A Special Treat Ch. 05

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Upon hearing her front door’s bell, Margie nearly experienced a palpitation that she’d expect to jiggle her newly grown 42L cupped breasts. Immediately, the shop owner rushed away from her three beautiful, busty lovers (Darcie, Heather and Dr. Joyce Smothers) and snatched up her clothes strewn about the fitting room floor. One leg after the other zipped through the tunnels of her slacks, one of the top buttons of her blouse fastened into its corresponding hole, the rest of the garment practically refused to cooperate and close up no matter how hard Margie tried to squeeze her huge tits into her shirt. Abandoning her attempt to put her top back on, Margie frantically ran into the hallway in a vain attempt to find a suitable top to cover her even more voluptuous tits. Panic set into her mind as she thought of herself appearing inappropriately in front of a customer.

Just as the older redhead felt she was on the verge of a breakdown, Denise popped her head out of the doorway to the fitting room she occupied with Carmen and Nelly. The younger salesgirl with raven-black hair was just as surprised to see her boss’ new big tits as she was when she heard about her new size. Her mouth involuntarily watered as Margie’s huge globes bounced around like fleshy balloons.

“Margie, what’s going on?”

The older woman jumped at the sound of her employee’s voice. Her hands came up to cover herself, but there was no hiding the changes the fudge had made to her anatomy. Margie’s flesh turned a bright shade of pink just above her ribcage, but Denise didn’t break her composure and acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Will you help our customer, please? I’ll explain later.” Margie surprised herself with how quickly she snapped back to her responsibilities to her boutique and took charge of the situation even though she knew she was vulnerable. Without another word, Margie headed back into her fitting room, still feeling the sting of humiliation.

Denise backed up into her fitting room as well. She quickly grabbed her blouse and covered herself.

“I’ll be right back, girls. I have to go help a customer.” She gave both Carmen and Nelly a peck on the lips before turning to open the door. The raven-haired cutie looked over her shoulder at her new busty lovers and gave them a sly little wink before sauntering off to the sales floor. Once the door clicked shut, Nelly and Carmen stood in shock about what had just happened and how they almost kissed each other. Then, the two topless women giggled like a couple of teenage girls.

“You know, I kinda wish my tits were as big as yours,” Nelly commented matter-of-factly to Carmen and jiggled one of Carmen’s big 42G cup hangers in the palm of her hand.

Carmen snorted a bit as she stifled a laugh. “Come on, Nell. You’ve got some perky darlings and they seem to suit you just fine.”

Nelly’s eyes seemed to thank Carmen for her reassuring comment. The ginger-haired cutie brought her other hand up and pinched both of Carmen’s fat nipples. In response, Carmen slowly brought her own hands up and fiddled with Nelly’s smaller nipples and cupped her 38D breasts. The two big-boobed sweethearts fondled each other’s goodies as their nipples got harder and harder. Carmen let out a slight coo to her friend, which was returned with a warm smile. They both felt completely at ease playing with their hooters and discovering how pleasurable a female’s touch was as if it was the most normal and enjoyable activity for them to engage in.

Meanwhile at the storefront, Denise came around the bend of the front counter to come into contact with a skinny girl with dark hair dressed in a nurse’s uniform. Her features would’ve been very ordinarily expected out of someone dressed for her profession except for her giant, protruding breasts bulging out of the gaping opening where her top two buttons had popped off and exposed her plentiful chest. Denise’s eyes traveled down from the nurse’s huge boobs to see she was carrying a Tupperware pan filled with what appeared to be fudge candy. The raven-haired salesgirl started to piece together what had happened to the other super busty women in the fitting room.

“Hi,” there was an obvious urgency in the nurse’s voice. “Can you tell me if there’s a customer in your store by the name of Dr. Joyce Smothers? It’s kind of an emergency.”

Denise looked around behind Kerry to see if any other customers were entering the store before she decided on what she’d say to the slim-n-stacked hottie.

“And you are…”

“Kerry. I’m one of Dr. Smothers’ nurses from the office.” The busty nurse clutched the Tupperware pan tighter to the underside of her big tatas.

Denise turned towards the curtain leading to the fitting rooms and looked over her shoulder at Kerry. She brought her index finger up to beckon the young nurse. “Follow me, please.”

Kerry followed Denise down the hall. She turned her head in acknowledgement at the sound of two girls giggling in one of the fitting rooms. Then, she stopped just behind the bursa escort bayan salesgirl as she slowly opened one of the doors.

Looking over Denise’s shoulder, Kerry could see that there wasn’t any type of fitting going on in the room. The two girls from Dr. Smothers’ office were completely naked and making out, on the verge of sexual intercourse if they had the corresponding parts of the human anatomy. Their huge tits were mashed against their bodies and kept a bit of a gap between them and a very close, intimate embrace. Then, she saw her boss having a go with an older woman who seemed to have the largest tits out of the entire group. Dr. Smothers was in between the older redhead’s legs and reaching up to squeeze those huge, milky white knockers like giant stress relief balls. Those tits were so much bigger than the doctor’s hands that even the woman’s pale areolas could be seen spilling out through the gaps between Joyce’s fingers.

Denise cleared her throat very loudly and the four women stopped everything they were doing to each other and perked up in her direction. Kerry’s eyes locked with Dr. Smothers’. Then, she saw her boss’ sight travel down to her big titties and how upset she seemed to be at the results.

“Kerry, what the hell are you doing here?” The doctor rose up from her huge-titted lover and strode towards her employee. The skinny nurse sunk behind the raven-haired salesgirl to try and hide herself. Joyce stepped from side to side annoyed by how Kerry was attempting to hide from her.

“I saw the fudge on your desk when I was locking up the office,” Kerry cried out. “I was hungry and figured a piece would tide me over before lunch!”

Dr. Smothers let out an annoyed sigh and turned to Margie. “That’s what I get for leaving things laying around and not telling the help to not touch them.”

Joyce advanced to Denise and ushered her to move aside. Kerry still clutched the pan of fudge to her giant hooters. The busty doctor held her hands out and the busty nurse slowly placed the pan in her outstretched hands. After Dr. Smothers set the pan down, she gave Kerry a pressing look that demanded some answers.

“I’m so sorry, Dr. Smothers!”

Joyce only raised her eyebrows as if to tell her employee she wanted more than an apology.

“Well, I was in the drive-thru when it happened. I thought I’d felt a draft on my chest and I noticed my top two buttons popped off my uniform. The guy at the register was about to give me my food and just stopped and stared at my chest. I couldn’t help it, I was in shock, too. Then, I noticed him and the people behind me started honking their horns. I was so scared. So, I went to the office as fast as I could, grabbed the fudge, and came here where you said you were going to be. I didn’t know what else to do.”

There was an awkward silence among all the women in the fitting room.

“Did you at least get something to eat,” Heather asked sympathetically.

“No,” Kerry gladly accepted the offer to converse with Heather to divert her attention from her angry boss.

“Why didn’t you just eat some more of that fudge,” Denise simply commented.

“NO!” Dr. Smothers, Kerry, Margie, Heather and Darcie all looked as if they’d been propositioned by the worst person on the face of the earth. The raven-haired cutie reeled back from the overwhelming response.

“Okay, sorry I asked.”

Darcie walked over to the busty nurse with her arms opened wide. “You poor thing, come here.” Kerry warmed up to Darcie instantly. The 38J cupped brunette held Kerry tightly to her and stroked her hair on the side of her face. Then, she whispered to the frightened girl, “don’t worry. It won’t be permanent.”

Kerry nodded her head in agreement against Darcie’s chest. She distinctly smelled the unmistakable musty smell of an aroused woman’s vagina. Although her first lesbian encounter was with Darcie when she kissed her in Dr. Smother’s office, she’d never really given a lot of thought to the idea of being with another woman. Her growing nipples suddenly became unbelievably hard as she recalled the kiss she shared with Darcie and her own pussy got a tad bit moist.

“Okay,” Joyce put her hand on Kerry’s shoulder and gently moved her away from Darcie. Her anger seemed as if it had nearly subsided. She directed Kerry to a nearby chair and set her down. The doctor pulled the rest of Kerry’s shirt open without any regard for unbuttoning the remaining buttons. The nurse let out a pleasurable gasp. Then, Dr. Smothers proceeded to check her breasts as professionally as possible, fighting the urge to turn her examination into another titplay session.

“Do you feel anything,” the doctor kept poking and prodding the nurse’s breasts and could clearly see how much more labored her breathing became.

“I’m,… not… in pain… doctor.” Kerry let her head fall over the chair’s back and thrust her giant bosoms out more as Dr. Smother’s touch became gentler.

“I didn’t ask if you were in pain,” Joyce said with a bitter tone, but nilüfer escort turned to Darcie and Heather with a big smile.

Kerry brought her head back up and looked at all the other women in the room watching her knockers being felt up by Dr. Smothers. Her eyes radiated a pleading look and she instinctively rubbed her thighs together. Her small hands made their way down below her waist, but the nurse had to use every bit of her self restraint to stop them from touching her damp flower.

“Sorry. I don’t know what’s come over me,” Kerry said softly.

“You’ll be fine, dear.” Dr. Smothers finally showed her employee a bit of compassion and took her wrist. Joyce only lowered it just a bit before Kerry took control and rammed her fingers under her panties and played with herself. The busty doctor turned around and saw how hot Darcie, Heather and Margie had gotten. The three huge-titted women were playing with their own pussies and massaging their giant hooters as they looked on. Joyce couldn’t help be feel hot being watched with Kerry in such a manner. Suddenly, her feelings of bliss were halted by Denise.

“What the fuck is going on?” The salesgirl seemed more confused than upset.

“Denise, what’d I say about your language here?” Everyone turned to look at Margie as she chided her employee. Her 42L cupped tits jiggled with each stress she emphasized on her words.

“Well, what’d you say about hanky panky in here, Margie?” Denise clearly emphasized “Margie” with her overall sarcastic tone. She crossed her arms, satisfied with how she had just easily put her boss into her place. The older saleswoman sunk down in her chair. Denise looked around at all the women in the room, almost unwilling to comprehend the surrealism of the situation.

“So, what happened here? There’s something in that fudge, isn’t there,” Denise addressed the room.

“Young lady, I don’t think this is any of your business and you should leave right now,” Dr. Smothers cut in defensively and stood while Kerry kept playing with her pussy and used her other hand to keep fondling her big boobs.

“Bullshit! I work here,” Denise fired back at the nude brunette. Margie stopped rubbing her clit and intently listened to the argument. She suddenly became interested to see how Denise would handle such a stressful situation in the store. Also, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of Joyce’s perfect 36E cupped tatas.

“I’ve got more of a right to tell you to leave,” Denise continued. “In fact, you’d better tell me what’s going on right now, or I’m calling the cops.”

Margie couldn’t help but smile at how Denise stood her ground. At that moment, she was very proud of her employee and proud of herself for hiring such a strong woman to work for her.

“Little girl, you have no idea what you’ve…” Joyce had a gleam of fight in her eyes, but Darcie stood up and butted in.

“Goddamn, stop being so secretive! You wanna know what happened?” Darcie brushed past Dr. Smothers and faced Denise. There was a wash of irritation over her beautiful face. “We dumped titty pills in the fudge mix. If you eat the fudge, you tits get bigger. Okay?” All the girls in the room seemed to be in shock over Darcie’s shortness in her voice.

“I see,” Denise responded smugly. She gave Dr. Smothers an insincere smile and took a step back. “Could you excuse me for a moment?”

The spunky salesgirl stepped backward out of the door way, leaving it open. The insanely busty women in the fitting room only looked at each other until Denise came back into the room with Carmen and Nelly in tow. Both girls were topless and their faces were flushed when they were faced with their ultra-busty friends and the three other busty strangers. Carmen rubbed her perspiring palms on her denim skirt and cleared her throat.

“So, that’s how you made your tits bigger?” She and Nelly looked straight at Darcie and Heather. “I had a feeling when I heard you talking about fudge.”

“You were spying on us,” Margie ejaculated. All eyes went from Margie’s stern look to Carmen and Nelly. Both girls seemed to be shocked at the outburst, but their hardening nipples were better noted by the other ultra-busty women in the room.

“It was her idea,” Nelly quickly retorted, pointing at Denise.

“It was,” Carmen took a step closer to Nelly’s side. Then, the bigger girl’s eyes widened and she faced her newly endowed friends. “By the way, I’m a 42G and not an F. Denise showed me that I’ve been buying the wrong bra all the time.”

“Cool,” Heather exclaimed, jumping up to Carmen and taking her hands. Both girls’ vision lingered on the other’s juicy breasts. Heather shrugged and smiled reassuringly to Carmen, who bit her lip coyly. Just as everyone could feel the sexual energy peaking once more, the front door bell chimed again.

“Hello? Margie,” a feminine voice called out from the front of the store.

“Shit! That’s Jen,” the older saleswoman hissed. “She’s come to pick up those corsets for that Renaissance Faire.”

“Oh,” türbanlı escort Denise groaned.

“Go help her, Denise!” Margie shooed off her employee and shut the door behind her.

“Wait a minute,” Darcie stood giving Heather a nervous look and relayed it back to Margie. “Do you mean the Ren. Faire at the college?”

The redheaded saleswoman looked a tad bewildered but nodded her head in the affirmative to Darcie’s question.

“Oh shit, Darcie! Jen’s going to fucking kill us if we can’t fit into our corsets or our dresses for that matter. What’re we going to do?” Heather’s concentration was locked on Darcie and her giant melons as she fretted about the gravity of the situation for the first time.

Darcie’s heart sank at the thought of not being part of the Ren. Faire. “Fuck! This stuff won’t wear off in time and we’ll be kicked out of the show,” she voiced herself to the entire room.

Nelly looked at Carmen. It seemed they both had the same thing in mind. Instantaneously, they both grabbed a piece of fudge from the Tupperware container. Both girls scarfed their pieces down before anyone could register what had happened, let alone react to what they had done.

“Wha… What are you doing,” Darcie cried out to her two friends.

“She can’t kick all of us out of the Faire,” Carmen said with an air of forced confidence. “I think it’ll be very difficult for her to find another queen for the jousting matches under such short notice,” she piped in her queen character voice.

“Besides, I wanna see how big my titties get,” Nelly giddly announced through a wide smile. Her eyes were bright and saw Darcie and all the other women beaming at her and Carmen. Darcie curled her finger at Nelly and beckoned her to come. The ginger-haired cutie trotted to Darcie and cupped Darcie’s newly-grown milkers.

While the schemes and sexual energy developed in the fitting room, Denise greeted two nicely endowed women at the front of the store. One was about her age with very long and straight red hair and some massive tits that seemed to be a palpable rival to Carmen’s heavies and an older woman (close to her mid-30s) with wavy black hair, black-framed glasses and a respectable-sized pair of knockers that could easily label her as a busty woman. Although both women seemed to be wearing close to the same clothes, it struck Denise as a tad bit strange that they both had such fair skin.

“Can I help you,” Denise asked warmly.

“Yes, is Margie available,” the older woman asked.

“May I ask who she’ll be seeing,” the salesgirl smiled to both women.

“Jen and Amanda from the theatre department. We need to pick up a special order of corsets for the Ren. Faire,” The older, black-haired woman responded.

“Sorry about getting here so close to your closing time, but we were busy making dresses and lost track of time,” the redheaded goddess Denise figured to be Amanda added.

“Ren Faire? Oh at the college? I see. Well, Margie’s in the back totaling up the day’s receipts. I’ll see if she’s not tied up.” The raven-haired cutie started to walk toward the curtains and turned with an idea churning in her mind. “Please feel free to look around the store if you want,” she offered the two busty women with a wink and walked away from the curtains to the store’s front doors. Denise pulled her keys out of her pocket and tentatively locked the door. Then, she kicked her shoes off behind the counter at the front and lightly jogged to the hallway with the fitting rooms while Amanda and Jen leisurely browsed at the store’s selection of undergarments.

Upon sauntering down the hallway, Denise could clearly hear a cacophony of loud moaning coming from the fitting room she had just left. The raven-haired salesgirl immediately went to the door and turned the knob. The opened door laid out a sight that excited Denise yet made her feel a bit uneasy and nervous. An all out lesbian orgy had erupted in the Bra-Gain Center’s fitting room.

It was very blissful watching all the very busty women pleasure each other, completely oblivious to anyone watching. In fact, it didn’t seem as if they would have cared who witnessed their decadent activities.

First, the salesgirl saw her boss and Heather hefting their big titties up and rubbing their huge, sensitive nipples together. Both women gasped out in ecstasy from the beautiful sensations they were feeling. Margie seemed to be overcome with her emotions, dropped her 42L cupped hooters and brought her hands up to gently bring Heather’s face closer to hers. The two redheads wagged their tongues out to each other and kissed almost madly. During their kiss, Margie’s hands traveled down Heather’s neck, her shoulders and down to her perfect, white breasts. She took both of the younger redhead’s nipples between her fingers and twisted her flesh. Heather pulled away from their kiss and moaned out for more. Margie leaned in for another French kiss, but Heather quickly ducked her head down and latched onto one of Margie’s huge mams. The older saleswoman’s passion obviously shot through the roof and she clutched the back of her younger lover’s head, her fingers tangling in the auburn locks, and pushed Heather’s face into her massive breast more and more as her screams became louder and louder.

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