A Sense of Triumph

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Group Sex

He had just turned sixty when his wife passed away. Along with her passed the dreams of a retirement of travel with her as his constant companion. They had planned to travel the world together, but it was not to be. Now he moped about their home with no ambition or desire to do anything, including keep the house clean. He sometimes straightened a little, knowing how disappointed she would have been to see her home in such disorder. He couldn’t bring himself to show much interest in anything, until finally, his children told him he had to clean up his act. He cleaned up the litter, but having no desire to scrub and dust, hired the Mopping Maid Service to clean his home. They arrived the following Monday to clean, and unbeknownst to him at the time, change his life forever.

The team of women who arrived at his door was mostly middle-aged with one exception, a university student who worked with them Mondays and Saturdays to earn her tuition. She was unbelievably beautiful with the curvaceous body only genetics could bestow. No amount of exercise would create such magnificent curves. He had the ridiculous notion to stamp her with a meat inspector’s grade ‘A’ stamp leaving a red grade ‘A’ tattoo on her luscious bottom end. He even imagined the jiggle of her bottom as the hammer struck. He could not take his eyes off her. Finally, she gave him a hesitant smile and asked where he kept his vacuum cleaner. He showed her and asked her name while introducing himself as Brent McLeod. She replied her name was Katalina Cascade but every one called her Kate.

When he handed her the cleaner their hands inadvertently touched sending fire through his body. Strangely, she also seemed to react to his touch. He attributed it to the mental ravings of a dirty old man and promptly forgot her apparent confusion, as his body increasingly seemed to notice hers. He chuckled to himself laughing at his body’s impetuosity, reassuring himself he was simply a dirty old man confronted by beauty the likes of which he had not previously seen. It did not stop him from following her with his eyes as she worked about the house. He had thought to hire the service just the once but found himself phoning the company and asking for them to repeat their service every second Monday and insisted Kate be always included on the team explaining he wanted to support her university endeavors.

The next time she came, she thanked him. The service had told her about his support. With a few questions, they got to know each other better. They were both single. To his disappointment, she was twenty-two to his sixty-two. He considered that an insurmountable difference; she was younger than his youngest child. This did not stop him from dreaming of her that night as he tossed and turned in his bed. As the months passed, they grew to know each other better. What he considered the dirty old man in himself grew worse. He started pleasuring himself with thoughts of her body stampeding through his mind. One day, she stayed behind for a cup of coffee. When the others left, she asked if she might clean his house on alternate weeks the service cleaned to make herself a little extra money. He jumped at the idea and they settled for Friday nights. Her succulent body reawakened a libidinous nature he had assumed dead.

He looked forward to their first Friday alone together not knowing what to expect and berating himself to be the perfect gentleman. He knew in his heart, he was anything but a gentleman. She arrived dressed in a trench coat against the chill of the evening. When she took off her coat, he was instantly aroused, his equipment tenting his pants. He carried a newspaper to hide his tumescence. Kate was wearing a pair of very tight short shorts and a small tank top. Her voluptuous buttocks fell well below the ragged edge of the shorts displaying the creamy whiteness of her cheeks. The tank top was far too small to completely cover the feminine curves of her breasts. In short, she was everything he felt he didn’t need, his dirty old man promptly ogling her.

What he didn’t know was she was somewhat exasperated having done everything she could over the months to make herself more attractive to him. Kate had felt the fires of their first touch not understanding them, but so aware of her body’s reaction to him she meant to pursue the wonderful feelings he elicited from her body without contrivance. bursa escort The first night after their meeting, she went home to analyze for hours just what had happened to her but could come to no real understanding of the intricacies of love. This was not a new phenomenon, as millions know. She had several theories and maybe it was a combination of all of them. She knew pheromones played a large part and thought it was a possibility. Although she truly believed it was his kindness of manner, his distinguished looks and his overall gentlemanly behavior that attracted her. It still didn’t explain the fireworks at their first touch.

As the months passed, she saw the need in his eyes as she worked in his home wishing he would give in to his licentious emotions. Not always did he manage to hide his physical reaction to her presence. Because of her own attraction, she answered him with erect nipples and gushing pussy. She watched him from the periphery of her vision, wishing he would drop his gentlemanly behavior and take her in his arms to kiss passionately when the other women weren’t around. He became her sexual fantasy at night, as she was his, fingering her clit to orgasm on dreams of his kisses alone. Kate began to plan his seduction understanding his reluctance had something to do with their age difference. She began to comprehend he would never molest her as she wanted without some serious encouragement. That knowledge had brought about her particular choice of clothes the first evening they were alone.

The evening progressed with his constant, gratifying attention that hardened her nipples once again and finally sending her to the bathroom to place some tissue between pussy and panties to absorb the moisture she involuntarily produced. Yet, he remained the perfect gentleman counting her earnings and placing them in her hand to send the impassioned flames coursing through both their bodies as they touched. Both their libidos were highly aroused as they parted company. Each stimulated self to orgasm dreaming of the other in their beds that night. Hormones he had thought long gone in his aging body renewed his interest in life as they raced through him followed by the goose bumps and shivers they produced.

The next cleaning Monday, he noticed the more conservative clothing she wore as she worked with the team. Still, she was able to stiffen him as she leaned over to pickup a dust cloth that had fallen to the floor displaying in high relief the fine opulent curves of her buttocks. He was in love with her knowing it to be the foolish dreams of sexually deprived older man. He forcibly shoved his growing desire to the back of his mind. She, on the other hand, allowed her growing love of him to blossom and began to contrive how she might seduce him without letting him know she was the aggressor. Kate understood he was of the old school and he believed he should make the first move.

On her next cleaning night, she planned her wardrobe carefully picking what she believed to be a most salaciously provocative outfit she could devise. Kate wore her shortest mini skirt and a semi-transparent blouse. She decided to forego underwear allowing cool breezes to caress her sex; her pendulous bosom swayed and jounced with her every movement. He watched her move about the house fulfilling her cleaning duties, but the glimpses she allowed him galvanized him to new heights of fervency. Once, he was afforded a quick peek of her hairy moist sex as she bent purposely allowing the view. His hormones raged as he attempted to hide his arousal from her, yet he still insisted on being the perfect gentleman, despite the blouse that allowed her erect nipples to be examined albeit only slightly through the semi transparent material.

Finally, she became the strumpet and cleverly stumbled against him bringing her breasts against his chest when he grabbed her to prevent her supposed fall. His hands inadvertently went to her buttocks to support her and felt the firm naked flesh. She, unable to help herself, kissed his neck as he held her. His face turned red as he attempted to apologize for touching her. However, she whispered in his ear that his touch was pleasurable. After all, hadn’t it saved her from a nasty fall? Kate kissed him on the lips, a luscious thank you, before releasing him. His hands shook like a young teenager as his hormones raged from her bursa escort bayan stimulation. Then, she took everything into her own hands. Impassioned by their contact and unable to restrain herself any longer, the wait was over for his first advance. She realized his fear of their age difference would not allow him to take advantage of her. Kate approached him again, throwing her arms around his neck pulling him tightly to her body. She kissed him; a prolonged kiss, full of tongue, sexual promise and inflamed passionate desire. The sensation of the kiss lingered on his lips long after she broke contact to hold his head in her hand as he tried to further separate them. She whispered in his ear,

“Oh Brent, my body longs for you. I don’t care about our ages. I know there is love between us that’s ignored the age barrier that worries you. You body reacts to mine. Don’t you deny our first day when your touch ignited the spark I now know inflames and consumes us both. This has nothing to do with age and everything to do with each of us instinctively recognizing a soul mate by some age-old human response. I have tried to understand it and have no answers other than the one my body tells me. It is the age-old craving of a woman for her man.”

“Kitten,” he replied, “you can’t possibly be serious. I ‘m almost old enough to be your grandfather. I’ll die probably before you are middle-aged. I will not put you through the pain of loss. I still haven’t recovered. You’re still too young to know your own mind”

“Do you deny you love me?” she asked. “Do you deny you crave my touch? Are you saying if I were to leave, you wouldn’t experience more pain? The pain you want to keep from me?”

“No kitten, I can’t deny my love. However, I can save you from your own foolishness, protect you from yourself. What would your family think if you set up house with me? I’m sure I’m older than your parents. What would your friends say? No my love this is impossible.”

“Don’t you dare use that argument with me,” she replied now in tears. “This has nothing to do with anyone else. If you reject me now, you’ll bring on the pain of rejection. If I leave here tonight forever, it will take me years to recover, if ever.”

Her body moved against him with shameless lechery attempting to coerce were verbal argument seemed to fail, incorrigible to his own entreaties. Suddenly, he noticed his hands of their own volition had returned to the globes of her bottom now holding her tight against him. His erection was obvious to them both as she ground against it inducing him to further acts of, in his mind, depravity. Brent could not help himself as the scent of a fully aroused woman wafted in the air. He began to sink into the abyss of her lust no longer able to contain his needs; their lips once again sent messages of their needs. Their tongues entwined as she reached for him. Unfastening his pants, she took his sex into her warm soft hand and gently guided it to her streaming pussy. She attempted to climb him like a monkey, her pussy searching for its relief by the insertion of his potent flesh.

His resistance vanished. First, he guided her to his bedroom and stripped them both before again taking her succulent ass into his hands. This time, he initiated the kiss that consumed them in lascivious sexuality. She writhed against him. He fondled her breasts feeling their fleshy weight, their roundness. Her nipples sprung into his hands. He rolled the sexy buds between thumb and forefinger eliciting groans of passion as her pussy wept. Her savory scent demanded he taste her; his impassioned brain commanded her ravishment with his tongue. He was a man possessed when he laid her on the bed. Docile, she awaited his approach. His kitten held her legs wide with an arm wrapped around each thigh, presenting her cunt for tonguing. Juices flowed as his mouth descended onto the sweet savory succulence that would only partially sate his overwhelming thirst. Brent sucked her nectar from its source creating further moans; his tongue danced on her clit. Her hips responded bringing her snatch higher for further penetration. Her honey continued to flow freely over his probing tongue bringing an intense cardinality to his act of love. Kate felt her impending orgasm; but each time she reached for it, he would back off a little. Although she was on the precipice, he would not allow her escort bursa the release she craved so intently. He seemed to know exactly when she would release in orgasm and stopped just prior. Finally, she sent fingers to work under his ravishing tongue to finish, but he would not allow it and held her hand away from her sex. Occasionally, he removed his mouth to watch her cunt heave ineffectively enjoying her fragrance. Eventually, his mouth moved from her furnace, traveled up her body firing the flames of passion further. He kissed her repeatedly finding and inflaming each new erogenous zone. His tongue penetrated her mouth as his cock penetrated her cunt filling her with such carnal sensations she climaxed immediately around his shaft. It was only the beginning. With each thrust of his flesh, her body convulsed in orgasm leaving her thrashing, biting, scratching and begging for more. Her body was a writhing testimony to his manipulations. He fucked her to sexual submission; she lay exhausted and languid on the bed. Her juices flowed from her body.

He had not yet seeded her. His cock, still turgid from their initial contact, prepared for her second ravishment. This ravishment would be more carefully applied than the first, so his body would enrapture her. He intended to enslave her with sexuality as she now enslaved him. If they were to be lovers, he insisted it be a lifetime commitment as his dick entered her for a second time. His thrusting soon brought her close to orgasm. As with his tongue, he would stop his pillaging cock each time she grew close repeating this process. Each time she reached a higher plane and required more stimulation as he brought her closer to the edge of the abyss. She tensed with each approach until every muscle in her body strained for release. Her body, a taut bowstring, awaited plucking. Forcefully, he thrust three times. His cock struck her deepest recess as he spewed his seed and flooded her with cum. Her response was an orgasm of such immense proportions; the spasms opened her cervix to his emissions. Kat knew that in their moment of erotic delight, he had impregnated her. This man, who only hours ago had argued his age was a barrier to their love, would now be the father of her child. As she moaned away the bliss, she told him she was sure she was pregnant with his child, but expected to be ravaged many more times to be positive. He was surprised at how pleased he felt; their union would result in a baby.

His years seemed to melt away as she mounted him to take her erotic revenge. Her cunt wanted to consume his new erection that shocked them both with almost immediate resurgence. Kate reared high over his erection bringing her pussy down slowly as she allowed his insertion into her cavity, still creamy from their last endeavor. She leaned over so her dangling boobs would drag their nipples across his chest further arousing him. When he attempted to thrust upwards, she rode with him not allowing the friction he was trying to produce. Only when she felt him soften slightly did she grind her cunt against him to maintain his tumescence. He grabbed her shoulders pulling her towards his mouth and sucked in a nipple sending wonderful messages of passion to her twat. Her juices flowed down his shaft wetting his balls and ass with a continuous drip of cream. Impassioned, he finally loosed her breast and reattached his mouth to hers as both hands gripped her bum.

She maintained the kiss, driving her tongue deep into his mouth, but still disallowed the motion he craved. Kate began a series of muscle exercises, which sent ripples along the walls of her excited sex eliciting even stronger desires in him. His balls ached with his need for release. Using muscles she had exercised for this day, she began a series of squeezes that further engorged his already swollen cock. His sexual tension rose to a peak he had never before attained. When she was sure he was ready, with kiss maintained and saliva flowing, she used his own strategy and thrust down forcibly three times. She drove his cock deep as he erupted bathing her cunt in hot cum. She collapsed on his chest and thought, ‘This fuck guaranteed a baby and sealed their love.’

He passed away at ninety-seven bringing all of the pain he had warned her about. Amongst the pain was a sense of triumph, as she gazed at their three children now in their thirties. He had been a vigorous man seemingly years younger than his birth certificate allowed. Kate felt her youth had returned him his and the thirty-five years they had together was a testament to their love. A love she knew many never achieve.

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