A Short Story of Office Sex

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We’d been out for lunch, talking about your business as a designer. I was more than aware of you as you walked back beside me to my office. Your knee length summery skirt blew gently in the wind, while your vest top was tight across your breasts, a faint outline of your nipples creeping through beneath your bra. We walked close together, our arms brushing against each other. You said that you had something for me. You grabbed my hand and pushed something into it. I glanced down, gasping as I saw a tiny pair of pink panties in my hand ….

We just about make it back to my office, ignoring the enquiring glances of my receptionist as we rush past her and upstairs. We go straight to my office. I close the door behind us and stare at you, my chest heaving, my cock straining against my trousers. We step forward, our lips crushed together as you reach for my cock, fumbling with my zip as I pull you to me, my hands on your firm ass. We separate, breathing heavily, your eyes, bright with lust and need, mirroring mine. You grab my tie and pull me to you, tugging it loose as our tongues explore. You undo my shirt as I reach down and pull your skirt up, caressing your firm, naked ass. You leave my shirt hanging loose, your hands on my chest. They slide down to my belly. I gasp as you grab my cock through my trousers, squeezing and caressing my hard flesh. You step back, your breasts heaving ….

With my eyes locked on yours, I sweep almanbahis papers off my desk, my meaning obvious. You groan and reach for me. This time you gasp as you free my cock, as you feel me in your hand for the first time. I look down at your hand wrapped around my shaft, your red painted fingernails stark against me. I ease you backwards. You sit on the edge of the desk before swinging your legs up and turning, stretching out, your arms above your head, your fingers gripping the edge of the desk. I move between your legs, sliding my hands along your thighs, pushing your skirt up. I groan as you let your legs fall open, as your pussy stares back at me, naked and wet, your mound pale and bare ….

I pull you towards me and drive my cock into you. You moan, needing to be fucked hard, not wanting to wait. I slide my hands under your ass, lifting you, pulling you onto my driving cock. I fuck you, my balls slapping against your ass as I hold you, as I drive my cock into you, deeper, harder, faster. Your back is arched, your breasts thrust upwards, your nipples poking through. Your knuckles are white as you grip the desk edge above your head, your mouth open, your head rocking from side to side. You bite your lip to stifle your cries as you cum for the first time. I fuck you through it, ignoring your sobs, plunging my cock into you. I only stop when my cum erupts from me, and then I drive into you one last time, holding my cock deep almanbahis giriş inside you as my torrent of cum mixes with the juices flooding from you ….

We gasp for breath, my cock still inside you. We don’t move for several long minutes, savouring the feel of being locked together. I reach forward, caressing your breasts for the first time through your top. You don’t move as I push it up, revealing your breasts encased in pink lace. Your engorged nipples are dark and very erect, the rubbery flesh fighting to break through the lace, crying out for attention. My cock lurches inside you as I lean forward and nibble your nipples through the lace. A soft moan escapes your lips as I reach for the tiny clip between your breasts that is all that holds your bra together. I unclip it with shaking hands, sweeping the two sides gently apart and gasping as your breasts fill my hands ….

You close your eyes for a moment as I caress you, opening them only as you feel my mouth on your breasts, on your nipples. You moan softly, holding me to you before pushing me away gently and starting to sit up. My cock slips from you, and for a moment I can see a trickle of my cum and your juices sliding towards your ass. I look at my cock, hard again, shiny with cum and juices. You move, shrugging your clothes away from your body, gesturing for me to do the same. You wait until all I have on is my unbuttoned shirt, but then you can’t wait any almanbahis yeni giriş longer and push me onto the desk. I’m barely there before you are straddling me, holding my cock before dropping down onto me ….

This time you take control, riding my cock, your hands on my chest. I reach for your breasts, pushing them against your body, your nipples burning into my palms. You slide your body forward, letting my cock almost fall from you before pushing back, taking my cock back inside you. My hips push up, meeting your movements, driving me deeper. I roll your nipples between my thumbs and fingers, tugging them gently. You fall forward, your breasts swaying. I groan and desperately try to capture them. I moan against them as my mouth finds them, tasting, sucking, kissing, one and then the other, drawing your breasts into my mouth ….

You moan as I devour you, but you want more, need more. You sit up, your arms behind you, resting on my legs as I drive my cock into you, your body riding my cock, meeting my thrusts, grinding against me, your body alive with pleasure. I grab your hips, pulling you down onto my cock, as you ride me, as I fuck you. Our hot flesh slaps together, the desk creaking, my cock reaching deeper, your pussy moulded around me, taking me, wanting me, Your orgasm explodes deep inside you, shockwaves flashing through you, your body on fire, your nipples, your breasts, your pussy, all of you. You slap your hand over my mouth as I start to cry out, my cock pumping cum into you. We fuck each other as our climaxes crash together, all else forgotten ….

(Written for a special friend – you know who you are! Sweet memories!)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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