A Strange Introduction

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I scanned the bar area but she was nowhere to be seen. I’d been covertly watching the woman for the last hour without mustering the courage to go and speak to her, now she was gone. I’d only gone out for a quiet drink on my own, book in hand, in order to get some peace and quiet from the workmen that were hammering and banging in my neighbours house, but I had been captivated when I saw her.

She had a naturally if not classically beautiful face and wore no make up and when she smiled her whole face lit up like a beacon on a foggy night, drawing people towards her and into her sphere.

She had a very casual air about her and exuded a sense of complete calm; even her mannerisms and gestures seemed very understated and she oozed sex appeal and self confidence.

She was dressed casually in a pair of stylish light brown linen trousers with a strappy cream vest top and looked absolutely divine. Her bare arms were tanned and toned; her breasts were quite small and standing proud without the aid of underwear and I could see the shape of her nipples through her top.

She toyed with her hair as she chatted to people, often pushing her lush brown mid length locks behind her ears, exposing a long and delicate neck beneath.

She obviously knew a lot of people here as although she seemed to be on her own she hadn’t been short of company or conversation, as a steady stream of people stopped to chat with her.

Where the hell was she? I suddenly felt very frustrated with my earlier cowardice. Had I let her leave without my noticing and missed my chance to ever speak to her?

I hadn’t been into this pub for years because it had been a complete dive until a few months ago when it underwent a complete refurbishment — maybe she was a regular? It would certainly explain how everyone seemed to know her.

I’d been trying to work out what she was drinking — maybe I could send her a drink discretely by way of an introduction but it seemed very corny, and anyway she always seemed to have a full glass of something clear and indeterminate and I was too shy to ask the barman what she was drinking.

I’d had brief flings with women before but nothing serious and it had been a long time since a woman had turned my head.

I started gathering my bag and book ready to leave — surely the bloody workmen had finished by now? But then I thought why? I have an absolutely free evening in front of me and I’ll probably only end up sitting on the sofa watching the TV so I might as well stay for another drink.

I left my bag on the table and stood at the bar waiting to be served but the barman seemed to have disappeared and I stood there tapping my foot impatiently as I waited for him to return.

I finally got my drink and turned back to my table, ‘Shit! Where the fuck’s my bag?’

I stormed over to the table but it was nowhere to be seen. I started to panic, my bag contained my life — my mobile phone, my keys, my diary and address book; at least I’d taken my purse to the bar with me.

The bar wasn’t very full and no one seemed to have moved much since I went to the bar, so who could’ve taken it?

I trudged back to the bar and asked if anyone had handed my bag in. Nobody had seen anything — great!

I needed to call my mobile phone provider and get my brother to come over with my spare keys ‘My mobile was in my bag, can I use your phone please?’

‘Sure, it’s in the office out back, though the door next to the pool table, help yourself’ replied the barman without looking up from the pint he was pouring. Charming! I’d made up my mind that I wouldn’t be coming in here again.

I grabbed my drink and strode purposefully toward the door, barging my way through swearing to myself loudly.

‘Can I help you?’

Oh my god — there she was sitting on a couch under the window and she had my bag on her lap!

‘Well yes actually, I came in to use the phone because someone took my bag from the bar but I guess that’s not necessary now. What are you doing with my bag?’ I fumed.

‘Well, I could tell you that I saw it alone on the table and thought it had been left behind by a customer and was just keeping it safe but I’d be lying. Why have you spent the last hour staring at me over your book? Oh don’t look like that, you didn’t think you were being discrete did you?’ She smiled in a friendly way but I could feel the colour rising into my cheeks. I blush horribly when I get embarrassed and I was aware that I must look like I had a nasty case of sunburn right now.

‘I don’t know what you mean’ I stammered ‘You still haven’t told me why you have my bag’

‘Yes I have. I wanted to find out why you’ve been scrutinising me so closely and it seemed a good way to get you into my office. Oh for gods sake sit down before you fall down and take a gulp of that drink — you look like you need it’

Without realising what I was doing I did as I was told and sat in a deep comfy armchair where I raised my vodka and orange to my lips and took a hearty swallow.

‘So, illegal bahis you’re Sally Granger and you live just across the road according to your drivers license, I’m beginning to think you’re genuine.’

‘What do you mean genuine? Can I have my bag back please? You knew it belonged to me so why have you been going through my things; and who the hell are you anyway?’

She laughed deeply and heartily and despite my anger and unease I couldn’t help loving the sound and watched her face as it broke into wreaths of smiles.

‘I’m sorry; it does seem a little cruel of me doesn’t it?’ She got up off the sofa and brought my bag to me and as she leant down to pass it over I couldn’t help noticing how her breasts moved slightly under the silk of her top as she leant towards me.

‘OK, you deserve an explanation’ and she sank back onto the sofa tucking one leg underneath her.

‘My name is Becky Smith. I saw you looking at me and you weren’t being nearly as subtle as you thought you were. I guessed that you either found me attractive or that you were sent by my ex husband to find out whether he could screw any money back out of me, so I took your bag because if I was going to have a confrontation with one of my husbands stooges I didn’t want to do it in the middle of my pub.’

I just sat there dumbfounded. I had been well and truly caught out and although I didn’t want to admit that I had been devouring her with my eyes, I had to if I was going to convince her that I wasn’t her husband’s spy.

‘I guess you’ve rumbled me’ I said sheepishly ‘OK, I admit that I was checking you out but I didn’t realise I was being so obvious about it. I am sorry, I’ve been out of the game for a while and I couldn’t help noticing how attractive you are.’

‘That’s very flattering, thank you. I’m going to the bar, why don’t you stay here a minute and I’ll fetch us some drinks’

I sat glancing around the office cum sitting room. There was a formal office desk and chair with a very high end PC and couple of filing cabinets in one corner but the rest of the large room was furnished with comfy sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. There were some beautiful arty photographs on the walls and a couple of paintings that looked expensive, but hey — I’m no expert; they could’ve been cheap reproductions for all I knew.

When she came back she put our drinks on the tables at either end of the sofa. ‘Why don’t you come and sit over here with me?’

So I rose and sat at the other end of the sofa at an angle so that I could see her. Up close I could see the green flecks in her hazel eyes and her skin looked smooth and flawless. She lifted her legs onto the sofa between us and rested her bare feet against my leg as if we had known each other for much longer than 5 minutes,

‘So this is your place?’

‘Do you like it? I bought it on a whim with my divorce settlement. I got it quite cheaply because of the appalling state it was in but I’ve had to spend a lot of cash making it presentable.’

‘Well it’s certainly much nicer then it was before, you’ve done a really good job on the place. It’ll be nice to have somewhere local I can pop into for a quick drink. So what’s the deal with the ex then?’

She was incredibly easy to talk to and I found myself relaxing completely in her presence despite our strange introduction.

‘The ex-husband, Gary, is a big city hot shot lawyer who thinks he’s god. I should have gotten out a long time before I did because his controlling nature was damaging my self esteem but I had to have a damn fine reason to leave him or else he’d have made sure I didn’t have a penny to my name, despite the fact that I was financially independent when we married.’

‘Sounds like a really nice guy! So you found your reason then?’

‘Oh yeah, I knew he was having an affairs — was almost glad of it as it stopped him wanting sex with me, but I couldn’t prove anything because he was too clever. Finally I got a tip off from someone he’d screwed over in court who’d seen him in a restaurant with someone young enough to be his daughter, so I invested some money in a private detective who discovered his dirty little secret!’

She slipped down the sofa a little until her feet were resting in my lap. I was unsettled by the unexpected intimacy but also found it a bit thrilling.

‘He was screwing his business partner’s eldest daughter, which as you can imagine caused a bit of a hoo-ha! Not only did I get the divorce I was after but his business started to flounder too. ‘

‘Sounds like the perfect revenge to me’ I stated, instantly on her side.

‘I was pleased I have to admit, but he was convinced that I was also having an affair and he’s still trying to prove it. If he can within the next 6 months, under the rules of our pre-nup I’m as culpable as he was, so a lot of the money I got in the divorce will have to be handed back; so he sends his spies on a regular basis to see if I’m sleeping with anyone I knew before the divorce.’

‘No wonder illegal bahis siteleri you were suspicious of me. So were you? Having an affair I mean.’

‘Yes and no. He was convinced I was sleeping with the client who’d tipped me off but he could never prove it because it wasn’t true. The fact of the matter is that I was having a very casual affair with the client’s wife.’

‘OH!’ I said involuntarily sounding like a total prude.

‘You sound shocked?’

Oh my god she liked women, did this mean I was in with a chance? Suddenly I felt like a teenager not knowing what to say or how much to risk. I took a deep breath for composure before I spoke.

‘No I’m really not shocked, I guess I was just a little surprised.’

‘And pleased maybe?’

I could feel myself turning crimson again but there was no point in getting this far and backing out.

‘Yes, and pleased; you know I was looking at you earlier but I had no idea of your sexuality so I didn’t expect anything. Now I’m wondering what would happen if I made a pass at you.’

Suddenly I was very aware of her feet in my lap as she shifted position slightly and I thought I maybe had my answer in her easy intimate contact but still I was unsure.

‘Why don’t we find out? Have you tried that little Italian restaurant at the end of the road? I hear their primavera is to die for.’

‘I go there regularly — it’s true the food is fabulous. Would you like to have dinner with me this evening?’

‘I thought you’d never ask’ she laughed ‘how about I book a table for about 8pm and I’ll call in for you on my way; after all I do know where you live now?’

After a long leisurely bath with plenty of luxuriously scented bath oil I took forever to decide what to wear. I usually go for comfort over style and am happiest in a pair of jeans and a T shirt, but this evening I must have tried on everything in my wardrobe trying to decide on the best outfit.

Eventually I settled on a pair of figure hugging black trousers with a slightly see through light blue linen shirt — smart without being an obvious come on.

By 7.45 I was pacing the floor anxiously. I put some chilled music on & tried to relax but I couldn’t sit still, I poured a glass of deep red Merlot and settled into an armchair with my book but was up out of my seat & peeking through the window in 2 minutes flat.

By 8.10 I had convinced myself that she wasn’t coming and was about to go upstairs and change back into my jeans when the doorbell chimed, making me jump despite the fact that I’d been waiting for it.

I tried to look calm and collected as I opened the front door, but my breath was taken away as the door swung back to reveal a vision of loveliness standing before me.

Becky smiled disarmingly and then chuckled heartily, a sound I was beginning to adore.

Her hair was piled on top of her head in a way that was both haphazard and sophisticated at once, revealing the soft, tanned skin of the beautiful neck I had glimpsed in the bar.

She wore a pair of jeans so tight I couldn’t imagine how she got in and out of them (and believe me — my imagination was working overtime) and a sleeveless black silk shirt that displayed her tanned arms to perfect effect

‘So are you going to stand there with your mouth open or are you going to invite me in?’

‘I’m so sorry Becky, please come in, come in. Is there time for a glass of wine before we go to the restaurant or shall I just grab my bag? You, er…. You look fabulous by the way’ I stammered as I retreated into my living room, turning my back in a vain attempt to hide my blushes.

‘You look pretty good too girl, I’m starving, let’s go eat. The table’s booked for 8.30 but we can always have a drink at the bar if they’re not ready for us.’

As we entered the restaurant the smells of garlic and tomato sauce washed over me in a way that would normally have had me dribbling on the spot, but I was so nervous I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to eat anything. I had a whole squadron of butterflies putting on an air display in my stomach and it was all I could do to keep myself from turning around and running away — I was so sure that I was going to make a total fool of myself with this gorgeous, classy woman that I was trembling. I had no idea why Becky had this effect on me but I couldn’t seem to get a grip on myself.

We were shown straight to a corner table at the back of the dimly lit restaurant and as soon as we sat down the manager appeared with menus and a wine list.

‘So good to see you again Miss Granger. Would you like drinks before your meal?’

I looked at Becky enquiringly?

‘Would you like an aperitif or a beer or something or shall we just order a bottle of wine?’

‘How about a bottle of something traditionally Italian, like a Chianti — or do you want to decide what you’re eating before choosing wine?’

‘No — red’s good for me, lets go with the Chianti’

As the manager left the table I turned studiously to my canlı bahis siteleri menu, trying to look calm and in control.

I felt her fingers brush the back of my hand and I jumped like a startled rabbit, bashing my knee loudly on the underside of the table.

‘Are you always this nervous? You’re like a skittish pony; I keep expecting you to buck or bolt for the door!’ she laughed

‘I’m so sorry’ I responded knowing I was blushing violently again ‘For some reason you make me very nervous. Maybe our somewhat unorthodox introduction has something to do with it?’

‘I promise I don’t bite, and I’m sorry if I wierded you out back there. I have to be so careful and I admit I get a little paranoid, but in 6 months it’ll all be over. Not that I really have to worry as I’m not seeing anyone at all at the moment, let alone anyone I knew back then.’

Our wine arrived and we stayed silent as the waiter filled our glasses

‘You must be looking forward to finally being free of him?’

‘I am, believe me, but I’m more worried about you right now. Are you regretting having dinner with me this evening?’

‘No!’ I almost shouted

‘No, really, look I’m really sorry but I haven’t been on a date for a really long time, and I’m not even sure if this is a date, and it’s been years since I’ve had a relationship with a woman, and after all someone like you wouldn’t fancy someone like me anyway, and you must have tons of admirers and oh hell now I’m rambling! Like I said earlier I’ve been out of the game for a while and I also had a pretty shitty last relationship that didn’t do my self confidence and self esteem any favours.’

I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes and I wanted to curl up and hide or run to the loo and be sick; she must think I’m some sort of a head case.

‘Oh you really are in a state aren’t you? OK, maybe this will help — I think you’re attractive and slightly scatty, but hey I like scatty. I’m also nervous but I hide it better. I was flirting outrageously with you earlier but you didn’t seem to notice, and I’ve just made a point of letting you know that I’m single and available but you’re too nervous to pick up on anything that’s less than in-your-face blatant. Let’s just both relax & enjoy the evening and try to get know each other a little better huh?’

She reached across the table and offered me her hand. I took her smooth skin in mine and sealed the deal with a gentle handshake and a very wide grin.

The evening flowed smoothly after that and the conversation was easy after a couple of glasses of wine. The food was superb and we talked endlessly about favourite restaurants and countries we enjoyed the cuisine from. Becky laughed at me when I dribbled tomato sauce down my chin and we were mock sword fighting with bread sticks by the time the waiter came to remove our plates, giggling like guilty school girls who’d been caught doing something naughty.

We decided to share a dessert and settled on the gooiest, booziest Tiramisu that I’ve ever tasted. Becky scooted her chair around the table so that she was sitting next to me before loading a huge forkful of dessert and lifting it to my lips. I had sweet, sticky cream smeared around my mouth and was laughing at her clumsiness when a delicate finger found my face and traced the outline of my mouth, wiping the cream up. Becky sucked the cream from her finger in the most suggestive manner, causing me to blush violently as I imagined what her mouth would feel like on me, but I controlled my embarrassment and leant towards her.

‘If I didn’t know better I’d think you were flirting again’ I stated with mock prudishness. You see I’m really not a prude — I’m just out of practice!

‘I’m not sure what you mean’ she stated as she lifted the fork to her own mouth and curled her tongue around, almost slurping the tiramisu into her mouth.

We were silent then for a moment, just looking at each other to see where this would go. Her obvious ploy had had the desired effect and suddenly we weren’t just 2 people having dinner together. Suddenly this was a proper date and the stakes had just been raised.

I tried to speak but my mouth was dry — not from embarrassment this time, but from lust. I took a big swig of wine to help the words.

‘I don’t suppose you fancy a coffee do you?’

‘I was thinking maybe we’d leave straight after dessert’

Still our eyes never left each other

‘I was thinking about coffee and brandies back at my place. It’s more comfortable and there are less people. I don’t think I can keep watching you play with that cake without my imagination running away with me and once that happens we could get arrested in a public place.’

‘Oh good’ she smiled wickedly ‘I do like an active imagination’

With that she signalled to the waiter for the bill and headed for the ladies room, trailing her fingers across the back of my neck as she walked past, making my skin tingle and my hair stand on end.

As we walked the short distance from the restaurant to my house, Becky casually linked her arm through mine and we walked pressed together keeping each other close. I fumbled my keys at the front door and had to pick them up off the floor twice before we got into the house.

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