A True Man’s Destiny

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What I used to believe was a vulgar and depraved lifestyle ended up changing my life completely around. I’m 31 years old, and have been straight as an arrow since adolescence. I’m your average looking white man, nothing to really brag about, yet never had any complaints from the few women I’ve shared a bed with. I have a slightly big build, and a gut on me that I was now determined to get rid of. So, like every other guy, I raced off to join the gym, and set out to change my overall appearance.

I began a daily workout, and was faithful in going everyday. But it was there that I began to feel the long forgotten feelings of my past. Pumping the weight and feeling the pounds shed from me made me feel rehabilitated, and attractive once more. But it was during my daily showers after my workouts that my eyes would wander and see the healthy, attractive men about the club. Since I had no girlfriend at the time, my mind was drifting through many of my primitive fantasies. The sight of nude male flesh and tone muscles sent me back to my teenage years, when I used to stare openly at the other guys in my gym class. I then recalled a sizable, yet unspoken crush I had on one of the guys, Jeremy. He was the most handsome guy I had ever seen, and every day I looked so forward to seeing his tone and chestnut hued skin naked every day.

As the days progressed, I found myself more and more drawn into my insatiable curiosities about a man’s body. My inquisitiveness led to searching the internet, only to discover just how much I appreciated looking at a healthy man’s body. It was becoming my foremost thoughts at work, and at the gym. I then began joining the hardcore gay porn sites– opening my eyes up to a whole new realm of forbidden love. My first live cam to cam chat with another man produced one of my most powerful orgasms I could recall in recent memory. I truly felt as if I were a teenage virgin once more– bent on finding the right match.

I decided to visit one of the local gay bathhouses in the city where I lived. Since it was a rather large city, I knew that a lot of choice men would be there seeking the same as I. The mere possibility that my inner most desires could be fulfilled left me shivering that entire day. After a long shower, and primping myself like a first date, I made my way to the bathhouse. Once there, I was greeted with a warm smile by the receptionist. I knew he could tell this was my first time, so he took an extra interest in making sure I was well received. Walking in to the main floor, my eyes soon saw a multitude of male couples together. I saw my first man to man kiss, one that was lengthy and obviously very tender. I stopped to watch the coupling before realizing how much of an idiot I must have looked like. I nervously made my way to the bar, and got myself a beer. Casting me a sly smile, the charming bartender asked me what I was looking for tonight, and I simply replied; “A nice hunk.” The bartender swiftly got a business card, and wrote something on it, and handed it to me.

“Take this to the massage suite, and tell them you want the works.” Said the well-mannered bartender.

“The works?” I naively asked.

“Yea. All of our first timers get a full body massage by Gregory. I think you’ll like him.” He said.

Nodding, I quickly made my way to where he instructed me. It was like going down a darkened tunnel. I could tell I was getting further into the seedier element of the club as I began hearing the mellow cries and moans of various men. Several men stood outside various doorways, watching (what I thought was) a video room. Turned out to be all different couples making love to each other. My first room I passed by had a gorgeous black man mounted upon a shuddering white man. As if they had a will of their own, my feet stopped. It was amazing… there, in the confines of the adjoining room were two men engaged in pure, lust filled sex. The strapping black man hurled himself repeatedly into his lover’s ass, clutching round ass cheeks in desperation. His body, glazed in a fine sheet of perspiration. His luscious flesh glowed in the candlelight that softly illuminated their bedroom.

I had to move on, otherwise my pent up energy would be purged quicker than I hoped. I tried to keep my eyes to the floor, but couldn’t help hearing yet another couple crying out in ecstasy as orgasm declared it’s lust filled victory.

I reached the main massage suite as the attendant took my card, showing me into the main parlor. Inside, I was amazed by the lavishness of the setting. Warm steam bellowing throughout the wooden chamber as mirrors decorated the walls. To the right, I saw a vast massage table and several oil chalices that were kept warm by simmering water. The chalices contained a wide assortment of body oils; scented and ready for the men.

“Why don’t you undress, and lay on the table? Gregory will be in any time.” Said the courteous attendant.

The attendant walked out, and I finally realized what was about to happen. I nervously swallowed aksaray escort my fear as the steam began filling my nostrils. It was soothing to feel… that plus the soft, erotic music that resonated in the room. The perfect setting for seduction and beauty.

Layer by layer, I shed my clothes, and made my way to the spongy massage table. I had to keep catching my breath as I sprawled out on my stomach, I was that nervous. Soon, the doorway opened as I finally could see who this Gregory was.

I couldn’t believe it. He was the most handsome, muscular man I had ever seen. I was honestly expecting a more average looking man, but this was well beyond my deepest hopes. He appeared to be Greek, mystifying chiseled features that decorated his colossal, beefy body. His curved pecks glistened in the steam as I watched his loveliness approach me, dressed in a small white towel that carelessly clung to his rigid waist. His skin held the deepest hue of bronzed flesh I had ever seen. His legs, each one a pure work of art that held broad, lean muscle. I truly felt like I was watching a Greek God step off his marble throne.

“Hi, I’m Gregory.” He said in a thick, comforting voice I already loved.

“I’m Brian. Nice to finally meet you.” I replied, staring into his irresistible dark eyes.

It was as if a invisible force kept our eyes welded together. Like the tender spirits of homosexual prowess drew our eyes together, making us realize our potential. But I thought to myself this is all probably a show to welcome their guests. But something was truly different. I could see it in this beautiful man’s eyes.

Gregory reluctantly stepped over to the oil chalices, picking up a large green one.

“I think I’ll start you out with the Ancient Forest aroma first.” Gregory said, looking at me with a thin handsome smile over his vast shoulder.

I returned his smile, sitting up in curiosity. “Ancient Forest?” I naively asked.

Turning around, Gregory filled his palm with a sample for me to smell. “Yea, it has like all the actual scents of life in the wild. Makes a man go back to his primitive state of mating in the wild.” He said, offering his hand to my nose.

I eagerly inhaled, drawing in the thick scents of evergreen and oak. He was indeed right. Just the smell alone relaxed me, making me feel at ease with my strapping Greek God. My eyes lifted to his, catching his gaze through my brow. A seductive, telling smile graced his angular face as he then poured the oil across my shoulders. I melted right there just feeling another man’s powerful touch. My heart fluttered as a low moan came from me.

“You like?” asked Gregory in a more assuring voice.

All I could do was nod yes.

“Then the oil must work. Its always been my favorite.” He added, running his glossy palms down my shoulders, massaging my arms now.

I opened my eyes to appreciate his vigorous chest, drawn in to his round, defined pecks. Tone, well-developed abdomen… all covered with the intoxicating allure of his deep tan. I had to tell him my thoughts.

“God, you are the most beautiful man I think I’ve ever seen, Gregory.” I said, shaking my head in pure awe of his power and grace.

“Thanks, Brian. No one ever really tells me that.” he replied, adding a gentleness to his already loving massage.

“You’re quite a lovely man yourself.” He added as I looked to him in surprise.

“Really? You think so?” I asked, pleased that all of my workouts had begun to show.

“Yea… you have a beautiful body. Nice… full. Not fat, just… just right.” he said as his palms appreciated the texture of my nude flesh.

I whimpered just hearing a man say these things to me. I couldn’t believe it.

“Lay down so I can see just how hot you really are.” He asked, motioning me onto my stomach.

God, I felt like I was a virgin once more. Short, quick breaths as I adjusted myself on the table. Gregory skillfully poured generous amounts of the oil across my back and shoulders.

“Well this definitely has to go.” he said, clutching at my towel.

My eyes closed, knowing I was going to be fully vulnerable to another male. It was painfully erotic to just think about.

Gregory’s hands gently began to slip under my towel. I felt his thumbs at first, rotating over my cheeks in gentle, loving circles. Glancing over my shoulders, he could see the nervous virgin gaze in my eyes. This was the first time any man had touched me in such a way… It was then I saw the most handsome, loving smile grace his chiseled face. Such a smile that took away my fears and doubt… leaving only two men together to pursue their most heartfelt desires.

I casually lifted my groin so that Gregory could slip the fluffy material off my ass. He did so at a slow pace as his eyes fell to the arched globes of my backside. I silently prayed for his approval as a lusty sigh came from his mighty chest. His hands splayed outward, clutching my white cheeks– aksaray escort bayan gripping them as each fingernail dug deep into the flesh of my ass. I whimpered as my head swayed in the euphoria… It felt like his palms couldn’t squeeze enough of my cheeks.

“So beautiful.” Whispered Gregory as he slowly kneaded my fleshy globes.

I caught my breath, relieved and hopeful for what was yet to come.

“I’m glad you like my ass.” I replied, slightly lifting my left thigh to further accent my curvy backside.

“Oh God, Brian… I just… I can’t tell you how gorgeous this is.” he replied, this time strengthening his hold by spreading my cheeks wide apart.

I caught my breath as I suddenly watched his face fall between my cheeks. I yelped, feeling his face burrowing itself into my deep forbidden crevice. All my life, I have half heartedly tried to get my ex girlfriends to touch my ass, lick it, or even probe it with their gentle tongue… but this was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. Now, here he was… a handsome stud gently tasting my most erogenous zone… with his curious, loving tongue.

My entire body shuddered as his tongue glazed a wet path up and down the entire length of my crack. My mouth, wide open in crushing awe… eyes clinched shut and fists tightened. My head fell to the table as I let out a loud cry of ecstasy.

“My my God Gregory– that’s so fucking beautiful… just like that, yea…” I cried out as his gentle tongue savored each side of my ass crack.

Long, lengthy strokes of his tongue moistened my crack as his hands continued molding my chunky globes to his satisfaction. I heard a series of muffled moans escape his stifled face as I felt his mouth try to taste as much ass as possible. I quickly glanced back, and saw his jaw puffed out, inhaling as much ass flesh as he could stuff into his mouth. My left hand reached back, taking his hand in mine. I wanted to assure him that his actions were going to be lovingly welcomed by his male lover.

I just simply couldn’t believe it… His hungry zeal for ass. The dripping passion he exuded in devouring my backside simply amazed me. Is this what I had been missing out for all of my life? Had I truly believed a woman was going to give me this much pleasure? Tiny convulsions began to wash across my body as I felt the warm wet flesh of his tongue gently circle my relaxed asshole. My mouth, now shaped like an “O”, tried to mimic what my anal orifice was now feeling… I smashed my right hand upon the table, gripping the edge for dear life as his tongue French kissed my asshole as he would my own lips. I began to softly chant his name again and again as his mouth now sealed itself around my innocent hole… It was then I felt his sacred tongue “stab” my asshole… one demanding thrust, and then a man’s tongue pierced my ass for the very first time. The mere thought of a man doing this to me sent my flesh quivering with surreal hope.

“God Gregory, don’t you dare stop you… you gorgeous fucking stud.” I said in my lowest primal voice.

“You have my… my ass.” I cried out, clenching the table with every ounce of strength I had.

“He has ass.” I whimpered, still suffering from the adoring assault on my hole.

His only response was clutching my ass for a wider spread… Another moan quivered from within my ass cleavage as I gasped… I knew his loving effort was only in hopes of getting deeper inside me. My eye lids crept open, looking to the magnificent feast in the mirror across from me. There, I saw the feast in all its glory. My ass cheeks, raised high in the air, and Gregory, knelt down with that towel still clinging to his tone abdomen. His arms resting upon my shaking thighs… flesh to flesh… man to man… Now stimulated by sight and feeling, I felt myself become dizzy. This was too much to ingest. If this was as remarkable as it felt now, I would never go back to my unhappy straight lifestyle. How could I? With this much beauty and fervor? How could any man resist such exquisite and bold lovemaking? This one act of unbridled love convinced me that I was now going to be a gay man for the rest of my life. Damn the consequences. This was magnificence in it’s most purest form. “I am gay… I am truly gay.” I said to myself over and over.

Gregory lunged forward with his face again as I felt his tongue swirl inside my bowels. I gently cried out for him as I then clinched my ass muscles… I wanted my ass to “milk” his tongue in a way. Yet my most deepest hope was yet to come. What I really wanted was my ass to milk Gregory’s life giving bouillon from his beautiful, stout cock. If I could feel his seed spill inside me, then I would be complete. I would forever be a true man. Just knowing my body would make a man cumm is a thought that still causes my heart to skip a beat…

Gregory’s moist face slowly lifted from my plundered ass. I flirtatiously drew my leg back so that he could come to me. And he faithfully escort aksaray did. Rolling over, I offered my hands to his as our eyes locked together in a telling gaze. Our hands intertwined, I lifted myself up for my very first kiss with a man. Gentleness consumed me as I lightly grazed my lips to his, tasting my own salty essence on his lips. The heavenly sound of lip suction echoed throughout the steamy room as he then crushed his mouth to mine. I inhaled, wrapping my arms around his muscular back, basking in the deluge of pure homosexual love. His taste was a sweet, delicious one. Full of promise and hope for what was to come. It was a kiss unlike any other I had ever felt. Light whiskers brushed my jaw as our faces twisted together for a hungrier kiss. His brawny arms bound me, cradling me as if a I were his long lost love. The mere thought of kissing another man entered my mind’s eye…

“I am kissing another man.” I said to myself. “And he will fuck me later.”

His fingers gingerly crisscrossed through my hair, caressing me as our kiss grew. My tongue glided out, only to be taken in, and suckled in his thirsty mouth. I parted my mouth as wide as it could go, as if I were yawning. His mouth held its grip upon my tongue, twisting his head as his palms cupped the sides of my face. Saliva drooled from my lower lip while his fingers lovingly caressed my face. It was as if our kiss was to be the kiss of all kisses… like out of some romance movie. My entire body acted out of impulse– my ankles, pressed against his soft, yet rigid ass, wrapping around his God-like body. His beautiful frame now encased in my hold as my tongue fell from his lips… Exhaling his name in a breathless sigh, Gregory’s mouth secured itself to my bare neck. I could feel the hunger stirring in his veins as his teeth sank into my flesh. He was hungry… eager for a true man.

The kiss abruptly ended as he stood back. Misty eyed and unsure, he motioned me to stay where I was. Now in safe viewing, Gregory brought his right hand to his waist– gripping the towel that concealed the true prize I had been waiting for. My eyes fell down to his groin, now sporting a noticeable ‘tent’… a definite hard penis was waiting underneath. As if time itself had ceased, Gregory easily tucked his fingers in to loosen the knot… then, the flap of the towel crept forward, eventually loosening the rest of the towel… as if a treasure had finally been unearthed… Seductively, and ever so flirtatiously, Gregory lifted the towel to his side… giving my eyes a full spectacle to witness. I caught my breath, now seeing this massive, thick stalk sprouting from his well defined groin. Again, no hair, yet lots of smooth tan flesh to consume. I swear his organ must have been nine inches in length, and at least three inches broad in diameter. My heart sank just seeing another man’s penis in front of me… My eyes were glued to the sight.

With a thin smile, Gregory released that damn towel at long last and stood before me… free and utterly nude. Not one stitch of clothing hung from his Herculean frame.

“Look at me, Brian… look at what you did to me.” Gregory softly whispered. “You made another man hard. I bet you never thought you could do that, did you?”

I shook my head in awareness, taken by hearing him softly speak those words. I sat, open mouthed, staring at his lustrous dark eyes as I then looked again at his amazing cock.

Gregory strode forward.

“Kneel down and look at it… Go on, it’s okay.” he instructed.

I did so without heed.

My face was now precisely in front of another man’s penis. I could see the pulses of excitement swell in his organ as both of my hands lifted to stroke it’s delicate skin. Each fingertip lightly grazed the cock while I admired it’s immense beauty. I’d seen penises before in porns, but never like this. Never this close.

“Its so… beautiful, Gregory.” I whispered, running my forefinger along the bottom of his shaft.

I saw the thick, juicy vein that underscored his shaft. This is what would carry his sweltering seed into the deepest ends of my virgin ass.

“I’ve always wanted to make love to a virgin. You’re my first.” He admitted.

My gaze went up along his sculpted chest, meeting his stunning eyes. Between our gaze stood his huge cock. Silence took its hold as all we could do was stare at one another. I tried to imagine how many other men’s ripe asses Gregory’s cock had invaded, but then I realized it was about us tonight. Just us… two needful men. Falling under the captivating, loving spell of pure homosexuality.

My fingertips traced the thick veins that wrapped around his heavy shaft, adorning it like a cherished ornament. I then looked at the wide bulbous head that topped off his circumcised cock. Bringing my lips forward, I gingerly brushed them across his head, knowing how touchy he hopefully was. My hunch paid off as Gregory violently shuddered.

“Oh Brian… you’re so gentle. Just what I’ve always wanted in a man.” He replied.

“I bet you say that to all the men.” I bashfully retorted.

A serious expression came over his lovely face.

“No, Brian. I mean it. I’ve been wanting to quit this job for a while now… and being here with you proves it.” He said, bringing his hands to my face.

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