A Visit to Tinseltown Pt. 02

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This is the story of a week-long visit by my very sexy friend and lover, Carmella. They are numbered for convenience, but can be enjoyed in almost any order. -Emmerson

As promised, the limousine pulled into my driveway ten minutes later. Carm and I got out and stretched. I decided to leave the car door open out of token courtesy. As the driver walked past me toward the trunk, he said “It’s OK, sir. We have a full disinfectant station back at the garage.” He unloaded the luggage, handing it to me.

I gave him another fifty dollars. “For the disinfectant team.”

“Thank you, sir.”

We walked through the small, rusted iron gate to my front door. Carmella looked at the outside of the very modest house. “I thought all you Hollywood types lived in mansions.”

I dismissed the comment with a gesture. “This is the summer place.”

She squinted down at the dried grass and hard clay yard. “And the gardener?”

“Dismissed for the duration of the drought.”

We walked inside. Leaving her suitcase near the door, I took a deep breath. “OK. The tour. Entry way.” I took four steps forward and gestured to my right. “Living room.” Carm snickered. “I will admit, I keep pretty simple bachelor decor in most of the house. I hate dusting.”

“We have that in common.”

Four more steps brought us into, “The Kitchen. All the modern conveniences, as you can see.” I tapped the clock button on the microwave, making it blink 12:00. “Let’s press on, shall we? This is the family room, although for lack of a family, it’s the TV room.” I gestured to the 60-inch flatscreen. “My pride and joy.”

“Oh, that’s your pride and joy.” She rubbed the front of my pants.

We turned down the hallway, which I covered pretty quickly. “Guest bathroom, guest bedroom, master bedroom with ensuite, and this…”

I looked back and realized I’d lost her. Carm was taking her time, working her way down the hall looking at the photos on the wall. “Wedding. Tuxedo and lovely dress. Amusement park, happy couple in front of a castle. Another tuxedo and a stunning dress. Corporate banquet?”

“Close. Filmmakers awards dinner.”

“And, you were about to say…?”

“Um, oh. This is my office.”

“Ah, where the magic happens.” She stepped in, purposely placing herself in front of the computer, facing away from the screen toward the book shelves, movie posters and wayward props. “This is the view I’m used to from your cam. Kinda makes me hot seeing you in this room. Lots of amazing memories.”

She noticed my wife’s portrait to the side of the monitor, out of camera range. Carm reached for the picture then turned to me. “May I?”

I nodded. “That was the first photo I ever saw of her. She sent it by email while we were both still married to the wrong people.”

She picked up the picture, running one finger along my wife’s jawline. “She’s lovely. I wish I’d known her.”

“She would have loved you, Carm.” I chuckled. “She would have kept you up all night swapping spit and vaginal juices, but you would have loved it.”

“You’re wife was bisexual? I didn’t realize that.”

“Next time you’re chatting with Meryl and Mitch, asked them about my wife. But make sure you’re rested beforehand. It’s liable to almanbahis get pretty lively.”

She replaced the photo, turning to me with a smile.

“Did I see a pool out back?”

It was less than 10 minutes before Carm emerged from the master suite in a bright purple bikini. Her nipples pressed against the top. The gusset was two small triangles meeting just shy of her clit. “Do you like it?”

“It is incredible. You look fantastic.”

“I look naked.”

“Same thing. The purple sets off your skin tone.”

“I know, it’s my favorite. Now, are you going to change into a suit or just let your dick hang out where I can grab it?”

As my pants came off, she was running for the pool. I heard the splash as my shirt came over my head. A minute later, I had joined her, bobbing and shaking the wet hair out of my eyes. She swam up alongside me. I felt her hand on my limp dick.

“Did you guys ever have sex in the pool? Of course you did.”

“Have you ever had sex in a pool?” Carm shook her head, no. “Hot tub? Lake or ocean?”

“No. Why? Disease or something?”

I shook my head. “Water is the enemy of vaginal lubrication.”

“You’re sexy as hell, but you’re full of shit, old man.”

“Oh yeah? Watch this.”

I leaned in to kiss this beautiful, sexy woman. As my tongue explored her mouth, I slowly pulled the knot at the back of her neck. Her purple protection fell away, exposing her perfect young breasts.

“Such beautiful tits.” As I kissed her nipples, Carm started working my dick with long slow strokes.

My hand went behind her head, pulling gently on her wet hair. Her head tipped back; my kisses moved up to her throat. She moaned and lowered her head until our mouths met. My tongue slid between her lips as my fingers found her nipples. I gently squeezed them, feeling them thicken under my touch.

“Oh yes, baby. Suck me.”

I lowered my head to her tits again as my hands gripped her ass on either side. With added buoyancy, it was easy to boost her up, her legs wrapping around my hips, my cock pressing against her mons as I continued to devour her nipples. She arched her back with a long groan, aching for me to suck hard on her sensitive nips.

With the water letting her support herself at my waste as her hands interlaced loosely around my neck, I reached to the sides of her bikini bottoms, tugging on those knots as well. They undid easily. The tiny fabric floated freely when I hefted her closer to my cock.

I kissed her softly. “Look at my dick, Carm.” She turned her eyes down to see my shaft jutting between us. “Look at it. It wants you. It hungers for you. Long and hard…”

“And thick,” Carm added in a dreamy voice.

“And oh so thick. I want to fuck you, Carm. I want to put my cock into your hot wet cunt, sliding easily in and out, stretching you, dragging against your clit and filling your pussy.”


“Yes, what, Carm?”

“Fuck me. Give it to me deep and hard.”

I shifted her so my cock was at the entrance to her pussy, spread wide open by her legs wrapped around me.

“Like this?” I started lowering her down.

“Yes. Oh my god yes.”

I felt the head of my cock spread her lips, pushing against almanbahis giriş her waiting pussy.

“Yes, baby,” Carm moaned. “Yes. Push harder. I want you deeper. Yes. Push. Push harder, baby.” She squirmed her hips. Her face distorted with annoyance. “Push. Fill me with… come on… oh babe. Babe, stop. Wait.”

I kissed her gently.

“Water is the enemy of vaginal lubrication.”

“God damn you, fucker!”

“I tried to tell you.”

“You got me all worked up to prove a point?”

“No. Well, yes. But no.” Grabbing her ass more tightly, I moved us toward the stairs. “I got you all worked up because I want to fuck you.”

Her arms now tight around my neck, I carried this striking beauty up the three pool steps to the patio. “I always want to fuck you. If we go out to lunch or to the zoo or in a movie theater, I’ll want to fuck you, Carmella.”

I used two fingers to pull open the sliding glass door. “You are open, adventurous, imaginative, and fearless. You are the sexiest woman I’ve been with in a very long time.”

I walked into the family room, dripping and uncaring through to the hallway. “And I’m not bragging when I say I have been with some sexy women.”

I used her feet to gently bump open the door to the master suite. “And I am going to fuck you. Right now.” Her wet hair dripping on the pillow, I laid the stunning, naked, woman on my bed.

“Water is the enemy of vaginal lubrication.” I kissed her clit. I kissed her landing strip, her navel, both nipples, and her mouth. “But I….” Reaching past her, I opened the nightstand on my wife’s side of the bed. “Have the solution.”

I showed her the pink plastic bottle with the screw on cap. Turning the bottle to show her the label, I read, “Vaginal lubricant.” I grinned. “This brand comes highly recommended.”

Carm smiled as she spread her legs.

I pressed my face to her warm mons, kissing gently. She laced her fingers through my damp hair, draping her knees over my shoulders, making her hips rock upward. I lowered my head, following the subtle scent of her pussy mixed with chlorine. My tongue slid along her wrinkled lips.

“Ahhh, baby, more.”

I licked deeper, probing her warmth. Then tilted my head up to let my tongue drag along her clit. Carm trembled as she moaned my name.

Being careful not to touch her still-dry passage, I gently lifted her hood, focusing on her clit, licking and sucking the sensitive button. Her hips twitched into my face. I pulled her clit into my mouth, sucking hard as my tongue lashed across it. Carm tightened her grip, grinding herself against my teeth.

“Oh yeah, baby. You’re going to make me… OH… AH… FUCK!”

She pulled my mouth over her as her muscles flexed and tightened from her orgasm.

I slowed my advance on her clit, easing to light licking as she relaxed.

Then a felt a small tap on the top of my head. I looked up to see Carm holding the pink plastic bottle against my hair. The screw-on top was gone.

“You said you had a solution?” she smirked.

Carm poured lube onto her other hand, then reached down to rub it along her sex. She sighed, “Take the bottle, baby.”

When I did, she held both her palms out. I poured almanbahis yeni giriş more onto her fingers. She slid them down, taking a moment to finger her clit until it was shiny and swollen, then moved one hand lower to caress the lips of her quim, while raising the other back to me, palm up.

I obliged her with another dollop on her finger tips. Her fingers were moving into her pussy, spreading the lube in thick, slippery layers. She arched her back and groaned as she pushed deeper.

Carm held one hand up again. Her voice was tight with lust. “One more, baby.”

She drove those fingers deep into her cunt, shouting, “YES.” She pumped herself several times, before pausing to catch her breath.

She held out both hands once again. When I poured only a little, she nodded. “More.” I filled her palms, which she rubbed together. “Now, bring me that big cock.”

I crept onto my knees between her legs. My balls bumped her crotch as she reached for me with both hands.

My mind melted as her fingers surrounded my dick. She fondled me in long, smooth strokes, covering my shaft and head in shiny lube. When she let go, my shaft jerked, thick and straight. She smiled as she admired her handiwork. “I think that will do.” She laid back and wrapped her legs around my hips. “Fuck me, baby.”

I laid on top of her, stretching a bit to put the bottle on the nightstand. Carm kissed my nipple before I settled back onto my arms. She reached between us, guiding my slipper shaft to the opening of her well-lubed pussy. I pushed forward enough so just the tip entered. She brought both hands over her head, displaying herself for me.

I kissed one of her smooth armpits, inhaling her personal scent. I licked, tracing the contours before gliding down to tease around her nipple. Her fingers gathered handfuls of the pillowcase. As I closed my mouth over her nipple and sucked gently, I slid my hips forward, my swollen head easily parting her lips.

“Oh, Carm.” The thick ridge around my cockhead slipped inside. I held it there for a moment before giving tiny thrusts back and forth, letting my head massage that sensitive inch just inside.

Carm pushed her hips forward. “Enough teasing. Fuck me, old man.”

I smiled as I kissed her, then rammed my cock deep into her. She yelped as I pressed against her cervix. “Yes! That’s it, baby. Again!”

We fucked hard for several minutes. I slowed down when she had an orgasm, but she pumped me back inside with her legs. I renewed my onslaught, leaning down to suck her tits until her nipples were long and hard. When I bit down on one, she shouted and came again. And, again, I slowed. Carm grabbed my head and moved it to the other tit. “Equal time, fucker.”

I slammed into her harder and faster as I sucked the other nipple. Her hips banged into mine. When she pushed me off her tit, I arched up, my sweat pouring onto her face and chest as I unloaded my cum into her cunt which expanded, then gripped me, several times.

“THAT’S IT!” Carm screamed. “OH BABY. OH MY GOD.”

She flinched her hips, grinding into my pubic hair, holding herself there as my cock flexed, shooting cum several more times before I dropped into her arms.

We clung to each other, panting and covered in sweat. After a few minutes, she nudged me to roll off. I snuggled my cock, covered in lube and cum, against her hip as I fingered her nipple.

Carm took a deep breath, then let it out, saying, “I don’t understand what you mean. I like swimming pool sex.”

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