a weekend with daddy

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It was a Friday night and mom was going out of town for the weekend for a weekend with her friends for one of their birthdays. So mom was leave me with my dad who was 5’4 tall 120lbs and brown hair, and easy on the eyes to look at. When mom was not around I would catch dad looking at me in the shower and when I was in my room changing clothes. So I was look forward to that weekend I had planned to get dad to have sex with me somehow and someway.
I helped mom pack for her weekend out with her friends while dads was out in the shop doing whatever he did out there I was not allowed out there but I was going to change that this weekend. While mom packed, we talked she told me to me to look after dad and I said I would but I didn’t say how I would look after dad. Because I knew mommy and daddy had sex every night because I could hear them in my and I would wish it was me that daddy was doing not mommy. So mom was finishing packing and I went to my room and when she was ready to leave she poke her head in my room and said she was leaving and I said ok mom have a fun weekend mom.
After I heard mom’s car leave the driveway, I went out to the shop where I have been told since I was in middle school not to enter. I open the door I saw dad sitting at his computer watching porn and jacking off, I stood there very quiet watching dad getting very hot, and trying to stay quiet which was getting very hard to do know so I turn around to leave and I hear dad say my name so I stop and I stood still.
While my wife is packing up to leave I give her a kiss goodbye and immediately go to my garage and start searching for porn to watch. I stumble upon daddy daughter porn and I find myself getting really turned on by it so I pull out my hard cock and start playing with myself. After a few minutes go by I’m getting really into this porno but I keep an eye on my mirror that reflex the door so I know if anyone is about to come in. Then all of a sudden I see my beautiful baby girl at the door and my first instinct was to stop but I notice that she is just standing there watching but she turns to walk away, so I let out a moan and I say her name to see her reaction and she turns around to watch me. I slightly turn so my hard cock is completely visible to her and I start saying things like,” Yes baby girl sit that pussy on daddy’s face” and ” I bet your pussy is so tight I wish I could actually have you.”
I didn’t know what to do so I just stood there thinking “I’m in trouble now; daddy is going to punish me and keep me home all weekend. And what am I going to do if mom finds out that I came in here, she does not even come in here so I know she is going to be mad at me. I hope daddy does not tell mom.”
I touch the door and ask daddy what you escort jigolo gaziantep would like to eat for super. Trying to change the topic at hand and not look at his hard dick that I so just want to go over to and get on my knees and put it in my mouth but if I do then I will never get out of here.
I open the door to walk out before daddy has time to say anything and before I can step out I feel daddy’s hands around me pulling me closer to him and I can feel his hard ass cock at my ass and I so want daddy to stuck it in me and fuck me like he does mom then at lest it was worth coming in here.
I get up quick to catch her before she steps out and I pull her towards me and I press my hard cock against her ass. Then I say “where do you think you’re going babygirl? I saw you watching me from the door, so I know that you heard what daddy said.” I turn her around and I push her against the door and I passionately kiss her and say “Daddy wants his babygirl’s tight pussy.

I kiss her again and I start to kiss down her neck as I massage her breasts. Then I pick her up and I lay her on my work table and I start kissing down her body biting her neck and ripping off her clothes as she rubs and bites my tattoos. I lick and nibble on her nipples while I pull down her shorts and I kiss down her stomach and I lick a trail from her belly button down to her panties. I start twirling my on the spot where her clit is on the outside of her panties to just tease her a little and have her beg for me to eat her tight pussy.
I lean my head back against the table and say “Daddy please eat me out.” I keep begging daddy eat me out. Then I say daddy if you’re not going to eat me out then just fuck me like you do mommy. I try to get up so I can take my panties off so daddy can get to my wet tight pussy much easier. I think to myself does mom know how luck she is to have a man like daddy.
I say as u wish baby and I start swirling my tongue on her clit and fingering her pussy with my other hand. Slow at first but then I speed up and go harder using two fingers now instead of just one getting her ready to take my hard cock. I hear her say I’m gonna cumm and I bury my face in her pussy and as she cums I suck up a her juices as she squirts and I keep eating her pussy but then lick down to her ass and I start swirling my tongue on her ass getting my tongue in there all the way to my tongue piercing. I stand up and I let her down and I make her get on her knees and tell her she knows what daddy wants.
I get on my knees like daddy asked me to and I put his hard cock in my mouth and start sucking it until I know that daddy can’t take it anymore then I push daddy on the floor so I can escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen sit on daddy’s face and I can suck his cock then when my pussy is all good and wet from daddy’s mouth I get up and sit on daddy’s cock, I start riding daddy as hard as I can. With his cock going in and out of my wet tight pussy. I would not let daddy touch me with his hands. I told daddy that if he touch me I would tease him some more. The only way daddy could touch me was with his mouth. His hard cock felt great going in and out of my wet tight pussy. I stood up and sit back down on daddy’s cock but this time it went up my tight ass hoe. The look on daddy’s face said that he was surprise that his cock was in my ass.
I moan as babygirl rides my hard cock I say” Babygirl daddy can’t take much more of not touching you” as I feel my hard cock go in and out of her ass hole. I grab her hips and I thrust in as she is about to go down on my hard cock making her take with full force. I hear babygirl moan then I roll us over so I’m on top and I pound babygirl’s ass because I’ve lost control.
I stand up grabbin babygirl by her hair and making her gag on my hard cock before I bend her over my work bench and I smack her ass a couple of times with my hand I hear her moan through the pain and then I smack her ass with my hard cock.
I put the tip of my hard cock in her ass making her think I’m gonna go soft but I grab her hips and I pull her back with full force as I thrust making her take my hard cock and I start pounding her ass so hard that at time when I pull back I’m pulling her off the ground.
I moan and tell daddy to cum in my ass. I like making daddy happy. After I felt daddy shot his loud in my ass. I told daddy it was time to go and eat dinner. I also told daddy that I was going in to take a shower and to get dinner ready and to come in the house in about an hour. While I’m taking a shower my phone goes off and it’s my friend calling to see how it went with me and daddy. But before I could get to the phone daddy answers the phone, and before he could say anything my friends asked “so how did it go with your daddy this afternoon?
I answer the phone I hear my baby girl’s friend say “so how did it go with your daddy this afternoon?” I laugh and say “I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her?” letting them both know I’ve caught them red handed. I say” here you go baby girl your friend has a question for you.” We’ll talk over dinner about this now finish your shower you naughty girl.
I put the phone on speaker phone so I could finish my shower and talk to my friend on the phone at the same time. I tell her everything that happened between me and daddy. She is like OMG gaziantep escort masaj salonları that didn’t happen and I say yes it did that is way my daddy got mad.
I told her that next she calls she needs to make sure it’s me on the phone before she says something like that. When I get out of the shower I put on a big shirt and went into the kitchen and that’s where I find daddy sitting at the table with this look on his that says I’m in big trouble. And I should just do what daddy says. I get dinner on the table and set down across from daddy and we eat. Then I ask daddy if he is mad at me.
I say “no babygirl just wish you didn’t tell your friend about what happened because now she could use that information as leverage to get u to do anything she wants, I just want to protect you from that.” Now if you want to make it up to daddy I want you to get under this table and suck daddy’s hard cock while he eats this delicious dinner you made. I unzip my pants and pull out my hard cock and wait to see if she does it. I say “you do want to make it up to daddy don’t you babygirl?”
I finished eating my dinner and while daddy was still eating I got under the table so I could suck on daddy’s cock that way he would not be mad at me anymore. While I’m sucking daddy’s cock I hear daddy talking to someone. But lucking for me there is a table cloth on the table that hides me. It sound like someone I knew but daddy keeps his hand on my head so I would not move. I keep sucking a listening to daddy talk to whoever it was that was in the house. I was thinking when did whoever it was come in the house and how long have there been in the house.
I moan as babygirl sucks my hard cock, then my friend walks in and I started talking to him, while also mouthing the words shes sucking my cock would you like to join in on the fun while babygirl is clueless as to whats going on. I tell him to walk out the room a sec and i get babygirl out from under the table so shes out in the open sucking my hard cock.i see my friend get undressed and i move my head as to sign to come in and he stands behind babygirl and i say look what daddy got you babygirl as my friend stands there his 11 inch hard cock.
I look up at daddy and ask him what is your friend doing here and he is naked at that daddy. Daddy I thought I just got in trouble for telling my friend what happened and now your friend is here. But the whole time I am talking to daddy I can’t stop looking at his friend’s cock that is an inch from my mouth. I look back at daddy and say how long has he been here. While I’m talking my mouth gets felled by a cock.
I watch as my little girl is forced to swallow my friends cock, I say well i figured you tell one of your friends I could tell one of mine. Well as you can see one thing lead to another and now here we all are. I grab my babygirl’s waist picking her up bent over . I start shoving my hard cock deep inside her pounding her pussy while pushing her head down on my friends hard cock. I say are you daddy’s little cock whore watching her gag as she deep throats my friends hard cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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