A Russian Rose Ch. 06

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Cold Dinner

The Next Morning

The light was gray outside, but I had enough to see by. Wetly I engulfed him with my mouth.

He was already hard. What a pleasure he was.

Within moments the man behind the shaft prized between my lips was sitting bolt upright and breathing hard. Lifting the suction of my lips off of him I kissed my way down his shaft as I laughed softly at the expression on my man’s face.

The look of wonder, startlemeant, joy, and something deeper all combined with pleasure was truly priceless to behold.

“Good morning baby.” I said thickly with my heaviest Russian accent.

He groaned and then lay back as I pushed with a hand to his chest even as my mouth once more engulfed him hotly. My other hand kneaded his heavy balls gently.

Taking my thumb I began to rub firmly behind them and he got even harder. Pleasure radiating through me, I in turn listened to him groan.

Last night had been amazing. No one had ever loved me like he did and this morning I was going to make sure that he could say the same in reverse.

I rubbed harder behind his balls even as I began to suckle hard upon his shaft. He came spurting into my mouth and I drank his morning seed with a relish that had nothing to do with the taste and everything to do with pleasing him.

Licking him clean I moved up his body and wetly kissed him on the lips. He gazed at me in awe and then with reluctance got up off the bed.

Cuddling back beneath the covers I asked, “When will you be home?”

He straightened up, “Why?”

Smiling suggestively, I said, “Because I want to have…… dinner waiting for you.”

His face flushed red and my smile deepened. We both knew I wasn’t talking about food.

“I…. um…. I’ll call when I’m on my way.”

“That will work. Dinner will be ready and so will I.”

“I seriously don’t deserve you.”

“There we will mutually have to disagree.”

We both smiled at each other and then he came close. Closing his eyes, he reached out and placed his hand on my forehead, “Dear God, thank you for Anya. I know I’ve said that a lot, but I say it again now. Please bless her day even as she has already blessed mine. Keep her safe I ask in Jesus’s Name.”

His hand left and he leaned down to kiss where his fingers had been. I heard him briefly say, “I love you.”

And then he was gone. Suddenly I found myself crying.

I hadn’t thought anyone would ever love me, but I knew that he did. I glanced to the bedside table and the Bible that lay there.

I reached for it and brought it close. It smelled like him.

Oddly comforted I lifted my head and put his Bible beneath it and closed my eyes. The next thing I knew it was broad daylight outside and I rose up to begin my day of transforming this house Eryaman Escort into a home.

But at some point I was going to find a moment and sit down and start reading the words of his God. Caleb was a very different from any man I had ever met and in many ways I yearned to be different just like him.

* * * * *

Caleb stepped into the house. The smell of food assaulted him pleasurably across all his senses of perception.

Good food was always a plus, but that wasn’t why he was as hard as a rock. He was more than ready to be home.

He’d been ready all day long. The pressure not to come home early had been excruciatingly intense.

Somehow he had waited, but now…

“Honey is that you?” He heard Anya call out.

“Yes.” He said thickly, as he stepped forward toward the sound of her exotic voice.

“Good, I need your help.”

He rounded the corner and of all the things he’d been expecting, it was not what he’d imagined it could be. It was far better.

Pressed up against the side of the kitchen cabinet poised on tiptoe he viewed his wife dressed in nothing but panties and an apron. Her one hand was extended above her head and secured off to a cabinet door handle with a pair of one of his extra handcuffs.

She gave him the most innocent seeming smile and said, “I was fooling around and well, could you help me honey? I know you have the key.”

Shaking his head, Caleb came closer. The food on the table was a distant memory.

Reaching behind him, he pulled out another pair of handcuffs. Her eyebrows lifted thematically.

He took her free hand and lifting it, he secured it to another high kitchen cabinet handle. Eyes wide in a very believable look of sheer fright she whispered desperately, “Aren’t you going to free me?”

Caleb had no words to say as he pulled the apron strings free. His wife’s breasts were before him and helplessly drawn he leaned forward and began to devour first one heavily engorged nipple and then the other.

* * * * *

Groaning and then sighing with real delight, I hung from the cuffs as my man’s plundering of me continued. I’d made his day and now it looked like he was going to make mine.

My panties were drug down and I found myself lifted to be seated on the kitchen counter. He pulled a chair close and with a suppressed shudder of delight, I closed my eyes as his big hands slid over the backs of my thighs as he pressed them upward until my knees were in the air and I was poised vulnerably open and exposed before him.

His mouth fell hotly upon me and with a deep moan, I felt his tongue sweep upward through my soaked lips to press heavily upon my clitoris. Jolts of pleasure close to pain shook through me as his tongue’s pressure Sincan Escort changed to that of a suckle.

I thrashed my bound hands, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I was at his complete mercy and with every passing second I gave in more and more to the inevitable.

Gasping hard I clenched and with an outpoured scream of nerved passion I expressed sharply the pleasure that had been provoked out of my body. One of his big fingers worked upward into me deeply even as his tongue had never stopped its assault upon my senses.

Groaning, I ground my bottom onto the countertop as he began the journey of working yet another orgasmic response from my body.

“Dinner will get cold.” I whispered helplessly.

He didn’t respond and in a way he was already eating and with every lick he was giving I was in turn receiving an increasing diet of pleasure. I helplessly squirmed and groaned and cried out, but it was clear that I was my man’s play toy and that he intended to use me well and good.

It was something to both be rejoiced over and cried out against as an objection with every heavy pant of heavy provocation that he instilled within me that had me breathlessly begging, “Take me Caleb!”

Still, he ignored my pleas and crying helplessly I surrendered and hung completely open to the touch of my husband’s mouth that scorched me with a pleasure as hot as any brand. It was clear that he was intent on killing me with pleasure.

“Baby please! Your cock, I….”

I was being moved. In thankfulness I felt the pressure of the table’s hard surface against my swollen breasts and face.

The support was needed as I had no strength to stand on my own two feet. Gasping, I lifted my head off the table as the conscious reality of being invaded deeply from behind woke me out of the delirium of pleasure induced fog that he’d put me under.

I made to move my arms for support to stand against the pressure of a cock intent to force its way all the way through my body only to find both of my hands restrained behind my back. He’d handcuffed them together and now he was seeking his ease within my hot depths.

My legs shook as did the rest of my quivering body as he unmercifully filled me deeply again and again with his cock. I had unleashed this primal man and now I lay like a helpless victim before his possession of me.

The surrender invoked by the moment unlocked over me a feeling of intense yearning for the shaft of the man that was staking claim to me in a way that no man ever had before. Crying out my name loudly I heard and then felt him come explosively inside of me up against the gates of my womb.

Breathing heavily I lay pressed hard against the table fully impaled by his shaft as spurt after spurt of Etlik Escort his seed bathed my insides. Gasping, I lay there fully knowing what was occurring inside.

Oh God, he’d just given me his child!

The reality of one of the most cherished desires of my heart being granted to me by this man was overwhelming. As if in response my whole being constricted about my mate’s shaft as if desperate to seal his seed inside of me.

He groaned in wonder even as I was past being able to breathe with the ferocity of the orgasm that rocked through me. Breath did come then and I was about to beg him not to leave me, when without engaging from me he sat down bringing me fully along with him.

Gasping as my legs spilled off to either side of his I found myself very much impaled to the core by a cock that wouldn’t go down. My eyes felt bruised by how hard I had just had them crammed shut in orgasm and blinking I tried to bring vision into focus even as I gasped at the repeated jostling movements by him that only too well reminded me of my fully impaled status.

Blinking, I watched as he drug food items closer and filled his plate full of them. My hands were still cuffed between us and as he lifted a fork full of food to my lips I accepted the reality that I wasn’t being freed any time soon.

It was impossible to relax and yet to move off of him was impossible made so by the anchoring grip of his free hand splayed across my belly and hip. He fed himself a bite and then he fed me a bite.

With desire I turned my head and what I saw made my heart skip a beat. He was a man both elementally in need of food and me and right now he was having both.

The reality of his desire shook me to the core and with a gasp, I found myself squeezing up in sensation, all about the thick shaft that I sat upon. A bite of food touched my swollen lips and opening my eyes I gazed once more into the fire of his.

“Eat.” He said.

“Yes Master.” I whispered in reply and took the bite of food offered, even as the act of chewing my food seemed to bring him pleasure. His hand left my belly and one of my breasts with its strawberry hued nub fell to his possessive grasp of it.

He spoke thickly, “I’ve never had anything half as special as you happen to me in life.”

He hadn’t needed to say the words because I could feel the enormity of the expressed emotion radiating out of him. I lay my head back against his shoulder as he continued to eat the food that I had prepared.

He fingered my nipples with the desire of a man bent to endlessly stroke the heart of the feminine and helplessly I clamped tight all about him for what must be the 10th time. My hands were suddenly free and half stumbling I got up and off of him.

Standing there naked I turned to him. He still sat upon his chair.

Reaching for the desert I had made I pushed it to be in front of him and then I gave him a spoon. “Eat, Master.” I whispered.

He started to and leaning forward I drug my breasts down his side until my knees hit the floor. Drawn to the drenched heat of his shaft I began to lick it as we both had our desert.

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