A Strange Happening

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Sensual erotic: A Strange Happening


This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.


Adult Reading Material

Part 1: A shock, then reminiscing

My name is Ian and the story I am about to relate, you might think is a strange one, but it is all true though hard to understand. It started some 18 months ago, I had been working away from home, I am a self employed software engineer, and had been working in Germany for a month.

When I arrived home at about 2200 the house was in darkness, this, I thought, was very odd. My wife Sue and I had been married for 25 years and when I was away, she always stayed up to welcome me back home in a way that she loved. I let myself into the house and called out for Sue, the house echoed with my voice, but I received no reply.

I put the lights on in the lounge and hall and then went up stairs to our bedroom. The bed was made and there was no sign of anyone having laid on it. I again called out for Sue, only to be met again with silence.

Had she gone to visit her sister, I thought but she always greeted me when I arrived home, not that I worked away from home very often, as I normally worked from my office in the basement. It was just that this company insisted that I was present when the new software was installed on their system.

I decided to go down to the kitchen and get a mug of tea, as I turned on the light I noticed an envelope propped up on the tea caddy. I opened it up and discovered a letter from Sue, which said that she had left me to start a new life with a younger man she had met at the gym and that she did not want anything from me and I could keep the house, which was nice of her as I had paid for it and it was in my name anyway.

Sue was 45 with long black hair and had an hourglass figure with full 38c tits, which she had maintained well even after 2 kids and she said that her new man was 20 and a bodybuilder with a fantastic physique. I thought that muscles don’t make a boy into a man and if that’s what she wanted the best of luck to her.

I knew that she would not have a better sex life than we had together, Since we got married we had had some form of sex at least 4 times a week and twice on Saturdays. Even when she was pregnant with our two girls we still had oral sex. She could not get enough of me sucking her pussy until she had a screaming orgasm and then taking my cock deep into her throat and sucking me until I filled her mouth with cum which she would swallow with gusto. We used to experiment with different positions and places to fuck, on the stairs, kitchen table, baby’s cot, out doors in fact anywhere and any time we could find.

Sue was at times interested in trying any type of sex as long as she had an orgasm in whatever way we were trying, bdsm, and mild corporal punishment. One night when we were fucking, I had put my hand between us and wet my finger in her juices; I then pushed it into her anus. This was something new for us and she cried out

“Fuck do that again, that was nice,”

So I made sure my fingers were wet and I pushed my first finger back in up to the second joint then as I fucked her cunt I finger fucked her ass.

“More, more,” Sue screamed” more, put more in, “

I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her in her ass to which she replied

“Yes, yes, yes.”

I pulled my cock out of her cunt and moved it down slightly and pushed gently until I felt the head slip into her ass.

“Yes, just there,” cried Sue.

I found it was very tight, as this was the first time we had had anal sex and I had a job to hold back.

“Fuck my ass, I’m coming,” screamed Sue.

I spurted into her ass as we came together.

That was not the last time she asked to be fucked that way, as she got to like it, her ass opened out and it was easer to get all of my cock into her and really fuck her and she always had me cum in her ass.

She said she liked the feel of my cum squirting into her as it felt that I was squirting it all the way into her belly and it made her all warm.

Once a few years ago we had a small party for some friends and one couple John and Kerry stayed over as he had had a little too much to drink and could not drive home. John (36) was an accountant and Kerry (27), if she had not been married with 3 children could have been a model.

She had long blonde hair, a figure to die for and 36b tits, which were just a handful, but nice and firm. Earlier in the evening I noticed Sue and Kerry in a corner talking together and they both kept looking over towards John and I. When everyone had gone and we had cleared up, John and I were standing in the lounge talking when Kerry came up to me and said.

“I have been waiting all night to get a dance with you.” She dragged me away from her husband şişli escort into the centre of the room, as she did I saw Sue put the lights out. The music playing was a slow tune, and Kerry moulded her body to mine, put her arms round my neck and her mouth into my neck. I placed my arms round her tight body and held her close as I could.

As we danced I saw Sue and John dancing but not as close as Kerry and I were. It was so sensual I started to get an erection which seemed to grow bigger and harder with each movement Kerry made. I realised then that she was grinding her hips onto my cock on purpose and at the same time she was starting to moan into my neck.

I thought to myself, is she trying to get me to fuck her ‘cos if she is she is doing a great job’, next thing I knew was that Kerry had started to bite and kiss my neck. I looked at what Sue and John were up to and found that they were sitting on the sofa and Sue had her tongue down John’s throat. Sod it, I thought, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I moved my hands slowly down from Kerry’s waist to her bum and gripping it hard pulled her towards me and at the same time pushed my hard cock into her pussy, lifting her off of her feet. This immediately brought a moan and Kerry said, “Fuck that feels so hard and big I can’t wait to get it in my soaking cunt. I want you to fuck me hard, fast and dirty,”

Wow, I thought, this is one hot woman, what were she and Sue talking about earlier, they must have set this all up. Kerry now was kissing me fully on the mouth. Her tongue was going in and out of my mouth just like my cock would go into her cunt. My train of thought was broken for a minute when I heard Sue say. “You take our room, we will go to the spare,” as she dragged John up from the sofa and out of the door

“What are you waiting for Ian, I am game or do you want to start down here? ” Said Kerry moving towards the sofa. This was too good to be true, a young blonde that was begging to be fucked. I moved to the sofa with Kerry still holding on to me as if she let go I would run, but there was no chance of that.

When we hit the sofa Kerry moved to straddle my legs so that she could still have her pussy in contact with my cock, and she kissed me hard and long with her tongue, worming its way down my throat. This tended to make my cock even harder, I took advantage of this to put both my hands on to her tits and squeeze them together, this brought an immediate moan from Kerry’s throat. With that I undid the buttons down the front of her blouse and buried my mouth into her cleavage.

“It undoes at the front, get it off, “Kerry moaned.

I found the clip and opened up her bra and pushed both it and her blouse off of her shoulders.

“Fantastic tits, “I said, taking the right nipple into my mouth and gently biting and sucking on it at the same time.

“That’s fucking great but don’t forget its twin, it gets lonely, “said Kerry,

I now had a tit in each hand squeezing then both and moving my mouth from one to the other.

As I was attending to her tits I brought my right hand down between us and moved it up her leg, surprise, surprise, Kerry was wearing stockings and suspenders and I toyed with the area of flesh between her stocking tops and her knickers.

Moving my hand round a bit more I placed my middle finger square on her pussy, which was red hot, and soaking wet. I stroked my finger up and down her pussy pushing the material of her knickers into her cunt. As I was doing this Kerry had managed to work her hand onto my cock and was feeling the length and size of it.

“God, it feels so big, I don’t know if I could take all of it, John only has a small cock,” Kerry said in surprise.

“It’s not big, it’s just 7 and a bit inches long and about 6 inches round,” I told her.

As much as I wanted to get her clothes off and suck her cunt and then fuck her silly I thought it better if we were in bed and a bit more comfortable.

“Come on,” I said,” Let’s go upstairs where we can get to each other with more room and comfort.”

Grabbing her arm and pulling her up the stairs before she could say anything.

When we got into the bedroom I noticed that the bedside lights were on so that I could see Kerry in all her glory. She came up to me and undid the buttons on my shirt pulling it off my shoulders then without stopping she dropped to her knees in front of me and started to undo the zip on my slacks. In one movement she had my shirt off and my slacks, underpants and socks off and down to the floor. I lifted my feet up so she could remove them.

“Fucking hell, that is one big cock,” said Kerry, as she saw my cock for the first time, licking her lips.” I love sucking cock but I have never had one this big, I don’t know if I will be able to take it all in,” said Kerry.

“Just take as much as you can,” I said,” your cunt will stretch when I start to fuck you with it.”

With that Kerry started to lick my cock from the base slowly up to the tip, then she ran her tongue round the head getting it wet. She then took the head into her mouth slowly going deeper. When she had it as deep as she could get at that time she put suction on and pulled her head up until my cock popped out of her mouth. Spitting on the head she put it back and tried to take even more into her mouth each time, the suction she was putting on my cock as she pulled it out was great. In fact she was giving the best blowjob I had ever had, and that was saying something, as Sue could spend hours sucking cock.

I had put my hands at the back of her head and was helping her by pulling her head to my cock as I pushed it towards her mouth.

I had put my foot between her legs and was rubbing her pussy and sliding my big toe up and down her wet cunt, I thought it was time I tasted some pussy. I pulled her up to her feet.

“Oww! I was enjoying that, it was nearly all in my throat,” Kelly complained

“Don’t worry,” I told her” you can have some more later, we will have all night and knowing Sue all tomorrow as well, for now I want to taste your pussy.”

With that I undid her skirt and dropped it to the floor leaving her knickers on, I pushed her onto the bed with her legs hanging over the end. I dropped to my knees in front of her and lifted her right foot to my mouth and started to suck her toes very gently then I slowly kissed my way up her leg until I got near her pussy, lovingly I moved to her toes on her left leg.

“Bastard,” cried Kerry.

I then started sucking her toes off her left foot, I took more time doing this than I did with the right one just to make her suffer and squirm. I again made my way very slowly up her leg. All the time Kerry was meowing like a cat, when I reached her cloth covered pussy I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and pushed them back over her head.

“Just the right position,” I told her, as I drove my mouth onto her soaking wet pussy. The smell and taste was heavenly as I ate her cunt through her skimpy knickers, I grabbed hold of them in my mouth and pulled them down off of her cunt, lifting her bum up from the bed, I put my hand onto them and pulled hard ripping them off.

“Arrr Nice,” cried Kerry.

“If you think that was nice, wait until I do this,” I said, driving my tongue into her cunt. I started to lick up from the bottom to the top when I got there I grabbed her clit in my teeth, with that Kerry let out a scream as she had a big orgasm, soaking me as she came. “Fuck that has never happened before, you’re the first one ever to make me come by sucking my cunt and I love it,”

“Now you will see what it is like to be fucked by my big 7 inch cock,” I told her as I pushed her up the bed and placed two pillows under her ass to raise her up. I moved between her legs and up her chest and I put my cock between her lips.

“Suck it and get it wet,” I told her, as I moved it in and out fucking her throat. After a few minutes I said.

“How do you like it in your cunt, slow or hard and fast.”

“Start slow then fast.” Kerry moaned around my cock. I moved up and lifted her legs upright and open then kneeling in front of her placed my cock into the entrance of her cunt and pushed very slowly until the head was just in.

I then pulled out right to the very edge and then pushed my cock back to where it had been. I carried on doing this for about 4 minutes in and out very slowly. Kerry’s cunt was so wet and juicy it was running down and pooling on the bed.

“Fuck me you bastard! Just fuck me, let me feel your cock in my cunt, now!” Kerry was screaming.

So as I pulled back I let her legs go and rammed my cock all the way into Kerry’s wet hot cunt and dropped my body down onto her chest. As I did this her stocking encased legs clamped round my waist and her feet locked on to my ass, then she used her legs to pull my cock further into her cunt. After fucking Kerry in this way for a while I pulled out of her.

“No, why did you stop? I was nearly there,” cried Kerry.

“Get on your knees and bury your head in the pillow,” I told her.

She looked great there on the bed with her tight ass in the air. I moved behind her and bent down and started to suck her pussy from the rear. The pillows muffled Kerry’s cry. I then placed my cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed it all the way in, in one movement, her cunt was very tight in this position, so I started to fuck her in steady long strokes, pulling all the way out then pushing all the way back in. Kerry’s muted cries got more intense.

I pulled all the way out again and laid on my back on the bed and told Kerry to turn round and sit on my cock in the reverse cowgirl position, this she did with me holding her back to support her. She put her feet on my legs and went up and down like a good one, screaming all the time.

“What position do you want to come in?” I asked her

“On my knees.” she breathed as she moved onto her knees. I got behind her and rammed my cock all the way into her cunt and fucked her hard, with my balls slapping on her clit, her cunt was very wet and very tight. Did I want to come in her cunt or in her mouth I thought, as I fucked her I said,

“Where do you want me to come, cunt or mouth?”

“Come in my cunt now, you can fill my mouth later,” was the reply. This was just what I wanted to hear, as it meant that we would be fucking each other again.

Now I was fucking her cunt hard and she was screaming every time I rammed my cock fully in. My cock was getting bigger as I got near to filling her cunt with come.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kerry cried,” I’m Cummings yes, yes, yesssss.” This took me over the top. I squirted a full load of cum into her cunt as I fell over her back. As my breathing slowed my cock started to wilt and dropped out of her cunt, with all my cum mixed with Kerry’s juices starting to run down her pussy and drip onto the bed in a very erotic way. We fell over onto the bed and lay in each other’s arms kissing and touching each other as we drifted to sleep.

I woke up in daylight to feel my cock in something warm. What’s going on I thought in my sleepy stupor I looked down and saw a blond head going up and down on my cock. Forgetting what had happened the night before, I was surprised to see it was Kerry’s head.

As she started to stroke me as well I came and filled her mouth up with cum which she swallowed in one movement by lifting her head back, then she licked her lips to make sure she had gotten all of it. I was shocked to hear the sound of clapping, looking at the door I saw Sue and John standing there naked clapping and smiling at us.

Part 2 Holiday starts

Here I was back in the present with a letter from my wife in my hand telling me that our 25 year marriage was over, thinking what had I done to cause her to go and find a younger man. I had provided a home and a very good lifestyle as well, she did not want for anything.

The first thing I did was to phone our two daughters to see if they knew what was going on. Both Jodie and Rose were shocked and surprised to hear that their mum had left me. They both said “Dad, if you need anything or feel the need to talk just come and see me.” Which was nice of them, but they had their own lives to run and I thought that they would not want a 45 year old moping around them and their families. The next thing I did was to phone my solicitor to see where I stood and to start divorce proceedings and to make sure that even though she said she did not want anything from me, she could not get anything from my company.

With that sorted out I threw myself into my work as I had a big contract to get going on. Over the next 6 months the divorce came through and I really worked hard on the contract, during this time I had not heard from Sue, some of her friends had called me to say how shocked they were to find out that Sue had left me for a younger man and none of them had seen or heard from her and that if I needed ‘anything ‘ to get in touch with them. My daughters also had not had any contact with their mum and were worried about her. They told me that now that I had finished my latest contract to go and have a long holiday and rest and have some fun.

I took their advice and decided to visit Cornwall, where I have never been and tour around the county by car. I booked the first hotel in Wadebridge ‘The Bull’, and from there I would tour the local area, then move on to Newquay, Redruth, Hayle, Penzance, St Austell visiting the local areas, maybe a trip to the isles of Scilly, then back home, booking places to stay as I needed them, in what places I could find.

I left on the next Saturday and took a slow drive down the M4 and M5 taking about 9hrs to get to Wadebridge. I checked into The Bull and after taking my bags up to my room and freshening up I returned to the bar and ordered a meal of a 10oz rib eye steak with all the trimmings and a pint of the local beer. After finishing it I felt a bit bloated so I went for a walk round the town. Returning to The Bull about 2300 hrs. I went up to my room and dropped straight into bed and fell asleep straight away.

Over the next 3 days I toured around the Wadebridge area, I went to Padstow and Bodmin, visiting the railway and the military museum and as far north of the county as Camelford and Tintagel and its supposed castle of King Arthur. On day 4 I left Wadebridge around ten am for the twenty mile drive down the A39 to Newquay, which I should arrive at about an hour later in time to find somewhere to stay. When I just passed Whitecross the A39 was closed by the police due to an accident further down the road. All the traffic was being diverted back onto the A389 towards Padstow. I decided when I got to Padstow to take the B3276 that runs along the coast down to Newquay.

The B3276 is a winding country road that has a lot of quaint villages and sandy bays, the sun was shining and with a blue sky, I thought it would be wise to make use of at least one of these beaches. So I decided to stop at the small village of Trenance, which has a small secluded beach. I parked in the car park by the beach and went into the public house overlooking the beach, to have some lunch and a drink, after refreshing my needs, I then moved to the beach, which strangely was nearly empty.

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