A Tale of Endless Winter

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Dear readers, I decided to write about my own take on winter holidays, which is not about a specific celebration/custom, but about this strange feeling we get every year around this time, trying to express it as best as I could with a story. For me it is the classic setting of a home suddenly cozier, a street suddenly empty, a heart suddenly lonelier and a never-ending night familiarly melancholic.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this story:)

PS. both characters are adults

The air was cold that night, whistling through the tree branches like a hummingbird’s wings. So cold, that you could see the droplets of breath densing the air around her lips, as she walked down the cobblestone street. High heels clicking on the ground louder and louder, made a sound you could swear sounded like black stilettos. She was holding a present with one hand and her long, suede coat with the other to stop the wind from blowing it open. He was simply standing behind the window with that devilish smile on his face, admiring her effort to cover her long legs from the winter’s hard touch. How I long to feel the straps of your heels tight under my fingers, he thought to himself.

Sipping another sip of the deep red cherry wine, Daniel paced to the door. The aroma was lingering on his clothes and filled the white room with stains of seduction. Soon enough, she would come through the door and bring him to his knees. The snow had unveiled a lost purity in the small, downtown neighborhood, but her very presence there threatened to disguise it.

Jessamine is the earlier spelling of the flower jasmine. A beautiful and delicate flower with an innocently clear smell. What people don’t know is that jasmine is highly toxic. What an appropriate name. Addictive was another word to describe their relationship. No promises. No expectations. The noise of the night was never followed by the peace of the morning and so their story became a broken record playing over a paradox. How can there be endless moons, when the sun never comes up?

A knock on the door interrupted Daniel’s thoughts and raised his sight off the crystal glass. He opened the heavy door and let a breeze fly in and freeze the scene. Jessamine was leaning on the board, looking gorgeous. Her big, dark blue eyes captivating his soul, her crooked smile as lewd as ever.

“Are you going to invite me in?” she stepped in brushing his shoulder. She stood in the middle of the room, her back turned away from her host at the door and made the slightest movement to lift her hands from her torso, signaling Daniel to rush in and strip her from the warm coat.

“I brought you a gift, Daniel”, she said in a particularly festive manner. “I spent many hours trying to find just the right thing.”

“Well, isn’t that flattering. If I knew we were exchanging poker oyna presents I would have taken advantage of mall Santa’s lap when I had the chance.”

Now a bigger, more human smile softened her features. “Don’t be silly.”

She was dressed in a long sleeveless silky black dress and those deadly black stilettos that elongated her heavenly figure. Her hair was a blond mess, ending at undefinable lengths on her back. Whenever she moved she could not help but sway her hips gently and carry herself in a fragile, ethereal way. She was truly a sensual creature. Many times the question had crossed Daniel’s mind, if she woke up with those ruby lips. It seemed as if God Himself would not have dared to deprive those luscious lips of colour.

“Here, have a drink”, he offered her a half-empty glass.

She took it, then walked past the window and set it on the desk. She picked up the bottle and held it over her open mouth, swallowing a big gulp of alcohol. How she managed to portray herself as this luxurious lady and the next moment tear it all down by doing something so rebelliously unladylike was beyond his grip.

He suddenly threw his glass, shuttering it on the floor, he grabbed her arm and neck and broke the contact with the wine with a kiss. Some liquid dribbled down her chin and plunged in her cleavage, leaving a moist trail between her breasts. Their tongues met and their breaths became one. She dropped the bottle on the thick carpet, its content pouring on the wool, soaking it. Daniel lifted her up and sat her on the desk. He parted her legs with one hasty move, causing her dress to lift around her thighs. His manly hands roamed the bare flesh all the way to her ass and she moaned with anticipation. She found his belt and unbuckled it, took it out and tossed it on the desk chair. Then she undid his buttons, all the while he was kissing her neck and tangling his fingers through her hair. She pushed him away which caused him to pull her hair with him, sliding her down from the surface.

She kneeled in front of him and took his cock in her right hand. She came close and rubbed it on her lips, parting them. She licked the head, put it in her mouth and sucked it a bit. Then she took it out and, turning her gaze on him, she ran her tongue from his balls all the way on his shaft and flicked it a couple of times on the tip. Still locking her narrowed eyes with his, Jessamine winked, then dropped her head and took Daniel’s cock completely in her mouth. Both her hands were on his flat stomach as she started going down on him faster and harder. She was sucking him the whole time, as if she were trying to pull his cum out of him. When she squeezed his balls and took it in again, he was too close. He roughly dragged her on her hands, bent on the floor behind her and took his belt from the chair.

That canlı poker oyna devilish smile was forming once again, as he raised his hand high in the air and let it fall down forcefully, whipping the leather on her cheek and extracting a scream from his lover. Immediately he shoved his face between her legs and started licking her inner lips. He found her hole and dipped his tongue in, only to replace it with a finger. Then two. He went slow, touching her walls and caressing her folds, lubricating them with her wetness and tapping her clitoris. The sensation was so intense, Jessamine left her head hanging and gave into the groans. His fingers now probed her in short periods, cutting her breath in half as she was near explosion. He took them out and circled her clit over and over and over, until she had reached the point of no return, her head swinging from side to side, her legs wobbling, his other hand reached out and pinched her nipple, massaged her breast, the circling still continuing. She gasped for air, a tremble shocking her cunt from the inside out and right there on all four, she let her elbows bend, her forehead on the rug, screaming and shaking as she came on his hand. He didn’t stop, he let her ride through her orgasm and calmed down with her.

“Oh fuck, Daniel, I can never get enough of you and your skills.”

“Don’t worry, baby, we have all winter ahead of us. Now let me remind you the rest of it.”

He picked her up and kissed her, holding her face in his hands and she wrapped her arms around him. They kissed like that for a while, building tension from their bodies sticking together. She opened her eyes, took a step back and admired the man in front of her. Tall and strong, wide shoulders and muscular limbs, he made her feel so safe yet so uneasy. His short black curls were meant to nest like rings around her fingers and his jade green eyes were meant to stare at hers. He had the smallest dimples contradicting his rugged looks and a deep voice that drove her wild. She popped his shirt buttons open and let it hang loosely revealing just enough of his toned body. His pants were also merely off to the point where his cock had sprung hard. He looked so damn sexy every time he was right about to have her.

Daniel cupped her breasts and brushed her nipples, hardening them with his thumbs. He lowered her dress and let her breasts out, then leaned forward to lick them.

“You make me so hard, Jessa, the only thing that matters to me anymore is fucking you. I think of your lips blowing me, your hands making me grow, your cunt glistening in the moonlight every fucking night.”

As words mixed with grunts escaped his teeth, Daniel caressed Jessamine’s body and was slowly turning her around to face the wall behind the desk. One hand on her ribcage teasing the mound of her breast, one coming internet casino from her thigh up, accenting her wonderful curve. The second time, his hand found the middle of her legs and ass and rested on her opening.

“Ah, yes”, she exhaled.

“Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please, all I want is for you to take me. Please put it in.”

Such a devious sight, making a beautiful woman bend over a desk and beg for cock.

“Here it comes, Jess. Take it like a good girl.”

He directed his cock to her slit and he covered it with her juices. He inserted the tip, then he took it out, in again, then out, stretching her excruciatingly slow. She held the end of the desk and bit her lip, knowing Daniel’s rough ways in the bedroom. And just as she feared and wanted, he thrust his all of his cock in her, one push and he was deep inside. Then another one, not fast, but so strong that it shook the desk beneath them. He kept hammering her with steady force as his hands were holding her waist.

He repositioned himself, leaned over her body and took hold of the edge of the desk, over her hands. Now he could not hold it in any longer. He started fucking her faster, his cock so hard it went in and out right away.

“Yes, yes, yeaah, don’t stop, fuck me!”

He kept taking her roughly, harder with each thrust and letting go of one hand to pull her hair violently or place it around her breasts and neck, choking her ever so slightly. He pounded her from behind nonstop, both their bodies sweating and trembling with passion, her ass arched to give access to her penetrator, their eyes closed and mouths open, his cock filling her inside. She felt the wave of pleasure washing over her hot body, she was ready to let go.

“I’m gonna cum, Daniel, Im so close, please, please, oh god, keep fucking me!”

“Aaaah, come on, take it like that, cum for me, cum while I’m pounding your cunt…”

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

“Aaaaagh, yes, baby, I’m gonna cum inside you!”

The tipping point, the final thrust, everything became more real, more heady, more painful. They shouted and grinded their bodies together as they came. He pushed in her for a few more times and he stayed inside when he crambled on top of her on the desk.

There were no words for their experience, the lust and the passion that grew within them in a split second was something as exciting as dangerous. They spent what was left of the night lying on the floor, in front of an empty fireplace, talking. About nothing, about everything. The snow outside was still paving the roads, getting the city ready for the holidays. This winter wouldn’t spare the flowers. Before the day came, she uncurled from his arms, she gave him a kiss and she left. He was awake and he was looking at her dressing. She turned around before she opened the door, they took a glimpse and they parted.

When Daniel finally got up, he noticed the present left at the window. He opened the fancy red box and there it was: a perfect picture of a sunrise.

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