A Tennessee Education Pt. 06

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Sharon moves things along with her two slaves

Now with two household slaves in tow Mistress Sharon takes time to merge them from two separate entities into a single functioning unit. To make this happen she organizes several events to bond the two into a harmonious unit. She also learns unexpected things during her trial and error approach. As stated in each of the previous parts, this story is a fantasy and one in which female dominance/femdom is advocated. If female dominance/male submission or man subjugated to slavery is not what you are looking for you will not want to read further. If it is, I hope you enjoy the read. Before you read here, please read the previous parts as each section builds on the one previous.


A Tennessee Education

Part 6: More Changes on the Horizon

As the school year progressed into the final marking period, Sharon put in a request to the School Board that they extend the time needed for full academic remediation thorough the end of the calendar year. After she and Bobby met with the board, explained what they had accomplished, demonstrated what successes they had so far seen and why they needed more time, the Board agreed to discuss the issue at their next meeting and bring it to a vote.

When Mistress and slave left the downtown site after that Board meeting, they were surprised to see Mariko waiting at the foot of the marble steps.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” Sharon said wondering why she was several miles from home on a perfect April evening.

“I thought maybe you and I could spend some time together,” she said to Sharon. “Mind if we talk while I drive? He can take your car home can’t he?”

“Sure.” She handed slave the keys and told him to make sure the newly washed clothes were folded and put away.

When they were on the road, Mariko quickly brought their conversation around to the subject of Jasmine. “You’ve hardly said a word to me about this girl ever since you kidnapped her. My curiosity is getting the best of me.”

“So that’s why you stood out there – because of Jasmine?” she beamed. “How long were you waiting?”

“You know how I am Sharon. Once I make up my mind I can’t let it go.”

She grinned.

“And you know I have to see something through to the end, so yes, that’s why I spent my after work evening eating a vendor’s hotdog and drinking a Coke while peaking inside to see how the meeting was progressing. Normally I’d come in but I hate those dam Board meetings. They last forever and accomplish what? Nothing,” she said answering her own question. “I’m driving to your place by the way. Figured you’d let me see the girl at least.”

“OK,” she said apprehensively. “You have a plan at work and I have no idea what this plan of yours is.”

“I do. I thought the three of us could spend some time together at my place. Just the three of us.”

“That sounds fine Mariko.”

“Great, so how is this cute little project of yours? Is she coming along?”

Sharon was about to explain it all when Mariko added, “Kamelah tells me she’s exceptional.”

“Mistress Mariko, you do seem to have tentacles that are far reaching. Anything else you’ve learned while you’ve been prying into my personal life?”

Mariko kept a straight face although she was smiling internally. “Oh, a little of this and a little of that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Jessica.” She said tersely.

Sharon gasped. “How did you ever hear about that and what do you know?”

“She told me about your dinner social sometime in January. Really the only reason she brought it up was because you had mentioned about me giving you Bobby.” Mariko smiled charmingly. “A little later into our conversation she explained all the juicy parts.” She laughed while Sharon sat shaking her head in amazement.

“It wasn’t until she revealed every detail of how nice it felt to have your slave eat her pussy and the incredible climaxes she had that I began wondering about things.”

“Why would that little tidbit of information make you wonder about anything more than a slave licking a mistress to an orgasm?”

She tapped one finger against the side of her head a few times, “I remember things Sharon. I remember everything that is important,” she said smiling. “One of those little nuggets was shared to me by your slave shortly after he started working here. He said something about a daughter. It was nothing more than a passing comment but I knew a Jessica that was about the same age as his child and I wondered if coincidences were indeed possible.”

Sharon blurted, “They are. What they did when they were together was scary hot. I mean he did things to her he has never done to me. It’s weird how intense he makes her come.”

“Are you going to tell her?” Mariko inquired.

“Hell no! She’ll think I’m a creep if I do!”

“But he knows?”

“Oh yea. I took him to her place while she and I had dinner. He was at my feet when she told her life’s story. He figured it out before I did. I wondered if they might be after she mentioned she’d grown up in Randolf of all places. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw Thirty-five had been crying while he knelt listening.”

“It is a small tuzla escort world sometimes,” Mariko said softly.

“Indeed it is. Please don’t let Jessica know more at this point,” Sharon pleaded.

“I wouldn’t ever do that. Your secret will remain just that unless you decide otherwise.”

Sharon squeezed her shoulder gently. “Thank you.”

When they arrived, Sharon hurried inside informing Jasmine they were going out. She didn’t wait for the slave girl to answer. Instead she grabbed her hand and pulled her along, naked and beautiful, out to the waiting car. It was the first time slave girl had left the house since her arrival in December. When the trunk lid popped open and Sharon pointed, telling her to climb in she froze. Only then did Sharon realize why.

“This is going to be a short trip,” she reassured her. “I always transport slave this way. He rides in the trunk every day to and from work.”

Jasmine still looked at her tentatively.

“I am not going to harm you slave girl. Now get inside. Someone wants to meet you.”


“Slave girl, you know better than to question me. Get inside. I’ll not repeat myself,” her voice suddenly becoming more stern.

“Yes Mistress. It’s hard to trust you right now but I will.”

“That’s a good slave,” Sharon said patronizing as she checked to be certain she was fully in. She shut the lid locking her in darkness.

When Sharon got back in, Mariko explained how she had forgotten all about a commitment she had later this evening.

“We don’t need to go. This can wait,” Sharon insisted.

“Sharon. Don’t even think about it. I want to see her up close and in person. Besides it will be good for you to meet Malik.”

“He sounds black.”

Mariko laughed. “Black, handsome, intelligent, and maybe slave material.” She grinned deviously.

“So why do you want me to meet him?” Her curiosity piqued.

“I’m not sure. Just something in my gut is telling me it wouldn’t hurt. And besides, he works in the school system – at one of the middle schools. He might be someone you have to work with before you are all through with your project.”

“When’s he coming over?”

“In about an hour. Tell you what,” Mariko said suddenly having a thought, “What if you left the girl with me for the night. That will give me more time to assess her.”

Sharon balked, “Let’s wait and see how the evening goes. I’ll decide if she stays later.”

Mariko frowned.

“I’m afraid you might lose the slave girl just like you lost my other one.” Sharon did her best to suppress her amusement but couldn’t and suddenly burst into laughter.

“Not a chance! If you let her stay, she will be leashed at all times. That slave won’t be going anywhere!” she said amused at the witty comment.

When the car finally stopped and the trunk door released Jasmine stared up into the eyes of the woman.

“It’s you!”

“Hi Jasmine, my don’t you look beautiful.”

“Why am I here?” her antennae now raised to a Code Red status.

“Slave, you don’t ask questions. Mind your manners. Come, let me help you out.” Mariko extended her hand. Jasmine took it.

“You may call me Mistress Mariko and I will call you slave. Now let’s practice,” she said promptly.

“Mistress Mariko?”

“Yes slave.”

“Why did I have to ride in the trunk?”

“Because that’s where all slaves ride.” She looked at the young blonde curiously with those big almond eyes. Mariko corrected herself, “I meant to say, that’s where all the new slaves ride. At some point, when a Mistress fully trusts a slave she may let them ride in the car with her.”

“Thank you Mistress. I didn’t know that.”

Mariko patted the woman on the ass and motioned for her to come up the porch steps.

By the time they had gotten inside, Sharon had already gotten the wine out of the refrigerator and was pouring two glasses. Mariko led Jasmine to the formal living room and sat down.

“Turn around,” she said motioning to the slave girl. “Beautiful body this one has,” Mariko called out to Sharon.

Jasmine stood bowing her head deferentially as she presented. Her nipples remained hard like two jellybeans attached to the tips of perfectly shaped breasts and her pussy visible between spread legs.

“I see your Mistress has trained you well. Worship!” she snapped.

She dropped to her knees bowing as Mistress had taught her so long ago.

“Good girl. Lick my feet. Be sure to get between my toes.”

Jasmine obeyed and remained doing so while the two mistresses conversed. Their banter for the next while passed all too fast and came to a momentary pause when the doorbell rang.

“Would you get that for me Sharon? I’m enjoying her too much to move.”

Sharon smiled after seeing slave girls perfect ass looking back at her. She had indeed turned out to be a perfect slave.

Mariko listened as Malik and Sharon introduced themselves to one another. Sharon prepped him by saying a slave girl was busy with Mariko. Malik smiled; his teeth white against his dark handsome skin. Sharon was immediately taken. The man was truly gorgeous.

“I see you two have met.”

“Indeed we have,” said Malik.

” And tuzla escort bayan don’t you both look good standing together,” Mariko added. She watched him star intently at Jasmine’s naked body.

“Malik,” Mariko said clapping her hands and getting his attention. “Yes she’s naked and she’s licking my feet but don’t you give her another thought. She’s just a slave girl,” she said casually as if there was nothing abnormal about what he was seeing.

Malik’s eyes widened while he shook his head. Then he grinned. Mariko never ever seemed to have a dull and ordinary moment in her life. This was yet another example.

“Here,” Mariko said, “Come and sit.” When he did she added “I honestly forgot all about our date and double booked my evening when I invited Sharon and her slave over. She’s been training this one for about,” she paused.

“About four months now,” Sharon added.

“She’s your slave?” he asked.

“Yes. She belongs to me.”

“She looks hot,” Malik said.

Sharon asked, “What looks hot?”

Malik grinned. “That!” He said pointing to what she was doing. “That looks hot!”

Sharon slowly smiled, her face brightening even more. “No one’s busy with my feet,” she said coolly.

Malik looked at each of the three women in turn but didn’t move.

Mariko spoke up. “Malik, a beautiful woman offers you the opportunity to worship her feet and you are going to deny her that pleasure?”

“My god Mariko I just walked in.”

“Well now that you’re here don’t you think you should be productive?”

He opened his mouth but could think of nothing to say in his defense. He stared at Mariko.

She spoke, “And besides, we were just talking about something important when you rang the bell. This will be the perfect excuse to let us continue with our gossip. Now don’t keep the lady waiting.”

Malik looked once more at Sharon he moved her gaze from him to her feet and back again several times. He smiled.

“As you wish,” he said finally. “May I move the coffee table?”

“No,” Mariko said, “but you may crawl underneath it. Her feet are on the floor. There is no need to move the table.”

Sharon giggled at Mariko’s wit. She waited patiently as the handsome black man situated himself and slipped off her shoes.

“He’s got some big hands,” Mariko said, “and some big feet too. You know what they say about men like that.”

“Mariko, what were we talking about? I don’t think it was the size of his appendages.” Her grin betrayed her words.

Mariko leaned forward, “You mean his appendage,” she said using the singular variation of that word. “Now that would be an interesting topic to segue our conversation to, given this recent knowledge we have about Malik.”

Sharon noticed Jasmine was now kissing Mariko’s calf and during the next ten minutes slowly kissed her way up to her pussy. She realized Mariko had anticipated this possibility. She wasn’t wearing any panties and her skirt was loose, permitting easy access to anyone she wanted to put between her thighs.

Sharon meanwhile enjoyed Malik’s style. His strong hands massaged the layers of muscles in her arch and his tongue delicately stroked her feet. There was something different in the way this man worshipped. She didn’t know what it was but it felt so very good. He had a style about him that aroused her. She didn’t understand why but it was there and she liked feeling this way. She hadn’t felt titillated in this way in a long time – maybe since before she and Jonathan parted ways. Although his technique was raw and unskilled he did something for her that felt so very nice!

A half hour later, with neither woman having spoken a word during most of that time, Mariko stood, grabbed Jasmine by the hand and together they headed upstairs.

“Where are they going?” Malik whispered.


“I knew that much,” he said speaking louder. Why did they leave?”

“Probably because Mariko wanted to see how good she is at eating pussy,” she said matter of fact.

Malik moaned and then added, “That sounds even better than foot worship.”

Sharon smiled. “I have high standards Mr. Malik.”

“My performance standards are all first rate,” he countered

“No man has ever licked me without being naked.”

“May I stand for you Madam?”

“Mistress sounds better, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Why Mistress?”

“Because I am. I’ll never not be. I live to be pleased and not to please others; I am one who is to be obeyed. I don’t take orders from anyone,” she watched his eyes while he still knelt, cupping one foot inside his big hand. “And I never will.”

“You are speaking my language, Mistress.”

“I really don’t know that I am. Talk is cheap Malik. Obedience is not something that comes easy to most men and I doubt you’re an exception.”

“Care to find out?”

“No, not now,” she said bluntly. “Let’s stick to the basics, shall we? Off with the clothes.” She flicked her hand as if to tell him to lose them now.

He stood and she watched as he unbuttoned his dress shirt revealing a ripped chest and abdomen. Strong well defined muscles rippled with every movement. Sharon twirled her finger while he slowly turned letting her examine escort tuzla his posterior while her excitement at seeing such a nice body rocketed upward.

“Lose the socks next. I don’t want to see you your cock with socks on.” She grinned fiendishly.

“No socks tonight Mistress. I came prepared.” He slipped out of his slacks and underwear in one efficient movement. His cock stared back. It was the biggest, thickest, most beautiful cock she had ever seen. As nice as Bobby’s cock was, this one was even more perfect. She could feel herself salivating.

“It really is true about the hands and feet then, isn’t it?”

Malik grinned.

“Come here slave.” She looked at him intentionally before adding, “That’s what I call any man I take control of,” she said grabbing his manhood in one hand. She stroked it watching it steadily grow. “Nice cock Malik.”

“Told you I have first-rate standards.”

“Indeed you do. How big?”

“Never really measured. Big enough, don’t you think?”


“Do you want to take it for a test drive?”

“Slave, rule number two is to never ask Mistress a question if she hasn’t first given you permission.”

“What’s rule number one?”

“There you go again; you just broke rule number two,” she smirked. “Rule number one is ‘obey Mistress always’.”

“Let’s practice rule number one tonight.”


“It’s not ‘OK’. It’s Yes Mistress. No Mistress. Got it, slave?”

He took a step backward, looking at her seriously. “You know, I’m really not your slave. You can call me what you want but it doesn’t change the fact of who I am.”

“So you want to play hardball?”

“Not really. I just want to lick your pussy.”

“Only slaves lick my pussy. Looks like you’re out of luck.”

“We’re talking semantics Sharon. You want me to be your slave for a bit? I can do that but just as long as we both know the truth.”

Sharon observed him coolly wondering what to do.

Malik stepped closer doing his best to suppress a smile. “I would love to lick your pussy Mistress.”

The guy was a project and he reminded her of Bobby: good looking and cocky. But she was horny and didn’t want to focus on the power-play he had chosen to pull. She stood. “Take off my panties.”

He did.

“Lay on your back.”

He did.

“Now eat.”

He did.

If neighbors had their windows open or had decided to take a walk on a perfect April evening they could have hardly avoided the gasps, shrieks and moans coming from both the upstairs and downstairs. Both women were pleasured until they were completely exhausted. Mariko came down just as Malik brought Sharon to a final climax. Jasmine smiled at the sight of the black man eating her. Sharon noticed the reaction and wondered if she was thinking about Bobby having competition. If she did, it was evidence of the ill-will she still held for him. And she could hardly blame her after all he did.

“God I love to face fuck a man lying on his back.” She stood, leaving him supine and his face soaking wet.

Mariko gently stepped on Malik’s chest while grabbing hold of Jasmine’s tit. “What turns you on more slave girl, doing what you just did to me or maybe playing with that?” she pointed to the monster cock sticking straight up.

Jasmine gave a passing look to his thick member and then wrapped both arms around Mariko. “That use to be fun but I like being with you,” she kissed her on the neck, “and doing what you made me do for you lot’s more.”

“So you really enjoyed pleasing me that much? More than playing with something as nice as that?” she pointed to his shaft once more.

“Yes Mistress, very much.”

Mariko smiled and cupped her cunt with one hand while wrapping the other around her thin waist. “May I keep her for the night?” she said possessively.

Sharon paused. She could see the lust in Mariko’s eyes. “I’m going to take her home. There is something I need her to do for me and it can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Jasmine’s hopes rose and sank at the invite and dismissal. What she had done with Mistress Mariko felt so special. She didn’t quite understand why but she had come to love pussy and her pussy appealed to her immeasurably. She had a scent that was different than Mistress Sharon’s. She couldn’t describe it precisely but she also couldn’t get the thought of it out of her mind. She knew Mistress Mariko had enjoyed her a great deal. She guessed her enjoyment was more than she thought possible. Jasmine could sense her feelings although she never outright told her. Jasmine made love to her pussy differently than a man. She was gentler; at least tonight she was. She took Mariko to those places she wanted to feel slowly and let her stay there for a prolonged period of time before allowing her full recuperation. Then she did it all over again but did so differently than before. And Mistress Mariko made her feel wonderful, not so much in letting her lick her pussy. That was fun and exciting and not something to be taken lightly. It was the way she ran her hands over her body when she inspected every inch of her nakedness. She made her feel like property, but special property indeed. Property intended to be viewed and then enjoyed by someone who was so much more than she. And her hands; oh, they made her feel exhilarated in ways Bobby or her husband or the twenty or so guys before them never did. Her thoughts were interrupted when Mariko spoke.

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