A Sensual Possession Ch. 04

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Rafe laid back on the pillow and watched the smoke from his cigarette pirouette up to the rafters, only to be atomized by the ceiling fan circling in lazy arcs above. Charles would take care of her. Charles would provide. He took a drag, drawing the harsh smoke deep. He didn’t know if he would be building landing strips in the Pacific or bridges in Europe. He didn’t know if he would live or die. He only knew that Charles would take care of his sister.

Their wedding would be next Sunday, and the morning after that he would be on a Greyhound headed off to officer candidate school a few miles north, in Ft. Banning, Georgia. In three months he would be one of thousands of 90 Day Wonders with a single brass bar on his shoulders, then to the Army Corps of Engineers. If he made it, but he knew he would. He was ready for this. He wanted this. He wanted to avenge Pearl Harbor. Well, avenge, yes, but not in a rage, not out of control. He never lost it, he was never in a rage, which is why he was becoming an officer. He was methodical, calculating, systematic. Precise. Yes, that was the best word: precise. He took a final drag and crushed pinbahis güvenilirmi the butt into the ashtray on the nightstand.

Charles had taught him precision because everything Charles did required it. Every mortise, every dowel, every cut on every piece of wood, was a study in geometric perfection. Precision required patience, assembly required precision. When whatever was being built was finished, whether a chair or a table or, in what Charles was making now- a bed, it would be as perfect as natural woods and fibers would allow.

Charles had wanted to enlist after Pearl Harbor but his gimpy leg made that impossible. It was a good thing, too. Someone so kind would not survive, Rafe thought to himself. He was an artist, enwrapped in his woods and glues, nails, screws, and stains. His interest would have been in the stock and butt of the rifle, its curves and finish, not in what the rifle did. It was a good thing because now Charles would take care of his Caroline.

He rolled over onto his side and looked at the auburn trusses of the woman lying next to him, spread over the pillow next to his, at the pinbahis yeni giriş flow and sensuous curves of her shoulders to her waist to her butt cheeks and down her thighs. She was completely uncovered, turned away from him, one foot hanging off the edge of the mattress. His manhood responded with the slow rise and fall of her deep pink nipples, her full bare breasts. She might have been asleep but he knew she probably wasn’t. He slid next to her, his hard cock sandwiched between her ass cheeks. She stirred when he pulled her hair back roughly, exposing her throat to his lips and teeth.

He rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her up onto her knees. No, she hadn’t been asleep. She was ready to be ravaged again. This time he wouldn’t leave his seed inside a condom or on her back. It would stay in her.

She moaned and whimpered as his manhood parted her pink swollen flesh. Each thrust, each stroke, made her cry out like animal in pain, but there was no pain. He pulled her head back, riding her like a barnyard beast.

Her back arched, her asscheeks sealed to his groin. “Oh god Rafe baby, fuck me harder, pinbahis giriş harder, baby harder I’m cumming!” Her whole body shook violently as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her.

He leaned over and cupped her quivering breasts. She squealed when he pinched a nipple. “I’m going to fill you with my seed, baby,” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh yes baby, cum inside me Rafe, cum inside me,” she moaned, “I want you, Rafe, I want you to…”

She was cut off mid sentence. Her eyes flew wide open and her lips formed a perfect ‘O’ as his thighs slammed against hers. His hands pulled her hips hard onto his throbbing cock. He could feel it pumping ropes of cum deep into her hot pussy, pulse after pulse after pulse. She collapsed onto her stomach as he collapsed onto her back, a long thread of semen dripping onto the sheets as he withdrew.

“God Rafe,” she cooed, “you are such an animal when we fuck.” Her neck and back were damp with sweat. Red welts had formed on each lobe of her ass. In her passion she hadn’t realized he had been spanking her that hard.

He spooned up next to her, kissed her neck, fondled her breasts. “I’m gonna miss this more than anything: watching you breath, seeing you naked lying next to me, touching your body, hearing you moan,” he whispered in her ear, “I’ll think about you every night I’m gone, but I know Charles will take good care of you until I get back.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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