A Surprising First

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This is my first submission — actually, my first story — and any comments/advice/praise/abuse you could offer would be gladly accepted.


Leaning against the doorway, wearing only a long grey shirt which barely touched her thighs, she looked like something out of a magazine. Her long blonde hair, slightly disheveled, fell softly over her small breasts, which were just visible though the fabric. I couldn’t help dropping my gaze to her thin, porcelain legs — they looked so soft I longed to just reach out and stroke them. I tried to convince myself that Chloe was my best friend, that I shouldn’t let her throw away her virginity on me.

Chloe and I had known each other for five years, and never had I thought about her any more than a great friend. We told each other everything. I knew about the girls she played around with in year nine. She knew my fantasies about the drama teacher at school. She’d go through all these boyfriends, and I’d be the one to help her get over them afterwards.

But how did this goddess suddenly appear half-naked in my bedroom door? It all started after Chloe had broken up with her last boyfriend. She called me the moment it happened.

“Hey Ben, sorry…” She had said, “I know it’s late… but could you come to my place? I sorta just dumped Paul.”

“Yeh sure Chloe, are you ok?”

“I’m fine…” She was quiet for a while, and when she spoke, she sounded almost pleading, “I just really want to see you…”

I didn’t think it was too strange at the time. My parents were away that weekend, so I just walked out of the door. She lived literally three houses down the road anyway; it didn’t take me long at all to get there. When I knocked, she opened the door right away and led me quickly upstairs to her room; her parents were probably asleep downstairs.

As I sat down on her bed, I began to actually take notice of her. She wasn’t upset, as you would expect someone who just ended a relationship to be. On the contrary, as she lightly sat down beside me, she looked into my eyes with an electrifying, teasing expression. For a split-second, my eyes wandered down to her tight fitting white singlet, which followed her figure down to those stunning, skinny legs. Too hastily, I corrected my gaze — but I’m sure that she noticed — for she casually slid herself closer to me, until her jeans were brushing up against mine.

Croaking my voice, I asked how she was feeling.

“I’m alright — I did the dumping, remember?” She grinned slightly, “I guess I’m just feeling disappointed…”


“Yes. I wanted my first time to be with Paul — but he’s such a dickhead. All he ever did was ogle at my breasts.”

For all the while I’d been sneaking glances at her sexy body. After she said this, I quickly looked up again and into her joking eyes — muttering some stupid apology. She laughed.

“It’s alright Ben, I like it when you look at me like that”, she was still grinning at my blushing, “But I couldn’t lose it to Paul. Anyway, it doesn’t matter now; I’ve decided who I’m losing it to now.”

“Who?” I asked innocently. I pretended to ignore the way her mamak escort eyes had been smoldering into mine, the way she’d arched her body in my direction, the way her hand was suddenly on my knee. She took a short breath.

“You, Ben,” she whispered, now moving even closer to me. Her face was inches away from mine. Her hand edged slowly up my leg.

“Me?” I whispered even softer to her lips. With a rush of euphoria, she rested her hand over my crotch, slowly rubbing the long outline of my now-hard penis. Our lips still hadn’t touched. I was breathing in short bursts. Her eyes still burned with desire. Her mouth curved into a satisfied grin as she moved her hands to unbutton my jeans.

Suddenly I snapped.

“Stop, stop, please,” I rushed, quickly standing up and facing her, “you’ve just broken up with you boyfriend. I can’t be a rebound, Chloe… I have — I’ve got to go now.”

“No, please don’t go Ben,” she pleaded, her expression horrified. It made me feel awful, but I was certain I was doing the right thing. I didn’t want to lose Chloe as a friend.

“I’m sorry Chloe…. I’ve — I’ve got to go now.”

So I left her there, alone, and almost ran home.

It seemed to take hours for my hard-on to shrink to normal size. Finally, I jumped in the shower. Everything felt weird. I couldn’t believe that Chloe, my best friend for five years, had come onto me like that. Eventually, I turned off the taps, dried off quickly, and tied a towel around my waist.

I noticed nothing as I walked from the bathroom. It was just as I came into my bedroom, just as I was about to jump into bed and reach for a magazine, that I heard her standing behind me. She’d clearly raided my closet while I was in the shower; the light grey shirt was far too big for her small figure. At first I was in shock, until I looked up into her resolute eyes. I could not resist her, this time. Looking again at her sexy body, feeling my cock harden for her, I knew that I wanted it just as badly.

“Ben” she said simply, “Do this.”

I didn’t say anything. She moved very close to me, kissing me on my chest, then my neck, then my lips. I responded immediately, holding her close, cupping my hands around her tight ass, tracing my fingers up her smooth hips, feeling her wet tongue firm against mine.

“Take it off,” she whispered, and I traced further up her body, lifting my shirt over her head and throwing it to the ground by the bed, so she was completely naked. Her hands were pressed up against my chest. She gently pushed me down onto a seated position on the bed, smiling at my erect penis pushing against the towel.

“You’re a big boy, Ben,” she laughed. I reached out to touch her, to feel her beautiful smooth skin. She sat down on my lap, her legs wrapped around my waist. I sucked her little brown nipples, nudging them softly with my tongue. Chloe let out a soft moan, and I moved to her other breast, holding her close with my hands on her ass.

Very soon, she pushed my down again. I was lying flat on my back, with Chloe above me, crawling over my legs and closing her hand over my cock — still wrapped ankara masaj yapan escort in the towel. Quite gingerly at first, she rubbed up and down.

“I’ve never given a hand-job before,” she said mildly, “am I doing it right?”

I moaned in reply. Her hand tightened around my cock, moving faster and faster. She was driving me crazy; I thought I was going to cum all over my towel.

As if reading my thoughts, she pulled away the towel, so I was completely naked. She slowly lowered her head over my twitching cock, opening her lips, dropping lower and lower. Infuriatingly, she passed the tip — kissing my shaft, my balls and my inner thighs. After an agonizing few seconds, she moved back up my cock, lowering it into her wet mouth. Her juicy, firm tongue wrapped around my tip. Ecstasy rocketed throughout my entire body. I immediately felt the cum welling up inside of me. She bounced up and down, faster and faster, one hand cupping my balls, the other holding the base of the shaft.

“Oh my god Chloe — fuck yes” I moaned. She kept sucking, her hot tongue furiously moistening my cock, bobbing her head up and down in a blur. My back was arching with pleasure. My whole cock suddenly jolted, I felt the intense heat rising.

“I’m going to cum Chloe, right now!” She increased the suction of her lips, slathering her tongue all over the sides of my head at the same time. My cock erupted, streaming a torrent of cum into her tightly closed mouth. Still she took in more, swallowing all of it, licking up the last drops from the very tip of my shuddering cock. She then reached for a water bottle, taking a few swigs before turning back to me.

I didn’t have time to recover from the best orgasm of my life, Chloe deserved everything from me, and besides, I was still absolutely firm and probably would be for quite a while. Kissing her passionately, I turned her over so that she was lying flat on the bed, with me on top of her. She moaned again, and her hand moved down to her little shaved pussy. I took them in mine, placing them up by her head. She would pay for trying to tease me earlier.

Softly, slowly, I kissed her lips, her cheek, her neck, then above her breasts. My kisses became harder and faster. I kissed her pointing nipples again; she gave another soft sigh in reply.

I went on kissing, further and further down, and then began tracing my tongue along her soft skin, circling her belly button, the front of her hips. Her legs were wide open now, carrying no tension at all, begging for satisfaction. I grinned, and in revenge, I lowered myself further — now kissing her lower thighs.

“Ben, oh my god, stop fucking teasing me, I’m absolutely soaking!”

She really was. She had a beautiful, moist pussy, completely shaved. I wondered whether she did that just after she dumped Paul. It was sure turning me on. With immense restraint, laughing inwardly at Chloe’s agitation, I kissed her right leg, then her left, then her right, moving like this slowly up her thighs. She moaned deeply with each kiss, already bucking her hips, trying to get past my hands to reach her sopping-wet mithatpaşa escort pussy.

“Let me… please, Ben… it’s — it’s too much.”

I past over her upper thighs and began nudging the very edge of her pink lips with my tongue. She almost screamed, her pussy gushed with a surge of juice, her body thrashed like she was being electrocuted. I noticed her clit pushing out, and gave it a tiny lick. The response was instantaneous, she screamed like every part of her was on fire, her whole body crumpled up, loosened again, then again and again. Her sheets were now soaking as well, so was everything around her pussy, which burst forth new streams of liquid.

“Oh my god, Ben, no no no no, oh my god, yes yes! Fuck yes!”

It was lucky that my parents had left, but even so, I was beginning to worry that her parents would wake up down the street because of her ecstatic screaming. Just as her thrashing died down, I put my whole mouth over her steaming wet mound, my tongue reaching through the folds, tasting the beating bursts of streaming juice. This time she tried to suppress her screaming, but she couldn’t help but moan wildly as her body bucked beneath my probing tongue as she entered into her second climax that night.

Abruptly I bounded up her body, kissing her lips. Chloe sucked on my tongue like it was my cock, drinking in and savoring her pussy juices. Her hands reached below the bed to where she’d kept her pants — pulling out little foil package — hastily tearing it open and forcing it into my hand. She watched impatiently as I fitted it over my cock. If I felt nervous, she didn’t feel the same way. She grabbed my cock, positioning it straight into her pussy.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. At this time, I was also a virgin, and the feeling of having my dick inside her steaming, wet pussy was totally indescribable. She gave a little cry of shock when I was fully in her — and a louder one when my head became obstructed by her hymen. I didn’t want to hurt her, but she held my ass firmly down, looking surely into my eyes.

“Do it,” She whispered.

So I pushed harder. She winced slightly as I felt the blockage break apart, but after I’d moved in her a few times the pain was replaced by sheer elation. All the gentleness of our first time had gone away. There was no tenderness now. I pounded her tight pussy furiously. She rocked back and forwards with me, kissing my savagely all over my face, biting my lower lip, growling fiercely.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Chloe panted, “I’m going to cum.”

“Me too.”

The heated walls of her juicy pussy squeezed tightly around my cock. My whole body thrilled and tingled. Shooting pleasure rose from my crotch, up my spine and into my brain as cum began to erupt out of my cock. She moaned again in a fit of deep pleasure. Our erratic pounding intensified as we both climaxed. Still we rocked together, kissing each other furiously as we began to slow.

Finally, we stopped, breathless, and lay there next to each other. She rolled over, her blonde hair even more wild, her eyes staring intensely into mine.

“That was fucking brilliant, Ben…” Her voice trailed away.

“This cannot be a one time thing,” I breathed, still stunned. Chloe laughed, pulling a blanket over both our naked bodies and wrapping her outer leg around my waist.

“Be careful what you wish for, Ben,” she snorted, “tomorrow’s a Sunday and I’m not going anywhere.”

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