A Simple Shadow Pt. 04

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“I don’t know what I want. A minute ago, I didn’t want to speak…but I have. A few minutes before that, I didn’t want to ever be in this form again, but I woke up in it. I didn’t ever want to be more than a simple animal…Look at me!” He knew he sounded irritated and disgusted.

“You look fine,” De ‘Vorga protested angrily.

“Do I?” He moved his hand down to trace the boy’s erection lightly. “Even scarred?” The boy shuddered as he squeezed just a bit, rubbing him, teasing.

“I like scars!,” he nearly screamed he was so tense. He wanted to be touched so bad! “Please!,” he moaned again letting his tears fall unchecked. “Don’t do this! Either take me, or stop!” He arched back trying to push himself into his hand and mouth more fully. Shadow picked his weight up off of his knees moving him forward until his hands hit the wall for balance. He was shaking against him! Shadow sighed enjoying it.

“Lean forward,” he advised. He ran his hands along the boy’s flesh committing every curve to memory. “Spread…” He bumped his knees wider with his own. Then, he moved back and away. If he had his eyes, De ‘Vorga wouldn’t have questioned it. But knowing he didn’t, it confused him even more. A hand came up cupping him from behind, testing his weight and the feel of him. “Hold…just like that.” He removed his hand. He replaced it with hot kisses, a wet tongue, and the nip of teeth!

“Oh, Gods!” The boy almost grabbed at his face in surprise. He remembered at the last second that he wasn’t allowed. He settled for brushing his hand along his hair saying, “No!” He felt him tense right to the edge of exploding. “Oh, please…no…not now!” Giving up, Shadow returned to cradling him up against his chest. Without any other warning, he began to push himself inside. Obviously, Vorgas was too far gone to notice how hard he had to work at it. It was almost a forced entry, any more would have torn him. He had to push nearly as hard as he could with very little gained. By the time he rested against him, the boy was panting in nearly lost control. He took him in his hand and ground up hard into him. De ‘Vorga let out a little yell of surprise and coated Shadow’s hand. He laughed pleased that he’d finally gotten what he’d sought.

Shadow continued to move against him while the boy was still shaking from his orgasm, and still partially hard from the sensations assailing him. He screamed again when he pierced the vein at his neck with sharp teeth drinking him in. He began to grow under his careful manipulation. Eventually, he screamed twice as loud when they both succumbed to the shared pleasures of their united flesh. The vampire released him from his mouth, but still held him along the rest. There was blood and semen everywhere, Shadow thought happily. Yet he still smelled the tears through all of the mess. He shook his head sighing. He didn’t understand it at all.

“Did I hurt you,” he asked confused.

“Yes, but…it…it felt…good! Real good…Thank you.”

Shadow smiled bemused at his praise. “I wasn’t that good…You wouldn’t let me do anything! Are all children in such a hurry these days?,” he teased.

“I’m not,” De ‘Vorga grew still in his embrace thinking hard.

“You were,” he teased just a touch disappointed.

The boy winced and slid away. He was off the bed and across the room before Shadow knew it. He looked around listening for him. Just before he slid away into a little alcove hidden nearby, he paused. “I’m sorry…I…” He waited for him to explain, but he got no sound. He must have fled.

“Damn,” Shadow sighed. “I must be getting old.” As if to prove the theory, his knees began afyon escort to cramp from staying on them for so long. He heard the sound of water. Tilting his head to locate the exact direction of it, he eased off of the bed and carefully went that direction. “This was a lot less scary as a cat,” he complained. He felt along the wall for the opening. It took him a few minutes of exploration. “This sucks!,” he growled imitating the irritated teens from back home. He stood at the door listening.

He shook his head sighing once more in weariness. “How do I get myself into these things?,” he mumbled disgruntled. He heard movement in the water and went towards the sound slowly, not knowing how the shower stall was designed. He finally just reached out a hand hoping the boy would take it and guide him further. He did, drawing him into the warm water at his side. Shadow clasped his waist to steady his balance. “Have I done something wrong?,” he asked him slowly. “I haven’t mingled with anything but animals in…” Well, too long to admit to anyway!, he thought. “Are you upset with me?” He couldn’t think of a reason why he should be, but…He could still smell the damn tears! What was wrong with him? Why was the little dragonette crying? What had he done?

“I dance on stage…,” he said faintly.

Shadow frowned at the reply. “Did I make you miss it? Or leave a mark?”

He felt the boy move to check. “You left a mark,” he said touching his throat, “but I don’t mind. It isn’t that…I just…I,” he swallowed nervously. Shadow perked up sensing that it was a habit of his. A dead giveaway to his mood. “I dance and I…am. Well, available…to the clientele,” he whispered softly.

“Do you not want to be?,” he asked thinking harder than the kid. Could he have been faking that kind of eagerness?

“I do…but that’s…” He huffed in annoyance. Shadow didn’t know what to say. How could he make it any easier for him? He had to simply wait for his words to come out! He turned the boy in his arms brushing his cheek with his lips, holding the back of his neck in one firm hand.

“And…,” he prompted close enough to kiss. He held them together tight and felt the boy stop breathing. He almost smiled at his reaction.

He swallowed and gasped as his body felt forced to restart his oxygen supply. And just that quick…he knew the boy wanted more. It made the wait worth it. Their breathing escalated as they sat there letting the warmth of the water fall on them. “I am kitchen crew,” De ‘Vorga sighed stating the rest of his sentence. Obviously, he thought that statement would explain everything, but it only confused Shadow even more. He frowned again, drawing back a touch puzzled. “In all of the centuries I have been here…noone has wanted to pay for me,” he admitted in agonized embarrassment.

The words astounded Shadow. He gaped at him. “You are serious?”

“I told you I am not beautiful like the others,” he reminded him sadly. “Collin still gives me to people…like you, but…” He hissed out the rest in irritated anger, “Most of them don’t want me!”

“You really…” He laid his forehead on De ‘Vorga’s, “are serious.”

He felt the kid’s answering nod. “Hey, kid…You know…you have ruined me.” The boy made a subtle movement. “No wait…let me talk. I had no plans what-so-ever to come back from where I had lost myself. I wanted to stay there with every fiber of my spirit! Until Collin brought me here. Not an issue…I could have remained the same, only in a different location.” He paused to let his words sink in clearly. “Then, he brought you to me…and I saw afyon escort bayan you.” He told him smiling remembering the moment he had seen the kid’s face. “I saw you…Do you realize your face is the first thing I have caught a clear image of since the moment I went blind? Do you? I don’t know why…but I saw your face. I knew all along what you looked like…and if you think…that you are not beautiful,” he whispered smiling against his lips, “you are crazy.” He touched his face. “You aren’t even scarred,” he teased dryly.

De ‘Vorgas made a tiny sound. It sounded like ‘I like the scars’.

“You are more beautiful than any human on Earth. That is a lot of people,” he teased. He felt the little laugh the boy couldn’t hold back at the statement. “I am drawn to you like an unwilling moth,” he whispered more fiercely. “That is something noone has been able to do to me since before you were born!”

A sound made Shadow tense and look around listening. The water had masked the person’s scent. “Kasey,” De ‘Vorga said sounding embarrassed. Shadow flashed back into a cat snarling in anger. He bared lethal teeth unhappy at the idea of being seen by anyone else. He stood there soaked in a pound of wet fur, blind, and debating what to do. Shadow was always lost when he wasn’t caged. Scared, they called it ‘institutionalized’. He heard his own growls and forced them to slowly stop. It was a clear indication that he was afraid, if anyone knew to guess at it. “Shadow,” he felt De ‘Vorga kneel at his side to pet him. He made himself relax for the boy.

“I came for the cat,” Kasey said uncertainly after seeing the way he had reacted. “You are due on stage in ten more minutes,” he reminded him seeing the problem. “I will tell Tate it is an emergency! I’ll bump you back a spot, too.” He left as silently as he had come. De ‘Vorga let him go to finish his shower swiftly. Shadow left the water and shook himself dryer. But by then, Kasey had returned with company.

“Oh, my…Gods! Vorga! What have you done to yourself this time? You brat!,” Tate complained dramatically. “How am I going to fix this? Kasey!”

Shadow snarled at him making the boy jump in alarm. “Shadow.”

“What…is…that thing?,” Tate asked puzzled by his appearance.

“Shadow has been keeping Vorga company,” Kasey explained softly.

Tate came closer, probably looking him over. “Is it…a lion?,” he asked awed.

“Snow leopard,” Kasey corrected amused at his fearlessness.

“Why is it making that…noise?” He sounded curious, and young.

“He has grown quite attached, I think. You have offended him.”

“Well, I’ll be damned! It is about time! Maybe he will buy this poor boy and put me out of my misery! Show him what it really means to be someone’s sex slave! Huh?” The boy laughed in wicked delight at his own words. “Oh, Gods! I still have to fix…oh, this! Come on, you!” De ‘Vorga ran out of the room on Tate’s heels. Shadow grew quiet listening for Kasey.

It was a long wait. When the boy moved, he exited the room without a word. Shadow followed reluctantly. He had said he had come for the cat. Thankfully, he was more confident as a short animal. If he fell, he didn’t have far to go to the floor. The first thing he heard when they entered Collin’s room was Durril weeping on the floor nearby. Shadow reoriented his bearings and went to check on the kid. A soft sound when Kasey climbed into the bed told him where Bavol was, because he didn’t smell Collin. Durril whispered his name when he looked up. But he didn’t move.

He sat beside the boy and pushed just far enough into his escort afyon mind to confirm how sore his body felt. He had figured that. What he couldn’t tell was whether or not he had been abused. He knew Durril wasn’t nearly as athletic as his brother. Being restrained standing with arms raised had hurt him. His body was in agony, aching and swollen at the joints. Durril didn’t like men. He hoped Collin had left him untouched. He must have been thinking too hard. Durril caught the impression of his fears.

“I am fine, Shadow. It…is just my non-existent muscles letting me know where they are…” Shadow purred at him, grateful he didn’t have to ask him for the information. The boys always had been good at reading him, even without a mental link. “You are wet,” he said laughing gently he curled up to him.

He waited there with him silently. It said a great deal to him that he could not just enjoy being near his old friend. He missed De ‘Vorga and wished the boy would hurry back! He actually wanted to talk to the strange boy. Make him smile and see that he was lovely. He sighed moving restlessly. But otherwise, didn’t make a sound. He knew Kasey was watching his every move.

What he didn’t know, Durril was watching him even more closely. The prophet had a sad, fond smile on his face. He knew that Shadow would soon leave them. When the door moved, the cat tensed alert and listening for sound. His nose flicked scenting the air anxiously. The moment he recognized De ‘Vorga, he padded over to meet him happily, purring in delight. The boy blushed, growing instantly embarrassed.

“Well, come on, then…” He led him back to his room. Once the door closed, Shadow changed and pinned him to it. He kissed him until he couldn’t stand.

“I missed you,” he murmured fondly. He knew the boy was turning red.

“I can tell,” he whispered back smiling.

“Did that little idiot before bother you?,” he growled concerned. De ‘Vorga seemed so fragile emotionally to him. How had Tate’s oblivious teasing fell upon him? Had he hurt him with his gentle prodding?

Shadow frowned, hating that he was seriously worried. Had been since the boy had left his side, he realized suddenly. It disturbed him. He was growing attached! Kasey was deathly accurate when he had made that little assumption. He growled deep in the back of his throat. It was more animal than human…

“Idiot?…Oh, Tate! No! No, no,” he assured him laughing, trying to ease the tension he suddenly felt in the man. “Tate is just like that. He always has been. He is my friend.” Shadow nodded content just to hold him. But De ‘Vorgas wasn’t content. He moved restlessly. “Uhmm…could we…maybe…sit down, or…or…something?” He swallowed.

Shadow tensed. He didn’t want him getting nervous around him! He nodded again and drew back…waiting. Being blind was beginning to irritate him immensely! He wanted to see again. Just normal eyesight, like everyone else! He followed the boy to the bed. Sighing, he realized suddenly how tired he was growing. Healing was such a pain in the ass, too!, he snarled mentally.

Shadow curled up with De ‘Vorga held tightly in his arms. He closed his eyes as began to fall asleep with the boy’s skin just beneath his nose, yawning. Then, just prior to drifting away, he heard a tiny sound. “I missed you, too,” the boy mouthed soundlessly not knowing Shadow could hear him, anyway. The cat smiled as he settled against him more comfortably, hugging him just a little in reward for the silent statement. He wanted this boy! He didn’t know why, or for how long, but he did want to keep him! How was that possible?, he wondered idly as his mind faded into dreaming.

His body tensed as he dreamed. He felt the oppression he had once before in forewarning. It was the beginning of the end…He knew that feeling well! It had always signaled trouble for him in some way. Serious trouble! The kind that usually meant a death…

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