A Valentine Reunion

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Pulling into town, the boy got off the bus and began to look around. Caliente, Nevada, the place where the strong prey upon the weak. Everything started here. Everything fell apart here.

Walking into town, he felt a sudden urge. Looking to see where the sun was, he followed a couple of professional people into the Brandin’ Iron and ordered a steak with all the trimmings.

At six foot ten inches tall and two hundred and forty pounds, the boy was noticed. However, everyone seemed fine with him there. The professional guys, the lawyers, even paid for his lunch, making sure they left a nice tip for the waitress. Enough to be greatly appreciated, but, not enough to be remembered later.

Leaving, the boy saw an officer in uniform walking in. Nametag said Lee. Why was that familiar?

They were closer. The boy could feel them now. He’d have to hurry.

Hitching a ride, he made his way deeper into town. Montreux. Here.

Thanking the man for the ride, the boy got out and hopped the fence. The gate wasn’t too far off. But, he had never come through the gate as a kid. Slipping like a ghost through the junipers, he saw that nothing had changed much.

Finding his spot, he reached down into himself and fell to his knees as he began to concentrate, breathing deeply. Two for herding and two hunters again. Well, he had learned that trick the first time they used it on him. Unconsciously, a hand rubbed his arm in remembered pain over the scar that was there.

He felt them enter the golf course. Felt them draw nearer.

Felt them stop?

“We are to leave you alone,” a voice called through the darkness. “Calm yourself. We will obey and leave you in peace.”

He stayed in position even as he felt them leave. Stayed as he felt them leave the city.

Sweating, the boy cursed. What were they up to now?

Rising, he went over the back wall before the ground keepers could notice him.

Walking through the old neighborhood was a bit strange. He felt like a stranger here.

‘You’ve been gone almost six years.’

The boy swore as his mind sent that traitorous thought through his head.

Seeing their name carved from wood in front of the house, the boy sensed to see if anyone was home.

Empty, damn!

Shrugging, he went to the car in the driveway with it’s hood up. He had always enjoyed tinkering with things.

Miranda Waterson saw the coat hanging on the fence as she pulled into her drive. Saw that her son’s car still had the hood up and was blocking her from the garage.

“You’re going to have to get it fixed or move it,” Miranda called as she stepped out of her car.

Miranda froze when a white man came from around the car, her hand, as she had been trained, went for her gun.

“Sorry, Mrs. Waterson,” the white man said. “I fixed what I could, but, he’s going to need a new fuel pump.”

“Do I know you?”

“Once,” he shrugged. “A long time ago. I’m looking for my sister. Where did Kelli go?”

“Christ!” Miranda gasped. “You’re Little Mikey.”

“No one’s called me that in a long klasbahis güvenilirmi time,” Mikey chuckled. “I think Kelli was the last one.”

Mikey was surprised when the woman rushed in and gave him a hug.

“I’m real sorry,” Miranda said firmly. “I didn’t know where they sent you once Victim Services took you.

“Christ, Mikey,” Miranda chuckled as she stepped back and punched his chest and stomach in quick succession with light hits. “You feel like you’re pretty buff in there. Did you start hitting the gym?”

Looking up, Miranda gasped and jumped back.

Sighing, Mikey brushed the hood on his hoodie back. Freed, his silver white hair floated in the breeze. However, as usual, it was his piercing blue eyes that seemed to push her into stepping back.

Miranda gave herself a shake and looked back at him.

“The lightning had some side effects,” Mikey shrugged. “And, I had a bit of a growth spurt.”

“Get your coat,” Miranda nodded. “You can wash your hands inside while I get Kelli’s address.”


Mikey smiled as he pulled into town. It was late, well after dark. And he wouldn’t see her tonight. But, Kelli was here.

Pulling into the motel, Mikey decided to hit a club. If he were going to look for the others, he would need to be in a place with a lot of people or a place where he could see from a good long way.

After telling the waitress he was the designated driver, she made sure his soda never ran out. Ordering food was easy enough as the group of guys next to him paid for everything. They paid a bit more as their wolf-whistles and catcalls were demeaning enough that Mikey thought she had earned the extra money.

After eating, Mikey began sending his sense out. It took a while, but, he realized that no one was about that could harm him.

The expenditure of the energy made him hungry again and he ate calmly as he surveyed the club. Girls and women of varying ages danced with the same group of men or within their own group.

However, a lithe, dusky Asian woman was dancing with a pale brunette. No one came near them. As he felt his pants getting tight, Mikey nodded. It was time to take care of that urge as well.

Naomi saw the stranger enter. Black leather trenchcoat across broad shoulders. He wasn’t drinking though. The waitress was giving him a soda glass. Saw him again as he began to eat and gave herself a mental nod.

Naomi spun her friend about and told him about the stranger. She sighed and shrugged. She too had been feeling an itch that plastic wasn’t able to scratch.

“I get to pick next,” the girl nodded. “Especially if he is as small as the last guy.”

“Let’s go find out if he’s cute first,” Naomi suggested and got a nod.

Mikey watched as they came over to his table.

“We want to know if you’re cute,” Naomi said bluntly as they came closer. “Let’s see what you got, Big Boy.”

Mikey pulled back his hood and looked into the almond eyes across from him.

Naomi gasped as the blue klasbahis yeni giriş eyes pierced her and seemed to energize her pussy. She could feel her heart flutter even as she began to secrete from her pussy.

Forcing herself to look away, Naomi nodded to her friend and saw grudging acceptance.

“We’re going to give you a wonderful night,” Naomi promised. “But, we won’t ever be with you after that.”

Mikey nodded and rose.

Naomi kept watch in her mirror as she made her way home.

Going inside, Mikey threw his coat across a chair and pulled off his hoodie and left that as well.

Naomi licked her lips as she saw his broad chest through the tee shirt.

“You’re ripped,” Naomi breathed as she came into his arms.

Pulling her to him, Mikey began to kiss her even as her friend went down and began to unbuckle his belt.

Naomi held him tight as he moaned into her mouth.

Mikey learned everything the women taught him as he learned to get a woman hotter and hotter. They were patient, but, that was their job. Which areas of a woman’s body was most sensitive was a bit trickier as they both had different spots that did more for them.

Sated, Mikey crossed ‘Have Sex’ from his bucket list. Implanting an idea into their head of all the pleasure he had given them, he fell asleep.

Mikey awoke to a strange sensation and sat upright quickly. Dressing quickly, he went out to grab his coat when the door opened.


Knowing it was too late, Mikey began to draw his power.

“No, Mikey,” the woman across from his said, holding up her hands. “I just want to talk. If I meant you any harm, I would have had this house flattened last night.”

Mikey froze, sending his senses to the girl across from him.


“You’re like them,” Mikey said after a moment. “But not.”

“I am like them,” the girl agreed. “But, I am aware. It is part of my family. Can I bring in the others? They are here to speak with you as well. But, if they had come first, it would have meant a fight.”

Curious, Mikey nodded. As he did, Naomi and her friend came out of the bedroom and gasped.

Mikey stepped between them and the four other women coming into the room. The first woman like him, had a few scars along with her greying hair. Surprisingly, her blue eyes matched his own and he was sure she had more scars that she wasn’t showing. The second was a girl, maybe close to his own eighteen years. She was a smaller, younger version of the first. Each carried an air of competence and self-assuredness.

However, it was the next pair that took his breath away. Like him, each had the silver white hair. Like him, each had piercing blue eyes. There was a calmness in the older of the two. An assumption that she would and could handle any situation.

Yet, the younger was what drew his eyes the most. As soon as he saw her, he felt a yearning he had never felt. So painful was the yearning that he almost felt as if he were back in the ravine getting struck by lightning.

“Hello, Mikey,” klasbahis giriş the white haired woman began, smiling. “Thank you for speaking with us.”

Pulling his gaze from the girl, Mikey turned to look at the woman.

“What do you want?” Mikey asked. “Why are you hunting me?”

“I do apologize about that,” the woman nodded. “We lost you for a while after Protective Services sent you away.”

“That doesn’t answer anything,” Mikey growled as his shields went up.

“We aren’t here to fight, Mikey,” the woman said gently. “We will not attack you. You don’t hunt those who don’t hurt the weak. You don’t hurt those who do not attack you.”

“Mikey?” a hand on his back filled with dread.

“My name is Rachel Abernathy,” the woman said, ignoring the woman behind Mikey. “Like you, we have certain gifts.”

“Mikey?” the girl repeated.

“Sorry,” Mikey replied as he half turned to the girl so he could keep an eye on everyone.

“Hello, Kelli,” Rachel smiled. “Did your brother show you and Naomi a good time last night?”

“Yes,” Kelli sighed, content until the import of the woman’s words penetrated.

Looking at the gaping boy in front of her, Kelli fell to her knees and threw up.

Shaken, Mikey turned back to the Rachel.

“I am sorry we couldn’t get here sooner,” Rachel sighed, holding her hands out wide. “There are those that can help you, Mikey. Which is why I came. We would like you to come with us.”

“Why was I attacked?” Mikey said, slowly regaining his focus. “You know who did it. They are part of whoever you are.”

“It was thought that you were a rogue,” Rachel sighed. “It took a while before we found out that you were one of the Forced. Longer because once we found out, the evidence had to be presented to the Council to rescind the order to hunt you.”

“Why hunt me at all?” Mikey demanded. “I didn’t do anything to you, or to this Council.”

“Mikey,” Rachel said gently. “If I left now, you would still come. Once we see our mate, we feel a yearning that we cannot deny. I know what passed between you and my daughter.”

Stepping forward, Rachel reached out slowly and touched Mikey’s chest, tracing a line. Touched other parts of his body slowly, as though he were a skittish animal that needed calming.

“I did read your report,” Rachel said gently. “I know what happened in foster care. I know every time you went to the hospital, the scars you carry. I truly am sorry that we could not get to you before Protective Services hid you away.

“Will you come with us?” Rachel asked. “Please, Mikey. I really need you to come with us.”

“Kelli . . .” Mikey began.

“I will take care of your sister,” the grey-haired woman said. “On your oath that you will not attack them. On your word that if you fight, you must first fight me.”

After a moment, Mikey nodded and gasped as he felt the exultation even through his shields.

“Sorry,” Rachel said as she turned back to her daughter. “She gets a bit excited sometimes.”

“Mikey,” the first girl who had come in said gently. “Aren’t you going to wish your sister a Happy Valentine’s Day?”

Looking back at his sister as she stared up at him in horror, Mikey felt a need to vomit before Rachel started rubbing his back.

“Don’t worry,” Rachel said softly. “She’s just jealous that you got them pregnant instead of her.”

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