A Secret Life Ch. 03

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Sorry, this one is a bit short…

* * * * * * *


Okay, maybe I wasn’t dreaming. I thought when I first woke I must be, or something awful had happened and I’d got pissed and brought a strange guy home, but then the memories hit me. I had to check it actually was Steve, particularly when he didn’t seem to want to let me go. And the fear that he might be upset by what had happened last night then stopped me from moving or saying anything. I wanted him to make the first move, to be sure he knew what he wanted. And it turned out he wanted me!

What better birthday gift could I get than Steve as my boyfriend and already naked in my bed? I didn’t even think about what else we might do, the need to get off now that I finally had him beneath my body overcame me and I went for simple and non-scary. I had no idea how far he might want to go, and I didn’t want to scare him by heading straight for the goal in case he ran for the hills.

I loved the idea of playing in the shower. Steve could have no idea how many times I had beat off in there imagining he was with me. I knew the cubicle was more than big enough for two, especially if you were pressed together like I had always imagined. I wanted to give him some pleasure first, knowing he was inexperienced he needed to feel how good it could be for someone else to touch you and make you tremble before you come hard.

And I did a pretty good job of it too, judging by the state of him sat on the floor afterwards. I hadn’t intended playing quite so much with his arse, especially after the moment of nerves he had when he clearly thought I was going to fuck him there and then. But when he spread his legs even further for me and thrust his hole towards me that was too much of an invitation for me to refuse. And it was clear he was enjoying it by the frantic sounds that came from him. Getting to taste him as I finished him off, almost literally as it happened, was an added bonus.

I knew how much he’d loved it when he collapsed, and I helped him to sit comfortably before I got back to my shower. I wanted to be clean, and I hoped he might help me out with my erect dick at some point. I got that sooner than I thought, and not just with his hand like I was expecting. His mouth on me, well, it was a million times better than I had imagined. I’d had blowjobs before, admittedly not for a while, and some good ones, but this was better than good, it was amazing, because it was Steve.

Despite the fact I knew he’d not done this before he was enthusiastic and had a talented tongue which together with the heat of his mouth and the mere knowledge that it was him sucking me had me moaning loud. When I came I only just about managed to stay standing, and looking at his grin afterwards, his pleasure at creating mine evident, I finally believed this was really happening.

I dragged him out of the shower and we dried each other down, giggling as we went, particularly when we went over intimate or ticklish parts. It was nice to bring things down a bit, because the morning had been pretty intense so far. I hoped there would be more, but I could feel my stomach rumbling and knew it wouldn’t be long before we would hear it too, so I reluctantly headed to my bedroom to put some boxers on and went to the kitchen. We were going to make a full English in celebration of my birthday and we busied round the kitchen sorting out bacon, sausages and fried eggs and bread, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes, and toast and tea to finish the job. My plate was almost groaning when I finished loading all the food onto it, but I had a suspicion I would easily work this off today.

I was sat across the table from Steve the same as usual, but today I couldn’t help the fact that I kept looking at him, or that the sight of his chest and the dark hair across it and leading down his stomach was getting me hard yet again. Thank god for being young. Remembering where that trail led helped the erection along too. When I managed to look up at his face again he was looking back, clearly amused.

‘If I’d known you would get this worked up over seeing my chest I would have wandered around half naked all the time.’ he said, and I groaned, increasing his laughter.

‘Didn’t you ever wonder why I immediately went for a shower when I caught sight of you coming out of it just wrapped in a towel?’ I teased back.

He looked surprised. ‘I guess it never occurred to me, but now you mention it, I had noticed.’ He grinned then. ‘I’d probably been in there jacking off moments before because of something you had done. What a pair of idiots we are!’

I started laughing and he looked at me puzzled. ‘I was just thinking we haven’t been cleaning that shower out nearly often enough!’

He pulled a disgusted face. ‘Nice. In future we should make sure we wipe down fully after we have sex in there.’

I spluttered as some of my tea came out of my nose. Not that I minded the thought of rus escort having sex with him anywhere, but him saying it came as a surprise. I got up from the table and cleaned myself up with some kitchen roll. ‘Sorry, you saying things like that is going to take some getting used to.’

He smiled. ‘I’ll just have to keep on doing it. It’s not exactly something I’m used to either you know.’

My face and my voice softened. ‘I know, and I’m really glad it’ll be me you experience it with.’

He smiled. ‘There was no contest. No-one else has ever had the effect on me that you do.’

That admission deserved one of my own, and then I was going to take him back to bed to see what other effects I could have on him.

‘No-one else has ever made me feel the way I feel with you either. Now, I think we should go back to bed so we can see what other games we can play together.’ I winked as I finished my sentence, and he was up and heading towards my room before I had chance to say anything else. Still, actions were definitely better than words, and I followed him with a big grin still on my face.

When we got into my room he turned to face me and looked nervous. I cupped his face with my hands and kissed him lightly.

‘What are you thinking?’ I asked.

He went a bit red before he replied. ‘What do you want to do? I don’t know what I’m doing, whatever happens, but…’ he tailed off.

I kissed him again. ‘Judging by what you did in the shower you will do brilliantly. I don’t want to go any faster than you are ready for, but what I’d really like right now, what I’ve been thinking about since I saw you when you got into bed with me last night, is to feel that big cock in me.’

He visibly swallowed. ‘Don’t you want….’

He seemed unable to finish his sentence, and after a moment of confusion I realised what he was probably trying to ask. ‘I like it both ways baby. And with you I have no doubt either way would be incredible, and I would certainly love to deflower that virgin ass of yours, but right now, I need you.’

He went properly red when I mentioned deflowering him, but then he was caught in the intensity of my voice and my eyes when I said how much I needed him. ‘Okay. You’ll have to tell me what to do.’

I grinned at him and slid my boxers to the floor, revealing my hard dick which was eager to get started. He was soon naked as well, and in the same state. I drew him towards the bed, holding his hand and lying so we were facing each other on our sides, trying for the moment to ignore our cocks which were pressing together. I could see he was having the same problem.

I stroked his face again before starting to talk. ‘One thing we need to discuss first. It’s been a long time since I’ve had sex, and I’ve had checks in that time. I’m definitely clean and healthy, and if you don’t mind I’d rather do this without condoms. I don’t intend doing it with anyone else, and I hope you don’t either.’ He went a bit red and mumbled that he didn’t. I kissed him to reassure him, and arouse us both after the safe sex talk.

‘You’re going to need to open me up. You must have seen that in the films.’ He nodded, still a bit embarrassed. I grabbed my bottle of lube from my bedside table. ‘You’ll need this. Start with one finger, I’ll let you know when to add more, okay?’

He still looked embarrassed and nervous. I kissed him hard to try and get that out of his system. ‘It’s going to be amazing. You’re going to be amazing. And trust me, once you hear the sounds I make when you finger me, and I beg you to fuck me with your huge dick, you’ll forget any nerves you have right now.’

My words were turning me on even more, and this time seemed to be working for him too because his eyes showed his lust and stopped showing fear. He even smiled at me, and then suddenly he was back to the confident Steve I’d been getting used to since last night.

‘Roll onto your stomach and spread your legs.’ he practically growled at me. It was enough to make me moan, and I moved fast to assume the position. I had the funny feeling that line had come from some porn film he’d seen, but I didn’t care.

I told him to use his fingers, so the last thing I expected was to feel his warm breath against my crack. I tensed for a moment and felt him pull my cheeks slightly apart. When his tongue licked over me I practically jumped off the bed and I cried out in pleasure. I guess he’d liked what I’d done in the shower and wanted to see what it felt like to give. I moaned and cried out as he kept at it, and when his tongue slipped slightly inside me after a couple of minutes it was almost too much. I started begging him, a lot earlier than I thought I would.

‘Please Steve, put your finger in me. I need more.’ I felt the cool lube and my prayer was answered a moment later with a welcome intrusion. It still wasn’t enough though, and I started humping back yenimahalle escort against his hand asking for another. When that came I did have a moment of discomfort, but it was only a few seconds before I was groaning my pleasure again. I hoped our neighbours were out at work, because otherwise they were going to get a lot of audio before the day was out.

Steve really had been paying attention to those movies, because he was scissoring his fingers and expanding my opening, and he didn’t wait for me to ask him for three fingers, seemingly judging it by my reaction to his explorations. I screamed and shuddered with the pleasure when he found my prostate, and he started to circle and press against it softly. My hips humped at the mattress as he kept finger fucking me, and I knew I was going to come before he ever got his cock near me. One more entrance from him, pressing against that spot when his fingers got inside, and I know I called his name as I covered the sheets beneath me.

I lay dazed and confused afterwards, and didn’t resist when he turned me over. I dimly heard him speaking to me, but I didn’t understand the words. What was he doing to me? I felt kisses, and responded, now aware he was lying on top of me. He moved to nibble an earlobe and then whispered in my ear. ‘Are you ready?’

I just moaned. I’m not sure if it was a response to feeling his breath on my ear and neck or me agreeing to what he was about to do, but I felt his cock press against me. My body reacted even if my brain couldn’t, and I pressed back, feeling his head slide inside. That focussed my attention and my eyes went wide. He was big. Not that he hadn’t got me ready, but until I’d tried to get it inside me, I hadn’t realised how much he was going to fill me, or how good it was going to feel. I don’t think he moved, I slid myself down and raised my hips until he was seated in me fully, and when I realised I had all of him I couldn’t help the wanton moan I let out. I closed my eyes and panted a little, trying to get used to the feeling before we moved.

When I opened my eyes Steve was supporting himself above me. His eyes were squeezed tight shut as though he was concentrating hard. I wriggled a little under him to test the waters and he moaned. That was a great noise to my ears, but he still didn’t look quite right.

‘Are you okay baby?’ I whispered to him.

‘Too good. Mmm.’ was all I got in reply.

I felt myself relax around him, and he looked relieved and his eyes opened a little. I raised myself up a little so I could kiss him, and he responded to the kiss and started to move his hips, which broke us apart again as we both moaned. I grinned at him, and he took that as his cue to start. I felt every inch of his cock moving slowly out of me, almost until he left my body, and then sliding gently back in. And I had been right that this was going to feel amazing. I tried to keep my eyes open so I could see his face, but I was fighting a losing battle with my own desire.

I started to push back against him, speeding up the pace, because I needed him to take me faster and harder and he didn’t seem to be doing that by himself. He met me in the increased thrusts though, the pair of us groaning and crying out our pleasure together.

I wasn’t expecting to come again so soon, but I felt it building in me anyway. I could also tell by the look on Steve’s face and his frantic pants and moans, which were music to my ears, that he was going to shoot soon, and I wanted to be there with him. I didn’t think he’d manage to do anything else at the moment so I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke myself in time with his motion. Somehow he noticed, and my hand was batted away to be replaced with this. Now that felt really good.

I wasn’t sure how he was doing so well for a first try, but I sure as hell wasn’t complaining. His hand tightened slightly around me, and I felt him twitch inside as he shouted out my name yet again. Was he perfect or what? The feel of him shooting, and the thought that he was marking me as his while he did it, was too much, and I managed to come again, covering the pair of us with my seed.

Steve collapsed on top of me, and my arms and legs went around him to hold him tight. I didn’t want him to ever leave me, but after the twitches stopped I could feel him soften and start to slip from me, despite my ass desperately tightening trying to keep him there. He just moaned as it happened, and I knew he was as disappointed as I was. Still, I was also fairly sure he would be keen to do this again. I kissed his forehead which was the only part of him I could reach. It was quite sweet, and just like he had done to me this morning. What a day it had been so far.

I heard Steve’s breathing slow and he suddenly got heavier on me. I would have laughed but I didn’t want to wake him. I knew he was having a doze, and I didn’t really mind. I could feel his release slipping from my ass and although it felt a bit weird, I always had a mattress protector on and it would only be the sheet that would suffer. I’d definitely need to change my bedding. Perhaps we could just move to Steve’s bed for whatever else happened. I was surprisingly comfortable with my furry duvet, and also shagged out as the saying goes, and I felt myself drifting off as well.

I guess we slept for half an hour or so, and I was woken when Steve started moving on top of me, probably coming round and wondering where he was. I smiled at him when he checked on me, and moaned my disappointment when he moved off to lie at the side of me.

‘Sorry, I went to sleep. You were right, that was amazing. I had no idea.’ he suddenly looked a little worried. ‘Was it okay for you? Did I do it right?’

I just grinned. ‘That was a long way past okay, and if you’d done it any better I’m not sure I would have survived. I told you you’d be fine once you got started.’

He smiled at me, then started to blush again. He kept doing that, but I guess it was a lot to get used to. Yesterday his experience amounted to one bad french kiss with a girl. We’d increased it rather dramatically since then.

‘Dave…’ he started, but didn’t go any further.

‘What is it baby. You can ask me anything, I promise I won’t mind. If there’s things you need to know or you want to do, just ask me.’ I kissed him to confirm it.

He started again, although he wasn’t looking at me. ‘About what you were saying before, about, um, deflowering me.’ he went almost crimson at that point.

‘What about it? I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to or aren’t ready for.’

He kept looking at my chest and wouldn’t raise his eyes to mine, so I put my hand under his chin and lifted his head a little, planting a quick kiss on his lips. He still tried to avoid my gaze as he started again.

‘I want you to.’ As he finished those few words he did look at me, clearly wanting to see my reaction, which was a very happy grin.

‘I will babe. I’d love to. But I’ve already come four times today and it’s not even lunch. If you want it to be good we both need time to recover first.’

‘That’s okay. I didn’t mean right this second. But I really want to feel what you felt. You looked so happy.’

I grinned at him. ‘Happy would be an understatement. It was ecstasy. And it was even better because I knew it was you, and I’ve wanted you for so long. You’ll love the feeling too, I guarantee it.’

‘I believe you. I’m just a bit scared.’

I kissed him hard, only stopping when I made him moan. ‘I will get you so hot and bothered first you will lose any fear, and all you will know is intense pleasure. Trust me.’

‘I do.’ he replied, and this time I happily joined in the kiss he started, only thinking that I was going to have to get another shower very shortly, and wondering what else I could do to Steve while we were there.

* * * * * * *


I watched as Dave got lunch ready for the pair of us, happily wandering around the kitchen whistling and wearing just his boxers. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. The last 24 hours, not even that long I suddenly realised, had changed my life completely. This time yesterday I was at work not able to keep my mind on the job because I was looking forward to my time off with Dave and wondering if I could ever dare talk about my obsession with him. Today he was my boyfriend and my lover. And no amount of pleasuring myself or porn I had seen had in any way prepared me for how incredible it was to actually be having sex with him. That wasn’t the right term. It had definitely been making love.

All that I had experienced in the last few hours had opened my eyes. Dave had caressed every part of me, kissed and teased, coaxed me to come several times and given himself to me. Suddenly my virginity seemed like a distant memory, although I supposed it was kind of still there. Was it possible to be half virgin?

He looked over at me and grinned. ‘What’s that look on your face for? You look turned on and confused at the same time.’

I smiled back. ‘Turned on because I get to watch you wandering around in next to nothing, and the confusion is because I’m trying to work out if it’s possible to be half virgin.’

He laughed. ‘I’d say that’s perfectly possible, and exactly what you are right now.’ He came over to me and spoke softly into my ear. ‘This evening, I’ll take care of the other half.’

I moaned. It was all I could do not to beg him to take me now. ‘Why do you want to wait?’

He laughed again and ruffled my hair with his hand. ‘I’m not a machine, love. I’ve not had sex with anything but my own hand for years and my dick is complaining after the unexpected workout he’s had today. Later on after a bit of recovery time I’ll be able to make it good for both of us.’ He walked off to drain the pasta he had made and poured the sauce over it, presenting me with a plate. ‘Eat up, then it’s a DVD marathon for the afternoon and after that…’

He deliberately left his words hanging, and I shuddered at what would be after. I understood, but I also didn’t want to wait.

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