A Trip to the Shops

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It was a beautifully sunny day and it seemed like such a waste of time to be spending it largely indoors. But then I had always hated clothes shopping. Worst Vickie was the kind of girl who always took ages, and had to try everything on. It never seemed to be simply a matter of grabbing what she wanted and leaving.

As we entered the store I reluctantly flipped the shades up on to the top of my head. I followed Vickie around the store as she picked up various items, occasionally holding them against her. I tried to muster some enthusiasm for the task, but failed. I could sense that she was annoyed by the fact I was so apathetic, but this must have been the tenth store we had been into. All the clothes had seemed somehow to blend into on. Every store looked much like the last.

“I am going to try this on.” She said as she grabbed a dress of the shelf.

I watched as she disappeared into the changing room and pulled the flimsy curtain shut behind her. I listened to the sound of the curtain as it was pulled shut. The slight gap in the curtain made me wonder if I stood at the right angle perhaps I would have been able to see something. It stirred a memory deep inside me, the idea of watching something that perhaps I should not have done. For the first time that day I felt a surge of excitement. I looked around the shop. It was almost empty, there was a solitary shopping assistant, served a customer. She looked young, and yet surprising sophisticated. Not unattractive, I thought to myself, but I felt my desire belonged elsewhere. I looked back at the curtain and saw it rustling slightly. Once more I glanced back at the shopping assistant who was now chatting ısparta escort causally to the customer. I made my move.

I slipped furtively through the curtain. She was standing facing away from me. I reached around and placed my hand over her mouth. I managed to block out her sighs.

“Shhh…it’s just me,” I whispered.

I released by hand from her mouth.

“What are you doing in here?” She almost hissed at me.

“Relax.” I said as I allowed by hands to run through her hair, before caressing the side of her face. I turned her head slightly so that she was looking at the full sized mirror in front of her. I allowed my eyes to run over her. She was wearing virginal white underwear, the complimented her flawless complexion.

I allowed my hands to trace the outline of her face, softly moving downwards caressing her shoulders and neck before running them down her sides. Exploring the way her waist curves and develops into the feminine curves of her hips. She shivered slightly as I leant forwards and nibbled very gently on her left earlobe, tilting her head slight as I did. As she purred with pleasure I let one hand grab her breasts and begin to massage them from through the thin fabric of her bra. I could feel her erect nipple. Meanwhile my other hand rubbed softly between her legs. She moaned in pleasure and I felt a faint touch of moistness through the fabric of her panties. Her breathing grew louder and more ragged.

“Shhh” I whispered, “Someone will hear us.”

I moved my hand upwards and stroked the bottom of her stomach. Teasingly I pulled the waist band of her panties and out then let it snap kars escort back. Then I slipped my hand inside and began to softly rub the faint crop of pubic hair. My fingers traced the shape of her outer lips, with two fingers to pull them ever so slightly apart. Meanwhile my other hand continued to caress her breasts, first the left one and then the right one. I looked at her reflection in the mirror. Admiring her beauty as her arousal grew more visible, and shed flushed a rosy pink across her face and cheeks. I could see her nipples were hard, even through the bra.

I knew what I wanted to do I began to rub around her clitoris with one finger, gently circling it. My touch was soft at first, so soft that I wondered if she could even feel me at all, at times it I could scarcely feel her with the tip of my finger. With each stroke I allowed my touch to grow more forceful. My fingers moved faster and faster with each passing moment. At one point I stopped to insert a couple of fingers inside her. Her moisture seemed to encourage me to slide my fingers in still deeper and so I slide them in as far as I could. As I pulled them out I felt her juices begin to drip off my fingers. I used these as natural lubricant. My fingers teased her rubbing her clit and the sensitive areas around it. At times slipping inside her and stimulating her G spot. I watched in the mirror the way she responded to my touch, letting her pleasure be my guide. All the while I could tell that she was enjoying it. Her body, guided by her hips, squirming with me. I felt her body begin to quiver and she began to breathe at a faster rate. I watched her face in the mirror as she bit her lower kastamonu escort lip in an attempt to avoid making a sound. A look of fierce concentration was etched upon her face. I could tell she was close. I felt the quivering that had overcome her body rising to a peak.

Then I stopped; moving my hand slightly away from her. I wanted to make her beg; to plead. I studied her in the mirror. Her face flushed, glinting with the faint hint of perspiration upon her forehead. I saw what looked like a pleading look in her eye. I kept my hand still, just above her clit. Not touching, but close enough that I could feel the warmth and moisture radiating from her body as I allowed a few moments to pass. Neither of us moved, but I could sense her mounting frustration.

“Please…” She sighed.

I could sense the desperation in her voice that she was about to lose it.

“Beg me!”

“Please,” she whimpered.

I responded by waiting another instant before sliding my finger down to her clit. She moaned as I began to rub it once again. I could tell how close she was, feeling the muscles in her pussy contracting. I could sense the muscles in her legs and back shuddering. She threw her head back as I felt her collapse against me. I held her as she exploded into an orgasm, her attempts to keep quiet failed as she let out a sexy and yet subdued moan. She fought to regain her breathe and I could feel her legs were wobbly so I sat her down on the bench.

I knew I had to get out of there. I peered through the curtains. Damn there were now two shop assistants standing not more than five feet away. They were looking over at the cubical. They weren’t going anywhere. I decided to just get of there.

“Is everything alright, sir?” giggled one of them as I walked past. I felt myself blush, “It is just that we thought we heard some strange noises”.

“Everything is fine.” I responded as I quickly hurried past.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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