A Summer of Exploration

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I left the day after graduation and drove to New Orleans and my summer job. I had scored a room with an older couple and settled into life in one of my favorite cities.

Being on my own for the first time, I tested a lot of boundaries, expanded a few, and discovered a lot about myself. I had made up my mind to explore life before I would settle into life as a college freshman. On my days off I would walk the French Quarter, savoring its vibe, discovering its offerings. It was on such an outing that I met Mel, an older man, maybe forty-five’ish, and like me, a lover of museums. We ran into each other 2 days in a row and on the second day, he asked if I’d like to join him for a drink; I accepted and walked with him to a ‘local’s’ bar in the quarters.

One drink led to many and the four hours of the summer afternoon went quickly. He signaled for another round and slid his stool a bit closer to me, lowering his voice for privacy.

“We probably should get something to eat and soak up this alcohol after this drink,” Mel said, placing his hand on my leg to steady himself.

I felt his hand on my leg and for whatever reason, didn’t mind it being there. Turning a bit on my stool, to face him as he was also turned towards me, I said in response, “You’re right, I’m feeling no pain right now but I will, if I don’t get some food in me.”

“Want to grab a couple of Po-Boy sandwiches and eat them at my place? I only live a few blocks from here,” Mel asked, his hand still on my leg.

“Sounds like a plan,” I cheerfully replied, noting his soft squeeze to my knee as we downed our drinks and stood to leave.

The sandwiches were just what the doctor ordered, and then the doctor produced some cannabis for dessert. It was deliciously good weed and had me into the ozone in a heartbeat. Falling back into the cushions of the couch where we were sitting, agrı escort I closed my eyes and let the stone roll over me.

Mel and I continued to have a typical stoner conversation when, out of the blue, his hand returned to my leg, only this time, mid-thigh and slowly rubbing up and down. I opened my eyes and stared into his smiling face.

“Have you been touched like this, before, by a man? Mel asked.

“Not by a man, but when I was younger, a friend and I would jerk each other off sometimes. After a while, he started sucking me also sometimes,” I replied, sensing where this was going and comfortable with it, if it got there.

“Been with girls yet?” he asked.

“Yeah, a lot in school,” I honestly replied.

“Ever suck your friend in return?” he asked as his hand moved closer to my crotch.

“No, he wanted me to but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. He seemed okay with it and continued to blow me when we fooled around,” I replied.

Mel removed his hand and lit the remains of the joint we had started. Two hits each was all that was left but it was more than enough. I fell back into the cushions with a very good feeling. I felt Mel move closer to me at the same time that I felt his hand drop onto my crouch, squeezing and rubbing, producing an instant hard-on in my eighteen year-old cock.

“You like me doing this, don’t you?” he asked as his fingers worked on my belt and zipper.

“It feels good,” I admitted. I didn’t say what I was thinking which was I hoped he was going to go down on me, because I was horny as hell.

“Older men know things,” he said softly in my ear as he worked my pants and shorts down my legs, kissing me softly on my ear, running his tongue across my lobe.

His hand gripped my cock and slowly, expertly, began to move up and down my shaft. Closing my escort ağrı eyes, I surrendered to the feelings. Moving to the floor, he pulled my clothes off of my legs and kneeled between my legs, his hand still stroking my cock. Lowering his head, he surrounded my cock with his warm mouth and throat, nosily sucking with intensity. I placed my hands on his head as if to guide him but he needed no guidance; he knew what he was doing.

As he sucked on me, teasing me, toying with me, he got out of his own clothes, then helped me out of my shirt. Both naked now, he returned to deliver a cocksucking of the ages. As I felt my climax mount, I was now lifting my hips in a fucking motion, fucking his mouth which he seemed to relish. In what seemed to last an hour, my climax exploded a ton of cum into Mel’s mouth and throat, which he swallowed with gusto. Pausing to swallow, he returned to lick and suck the cum that was left on my cock, swallowing it afterwards. Moving to the couch, he collapsed next to me, his head leaning towards mine.

Taking my hand in his, he led mine to his cock, hard and large, longer than mine by a couple of inches, but not as thick.

“You know what to do, don’t you?” he asked as his hand left mine, my fingers squeezing his cock. I was turned on, that was the short of it.

“I do,” I replied and with eyes closed, I slowly stroked his shaft, his sounds of enjoyment soft in the air. The more I stroked, the hornier I became, wanting more but not sure what. Mel took the decision from me after a few minutes by pulling me, gently, from the couch and moving me to the floor in front of him. He wants me to suck his dick my mind flashed and just that quickly I decided that I wanted to.

Spreading his legs apart a bit further, I lowered my head and began kissing the head of his dick, flicking my tongue across ağrı escort bayan the head and slit. I’d never done this before but I reasoned that if I did to a cock what I like done to mine, I couldn’t be far off the mark.

My mouth slipped easily over Mel’s cock-head, my senses enjoying the feeling of his cock sliding in my mouth, between my lips. His sounds were louder which seemed to drive my efforts even more.

I felt myself getting hard and reached down to stroke myself as I continued to work his cock deeper into my mouth and throat.

I almost gagged from surprise when his cum exploded in my throat but I didn’t. Swallowing the first load, I continued to suck the juice from him, noticing that I didn’t mind the taste at all. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad, either.

Pulling me up to my feet after a bit, he led me down a hallway to his bedroom, both of us stopping to relieve ourselves in his adjoining bathroom. When I walked into the darkened bedroom, the only light was from the cracked hall door.

Mel was sitting with his back against the headboard, slowly stroking his cock. Seeing me, he slid down the bed and made room for me, telling me to lie down but inverted, head to toes.

I knew what a sixty-nine was, having done it with girls, so the mechanics were the same, I reasoned. Just that quickly, we each lowered our heads to the other’s cock and began sucking.

I have to say that I was enjoying this bit of man-play immensely and yet, I felt no threat to my love of pussy. I was strangely comfortable, at that young age of eighteen, with enjoying sex with either girls or guys. It was all good, as far as I was concerned.

He came first which triggered my own climax and the two of us greedily and hungrily sucked and swallowed each other’s juice.

He wanted me to spend the night but I said no. He invited me to a ‘small cocktail’ party at his place on the weekend ahead. Without thinking about it, I accepted and left.

Walking back to my rooming house, I reflected on the evening’s activities and decided that I was okay with it all. I got off, he got off and nobody got hurt.


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