A Schoolgirl Calls Ch. 02

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It was a bight sunny afternoon and Andrew had just got back from his weekly run. He deliberately took his route around 3.30pm to coincide with the sixth formers leaving the local Girls’ High School. He called it the ‘School Run.’ He knew it was a bit naughty, but he was only looking. He often got admiring glances from some of the older girls. When it was warm, like on this particular day he had donned his shorts and running vest, which revealed his toned arms and legs. Some of the girls were so well developed; so nubile that only their little uniforms gave away their true status. If he saw them in town, on a Saturday, he would leer with impunity, but that wasn’t so much fun. He might just be looking while he jogged, but with Kylie, he hadn’t just looked. He noticed her once the previous week, though she hadn’t spotted him.

Even though she was his neighbour, they were like ships that passed in the night. He was at work before she left for school and back before she returned. Three weeks had passed since he had given her shelter from the rain. A full three weeks since she had seduced him; worked him out and given him the time of his life. It was only a blow job, but it was an amazing one. Maybe it was naughty, a bit too naughty. It was probably just as well they hadn’t gone any further, he thought. It was little comfort for his conscience, but it was something.

As these thoughts were whirling round in his head, there was a knock at his door. He was still just wearing a towel from his shower and opened the door tentatively, to see who it was. It was Kylie.

‘Hello Andrew, long time no see.’

‘Ah, hi…this is a surprise, I wasn’t sure if I would see you again.’

‘I’ve been busy with my revision, you know how it is. Well are you going to ask me in?’

‘Erm, well…I’ve just come out the shower.’

‘That’s OK. I don’t mind.’

Andrew suddenly felt flustered. Why was she here? He felt he should make some excuse. He would say he was busy and that it was inconvenient, but the words came out as:

‘OK then come in if you like.’

He closed his eyes and sniffed. She had the same sweet smell as before.

She had obviously just come from school. Her uniform was similar to the first time. Short, black pleated skirt, white blouse and then Andrew noticed. Why he hadn’t spotted them when she was at the door he didn’t know. Her tights had been replaced by black thigh-length socks. They finished just short of her skirt, so that there was a cheeky line of white flesh. Andrew gulped. Under his towel he could feel his dick stir. His breathing quickened.

‘I bet you like this uniform, don’t you Andrew, do you like my socks?’

‘Oh Kylie. Oh fuck.’

‘I’ll take that as a yes. Can I have a coffee and some cookies again. I like your cookies.’

She looked down and noticed the obvious distortion to the front of the towel, which Andrew attempted to hide ineptly. Kylie rolled her tongue along her bottom lip. Andrew was briefly mesmerised. Kütahya Escort That long black hair. Her bright blue eyes. Those legs!

‘Erm…yes coffee of course. Can you just give me a minute while I put something on?’

‘OK, if you must.’

Andrew disappeared for a minute or two and returned in boxer shorts and a T-shirt.

‘So what brings you here today then?’

‘Oh, I just thought I’d nip round for a chat and see how you were doing. Have you missed me?’

‘Well, sort of.’

‘Sort of?’

‘Last time. It was great, but we went too far. You’re eighteen; still at school.’

‘Don’t you fancy me any more?’

‘Of course I do, but…

Before he could finish his sentence Kylie grabbed his lunchbox in her right hand and gave it a little squeeze.

‘Ooh Andrew.’

‘Kylie, please. Let me get you a coffee.’

Andrew wanted to push her away and he wanted to pull her towards him. He touched her arm, but she drew it away. She wanted to tease him a bit more.

‘OK, you can get me the coffee. Can I sit down in there.’

‘Of course make yourself comfortable.’

Andrew prepared the refreshments, not daring to wonder what developments there might be this time.

When he entered his living room, he paused and nearly dropped the tray. Kylie was sitting on his sofa crossed legged. Her skirt had ridden right up her thighs and a huge expanse of her white legs was visible, as well as a tantalising glimpse of her white panties.

‘So what else have you been doing other than revision?’ Asked Andrew trying to take his mind off her myriad of delights.

‘I’ve just been around, home — school — swimming baths once a week — home, not really the high life when you’re 18.’

Andrew sat next to her and put the drinks and cookies on a small nest of tables.

Kylie took a biscuit and bit into it with an audible snap, a shower of crumbs falling into her lap.

‘These are different to last time — more crumbly. Nice though.’

Andrew just watched. She took a swig of coffee. She put the cup down and gave him a lovely, innocent smile.

‘Oh Kylie, I wish you wouldn’t look at me like that.’

Andrew looked in to Kylie’s eyes suddenly hypnotised by her youthful sexual charm. She moved a little more closely to him and just looked him in the eyes.’

‘Kiss me’, she said.

‘No Kylie.’

‘Kiss me!’

He took hold of her, holding her tightly and gave her a kiss. She responded passionately, giving him a long lingering French kiss. At last she came up for air.

‘Hmmm that was lovely, you kiss so much better than guys at school.’

‘Oh Kylie, what am I going to do with you? You’re just so hot!’

She moved from the sofa and knelt on the floor at his feet and looked up at him.

‘Do you want to fuck me Andrew?’

Andrew didn’t know what to say. He was literally speechless. He suddenly found himself overwhelmed by her indefinable sexual Kütahya Escort Bayan presence, finding her fantastic body irresistible. He felt panicky. His heart missed a beat. She stood up and eased her skirt down, over hips and let it fall to her feet. Then she began to unbutton her shirt. She unbuttoned it bottom upwards. Slowly. Teasingly.

‘Right, I think you ought to be reacquainted with a couple of friends.’

‘Eh? Andrew could hardly speak.

Kylie moved a little closer to him and lifted up her white bra. She knelt on the sofa in front of him and rubbed her tits over his nose and lips. They were so soft and warm and smelt sweet and delicious.

‘Ooh Kylie, oh baby you’ve got fantastic tits.’

Her breasts were at the same time pliant and squishy, but still somehow quite firm. Her nipples stood erect, beautifully rosy pink; Andrew just stared at them, transfixed. Then he licked each nipple in turn, just with the tip of his tongue at first and then allowed his mouth to enclose the whole nipple, kissing them tenderly. Kylie was enjoying this and she felt herself become aroused.

Andrew loved kissing her breasts and couldn’t get enough of them rubbing them all over his face again. He was fully aroused and could feel his dick pressing uncomfortably against his boxers. Kylie helped him remove his shorts and wasted no time in grabbing his erect phallus and began to masturbate him expertly but softly with both hands. Her action was fantastic, rolling the tip around her palms as if she was making pieces of dough. Andrew felt his cock twitch and throb as she switched to a figure of eight technique, rubbing his glans and pulling down the foreskin at the same time.

‘Oh baby that’s fantastic where did you learn to do that?’

‘I read it in a book that my friend brought to school called Sex Games.

‘Well it’s certainly the best wank I’ve ever had’, said Andrew, taking a deep breath as he felt his heart racing.

‘I think you should take the last bit off now.’ She said.

Andrew moved to the floor behind her. He wanted to savour the moment. He wanted to relish every second as he rolled her panties down to reveal her plump schoolgirl bottom — it really was a beauty. Moving right up to her he buried his face between her cheeks, rubbing his nose and lips around the soft flesh. He was aware of a gorgeous scent coming from her pussy and gently placed two fingers between her legs, feeling for the warm, moist opening. She was very wet and hot to touch.

‘Get on the sofa baby on all fours, I’m gonna fill you up.’

His cock was now straining at the leash and he couldn’t think of anything but having it inside her lovely young pussy. She bent over the edge of the sofa, exposing her labia, which were inflamed with her arousal. Andrew leant against her and guided his dick in to her red inner lips.

‘Aaaaaw Kylie, oooooh baby, that’s good.’

She was tight but so wet he slipped in his entire length Escort Kütahya effortlessly. She seemed to fit him like a glove and he began to slowly go in and out, feeling her vagina stroke his dick.

‘Oh Kylie. Oh yes baby. Your’e so tight, so lovely… oh fuck, it’s amazing.’

Kylie could feel his girth inside her and let out a soft squeal of pleasure. Andrew pushed her ass cheeks together making her even tighter.

This did the trick. He could feel her pussy respond to his speed. It was like her vulva was consuming him, pulling him deeper. He pushed his cock home as hard as he could, as Kylie began to moan and whimper even louder.

‘Oh Andrew, yes… I’m cumming, don’t stop, aah, aaaaw, aah, aah, yes, yes.’

Her orgasm was incredible. He could feel her vagina pulsing like it was a tense elastic band, twanging against his penis.

He pulled out and picked her up and lay her on the sofa. He wanted to go down on her now. To give her an extra dimension of pleasure. He licked her glistening pussy lips, which were oozing profusely with her sticky juices. She tasted so good. He licked her ravenously, swallowing her honey. Kylie was enjoying the attention but her pussy ached for his rod again.

‘Andrew, take me again.’

With his cock still rock hard he eased himself in to her from the front and she clasped her legs around his back pulling him as close to her as she could. He alternated between straight fucking and moving his dick around in a circular movement so he could reach every corner of her pussy. Andrew pressed his lips against her neck, biting it softly and inhaling her perfume. She could feel her second orgasm now. His cock was like a huge locomotive, out of control; bringing her to the point of ecstasy.

‘Mmmm, that’s it, ooh yes, I’m nearly there. Aaaah, ooh yes, aah, aah — oh Andr… of fuck yes, yes, aaaah. I’m coming, oh fuck, aaaaaaaiow!

She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails in, her young body racked with orgasm.

Andrew had eased off a little to get his breath, and slipped in and out slowly, enjoying the sensation, until he could take no more.

‘Oh baby, I can feel it coming, I’m going to explode!’

‘Cum on my face again then, I love it.’

He pumped himself into her a little longer and then pulled out. His climax was spectacular.

‘Aaaaaaaaah yes!!! Oooh!

A long stream of semen splattered over her face from her eyebrows down to her lips. Then another load caught her on the nose. He tugged at his cock and she beamed a huge smile as two more splurted over her mouth. He collapsed back onto the sofa, totally drained.


A while later, they had cleaned up and dressed. They sat on the sofa. He held her hand and kissed her fingers tenderly.

‘That was just the best sex ever baby — you’re amazing. I was unsure at first, but I’m glad you came back. Don’t tell anyone about us will you.’

Kylie giggled.

‘Well, noooo, but…’


‘I did talk to my best friend Amanda after last time.’


‘She would quite like to see you too. Maybe I’ll bring her next time, if you’re up to it. What do you think?’

Andrew shook his head. He would need to do more running.

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