A Sexy Sunday

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I had fallen asleep after daddy left me spent on my bed. I woke up in a dazed state as I rubbed my jaw which was aching and felt my whipped and fucked ass. I jumped up and peeled down my new boots off my legs, they were so cool and I loved them. I peeled down my soaked in precum pink jockstrap. I forgot how hard I was fucked the night before by my master. I removed the collar he placed around my neck and headed to get a nice long shower. I jumped into the shower, bathed my tight body then hopped out and moisturized. I began getting ready for a fresh Sunday after a wild Saturday night.

It was midday and I decided I was going to make a kinky video so I slipped into something sexy. I had a red wetlook jockstrap that had a pouch in front for my cock and balls which made them sit up nice and perky. I pulled it on along with my red thigh high wet look stockings and a red long sleeve wet look crop top that stopped right under my nipples. I had a pair of red stiletto 5 inch pumps so I slid them on my feet and applied some shiny red lipgloss and fake eyelashes to finish off the outfit. I checked myself in the mirror and I was one sexy little twink!

I headed to my living room to roll a blunt and put some stoner music on YouTube. I set my blunt down, walked back my room and grabbed my vibrating butt plug and some lube. I lubed up the plug and pushed it inside me. Since my ass was pretty wet from the night before, it slid inside me with ease. It was a 3 inch plug with a remote app on my phone so I flicked it onto the low setting for now and it began buzzing in my ass.

I had recently purchased a new hood which had arrived during the week. It had eye holes and exposed my jaw along with a long fake ponytail which reached down to my ass. I pulled it on and adjusted it in the mirror – I wanted to send videos to daddy so I couldn’t let my identity known to him plus I knew he would love my new ponytail. Walking carefully in the stilettos whilst the vibrator hummed in my ass, I grabbed the blunt and began smoking. I took a selfie of myself smoking and pouting then headed over to my full length hall mirror and snapped a few more making sure to stick my ass out and pout for the camera. I looked so hot and could see my cock start to grow in the jockstrap. I was practicing self control so made myself soft again by stopping and ignoring myself for a minute which was difficult with the vibrator buzzing in my ass.

I headed back to the sofa to finish my blunt and decided to send daddy my photo shoot snaps. Almost instantly he replied “slut, stay just like that.” I was so excited and responded with a photo of me with my mouth open captioned “yes sir!” He was going to come over! Over 20 minutes had passed, I had finished my joint and was eagerly waiting for him and then I heard a beep outside. I looked outside and he had sent a taxi. My phone buzzed “get in the taxi, you’re coming over. Don’t even think about changing.” I looked down at myself and decided I was to do as I was told. I stubbed my blunt, grabbed my phone, keys and poppers and headed for the taxi. Just before leaving I sprayed a copious amount of deepthroat spray down my throat. I knew I was going to get throated so I thought it a wise move.

It was a warm day as I walked outside to the car. The taxi man didn’t even look at me as I got inside, I mustn’t be the first twink looking fucked he picked up today. He threw an eye mask at me and told me to put it on. Master didn’t want me to know where he lived it seemed. We drove for about 20 minutes and the taxi man told me to get out and take the mask off. I did as I was told and stood out onto the pavement in nothing but heels, stockings, red jockstrap, crop top and an eyeless and mouthless hood with a fake ponytail resting on my exposed ass. The taxi drove off and I stood nervously. I lifted the eye mask and I was standing outside a snazzy downtown apartment block. The door buzzed open and I made my way inside. It was early Sunday so not many people were about but I definitely got spotted.

The building looked expensive and the lift was open already. The receptionist pointed me Taksim Escort to it and said she would hit the number and smiled. I nodded to her and the doors closed. Straight to the top floor. The lift door opened and I was standing in my daddy’s apartment hall way. I knocked on the door and he answered. He looked so hot! He wore a red leather thong along with a thin red leather collar and nothing else. I could see his massive buldge through the material and he told me to come inside. He towered over me even in heels. I waited for him to speak first.

“You are one keen slut” whilst grabbing my cock and balls. I winced and said “yes daddy, I was so horny and needed your big dick again so soon!” He grabbed my cock and balls harder and felt the vibrations from my butt plug and smiled. I couldn’t stand the pain anymore and let out a tiny squeal. His fingers soon filled my mouth and said “shhh, I don’t want you to scare away my friends.” My eyes lit up. I knew what was going to happen. “Now, you’re going to do what you are told, when you are told and without question, do you understand?” He squeezed again harder and I nodded in agreement and moaned “yes” around his fingers. He released and pushed me down to my knees which I obliged willingly.

He wasted no time in wrapping a collar around my neck and had me leashed up once again. He pulled me to my feet and I stood up straight in my heels. He inspected me and told me to bend over as his hands went to my ass. “How do you control this?” He asked, and I replied “my phone sir.” I opened the app and gave it to him. He wasted no time in pushing max power and my body began to shake with the pressure on my g spot before flicking it off. He tugged on the leash and took me into the living room area. There was a single white leather pad – assumably for me – in the middle of the room, surrounded by amazing views of the city. Standing on the balcony were 3 black males, all over 6 foot who were all wearing the same red thongs and collars. I was going to get railed by my master and his 3 friends. His friends obviously seen my photos too, but I wasn’t bothered in the slightest!

He told me to sit on the leather pad so I did as I was told. He walked outside and began having a drink with his friends. They all turned and looked at me and my daddy nodded, smiled and laughed as they chatted. He sent one of his friends over to me and I smiled at him. He picked up the leash and turned to walked back outside. I jumped up and followed him onto the balcony, my ponytail swaying, cock and balls perky and heels clicking on the floor. He grabbed a pillow as he made his way outside again. No surprises what they wanted me to do out here. He threw the pillow on the ground and angled me right in front of him outside on the balcony. The rest of the men approached, sipping Hennessy raw from the one bottle being passed around. He tugged down on the leash and I dropped to my knees. My master smiled at me and I opened my mouth and looked up at his friend. I opened my mouth and lifted my hands up towards his thong to pull it down to get at his swelling cock, only to have my hands grabbed and pulled behind me. I wasn’t going to be in control anyway.

Wrist and ankle restraints were placed on me and they then used an X shaped belt to link all the restraints behind my back. I was completely pinned as I kneeled before these 4 men. Daddy pulled out a lip shaped ring gag and I looked up at him with puppy dog eyes as I didn’t need it, but he wasn’t having any of it and pushed it into my mouth. Here I was on the balcony of this fancy apartment. On my knees, completely helpless with a red rubber lip ring gag in my mouth, ready to serve these hunks. I was in heaven. Daddy held a bottle of poppers up to my nose and I took a huge inhale. His friend pulled down his thong front and his member popped out. It was at least 11 inches and so thick. I looked up at him and he grabbed the back of my head, squirted an abundance of lube into my mouth and jerked off his cock to get it wet and ready to fuck me.

He pulled me closer to him and placed his cock at my mouth. He Escort Bayan pushed his cock into my throat as I gagged and tried to relax my throat for him. He was huge and my throat was definitely going to be stretched to accommodate him. My ass began buzzing as my master stood with my phone, he played with it manually and when his friend was balls deep in my throat he pushed max vibration. Now my cock was beginning to leak pre cum and this got my master angry.

His hands moved to the back of my head and pushed my head into his friends groin as he friend pushed his groin into my face and subsequently his cock deeper into my throat. This throating felt like more than balls deep as I struggled to breath around his monster. After what felt like forever they both released and I fell down onto the ground in front of them. They weren’t happy with that and picked me up and put me back into the same position and his other friends began to use my throat. This continued for all 4 men as my throat became their fuck hole for the afternoon. Thank god I used the deepthroat spray before leaving my house!

They seemed to be finished using me for now and undid the ties on my hands and feet whilst removing the ring gag. They all headed inside and one of masters friends grabbed my leash and I stood up and followed them inside. Over to the leather pad in the middle of the room, master told me to lie on my back with my head off the edge of the pad. I did as I was told and cleared my throat for what was coming. As I shifted off the edge, I felt a belt going across my stomach. It tightened under the pad and I was pinned on my back. Another belt was wrapped around my shins and upper thighs, pinning my calves to my thighs. I was going to be fucked helplessly today and I was so excited. My hands were free to play with their cocks but they made it clear they wanted full access to my tight hole. Master set the vibrator to max power as he stood over me with his cock over my mouth. I opened up for him and he didn’t hesitate to make his move.

He placed his cock at my mouth and pushed balls deep until his balls sat on my face. He grabbed my cock and balls and squeezed them through my jockstrap and pushed the vibrator inside me further with his other hand. I was in heaven, but struggling to breath. He pushed deeper somehow and grabbed my throat as he felt his cock lodged deep inside it. “Perfect” he said as he rubbed his cock through my throat. I gagged and he pulled out as I gasped for air and his precum dripped over my mask and ran into my eyes and ponytail.

No sooner than him pulling out of me, one of the men placed their cocks in my mouth and another removed the vibrator from my ass. My cock was still limp but leaking precum in my jock strap as another man kneeled on the pad and lifted my feet to raise my ass up. He moved in between my legs and lined his dick up with my tight ass. He squirted lube into his hands and on my asshole and pushed his head inside me. He was so thick as I moaned around the cock in my mouth. I couldn’t see who was fucking me but I didn’t care, I was in ecstasy. The cock in my throat began to thrust in and out and the one in my ass was now balls deep as I felt it hit my stomach. When the cock in my ass was balls deep, the cock in my throat was too. I was completely filled at both ends as they began to spit roast me. I didn’t know what I was doing with my hands until I get a cock in each one. “Rub us” said my master, so I complied. I could barely fit my hands around the girth of these 2 cocks, but I was for sure going to feel them inside soon enough.

The cocks in my mouth and ass showed no sign of stopping as I lay there helpless, masturbating the 2 men either side of me. My tongue was licking the balls guy who was in my mouth and I squeezed my ass hole for the other guy in my ass. This continued for what felt like forever and then suddenly I was empty. I took my breath as my jaw ached and ass relaxed. They undid the strap around my waist and legs as I stretched my legs and sat up. “On your knees bitch” my daddy commanded. I sat up quickly and flipped onto istanbul Escort my knees. Once again a cock entered my mouth and ass and I began sucking and squeezing my ass hole for them. I felt like such a slut and was hoping daddy was pleased with me.

Not knowing how long these guys could fuck me for got me kinda worried. I was getting tired but really wanted to make them cum. I stepped up my game and began pushing back into the guy behind me, which subsequently pushed me forward when he pushed into me, sending the cock in my mouth deeper into my throat. The guy behind my grabbed my ponytail and began thrusting harder and faster in my ass. He started grunting and pulling harder on the ponytail as the guy in my mouth pulled out and let him use me alone. He must have been 12 inches and absolutely railing me on the pad as I pushed back and he pulled the ponytail. I moaned loudly and the pressure was mounting on my gspot but he kept going. Then he let out a roar and shot his load right inside my ass. At the exact same time my body shook and I let my orgasm take over. I pushed right back into him and leaned back into his body. He put his arms on my waist and pulled me into him as he flooded my ass with him cum. It felt amazing and my jockstrap was soaking with my own cum. It was an amazing orgasm.

After he pulled out, my horny side began to subside and I remembered I had 3 more cocks to serve. Daddy looked very unhappy with me as I knew he didn’t like me cumming without his permission. The guy behind me walked around in front and pulled the leash making me now on all fours on the pad. He placed his cock at my mouth and said “clean me up.” I complied not wanting to anger daddy any further. I tasted my ass juices and his cum as he pushed inside my throat and held my head as I swallowed his cock. Then I felt a whip on my ass and I jumped. “Cumming without permission, I thought I taught you better.” He landed 10 on each cheek with a leather strap and I jumped every time, his friends cock still lodged in my throat. My eyes began tear and I breathed through my nose as he held me tight.

After the last slap, the next 2 guys proceeded to fuck me whilst I held the first in my throat. The second guy came inside me and the gspot rubbing was beginning to feel so good again. The third guy pulled out right before cumming and sprayed all over my back and crop top. This stopped my gspot pressure thankfully. I felt his warm cum sitting on my back as he slapped my ass and hopped off the pad. Master was last to cum and I had no idea what he wanted me to do for him. The guy in my mouth pulled out and I took a huge breath through my mouth. The other guys all stepped back and stood watching in their red thongs.

Daddy approached me and told me to walk outside to the balcony, move the pillow to the edge of balcony and kneel on it. I did as I was told and hopped off the pad and walked outside. There was a glass railing and did was I was told. Daddy took my leash and tied it to the handrail and pinned me to it. He grabbed my head on both sides and placed his cock at my mouth. He was going to cum in my throat and take in a view of the whole city whilst doing it. His friends came over and grabbed my hands and fastened them behind my masters legs. No chance was I stopping him from fucking my face now!

With his cock at my lips, he pushed deep inside me. He was rock hard and one of his friends held poppers to my nose. I took a huge inhale and he started fucking my throat furiously. I didn’t know how I was taking this much cock without gagging, I must be a pro now I thought! After about 15 minutes, he bottomed out in me and pressed hard against my face with his body. Then he unleashed him cum right down my throat. I had no idea how he had so much after fucking me silly the night before, but I felt so full after swallowing every last drop. He held himself there as his friends released my hands. He untied me from the railing, told me to stand up and go back to the taxi.

I did as I was told and headed back towards the front door. Right before I was about to leave, one of his friends grabbed me and told me to bend over. I did as I was told and pushed my butt plug back inside me and handed me my phone. I headed down in the lift and the receptionist smiled at me again. The taxi was waiting and I hopped in. I couldn’t wait to go back to daddy’s house again!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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