A Step Dad, 3 Girls and Fun Ch. 01

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I met my wife 10 years ago. She was a single mother with 2 young girls, Sarah and Vanessa. I had no kids of my own. I looked after the kids as if they were my own as their father was not in their lives.

We spent weekends away waterskiing or at the beach. Holidays were usually overseas snowboarding and enjoying the northern winter travelling around with the girls.

My wife and I have a very active sex life. Initially it was hard when the girls were young and not wanting to have them surprise us by walking in and catching us in the act and locking doors was not our preference in the house. We still managed love making sessions at least 4 times a week, be that late night or early morning, in the shower, when the rest of the house was asleep. You get the idea on making the most of any opportunity. As the years went by and the girls started going to the mall and movies with friends it was much easier to have that time alone.

We have always had a fairly relaxed dress code around the house, nothing to be walking around in undies and a t-shirt for all of us. We had a pool so swimsuits were the norm for half the year. My wife always wanted to make the girls feel they could dress as they wish without the obvious of not wearing clothes but not having to be completely covered up. We lived in a hot climate in summer so the above mentioned was a comfortable compromise. When the girls had friends over for visits, slightly more cover (skirt/shorts at least) was expected.

10 years on, Sarah is 19 and Vanessa is 22. Sarah has started at Uni and Vanessa has just graduated and started her first full time job. The girls have always had friends around to swim in our pool. I liked the girls having their friends over for the few furtive glances I could get of young hot bodies running around in bikinis. The is always a plus to having more females around the house.

I have watched both girls grow into adults and their bodies have filled out very nicely. While I can’t say I have not noticed the changes, its hard when you are swimming and spending weekends away with the girls and a bikini is standard wear for weekends at the lake and beach. My wife is well proportioned and a bikini looks very hot on her. Lovely full 36D breasts that have that heavy hang to them. By far my favourite parts of her beautiful body. I have to admit I’ll be a breast man to the day I die and she loves that I give them so much attention. Our sex life is even more active now the girls are older and we have time to ourselves. We don’t mind the occasional porno to get in the mood and my wife recently asked about getting toys and if I minded. Hell no and I set to work on finding a vibrator for her, to say there were to many to choose from is an understatement as I’m sure the readers can attest to. I finally settled on a Purple Rabbit Vibrator from an online store after a couple of weeks of research. At the checkout the site suggested other items that other buyers had purchased and one of the offerings caught my eye, vibrating nipple suction cups. Her lovely nipples would get excited by those, $30, why not, added to cart, paid and finished.


It’s a warm early summer’s day and I have been outside doing the lawn and few garden chores I had to catch up which was the usual weekend stuff. Sarah and Vanessa had a couple of friends stay over on Friday night for movie night in. My wife was interstate for work which was not unusual for either one of us to be away for work lately with our jobs. It was late morning and the heat was getting too much to be doing more garden work so I decided it was time to cool off in the pool. I put all the garden tools and mower away and headed inside to change to into boardies for a swim. The girls were giggling and laughing in Sarah’s room, Vanessa had left for her casual retail job which she had kept since her Uni days. The extra money was good for holidays. Vanessa wasn’t due home until around 7pm. It was a Saturday shift that she has been working for the past 4 years and was the senior in charge. The girls also made the most of it for getting fashion cheaper too.

I got changed and headed back out the pool. It was cool and refreshing after working up a sweat in the yard. Lazing about in the water with a cool drink, I was admiring the work I had done. Sarah and her friends had decided it was time to come and swim as well.

That was my sign to leave.

They arrived in bikinis with towels over the shoulder. Sarah’s 2 friends were a sight to behold. Not that this was the first time I had seen them dressed like this. They were both regulars at our house and went away with us on many of our camping and ski weekends. Both Sarah and Vanessa had known both girls through school for the 10 years I had been with their mother. Amber was the same age as Sarah with Tanya being the same age as Vanessa. They were more like sisters than best friends.

The girls wanted me to stay and play games in the pool with them, I set up a net to play volleyball in the pool as it was something bursa escort I had done when they were younger and they wanted the 4th player. I said sure as long as we swap around to make it fair. I’m naturally good at sports and had played football at grade level as well as Tennis and Basketball since I was young. The girls agreed. Sarah’s friend Amber offered to team with me first as Vanessa’s friend Tanya had played volleyball from high school and at Uni so that made it reasonably fair to start with.

After few games in the pool and swapping around the teams, I needed something to eat and said I was going to get lunch and asked if they all want something.

“Yes Please” was the unanimous answer.

I went inside and made ham and salad sandwiches, cut up some mangos and bananas and grabbed some cold drinks. Back out to the pool with all the offerings for lunch.

The girls were sitting around the table beside the pool and again with the giggling.

I said “What’s with the giggling?” No answer and more laughing,

“Here’s your lunch.”

Everyone dove in to grab something to eat and drink.

I was admiring the girls, they all hard their standout features. Amber had 32B firm breasts but it was her fantastic bubble butt that I adored, she loved wearing a g-string and today’s bright yellow one seemed to enhance the look (the girls often wore a g-string depending on mood and what swimsuit was dragged out from the drawer or not in the wash, my wife hated them) and while I was not a butt man it sure was a perfect butt. Sarah has breasts like her mothers, possibly even slightly larger 34DD and firmer, I had admired them for a long time. Looking was ok surely. It was hard living with 3 girls sometimes and the casual dress code. Tanya was tall and had beautiful olive skin which when I paid closer attention to it seemed not to have tan lines. What was I thinking.

I excused myself and said I was going to shower and chill out inside, put on a game on TV to watch and catch up on some emails.

Inside the aircon was refreshing from the heat outside. After my shower I put on singlet and basketball shorts and found a game to watch on TV and started checking emails. The girls had all headed inside, Sarah asked if she could use the on suite shower while Amber and Tanya took turns in the main bathroom.

“Sure you can but you know you don’t have to ask. It’s always there to use as it had been every time previously.” Was my reply. The girls were all brought up to be polite and I liked that they asked even though they knew they didn’t need to. Like a polite knock at the door before barging in on someone unknowingly. Being polite goes a long way and there needs to be more of it today.

Tanya sat down on the couch while Amber was in the bathroom, we chatted about the game on TV and I caught her up on scores and what had been happening. Tanya played a lot of sport with Vanessa so we had that in common to talk about. Vanessa loved her sports which is why they were such good friends. I was sneakily admiring her body, such beautiful skin and I’m almost certain now there were no tan lines. Tanya had on a different bikini top to what she had been wearing at our house lately, even to the one last night it seemed. The girls normally hang swimsuits out to dry around the pool fence. I swear yesterdays was a darker red.

I commented “New swimsuit?”

Tanya said “Yes, do you like it?”

It was red, being my favourite colour what could I say and it fit extremely well.

I said “I thought it looked new, but you had red on last night and I wasn’t sure but it looks great on you”

Tanya said “Red is my favourite colour and I tend to buy that colour bikini for some reason” it looked fantastic against her olive skin.

I swear it had less material than the previous one which is what prompted the no tan lines thoughts. The old suit was more than a string at the sides on the bottom and had a bigger triangle of fabric across her breasts. This suit was showing a lot more skin (and side boob), which was all the same tone of colour. I’m sure she caught me looking.

Sarah and Amber had finished freshening up and arrived back to the loungeroom wearing only undies and singlets covering barely what a short skirt would cover and it seemed not much else (maybe a bra but I could not be certain). Once again not unusual but when their friends were over we had tended to say at least shorts as well to be courteous to visitors.

Tanya excused herself to go wash away the salty sheen from the pool.

Sarah asked “Do you have plans for the afternoon?”

I replied “Nothing special, chill out here. Is there something or somewhere you all want to go do?”

“I’m happy to do drop off and pick up if you want go out to drink.” Not that any of them were party animals and they could drink at home if they wanted as it was so much cheaper.

The girls were happy to stay home but wanted to know if I was up for a card game or board game.

“Sure, I’m up for that. What bursa escort bayan did you have in mind?”

“Can you teach us how to play Black Jack?” Sarah said. I think this was something they had picked up from going to the Casino now they were all over 18.

“Sure, but why Black Jack?”

“We have seen it played at the Casino but want to learn how to play.” Sarah said.

“Sure, I can help with that.”

We set about clearing off the dining table and waited for Tanya to finish in the shower.

I got a deck of cards and explained the basics of the game with the 3 girls. I played dealer but we decided not to play for money even though I did have a poker set somewhere that I could get the chips from. The girls were all keen to learn, the only advice I gave was to be very careful and not get sucked into gambling as the house always wins. The Casino was their latest venue to hit for dancing and had seen it being played but had not played and were just curious.

We played for a while, they all had ups and downs and got to see what it was about. The 3 of them seemed to be losing interest when Sarah suggested we change to Uno as it was more fun and laughs.

Uno was a staple in our house always being a family favourite for the fun we had with it. I had recently picked up the new version of Flip Uno, if you have not tried it, get it, even more laughs.

It was mid afternoon, I asked “Is there something you have a preference for with dinner, something in (I was happy to cook) or something out?”

Consensus was Pizza’s in please. I excused myself to go order the food delivery for approximately 6.45pm expecting it would be late or delayed as usual but still in time for Vanessa when she got home from work. A quick visit to the loo was also required.

Coming back to the table, the girls once again giggling, something was up with them and they were having some laugh at an expense I wasn’t sure about if it was me or something they were carrying on about in private. Who knew with them they were often like this and I never knew what it was about, my wife often said just ignore them, they are being girls.

“OK back to the game, anyone want a drink?” I had grabbed a handful of Soda cans from the fridge and put them on the table.

Sarah still had a smirk on her face

“What’s going on Sarah? You’re grinning like a Cheshire cat and you girls have been giggling all day about something. Come on out with it.”

The girls were looking at each other, like a game of do we dare, I said “Out with it now”

Amber piped up “We want to play strip Uno!!”

I stammered “Not sure that would be a good idea, while on the face of it I can understand you all wanting to play but including me is not something that I see as a good idea”

Sarah said “We thought that might be your answer and weren’t sure if you would be happy with us asking.”

I was stunned that they wanted me to be part of it. I knew none of the girls had serious boyfriends but I knew they went out as a group and boys were part of the group. They had all tried dating that I was aware of but it was more a movie date and never eventuated into anything more than that. At least not that I knew of for the 2 younger ones, the 2 older girls had boys over but I had not noticed one around for a few months now at least.

My wife had asked me if was ok with girls having boys over to stay and I never had issues, we would rather they have a safe place to experiment with boys than in a car or some dodgy hotel room. We had conversations with both girls telling them about sex and boys and that it was ok to have them over but to always be safe. They could tell their mother if they wanted privacy and we could be at the other end of the house in our main bedroom. Vanessa had boys over but only a couple of times that I had been aware of and Sarah had dates but rarely and didn’t seem to go twice with the same boy. They had their safe group of friends they went out with and that was fine with us.

“Please Mr D.” the girls all chided together.

“It’s not like you don’t know us and haven’t seen us in our bathing suits parading around your house.” Amber said

Ok that was a point, but a bikini kept a secret and while I had caught glances of nakedness going from bathroom to bedroom that I probably should not have, it still kept things a mystery.

“We can put more clothes on if it will make you happy” Tanya said

“That’s not the point, I’m Sarah’s guardian and these are not things that should be done”

Sarah smiled and said “The girls dared me and I said you might but we could only ask. I don’t mind if you don’t want to but it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked!”

I was stunned “That’s something that we discussed about the safety of the house and should not be discussed outside the family. Yes, we may have caught each other walking from bathroom to bedroom but you make it out like we do it all the time, it’s happened a couple of times by accident.”

Amber was persistent escort bursa “We wanted to try playing Strip Poker but Uno is way more fun but if you don’t want to, its ok we can just play it without you”

“Are you all in on this? Is this what the giggling is all about? What about Vanessa? She is due home soon and if she walked in and caught us there would be hell to pay.” How was I even contemplating this, surely not, my mind was racing to find a solution.

“Please” the girls said in unison

Sarah offered “Let’s just play a few hands and see what happens and don’t be concerned about Vanessa.”

“Ok, but let’s get you all with some more clothes on” I was honestly thinking that a couple of hands in and the fun and games would stop, I could not believe I was giving into them. Once the clothes had to come off maybe they would chicken out of it.

The 3 of them ran off to the bedroom to put more clothes on. I was sitting there thinking I’m dead if someone finds about this. Having shorts and a singlet on, I had been winning hands so wasn’t concerned and could get through a few hands and novelty would wear off and maybe not many clothes would come off.

The girls came bouncing back down the hall, I had to do a double take, nothing had changed, no extra clothes seemed to have been out on.

I said “Underwear and a singlet is not adequate, go and put something more on if you want to really do this.”

Sarah “We have decided that what we had on was the equal to what you had on so we didn’t get more clothes unless you get more clothes.”

All 3 stood and smiled at me, what were they waiting for, I had asked and they were after all adults so what more could I do.

“Ok then let’s start the first hand” I tried pulling their bluff.

Amber questioned “What rules are we going to use?”

I offered “How about the winner chooses the person to lose a piece of clothing and the person can choose what they want to take off” I was hoping this would help prolong the game to the point of panic or lost interest and nothing major occurring.

The girls giggled again.

“Ok MR D. that sounds fair, but how about the winner doesn’t remove clothing and all the losers do?” Tanya asked

“Yes, that is one version but this will make it last longer” I said. I wanted to avoid the classic Strip Poker rules where all the losers took clothes off, 3 pieces wasn’t going to last long at the rate.

I implore to the girls “Please, this must stay in this house and between the 4 of us, no one else is to ever know about this”

More giggling with Amber replying, “Yes Mr D whatever you say” adding a shy smile.

We all sat where we were before, Sarah to my left, Tanya opposite me with Amber to my right. We had been playing the standard winner of the last hand dealt the next hand rules.

Amber won last so was up next for dealer. Amber dealt the cards. I pick up my cards, crap hand, but with Uno Flip you could start like this and win so off we go. We all got down to a couple of cards several times then suddenly Sarah puts her second last card down and yells “Uno”. The rest of us have 5 or more cards in our hands, this isn’t good. Tanya drops a card, Amber flips and reverse thinking she has Sarah beat by changing it, Tanya hasn’t been paying attention and puts her card out and Sarah lays the last card out. Sarah wins first hand.

We are all sitting there nervously, the girls are giggling and looking at each other. I have no idea what Sarah is thinking, will it be Amber or Tanya as a joke or possibly even me as it seems they wanted me to be part of it. Was this really going to happen.

Amber’s quick with “Come on pick someone already, quick game is a good game”

Sarah is umming and ahhing, “I choose……Tanya!”

I breathe a sigh of relief, I had started to think I might be first up. I’m still not sure what game they have in mind or if Tanya is even going to go through with it.

Tanya stands, places a finger to her lips and thinks about what to remove, she reaches jokingly for her undies (I almost passed out thinking surely not straight up). It would be the singlet surely, if was indeed going to go forward with the game and that would leave Bra and Panties. Tanya does indeed eventually remove the singlet over her head and to my shock, she is left with a pair of barely there briefs on (could they be smaller than her bikini, it sure looked like it). She is not wearing a bra, oh god I look away, the other 2 laugh at Tanya and look at me.

Tanya says “Sorry Mr D. the girls dared me to not wear a bra, so how could I resist”

I could feel the heat rise in my face, I had to be beetroot red and I did not know where to look first.

Tanya offers “Its ok MR D, we are all ok with this but if you want we can stop, it was just for a bit of fun”

I stutter “OK but is this really a setup? Do any of you have bra’s on or are you presenting the same as Tanya?”

Sarah says “No we all agreed to do the same, just in case you won and had to pick one of us, we wanted to see who you were going to pick and we suspected it would be Tanya so I picked her for you”

I could not help but look directly across at Tanya as she sat opposite me, I was looking her in the face and she kept glancing down.

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