A Stolen Afternoon

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Megan stood in the kitchen breaking milk chocolate into a bowl, which was balanced on top of a pan of boiling water. The chocolate made loud, satisfying snaps as she turned it from a solid bar into little squares ready to melt down. She had already washed and laid out the strawberries, all ready to be coated in the runny chocolate. Waiting patiently for the chocolate to liquefy, she washed her hands and gazed out the window. Suddenly, she caught site of a reflection behind her. Megan remained still and silent as the image took more shape and she could clearly see Gavin dressed in a heavily patched RAF shirt enter the room behind her.

Silently, he crossed the room and stood behind her; slowly he moved her long, dark brown hair away from her neck and bent to kiss the dimple in her collarbone. Megan felt his breath caress her as his lips made contact with her skin. She tilted her head to accommodate him and a shiver ran down through her body at his touch. Gavin’s hands, which had been on her shoulders, slid their way down her arms as he continued to kiss and nuzzle into the nape of her neck.

With his hands now on her waist he affectionately turned her round. As she stared up into his eyes, his hand lifted to her cheek and he stroked the side of her face. Tilting her chin up towards him, he bent once more and softly kissed her lips. Megan returned the faint kiss and then leant in against his muscular, male torso. Gavin wrapped his arms around her and they held each other tightly for what seemed like an eternity.

“I wasn’t expecting you. I thought …” Megan’s words tailed off as Gavin’s hand held on to the side of her head and hugged her tight to his chest. Eventually, Gavin slowly straightened up and put his hands back onto her shoulders. As she looked up into his dark, coffee coloured eyes she could feel the sexual tension buzz in the air around her. Her body yearned for his touch but she was unsure of his feelings. She wanted to grab him and kiss him passionately, she wanted her hands to roam all over his toned, firm body and most of all she wanted to feel him inside her. Instead she stood coyly and waited to see what would happen next.

Sensing her unease, Gavin smiled showing off his dimples and told her how beautiful she looked. As Megan smiled in response, her eyes crinkled, her cheeks flushed and her lips opened invitingly. Gavin did not waste the opportunity; he took her face in his hands and kissed her. The kiss, which started gently, progressed quickly to lip bruising intensity as they gave in to their feelings.

Shyness and hesitation forgotten, their hands could not move fast enough as they stroked, rubbed and massaged each other’s bodies. Gavin sought out her breasts, as he fondled them Megan found herself short of breath and goose bumps prickled all over her body. Getting inpatient with the material that was stopping him gaining access to her bare skin, Gavin pulled the stripy red top quickly over her head to reveal a bright red satin bra now barring his way. Megan’s bust bulged in its confines and RAF pilot looked eager to help them escape. Using both hands he unclasped the bra, pulled the straps over Megan’s shoulders and allowed the piece of red satin to fall discarded on to the floor. Gavin immediately bowed and took one of Megan’s hard dark pink nipples into his mouth and sucked it. Megan felt as if there was an invisible cord connecting her nipple to her clitoris as she felt Gavin’s attention intensify deep between her legs.

As his mouth worked away on her breasts, his hands now found their way to her buttocks and squeezed them tightly. Megan’s nails dug into his shoulders and she gasped loudly. Feeling as if her nerve ending was on fire, she gave her body up to Gavin’s advances.

Barely aware of his movements, she felt her belt being unbuckled and her jeans being unbuttoned. Looking down she saw that he was now on his knees in front of her and was now edging her jeans over her round bottom. Gavin then leant into her and buried his face against her newly displayed scarlet underwear. As he breathed in her aroma, Megan found it difficult to remain upright and leant against the sink as she felt his nose pushing up against her pubic mound.

Megan’s thong soon gave way to Gavin’s persuasive tugs and she felt his fingers tease their way back up her legs and trace patterns on her inner thigh. As her hands ran through his thick, dark hair she felt one of his fingers brush against the lips of her womanhood and she shuddered involuntarily. His inquisitive fingers then gingerly started to explore between her legs. Slowly the finger circled her clitoris and Megan arched her back pushing her pelvis towards Gavin’s face. As the digit worked its magic, Megan felt his tongue join in with the exploration. To her delight she felt the aviator’s tongue plunge into her wetness and waves of pleasure consumed her body. Clasping tightly to the back of his head she thrust her pelvis into his face forcing him closer and closer to her now soaking pussy.

She could feel her body start to tremble as Gavin concentrated his movements. His strong fingers, already avrupa yakası escort inserted deep within her, massaged her G-spot as his mouth sucked on her clitoris. Megan gasped for breath as she gulped in air and she knew it would not be long until she would succumb to the intense feelings that were consuming her. As the orgasm started to wrack her body, Megan allowed the sensations to wash over her as she came hard into his mouth. Her pelvic floor muscles pulsed as her body rapidly tensed and relaxed.

Gavin rested his head against her thighs and hugged her tightly, his arms wrapped around her buttocks. He waited until Megan’s body calmed itself before raising himself up off his knees and allowing her to taste herself through his kisses.

“Thanks for coming,” she sighed contentedly.

“No, thank you,” he answered dryly, winking suggestively at the same time.

Smirking wickedly and still naked, the brown-haired beauty took his hand and led him through to the bedroom. Once inside the room, Megan wasted no time in starting to get him out of his uniform. Undoing the buttons one by one, she was able to slowly reveal a small smattering of black curly hair, which peppered a firm pair of pecs. Opening another two, she exposed a flat, defined stomach. The black hair had now converged in the middle of his torso and ran in a singular line down into his trousers as if showing her which direction to go next. Megan needed no signpost though, and began undoing his trousers. As she did so Gavin removed his shirt and threw it uncaringly onto the floor. Megan was pleased to see that Gavin’s boxers were bulging at the front and that the integrity of the fabric was being tested to its utmost. Just as Megan managed to get his trousers down over his buttocks she pushed him gently backwards. His trousers restricted his movements and, as the bed was right behind him, he found himself off balance and fell backwards on to the bed.

Giggling, Megan jumped astride him and with the smile still on her face kissed him attentively. Gavin pulled himself up the length of the bed with Megan still sitting on him, both of them laughing as they moved centipede like along the bed. Lying herself flat along the top of him, she linked her fingers into his and stretched his arms up over his head. Gavin was quite happy to leave his hands there as Megan kissed him deeply. Unaware that as he was enjoying the feeling of her body on top of his, Megan was busying herself with pulling the cord from the loops of her dressing gown, which had been hanging over the end of the bed post.

Moving quickly, Megan managed to retrieve the belt, wrap it around Gavin’s wrists and pull it tight without Gavin being any the wiser. When he realised what she was up to, he was more than happy to allow her to finish the job and tie him securely to the bed. With his hands now shackled to the headboard he watched helplessly as Megan clambered off him, tugged his trousers and boxers from his legs and then to his dismay, disappear out of the bedroom leaving him alone with his erection.

Straining to hear what she was doing, Gavin tried to raise himself up on the bed but found that his newly acquired mistress had done a good job on his bindings and he could barely move his shoulder blades. To Gavin’s relief, Megan soon made her way back into the room carrying a tray with a tea towel draped over the top of it. He started to speak but Megan immediately shushed him with a finger on her lips.

Megan placed the tray on the floor deliberately just out of sight of the bed so that he could not see what she had prepared for him. She then perched herself on the edge of the mattress and leant over him, teasingly she allowed her lips to hover over his just out of reach, making him strain to try and kiss her. Each time she bent over, her breasts would swing enticingly in front of him and Gavin found it unbearable that he could not simply reach out and touch them. Occasionally she would lick his lips and then draw back just when he thought their mouths would meet. Gavin could not believe how much he wanted to be kissed properly and how much her teasing was getting to him already.

Eventually the femme-fatale relented and kissed him. To Gavin’s astonishment she popped a small strawberry into his mouth as she did so. He bit into its flesh with relish and the rich flavour exploded in his mouth, the succulent juices trickling down his throat.

Megan twisted her body round and instead of continuing to kiss Gavin’s lips she leant over and started to leave a trail of hot kisses over his chest. With her left hand out of sight, Megan picked up an ice cube from the tray and turned her head so that Gavin could only see a screen of chestnut tresses as it caressed his skin. She then popped the cube into her mouth and allowed it to melt for a while on her tongue. Then, disposing of the ice discretely, she quickly took his nipple into her mouth and suck hard on it. The sensation of Megan’s cold mouth on him was unexpected and the stimulation made his nipples go immediately hard.

She heard him bağcılar escort struggle for breath as she licked him and was delighted to see his erection twitch in response. Retrieving another ice cube, she placed it in the hollow part of his chest and using her tongue, dragged it down the concave until she reached his navel. Leaving it to dissolve completely she then retraced her steps blowing gently on the wet path she had just made. It was now Gavin’s turns to have goose bumps cover his body as she continued to kiss and nibble his muscular chest before moving down over his abdomen, allowing her hair to drift its way up and down causing Gavin to shiver and buck slightly.

Pleased with how things were going, Megan climbed back up on to the bed and allowed Gavin a brief glimpse between her legs before she sat astride him. Gavin could easily see she was glistening and obviously having fun with her games.

Gavin gazed captivated as his ice maiden reached back down to her tray of goodies and sat back up holding a spoonful of the chocolate that she had been melting at the time he had arrived. Slowly she leant back and allowed the chocolate to drizzle from the spoon and drip on to her own nipples. The chocolate, still hot from the bowl, caused Megan to arch her back as she continued with her task. Watching the warm chocolate coat Megan’s tits was mesmerising for Gavin and he could only stare as the hard nipples facing him went from deep pink to dark brown in front of his eyes. Megan then lowered her ample breasts, one at a time, into Gavin’s open mouth. Delightedly, Gavin gorged himself on the chocolate. Greedily sucking each nipple until it shone with his saliva, he then went on to ensure that every piece of chocolate was licked from each dangling appendage.

Eager for his hands to be untied so that he could take over and feel for himself the skin laid out in front of him he urged Megan to unfasten him but taunting him further she assertively refused to undo his bonds. Instead she returned to the tray and retrieved another spoonful of chocolate before it hardened back into its former state.

Megan edged her way backwards over the young body until she was sitting on his thighs; she then sat back and gazed fascinated at the rock hard erection if front of her. “Mmmm,” she murmured appreciatively. She then allowed the contents of the spoon to slide from it on to the naked body beneath her. Gavin sucked in his breath as the liquid chocolate splashed on to his bare skin circling his groin as Megan allowed her favourite Cadbury’s product to splash down on to her favourite man.

Dropping the spoon back into the bowl on the floor Megan laughed and sat back to observe her handiwork.

“Oh look what a mess I have made. I wonder what the best way to clean that up is.”

Demurely, she then placed her finger on her bottom lip and pondered. Absentmindedly, she pushed her middle finger through her lips and started sucking on it.

“Ahh, I have an idea.”

Sweeping her hair to the side she bent over and started flicking her tongue over Gavin’s hipbone removing the chocolate splashes with the tip. Moving downward on all fours she started licking down the side of his legs and over his thighs. As she made her way down she parted the RAF pilot’s legs and sat between them so that she could tongue the soft inner parts of his thighs. Deliberately ignoring the now throbbing erection in front of her she kissed, licked and nibbled her way around it, intentionally allowing her hair to brush against the end of his pulsing cock much to Gavin’s consternation as it made him writhe with irritated bliss.

Internally, Gavin’s sole hope was for Megan to take a firm hold of his hard penis. However, at that precise moment it was the last thing on the mind of the voluptuous, naked woman who currently had her head buried between his legs, taking one of his testicles into her mouth and appearing to weigh it with her tongue.

Finally, Megan sat up, contented with her cleaning job. At this point Gavin felt so close to orgasm that he was worried how long he could hold off. The well toned, normally assured airman was not quite sure how he was feeling as his body felt so relaxed but at the same time his nerve endings were tingling and he had such a feeling of deep longing between his legs that is was starting to become an ache.

Megan, returning once more to the tray, returned holding a green glass bottle.

“What’s that?” Gavin asked in bewilderment, straining to see what was in the bottle.

“Ooo, just a little something that I am sure you will enjoy,” Megan promised seductively.

Unscrewing the silver lid from the bottle, Gavin heard a shushing noise and then a fizzy gurgle. Intrigued, he watched as Megan took a large mouthful of its contents and bowed her head. Keeping her mouth closed she forced Gavin’s hard-on between her lips causing his foreskin to push back. As the top of his penis broke through into Megan’s mouth the sensation was unbelievable. Bubbles popped against the head of his cock and the coolness bağdatcaddesi escort of the liquid enveloped his red-hot organ.

“Bloody hell,” he exclaimed as his enlarged member experienced feelings it had never felt before. The sudden coolness of the sparkling water, which was washing over his penis, coupled with the fizzy bubbles and the pressure of Megan’s lips as they pursed over his erection was immense. Megan waited until her mouth had warmed up the Perrier water and then proceeded to swallow it with her mouth still locked in place over his cock before releasing the erection and taking another slug from the bottle. Gavin, more prepared this time, laid back to enjoy the repeat performance.

As she took Gavin into her mouth once more she allowed some of the water to dribble from the side of her mouth so that it trickled down his length and nestled itself into his pubic hair. Each time she drew her lips back along his solid penis she either swallowed some of the liquid or allowed some of it to escape. As she continued to give Gavin the best oral action he’d had in his life, she started to massage his balls. Allowing her middle finger to reach under his scrotum she probed and teased the edge of his anus. Gavin lifted his buttocks and squirmed slightly, allowing Megan to push her finger inside of him. This was enough to push him teetering towards the edge as Megan continued to suck unrelentingly with her mouth whilst pulling his foreskin up and down with the thumb and forefinger of her other hand.

Gavin watched, the veins on his neck bulging out as he forced his head up so he was able to watch Megan as her head bobbed up and down. Fascinated he stared as his penis kept vanishing between Megan’s lips only to reappear shining and glistening with a mixture of the water, saliva and his own juices. He started to push his hips up towards Megan’s face trying to get his cock deeper and deeper down her throat with every thrust.

Megan knowing that her man could not hold on for much longer decided to wriggle her finger and push it deeper between his buttocks. She then held her mouth open if front of his throbbing penis, which she continued to pump away at. The effect of her finger inside him coupled with the stimulation that his erection was receiving made Gavin let out a deep moan, which seemed to come from the soles of his feet. With all the blood in his body rushing towards his groin he felt every nerve ending jangle in anticipation as his body built up towards an intense orgasm. Unable to control the momentum building up within him he suddenly felt an abrupt release as he ejaculated directly into Megan’s mouth. He watched on helplessly as Megan welcomed his seed on to her tongue and swallowed the white warm liquid, opening her mouth for more. Gavin’s hips shuddered and trembled as still shackled to the bed he could only stare as Megan’s lips closed over the now extremely sensitive head of his penis and sucked him dry.

Sitting up straight and stretching her arms upward toward the ceiling, Megan looked exactly like the cat that had gotten all the cream as she afforded Gavin a fantastic view of her bare breasts and soft skin. Megan then gently fell forward on top of him and kissed him tenderly. At the same time as this, she pulled at the cord from her dressing gown and allowed Gavin to regain control of his arms, which he wrapped around her and then let rest on her buttocks, allowing the blood to flow back into his hands.

They lay still, gratified and sleepy for what seemed like an age with Megan’s head nestled into the side of Gavin’s neck.

“Fancy a shower?” Megan eventually whispered into his ear, “I’m feeling a little sticky.”

“I have to concur,” he laughed, “I think we may be Velcroed together.”

As she lifted herself up from his frame, she felt her skin peel away from the strapping, taut body beneath her. As she detached herself she giggled, “We’re going to need lots of hot soapy water to get us unstuck.”

“When it comes to you I have already come unstuck,” Gavin countered.

“Unstuck?” Megan raised her eyebrows quizzically.

Instead of any further explanation he leant over and spanked her arse, “Go get that shower on before I have to put you over my knee.”

“Oh yes, and you think that proposition is going to have me rushing to turn a tap?” she responded cheekily walking away from the bed.

Gavin watched as she sashayed her way out of the bedroom and into the bathroom. She looked beautiful with her shiny velvet-like hair draped over her shoulders and her bum gently swinging as she walked. He could see the redness on the cheek he has just slapped, which made him grin childishly.

Before long the noise of water splashing into the bath could be heard. In response, Gavin suddenly threw himself up off the bed and hurried into the smallest room in the house. He was greeted with the site of Megan standing under a torrent of scorching, hot water. Her hands were pushing her hair back under the water allowing the strands to be soaked. With her arms above her head Megan’s breasts were raised up and the line of her body curved down elegantly. The silhouette of her body was exquisite and at the sight of her outline Gavin could feel himself start to stir. Climbing into the bath to join the enchantress, he leant forward and kissed her on the lips. His hands glided down her sides from her armpits, smoothing down past her waist and came to a halt on her hips.

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