?”

“So…what about the other men?”

“Well, they can’t hold a candle to your Aunt, of course,” said Marla, “but gosh…I mean, Andreas was so commanding, so beautiful…and then Lars was so strong and passionate…then there’s the neighbors, Dwayne and Kam.”

“You told me about them,” said Jade. “It sounded like they were pretty hard on you.”

“Oh, definitely…the ladies in their lives are lucky to have them.” Marla finished her coffee, then said, “Omigod, I haven’t even told you what happened on Wednesday!”

Jade’s eyes widened. “Yeah, we haven’t seen each other much since Wednesday night – what happened, Mom?”

“Oh, you don’t need to look so concerned, honey!” said Marla. “It was fun…well, a little humiliating, but that was part of the fun.”

“Mom, spill the beans, what was it?!” Jade realized she had finished her first piece of coffee cake and forgotten about the second. She gamely started picking off pieces with her fork.

“Well…it shouldn’t come as too much of a shock after what we did at the spa weeks ago,” started Marla, “but the quick version is: me, at the office, with four men, at the same time.”

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