A Warm Welcome Indeed!

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A Warm Welcome.

It was a warm welcome indeed!

Sitting on the chair, looking at everyone in my line of sight, I was bored. I had to do something- fiddle with my phone maybe. Check Instagram if someone liked my picture, or maybe shoot a few goals on Score Hero. Whatever be the case, I had to go out of this miserable party. And why not? The host was barely my friend, and I was simply here for the food. Now that I saw the food and understood the intricacies of veganism perpetrating through the population, I had lost my appetite. With such diabolical thoughts in mind, I stood up to leave this hell-hole.

And then P interrupted my train of thought.

‘Oy. Where you going?’


‘So early? Stay for a while.’


P was a friend. P was a guide. P was a philosopher. P was a warm wind blowing across the sea on a cold January night. And I had a bit of crush on P. Brilliant, wasn’t it? I was attracted to a girl who reminded me of warm sea breezes, rather than dynamical volcanic eruptions. Come on, M. You could do better.

Or could I? For P was also one of the smartest people I knew. Stupendously witty, sarcastic, and downright cynical to boot, I enjoyed my camaraderie with her. Icing on the cake, she was extremely aesthetic. With plump red lips, and glossy hair flowing down her shoulder in cascades, she was the stuff dreams were made of. But enough about that. We aren’t here to talk about how gorgeous she was. We are here to talk about how we screwed each other like bunnies later that night.

Oh, we did fuck. But we will talk about that later. No point doling out candies before Halloween.

So, I stopped moving. In a purely mechanical, ‘I can’t seem to think’ way, I plopped down on my seat and waited for her to come. But my mind wasn’t on the conversation. I wanted to leave, even if it was P holding on to one end of the thread. My mental faculties had shut down completely, and I had a feeling that tonight wouldn’t be a good night. Sorry Will.I.Am.

‘Let’s go out. This room is extremely claustrophobic’.

I had to leave. Even if I absolutely adored her company, I couldn’t tolerate the rest.

‘Sure, let’s go.’

As we walked past hordes of drunken frat boys and girls ravenously sucking each other’s tonsils out, I had an epiphany of sorts. What if I was one of them at some point in time? What if all I had to do was gulp down a single shot and start grinding my hips on the first woman I saw? That would be bad. That would be perilously dangerous.

We walked down the cobbled stoneways out into the main street. The fresh air hitting my face at 3 km/hr and P going on talking about some obscure law at 30 km/h felt like home. This was life, where you didn’t have to look behind your back every couple of minutes for you were afraid of your own mortality. We spoke, we laughed, she tripped, I trumbled. We were a mess. We were a team, but we were a mess. As I helped her up, I couldn’t help notice that her eyes sparkled with an unholy light. Stuff straight out of a Coleridge poem.

I couldn’t help but lean in. Lean in dangerously close to her lightly parted lips. With her warm breath falling on my face, I inched in closer, praying to fate that what I was doing wouldn’t kurtköy escort have repercussions that could possibly damage a lot of lives. As I saw her eyes flutter close, I closed in the distance and gently wrapped my lips around hers.

Holy Mother of God!

I couldn’t believe that a sea breeze could turn into tidal wave and break down every single element of my being. I was sucked in, and I couldn’t help but hold on to her for dear life. My lips were being ravished upon, while my hands kept running down her back. Her supple back, wherein I fluttered my fingers upon. She kissed me once, she kissed me twice, she kissed me until I was frothing at the mouth, having been rendered immobile. I could feel her heartbeat thundering – or was it mine? I could feel blood rushing down my body, to places that could potentially make any situation dangerous.

I lifted her up, and pushed her against a wall that had decided to be my wingman for the night. Grabbing onto her waist, I started kissing down her jaw, biting on the ceramic skin which drew gasps from her. I couldn’t help it- I needed her. The wanton lust in my being was clawing its way out through the previously impregnable barriers that I had put before myself. I had to have her then. I had to have her again. My fingers clutched at her, my lips worked on her body in fervid frenzy. She had her arms wrapped around my neck, her fingers burrowing their way through my hair as she kept moaning to anyone that was eavesdropping.

Remind me to pay my landlord double this month. Lucky bastard picked an amazing location to set his flat up.

I hated my residence. No, it wasn’t dingy or tiny, or anything. It just made me feel captured- imprisoned in a structure of my own construct. What was previously a home, was simply a house now.

But not tonight. Tonight this house was a nest for my lust. An entryway into the vast caverns that govern our entire being. And it was near. Just the end of the alleyway.

In a morbid display of strength, I carried her all the way up to my room (thank God for elevators), and slammed her against the door for high heavens to feast upon. I clawed at her shirt, ripping it in half. She was ecstatic, she was aroused, but she was also slightly apprehensive. She was apprehensive of the animalistic look in my eyes, the slight growls that emanated from my throat at the sight of her near-nakedness. I wanted her, my body wanted her.

It was a good day to fuck hard.

I pushed her down on my bed- yes we did a lot of pushing. Gnawing at her neck inching closer to her breasts, my fingers found themselves playing with the buckle of her jeans. Such offense! How could there be jeans on the bed, when they were supposed to be 100% off? I took them off her, and gazed at the sight before me. A goddess of a woman, in her lingerie looking at me with her heavy-lidded eyes. A sign of apocalypse? I lied down on her, taking my own shirt off in the process. My own weight, with my lips grazing every inch of her skin proved to be quite an affair in itself for her, for she pushed me to the side and got on top of me. The sight of a woman with her hair careening her face, her breasts encased in her black brassiere, and a look in her eyes which put to tuzla escort light her desire to control- to be in charge of the situation- to show who was master of the chamber- sent my desire rocketing around the room.

I held her as she bent down and her hair hid us from the world. I explored every inch of her lips, I tasted her tongue, I sucked on her lower lip, stretching it, nibbling on it, feeling her moans as it reverberated around her tongue. I kept feeling her ravish my lips, while I decided to unclasp that offending piece of lingerie and throw it down the floor. I couldn’t bear the sight of those teardrops of joy being imprisoned when they deserved to be worshipped upon. As she backed up, I could feel my length increasing, trying to probe in the open.

Needless to say, she could feel it too. Wouldn’t exactly require a rocket scientist for that.

With a gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips, she started gyrating her hips on me. I could feel her thighs rubbing across mine, eliciting growls of pleasure from my throat. She knew that she had me on her fingertips, and as I tried to get up and exact control from her, she held my arms down with a strength that belied her stature.

In a sequence akin to torture, she bent down over me, enough that her nipples were just inches away from my tongue, but I couldn’t reach it. With frustration growing inside me, and my hardness begging to be freed, I tried forcing my way out and getting my control back. I had to be the master of the room, and here was a woman who wouldn’t give me an inch.

So I leaned forward when she brought herself down again, and captured her nipples in my mouth. Sucking hard on it, I could feel her grasp loosening. I was getting back into the game, as I wrested my hands out of hers, and started rubbing her nipples with my fingers. As she arched her back to moan to all that were holy, I wrapped my hands around her, and pushed her down on the bed. I was over her, and as I bent down to kiss down her entire body, licking every inch of that gorgeous skin, all she could do was hold on to the bed stead and writhe in ecstacy. I was teasing her, blowing on her skin, gently dipping around her navel, feeling her nipples harden under my tongue, licking down her sides and onto her abdomen. I could feel her thighs quivering, her panties glistening with her arousal, the scent intoxicating my sordid being.

I had decided to begin at the bottom, when she surprised me by tackling me to the floor, and pulling my pants off at a single, fluid motion. My hardness, not encased anymore, decided to roar its presence to all in the vicinity. I barely had time to get bearing on my cognitive faculties, when she started rubbing the tip of my shaft with her fingers. As I kept moaning, and asking for more, she decided to rub my wetness down my cock, making it glisten in the pale light of the night. I could barely think, my mind was shooting stars. And when I found her tiny hands wrapping themselves around my member, I stopped breathing. The sea breeze had turned into a raving inferno, with a solemn promise to destroy anything that came before it. And I was before it.

She rubbed me, she teased me, she flicked me, she pinched me. She treated my phallus the way tuzla escort a scientist would treat a particularly interesting chemical. She was careful, but she was reckless. And while she kept administering her care on my engorged length, her eyes never left my face.

I, for many times that night, was unable to do anything. All I was capable of doing was writhing and begging her to go harder and faster. She took me to the edge of an orgasm but stopped. She took me to the edge of another orgasm, and stopped yet again. My frustration, my excitement, my adrenaline was rising to its pinnacle, when she shimmied out of her panties, and started rubbing her wetness all over my crotch. I could feel her arousal throbbing, threatening to encompass my entire being inside her.

But I couldn’t simply let her win, could I? I grabbed her legs and slipped her off me, and as she fell in a tangled heap, spread her legs and licked my way down her labia. Before she could stop me, I had my arms around her legs, locking her in place as I went to tinseltown. Licking my way through the edges, inching closer and closer but never hitting the spot. I had worked her up to frenzy by alternating between long, broad strokes, and short licks that were designed to tease. With my fingers rubbing and flicking her clitoris, and my tongue slithering between her folds, she didn’t last long, and came in a shuddering heap.

I smirked.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have. Or maybe, I did well to smirk.

For the next thing I knew, I was on my back, and my hard length was buried inside her completely. She was working herself up, riding me like the Alabama pony I was. She was jockeying me through the motions, sometimes simply moving her hips, making my cock feel sensations it never really did. She would bend down at times and let me latch onto her breasts, biting and sucking at the skin, leaving marks for all to see. Or she would lean as back as she could, where my member would simply be roving about, trying to go deeper, hitting her cervix with every stroke.

But that wasn’t how it should be right? Riding me was fine, but I couldn’t control the flow. I was simply an equipment at this time, and I had to be the supervisor. So as the song goes, I rolled her into my D, and started hitting that booty as hard as I could. As her entire body shook with each of my strokes, I could feel my own orgasm building. But I had to hold on. I grabbed hold of her legs, and put her ankles on my shoulders which allowed me to go in deeper and faster inside her.

All she could do was closer her eyes and scream. And alternate between

‘Oh My God’

‘Don’t you dare fucking stop.’

As I look back upon this, it was a fun night. Anyway.

I kept her up, going at it from the back, holding on to her hair so I could feel my balls slapping her ass as my penis went in and out. I could feel her orgasms coming one after the other. I could feel her fingers clawing at my back as I lifted her on my lap and slammed my hips into her. I could feel her sweat dripping down from her neck. I could feel the frenzied kisses, the passionate touches, the bites, the nibbles, and the marks that were on both of our bodies. I could feel the blood dripping down my back from many of her scratches.

But I could mostly feel my eyes going up to the back of my head, as I came all the way onto her breasts, painting them a godly shade of white.

And how could I forget her lascivious wink when I collapsed beside her, breathing as heavily as a ten mile run?

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