A Stud is Born Ch. 01

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Aaliyah Love

The flashing lights of the ambulance had started to draw quite a crowd at the gym with lots of the students gathering to see what had happened. As they gathered it wasn’t long before a clearly distressed Ms Bond was wheeled out of the gym on a stretcher attended to by paramedics.

“What do you think happened to Ms Bond?” one student asked the other clearly shocked by the sight of the much loved young physical education teacher.

“Beats me, maybe she fell doing some gymnastics you know how she loves to show off in front of all of us, serves her right if she fell,” replied another.

As the students closed in for a closer look they were amazed at what they saw. Ms Bond was conscious but somewhat delirious shaking her head from side to side muttering something inaudible.

“What’s she saying?” asked one of the girls.

“I’m not sure but I swear she just said Brad, Brad…” replied a girl closer to the ambulance.

“God she’s a mess, look at her. What’s that over her face and in her hair?” asked a naïve little thing pushing through to get a better look.

Meanwhile a few of the boys were noticing something else.

“Fuck me Tim are those, are those her nipples poking through the sheet!” gasped Pete.

“Shit yeah, look at them sticking up. What the fuck is that all about do you reckon?” replied Tim.

Suddenly a gust of wind swept across the group and the sheet covering Ms Bond was blown off. You could here the gasps as they realized what they were looking at. Ms Bond the 23 year teacher was almost naked on the stretcher. Almost naked because she was wearing a black bra which was now torn open at the front exposing her massive heaving breasts and her panties which were nearly torn from her.

As the paramedics scrambled to gather up the sheet and cover her Ms Bond had placed one hand on her pussy rubbing it furiously her hips rising as her fingers pumped rapidly in and out of her glistening pussy. Her other hand was on her right breast tweaking the erect nipple. Her body was smeared in a sticky fluid. Some of it was on her lips, a lot on her huge tits, a great deal on her abs and even some on her legs. If what she was doing caught the students’ attention then what she was saying completely blew them away.

“Oh fuck Brad, oh fuck, you’re too big Brad, too big…..” her speech broken but clearly audible.

“Did you hear that? I’m sure she said Brad. Do you think she was referring to THE Brad, big bad Brad, OUR Brad?” asked Kimberly the head cheerleader.

“No she couldn’t, could she. Surely not. Surely she hasn’t fucked Brad but then again looking at her maybe she did and boy has she paid the price on taking the biggest stud at college,” replied Jennifer another of the cheerleaders.

Ms Bond was still delirious barely making sense on the stretcher although there was no mistaking what came out of her mouth.

“Oh god Brad, fuck me with your massive horsecock, do me Brad make me your big cock slut. OHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEE!!” she bellowed before finally passing out.

It was at this time that I joined the group having sneaked out of the gym via a back door.

“What’s going on?” I asked one of my close mates who was close to the action trying not to let on that I knew exactly what had happened.

“Brad! What’s going on! You tell me man. Ms Bond has been taken off to hospital and the last thing she said was ‘Brad give me your massive horsecock!!’ Everyone heard it. Don’t tell me you your responsible for this?” asked Tim.

Shit what could I say. Of course I was responsible for this. Finally after months of teasing and flirting with Ms Bond I relented and agreed to fuck her. Shit she had been after my big cock for over a year and I was soon to finish college and she was desperate so who was I to deny her.

As I stood there watching the flashing lights disappear into the distance my mind drifted off to when I first arrived at the college some 12 months earlier. I was a bit older than the other students having turned 19 soon after arriving from interstate. My parents had separated and mum was looking for a new start. Everything seemed to be going just fine until we had swimming trials two months after I arrived. Everyone was required to trial for the college swim team. This was my worst nightmare, not because I couldn’t swim but because it would mean that I would have to wear those tiny racing briefs. You see ever since I can remember I’ve been rather well endowed.

Shit large probably doesn’t give you the correct bursa escort understanding to quote my older sister I’m “fucking massive, a goddam freak”. Now this was a bit hard to take initially and caused me to do everything I could to hide myself from the view of others and I had been quite successful at it. Of course there had been the odd incident like the time my best friend’s mum had unexpectedly turned up at our house looking for her son only to find me sitting by our pool getting a tan. I had obvious been thinking about that great looking girl with huge tits in gym class as I was quite hard and poor old Mrs Connery almost feinted at the site of my huge cock protruding out of my swimmers edging up towards my chest my swimmers bulging with my gigantic balls stuffed tightly within their lycra confines. As I recall it went something like this….

“O Brad, I’m so sorry for interrupting you like this but I was looking for George,” asked Mrs Connery desperately trying not to look at my raging hardon.

“Oh shit, Mrs Connery I wasn’t expecting anyone, I’m so sorry but George isn’t here right now,” I said desperately but unsuccessfully trying to stuff my semi hard cock back into my swimmers.

“Uh what did you say Brad?” replied Mrs Connery now moving closer to me her eyes fixed firmly on my crotch.

“He’s not here, no one is. Mum is out for the rest of the day, its just me and you,” I replied.

It was then that things became really interesting. Mrs Connery took a seat beside me and looking me in the eyes said “Brad I can’t tell you how pleased I am to finally get a chance to talk with, alone. You see I had my eye on you ever since you came over that first time.”

Then without speaking she casually reached over and grabbed my hand which was still attempting to conceal my cock with luck. She slowly raised it and moved my hand to the side exposing my predicament.

This had all happened so fast that I had barely had time to take in the beauty of Mrs Connery. She was about 40ish age that is as well as breast size. God they were nice sitting there held firmly in place by a sports bra and tight fitting singlet top. Even then I detected her hardening nipples pushing against the material.

“Sorry Mrs Connery, it’s just that I’m well a little embarrassed by my, well by my you know my…”

“Cock,” said Mrs Connery completing the sentence for me

I was shocked. The word cock came out her mouth so strongly, so forcefully. I had never before heard it said like that. Fuck it made me feel good to hear a women say that.

“Yeah cock, my big cock, my massive 14 inch cock,” to be exact I said now growing in confidence.

“14 inches, did I hear you correct young man. Did you say 14 inches?” gasped Mrs Connery.

“I did indeed, 14 inches of hot, hard pussy pounding cum spurting cock!” I proudly boasted.

“Now that I have to see, can I, please can I see it,” she begged.

“OK but as you can see I’m having a little trouble here so would you mind giving me a hand?” I teased.

“Sure Brad but I think I might need two not one for that big thing,” giggled Mrs Connery.

I stood up and Mrs Connery slowly reached inside my swimmers and undid the cord before pulling the front out and over my rapidly growing beast. While it was a struggle she persisted and finally released it where upon it proudly sat up pointing skyward in all its glory. I sat back down and my cock fell back onto my chest and abs with a resounding thump. Now fully hard I sat there with my hands over the side of the sun lounge.

“Oh my god Brad, that’s enormous!! Truly unbelievably huge!” stuttered Mrs Connery.

“Mmmmm I thought you say that, would you like to touch it?” I teased.

“God yes, can I?” she responded reaching forward towards it.

“Sure, but before you do how about you show me what you are hiding there inside that top of yours because by god it looks great and I just love big big tits,” I answered.

Mrs Connery was obviously a very confident woman. She stood up in front me and pulled her top over her head which was quickly followed by her sports bra revealing the most amazing set of tits I had ever seen.

“Shit Mrs Connery they are huge, look at the size of them they must be 40 inches,” I blurted out.

“42 EE to be precise young man,” she replied throwing her head back.

God she was hot! Her big juggs were topped off by protruding nipples now erect and proud. As she moved closer her giant tits swaying rhythmically now free bursa escort bayan of their constraints I new that I just had to have them in my mouth.

I lent forward and both hands reaching for her tits pushing them together my face now buried between them. The warm feeling of this mountain of breast flesh was intoxicating. I was in heaven. My heart raced my cock pulsated my mouth awash with saliva as I greedily went from one nipple to the other and then back again.

“Oooooh yeah Brad, suck my nipples harder squeeze my big tits harder you big stud. Take as much as you can in and suck me!!!” her voice now shrill and slightly broken.

I did as I was told, I sucked harder filling my mouth with nipple and tit flesh until I almost gagged and then sucked harder. Amazingly I could feel her large rock hard nipples tickling the back of my throat.

As I did I suddenly felt a hand grasp my throbbing cock and slowly commence stroking it long and hard. I was too busy attending to this hot women’s need for her tits to be sucked to look but I didn’t need to as the feeling was sensational. Here I was sucking the tits of a gorgeous women, the mother of a friend no less, as she stroked my 14 inch cock, heaven.

As much as I was enjoying feasting on her tits I wanted more, I wanted to feel her lips on my cock. I wanted to feel the sensation of her plump lips gripping my engorged shaft and see that look in her eyes as she feared for her well being as my gigantic cock stretched her mouth like it had never been stretched before.

I sat back and looked up at her. She was flushed, panting heavily her big beautiful brown eyes dilated a few beads of sweat on her brow.

“What now honey? What’s next? Would you like me to keep stroking your magnificent manhood?” asked Mrs Connery.

“I think you know exactly what I want,” I said taking footlong strokes with one hand and while running my other hand over my lips.

“Oh god! You want me to suck that monster don’t you?” replied Mrs Connery.

“Yep, all of it. I want your lips all over it. I want you take it all babe,” I replied.

A look of fear but also steely determination came over her face as she positioned herself in front of me sizing up the job that lay before her.

Fuck I felt so fucking horny I could feel the blood pumping through my shaft, I could see the veins throbbing and I could see the head now the size of a peach pulsating oozing precum liberally.

Slowly but surely Mrs Connery lent forward opening her mouth and placing it over the glistening head of my cock.

“See its just like sucking on a big juicy peach isn’t it,” I teased.

“That’s easy for you to say. You haven’t got your mouth over a massive cock that feels like it is about to erupt any second spewing what I’m sure will be gallons of hot cum from those massive balls of yours,” she replied momentarily removing her plump lips leaving just a touch of red lipstick on my cock.

I guess she had a point there as I did feel like Mt St Helens at the moment. Fuck I new I should have jerked off earlier today I might drown this poor women I thought as she again took my cock in her mouth.

For the next few minutes she proceeded to slowly but surely engulf my huge cock. As I lay there on the sun lounge she braced herself by holding onto each side of it and raising and lowering her upper body. God I loved looking down seeing her take my cock inch by inch. As she raised herself her big tits would come into view and when she went down her tits would squash against my huge balls forcing even more cum up my shaft, a truly sensational feeling but one I doubted I could sustain for much longer.

As she neared the 9 inch mark I knew she was getting close to her limit. I too was nearing my own limit and knew that an eruption of epic proportions was nearing.

“Sit up Mrs Connery, please sit,” I asked.

As she did strands of precum hung from her lips slowly dripping onto her tits. Her breathing was heavy and labored.

“What now big boy? What have you got install for me now you big stud, please tell me you have a big load of hot cum you want to plaster me with, please,” she begged.

“Oh Mrs Connery you have no idea what I have for you,” I replied now furiously stroking my granite like pole.

“Oh yeeeees give it me Brad, I need your cum, I neeeeed it now!!” screamed Mrs Connery reaching forward grabbing at my cock directing it towards her face in anticipation of the eruption.

“OHHHH FUUUCK, here it comes babe, OHHH escort bursa god I’m fucking cumming!!” I yelled as the first of what would be many blasts of cum flew through the air landing initially on her pretty face, the her neck and shoulders before I turned my attention to dousing her massive rack with a liberal dose of my load.

“Oh Brad, look at me, I soaked in your cum. Fuck I’ve never seen anyone cum so much, not even fucking close to that massive load you have just pumped all over me,” said Mrs Connery who was now scooping cum from her tits and licking it from her fingers.

It was at point that I was snapped out of my dream by Tim.

“Brad, Brad, man what the fuck is going on. Did you have something to do with what happened to Ms Bond?” asked Tim.

I shook my head to try and clear it as I did I saw Ms Bond finally being loaded into the ambulance.

I don’t know what was happening but once again my mind wandered off to earlier that afternoon when I had agreed meet Ms Bond in the gym.

It was yesterday while I was just finishing a weights session in the gym that I was approached by Ms Bond. I remember it clearly, I was just completing a set on the bench press when I looked up to see her standing there looking down at me.

As I looked up I had a perfect view of her large firm tits which protruded from her chest like two large but very firm sizable melons. God what a sight. Ms Bond was an extremely fit young lady. Word was that in her younger days she was a very talented gymnast who could have gone all the way to the Olympics but unfortunately for her nature was to have the final say in that for when she reached her late teens her breasts began to grow and grow and grow until they became what I was now feasting my eyes upon – massive full pillows of beautiful women flesh. God they were big. The poor girl must have been devastated as her increased breast size made it more and more difficult to compete at the highest level. The fact was that her massive tits just got in the way.

“Hello Brad, boy that’s quite a workout you have going there,” said Ms Bond.

“Yeah I’m feeling particularly strong today. I’ve never lifted this much before,” I replied trying not to stare at her impressive rack.

What happened next shocked me. She looked around and seeing that there was no one else nearby she bent down and sat up her knees. This meant that her heaving breast were now level with me. As I started to sit she placed a hand firmly on my abs and prevented me from sitting all the way up.

“Not so quickly Brad. Ooooh now that’s a nice six pack you have there young man,” said Ms Bond rubbing her hand up and down my abs.

“Mmmm well I do do a lot of work on them, its nice of you to notice,” I replied.

Suddenly her hand continued down to my shorts and she started running her and over my rapidly growing cock. While she started off tentatively she soon warmed to the task.

“Ooooh Brad, now that is nice. Soooo big! Just like the rest of you,” said Ms Bond.

“God that feels good but are you sure you should be doing this I mean…” but Ms Bond cut me off.

“Shut Brad I know exactly what I’m doing,” said Ms Bond firmly.

As if to prove her point she slipped her right hand up my shorts and inside my boxers where upon she wrapped her fingers around my throbbing shaft before commencing to stroke it.

God was this really happening!! I couldn’t believe that Ms Bond was actually jerking me off in the weights room.

By now my cock was fully erect bulging obscenely in my shorts. God it felt has hard as the steel bars I had only moments ago been lifting, only slightly bigger in diameter.

Just as I was approaching an earth shattering climax the door at the far end of the room opened in and in walked two other students. Ms Bond was clearly not happy as she reluctantly removed her hand from my cock but not before she had grabbed my big bulging balls and squeezed them hard.

She lent up closer to me her hot breath now tingling in my right ear.

“Tomorrow, tomorrow we get to finish this properly. Meet me here at 3pm in the office. I’m going to fuck your big stud cock and rain your big bull balls,” she panted in my ear.

With that she stood up her nipples like small pebbles proudly protruding from her full bosom.

I finished my session went home and dreamt about 3pm the day when Ms Bond and I would finally get a chance to fuck each other senseless.

Want part 2 when Brad does some serious damage to poor Ms Bond who struggles with his immense size. Followed by Brad being sent to the College Principal her self a hugely endowed disciplinarian who can’t resist Brad’s cock then send me some feed back which is always appreciated.

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