A Rude Awakening

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Public Sex

Lois Griffin shifted in her sleep, rolling around in the blankets. Underneath her, the blanket shifted, pushing up from the end of the bed and slowly moving towards her unconscious body. Hot breath swirled across her foot, slowly blowing up across the soft skin of her leg.
The woman’s eyelids fluttered and her lips parted slightly, as she let out a faint gasp, feeling something nuzzling under the blanket, rubbing across her thighs. It creeped up, pushing under her nightie and into her underwear.

​“Mmm… Peter” Lois yawned as breath pushed against her underwear, pressing into her crotch.

​She parted her thighs a little, opening herself to contact, letting the face press into the cotton of her underwear, pushing against her sex. She was getting wet, even wetter now a tongue was lapping across the fabric. It slowly slid over to the skin around the fabric, before teeth took the underwear and moved it to one side, exposing her to a lapping tongue. It swirled over her pussy, taking a deep breath before diving in.

​“Peter! Ohh, ohh Peeee-ter” She cried out as her pussy was engulfed in a wet swirl of tongue and mouth. It felt so good, to drift from sleep to sex, to wake up a wet tongue pushing on her clit, making her pussy sopping wet.

​Her breaths turned sharp and sporadic as she was eaten, spreading her legs apart for her lover. Each point that tongue touched seemed to linger with a burning fire, rough and hot, until her whole pussy was in bucking, squeezing throes, her back arching and toes curling.

Her flailing arms reached under the covered and pulled him into her spasming pussy, her legs kicking and flailing as she hit the wondrous climax of her first orgasm in a long time – only to grab – fur!

“I’m so sorry Louis, I just -” Brian, stammered, jumping up out of the sheets, muzzle dripping wet.
“Oh God, Brian! I can’t – I just -” The shaking woman could hardly get her words out – she’d just been eaten out by the dog! She’d been moaning and writhing under the dogs tongue! He’d tipped her over the edge!
“Lois, I’m so sorry, I just – I better go.”
“Wait!” She said as the dog hopped of the bed, slinking towards the door. He stopped and looked over his shoulder Eskişehir Escort at the woman, sitting curled with the blanket around her shapely body. With a naughty grin, she moved the blanket off, and moved her thighs apart, showing Brian her soaked pussy, underwear still pushed to one side. “Aren’t you gonna’ finish the job?” For a moment, the dog’s face was that of utter confusion.

“I want you to come and fuck me, Brian.” She purred, moving a hand down her body, and taking hold of her panties, sliding them down and off one leg before tossing them to the floor.

The dog was speechless, his red prick already poking out of his sheath. After a moments hesitation, he climbed back onto the bed and cautiously approached her. He could smell the musk of her pussy, right in front of him, between her spread legs.

The horny housewife made no attempt to stop him as he crawled close, nosing into her dripping sex. Slowly he opened his muzzle and gave her a long lick, all the way up her pussy, spreading the lips between his tongue as it brushed up against her clit. She moaned, gripping the bed, as he began to lap at her again. Rough met soft as he moved swiftly over her sex, moving like a painter with a brush.

“Oh, fuck Brian!” She squealed as he held back less and less. His licking became faster and less delicate as he went, until the horny dog was munching frantically between her thighs. Her legs clenched tight around him, and her hand grabbed his bobbing head, pushing his licking tongue all over her pussy. The fire in her loins had became an inferno of blazing nerves and burning desire that could not be quenched by a tongue alone.
She saw the hose hanging between his legs, his swollen cock at full mast, slapping against his furry belly. Just the sight of his big tool made her lustful beyond words. Lois grabbed the dog by his shoulders and dragged him up.

“Bang me!” She ordered into his ear, bucking her hips against his body. It took no persuasion – his cock hard and ready, he quickly speared into her. Lois screamed out, grabbing his sides as he smoothly entered, opening her wide as he tunneled between her splayed legs. Her fingers dug deep into the fur on his Eskişehir Escort Bayan flanks and her toes curled as he shoved himself deep into Lois, her cunt engulfing his length all the way to the root.

The dog began to grind his hips, a flash of red prick showing as he drew out and slid in, quickly picking up speed as Lois bounced up against him, panting with lust, driven mad with desire for his cock. He pinned her down, driving himself hard and fast into the woman below him.

All she could do was pant and moan under him, letting the dog have his way with her. She could still feel his tongue on her pussy, so dirty waking up to a throbbing orgasm. So horny that all she wanted was cock, even if it came from the pet dog. Al it had taken was the curious tongue of a horny dog and she’d been reduced to a naughty, dirty slut. All these thoughts drove her wild as he fucked her into the bed like a rag-doll.

Grabbing the sides of his head, she drew him into frantic kiss, moaning into his muzzle as his hips moved faster and faster, driving into her body like a glowering piston. She kissed him again and again drawing his tongue into her mouth, engulfing it as her pussy engulfed his cock.
They passionately bucked together, grinding skin on fur, pushing and pulling.
Their lust became a blur of skin and fur, the dog reaching a maximum tempo as she reached her highest note, writhing and squealing under the dog as they fucked. His dog cock was thick and swollen, a big knot ballooning at the base, pushing her open wide as he pushed it in and dragged it out of the horny housewife.

Her hand slid down between them, fingertips running between her soaked thighs. She felt him pounding away at her, putting her finger and thumb around the base of his cock and gasping at the girth. It was all so much for her.
She parted her fingers, putting them either side of his cock and her palm pressed against her clit, rubbing herself as she felt his furious thrusting. It didn’t take much to bring her to the edge, her body and mind ecstatic, aroused beyond words. She pulled away and let his vigorous movements finish the work. Fists clenched and eyes closed, the orgasm hit with the slap on his Escort Eskişehir knot, both driving through her body.

She squealed and moaned, legs wrapped around the dog, grabbing thick handfuls of fur. It was like a weight had been lifted, pent up lust being pushed out over her body, displaced by that big, throbbing cock. It felt like she was just wrapped around it, each thrust and twitch against her squeezing walls, each push into her soaking pussy. She looked up at her lover, panting and moaning as she used her. He was drawing close, no rhythm to his movement, just the frenzied urge to fuck his way to climax.

But frenzied as they both were, she knew they had no protection or birth control. Yes, Brian was a dog, but he was also… Different.

“Pull out.” Lois panted, running her hands through his fur.
“I-I can’t“ Brian stammered.
“What?”Lois panted, pushing against his chest, pulling her hips back against the bed. His cock came with her, that fat knot stuck firmly in her pussy, swollen and throbbing.
“I’m stuck” The dog managed. He tried to stop, but lodged in the warm cunt of his fantasies, horny as hell, his hips just kept sliding, cock rolling deep in her pussy..
“Oh – No! Brian pull out! Get out!” Lois yelled, as he just continued ploughing her pussy. Her hand pushed and pulled on his fur as he screwed her.

He could feel his balls pulsating as they slapped against her pussy, cock driven to the hilt. It moved into his cock, throbbing moving up his shaft, pushing up and out of the tip of his cock.

“Oh-hhhhh Briaaaaan!” Lois screamed as she felt a jet of hot spunk let loose inside her. He bore down onto her, grunting and panting. His trapped cock just kept on throbbing, spewing squirt after squirt of seed into Lois.Her toes curled and her legs shook as she felt him flood her, filling her pussy with his hot dog cum.

Condom forgotten, she embraced him against her body, pulling him close and twisting herself on his fat knot as he pumped her full to the brim, pearly beads dribbling out under his knot, sliding down over her skin onto the bed. He just collapsed on her, exhausted, his cock still stuck deep between her thighs. Almost in a state of shock, all Lois could do was lie there and stroke his fur.

Eased by the comfort of sex and orgasm, Lois couldn’t help herself drifting into an exhausted sleep, forgetting all about just how much cum had been locked into her pussy by that giant knot…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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