A Smile in the Bakery

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I was buying my lunch in the bakery in the beautiful small country town where I work when I saw his father come into the shop. As the old man went to talk to the staff, I caught a glimpse of a pair of smooth, sculptured calves above leather boots and rolled down socks. My attention diverted, I allowed my eyes to wander up a pair of muscular legs, to khaki shorts and a forest green cotton shirt. From the back I could see a well worn felt hat and a shock of dark brown hair.

My thoughts were entirely removed from the lunch I’d planned, I couldn’t help but hold my breath while hoping he’d turn around so I could better see the adonis who’d wandered into my lunch hour. I could see his attention was focused on the staff his father was talking too, but also taking in the rest of the bakery.

The assistant serving me was waiting for my order so I turned back to the counter. When I again turned around, I was greeted by a smiling angular face, looking me over. By the smile on his face, he was appreciating what he saw so I smiled back. Called to account by his father, he turned back to his conversation, but winked at me in passing, resulting in a surge of hot blood to my face, and a strong throbbing in my jeans.

As I collected my lunch and walked out of the shop, I couldn’t resist another look and was rewarded with a sneaky peek over his shoulder. I took my lunch and found a bench where I could watch everyone entering and leaving the bakery. Between the teenagers and old folk buying their snacks, I’d given up hope of seeing the hot young farmer again, so I was not paying attention, when someone sat down beside me.

The warmth of a leg against mine brought me back to attention, and looking up to see the smiling face of the young farmer made my blood surge again, both in my face and in my crotch. To look up and see his sculptured face inviting me to talk to him was making me hot inside and out.

“I left Dad inside, but I came out here to see if you were still around.” he said in a voice heavy with invitation.

“I didn’t want to leave.” was the best I could manage.

“We’re having a harvest festival at our place tonight, just outside town – could you come?” he asked with a flutter in his voice.

I put my hand on his thigh and replied “I’d be thrilled.” He stood up, and I noticed a decent sized bulge in about the same spot as in my jeans.

“I’ll be ready for you tonight, then.” he replied, and touched me on the cheek.

I must have sat frozen in place for ten minutes before I moved from that bench. The rest of the day passed in a blur of distraction as I thought about my hand on artemisbet yeni giriş his leg, but above all his hand on my cheek, and what the evening might bring.

He’d given my enough information to find his place on a hill side on the edge of the town, looking out over the valley. I parked my ute with a number of others on the road leading into the property and walked through the wide gates, towards the sounds of a party. Walking through the front entrance, I could see plenty of other guests of all ages and genders, chatting and drinking merrily.

As I walked out into the property’s gardens, I felt eyes on my body and turned around to see the young farmer from the bakery walking towards me. “I’m Dick.” I said.

“Bruno,” he replied, “thanks for coming.”

I told him I thought his place was stunning, but he looked around as if trying to see it for the first time, and said “I suppose, but it’s only as good as the people inside.” at which he took my hand, causing another tingle, and led me out to where the party was in full swing.

With drinks in hand, we stood looking out over the valley and Bruno explained who all the other guests were, including who was and wasn’t sleeping with who. There seemed to be a total lack of marital commitment all round, with a bewildering lack of respect for marital conventions.

Bruno took pains to explain he wasn’t with anyone in particular, although there were several people his gaze lingered on, both male and female but always lithe and luscious figures. I’ve never considered myself either lithe or luscious, although a physical job has given me a well toned physique, complemented by my olive skin, tall figure and dark hair.

Bruno was also dark haired, but his figure was sculpted rather than luscious, with well defined arm and leg muscles and a waist as slim as his shoulders. He moved lightly on his feet, seeming to dance around the party, despite his workers boots. He had discarded his farm hat earlier and made a point of introducing me as a friend he’d met in town that afternoon.

Our seemingly undirected route through the party ended up with us walking down through the gardens into the cover of the trees around a pretty dam with trees hanging over and the moon shining down. Bruno sat down with his drink and I arranged myself beside him to that our heads were together.

“I’m so pleased you came tonight, Dick.” he breathed quietly. “I’ve seen you before around town, but haven’t been able to talk to you”.

My surprise made me spill my drink, but I smiled at Bruno: “I noticed your beautiful calves this afternoon – I know artemisbet giriş I would have noticed before if I’d seen them.”

Bruno hesitated a moment before confessing: “I was too scared to get out of the car before, but you looked so gracious and calm today, I hoped you’d be interested in coming here tonight.”

I didn’t say anything to this, but traced the line of his cheek bone down to his jaw, and leaned down and kissed his soft lips. The moan that escaped those lips told me I’d done the right thing, so I carried on, caressing his beautiful cheery lips with mine, until I started when I felt his hand touch my chest. I muttered encouragement to him and Bruno began to massage my chest and nipples as I kissed him. His moans were joined with mine as my hands began to explore his body, reaching under his check shirt to touch the well-defined muscles of his abdomen.

We lay down in the soft grass and we rolled together as our bodies attempted to intertwine as much as possible. Reaching down, I gently rubbed his cock through the denim of his crotch, feeling the pulse of blood as I rubbed his generous member. Bruno undid his belt and buttons and pushed my hand down his jocks so I could wrap my hand around his large cock, and then reached for my belt too.

As I rolled over to release my pants, he climbed on top of me and slid my jeans down to my knees, releasing my throbbing cock, which he grasped in one hand and then dived on in one motion. The ecstasy of his swallowing most of my cock made me push my crotch up into his face. Bruno put his hand under his face to cup my balls and run a finger over my arsehole. With his face full of my cock and his hand full of my balls, all I could do was moan and writhe, with my hands entangled in his long brown hair. As his fingers played over my butt hole and balls and his cherry lips covered my swollen cock, I drew my knees up around his head and groaned.

I longed to take his body in the same way as he was taking mine, but there was no way I could express anything except the bliss I was feeling. As he massaged my balls, I felt them clench and knew I would blow my load soon. Obviously he felt the same thing as he accelerated his working my arse and balls, and pushed his head down on my cock so he swallowed the whole thing. “I’m coming!” I cried out and felt him push down on me as my cock pulsed wave after wave of ecstatic cum into his mouth.

As I relaxed, he continued to play with my butt and balls until I’d calmed down and he released my now emptied cock. As he kissed his way up from my cock to my mouth, I struggled to move, but he pushed me down. artemisbet güvenilirmi His mouth tasted of cum, my own which I knew well, although I’d never tasted anyone else’s. Bruno’s large cock was still hard and I began to rub it up and down, but Bruno whispered, “I’d like to fuck you – is that ok?”

I replied that I had never let anyone do that, but after what he did to me, I’d like to repay him. He murmured in my ear that he’d been thinking about it while fingering my arse, so I rolled over and spread my firm arse cheeks for him. Bruno immediately began licking my arse with his tongue, while gently caressing my balls with his hand. The feeling of his hands on my balls and his tongue in my hole made me hard again so he gently stroked my cock, while his tongue began to slide in and out of my butt hole. As he moistened my hole, he began to slide a finger in and out, making me groan again. Looking down between my legs, I could see that he was gripping his swollen cock and jerking it off.

“Put it in me now.” I asked him, fascinated by the colour and movement of the blood in his veins. He gently placed his head between my butt cheeks and began to rock backwards and forwards to push into my hole. The feeling of his head between my cheeks and his hand on my balls combined to reignite the ecstasy I’d felt earlier. I pushed backwards and his head slipped into my hole. With a groan of pleasure, I begged Bruno to fuck me, to which he gently responded by rocking in and out further each time. Soon he was shafting me with the full length of his hard cock, and I could feel his length pushing on the back of my once again hard member. As he began to shove in and out, he started to lose control and was ramming his large cock into my butt more and more fiercely.

“Yes, yes!” I shouted in encouragement, to which he replied “Yes!” with more forceful thrusts. I reached between my legs and grabbed Bruno’s balls and rubbed them against mine in time with his thrusting. Bruno responded by grabbing my shoulders and shoving with all his muscles into my arse. With an animal scream, he came in my butt, combined with a final few ferocious thrusts as he filled my hole with his cum.

Bruno held himself in me for a long period, with the occasional grunt and thrust. When he eventually pulled out, I turned around and took his softening cock in my mouth and licked off his cum. I am sure his juice tasted sweeter than mine at that moment, as I licked every drop off his cock and balls. When I’d finished, he stretched his muscular torso and pulled me up to kiss my cum covered lips with his arms and legs wrapped around mine.

We lay down wrapped in each others bodies in the soft grass, beside the moonlit dam until Bruno whispered “Tonight is going to be the first of many nights we celebrate meeting in that bakery today, Dick.”

My reply, as I ran my hands over his smooth skin, was lost in another kiss.

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