A Weekend with Daniel Ch. 04

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**DISCLAIMER** This story contains scenes of sex between three men. If this offends you in any way or is illegal where you live, stop reading now and leave.

It was dark by the time I finally woke up. I reached over to my right, searching for Daniel’s face or chest, but I found nothing but the woven threads of the hammock. I quickly turned to see that he was gone. A little surprised, I got up and looked all around, hoping to find him. There; I saw his kitchen light was on, the only room lit up in his entire house. I walked across the yard, and found my clothes. I slipped on my shorts, but I left my shoes by the pool. I slowly walked over to his porch, climbing the steps while keeping my eyes fixated on the kitchen. I moved my gaze to the door, found the handle and turned it open. I turned and looked into the kitchen, Daniel was sitting at the table with just his running shorts on, his sculpted chest exposed, rising and falling with each breath. He took his head from his hands and looked up at me. His face lit up and he smiled, which made me smile back.

“Hey Patrick. Sorry to leave you out there alone.”

“Yeah, what’s up with that? I thought you might have carried me in or something, not to sound like a princess.”

“Yeah I would have, but…”

He paused for a few moments.

“I would have carried you in, but…my dad came home and found us lying together, naked in the hammock. We were still covered in each others’ cum.”

I froze; my face immoveable in total shock and fear. No one knew I was gay. Not my parents, not my friends, and definitely not Daniel’s parents. If this got out, I could be socially isolated. Any homophobic friends I had could leave me and I could be mocked at school. I was paralyzed.

Daniel noticed my fear and quickly got up out of his chair. He walked over to me quickly and put his strong arms around my bare chest, holding me in a deep strong bear hug.

“Don’t worry, Patrick. Everything will be fine. I talked with my dad and he knows everything. He’s totally cool, but he’s sleeping right now.”

I felt better now. His soft lips whispered those words into my ears and made me feel peaceful.

“It’s late, so we better get to bed. We can sleep in my room, but be quiet so we don’t wake my dad, you know how he gets.”

We walked slowly to Daniel’s room and opened the door. Daniel walked silently across his floor and lifted the covers on his Queen-sized bed. He took off his shorts and underwear, exposing his massive, thick, flaccid dick. I was too tired for anything right now so I just stripped and climbed into bed with Daniel. I turned towards me under the covers and whispered,

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, Daniel.”

We kissed and then I turned around, my back towards him. He scooted closer to me, hugging my back, wrapping his legs over mine. His thick shaft rested just inches from my tender asshole, but I was too tired to fuck, so we both drifted off into a deep sleep.

I woke up some hours later, but this time Daniel was still here. The only difference was that last night his soft dick was near my asshole, now his dick was hard as rock and throbbing against my back. I giggled and turned around. He was still fast asleep, but was making gentle thrusting movements. I pulled the covers over both of our heads, blocking out the light. It was fairly dark, but I could still make out the shape of Daniel’s body. His perfect pecs and abs, his strong arms, and his handsome stubbled face, and obviously his humongous cock. It stood erect, pointing at me as if it were calling me out.

I gently moved forward and put my mouth around his mammoth-sized dick head. He twitched a little, but stayed sound asleep. I slowly moved up and down around his dick head, going farther and farther down with each bob of my head. Soon I could feel his dick head pressing against the back of my throat. I stopped and pulled out his gigantic erection. I slapped myself in the face with it and giggled. I slapped again, as hard as I could, and this time it hurt a little. I got up out of the bed, my man was still sleeping. I went looking for a mirror to see if I left a mark on my face from Daniel’s dick head. Daniel’s house was huge and I had no idea where the nearest bathroom was, his house was almost close to a mansion in size, and he had so many rooms that navigating for guests was nearly impossible. I stumbled into guest bedroom after guest bedroom until I finally found the one at the end of the hall. It was his parents’ room and I knew it had a bathroom as I had seen it before when I visited. I opened the door slowly trying not to wake Daniel’s dad as he would be pissed and I was still naked.

I peeked through the cracked door and saw an empty bed, covers lying haphazardly. Daniel’s Dad must have gotten up early. He was probably downstairs or outside somewhere, he loved to exercise outside. I opened the door and walked in and turned, about to enter the bathroom when I froze. I stood there astonished at klasbahis yeni giriş what I saw. Daniel’s dad was standing in front of the toilet, completely naked, and about to take his morning piss.

Let me describe for you the masterpiece known as Daniel’s dad, or as he prefers to be called, “Mr. Raimundo”. He was a tall man, dwarfing both me and Daniel in height at 6’3″. He was also 100% Brazilian and carried a deep golden tan year-round. He had also wrestled from an early age, but soon after became addicted to exercise. He had an amazing build and the closest celebrity equivalent I can name is probably Ryan Reynolds. Mr. Raimundo had strong, broad pecs, far out-classing those of his still-developing son. His beautiful pecs were right above is amazing washboard stomach. His abs were hard as rocks and bulged out in an 8-pack. His arms were another favorite feature as they were huge and cut. His arms were at least 18 inches around compared to Daniel’s probable 14 inch arms. The best part though, was that Mr. Raimundo had a nice covering of hair around his pecs, nipples, and some thinner hair around his abs. He was a total bear, this label only being further proven by the beard he sported on his already handsome face.

Mr. Raimundo was far more built than Daniel and his chest and arms showed it. The year before, I went with his Daniel and Mr. Raimundo on a beach trip and Mr. Raimundo, having been newly single due to his recent divorce from Daniel’s mother, was trying to show off for beach goers. He had managed to pack himself into a speedo and paraded himself around the beach, showing off every muscle he had. He came over to me, asking for help picking up women. He called over some young ladies and said,

“Do you girls want to see what a real man looks like?”

The girls giggled and of course nodded. Mr. Raimundo suddenly flexed every muscle he had. His arms grew large and veins appeared everywhere. His pecs and 8 pack stood out impressively. I took my hand and knocked on his rock hard abs as if I were knocking on a door and told the girls, “They’re hard as diamonds.”

The girls became giddy and soon Daniel’s dad left the beach with both girls in tow. Daniel and I swam for a little while before his Dad finally came back. He walked up proudly, no doubt because he fucked both of them, and took us back to their beach house. But anyway, back to the present.

I stood at the door awestruck at what I saw before me. Mr. Raimundo stood there, his tall muscular figure tempting me and bringing me to the edge, with his hairy chest exposed and his legs covered only by underwear the size of speedos. He had his hand in his underwear and his eyes closed, in one second he reached in and pulled out the biggest piece of man meat I had ever seen in my life, MUCH bigger than Daniel’s. His flaccid dick was, at the very least, 10 inches long and even thicker than a soda can. His dick head was almost the size of a tennis ball. He just held his dick there in front of him, then dropped it, letting it fall and slap against his hairy, muscular legs. His cock swung freely for a few seconds as Mr. Raimundo let out a loud moan.

He then picked up the gigantic cock swinging at his hip and aimed the tip at the toilet. He began to piss into the toilet, as I just stood there in shock and awe. He pissed for a good thirty seconds before his trouser snake finally began to lose some of it’s venom. He then packed his dick pack into the speedo (I still can’t figure out how it can fit in there) and turned towards the window with his back to me. He began to yawn and stretched his arms out. I stared, unable to look away, at his beautiful Brazilian ass. He definitely had a bubble butt and I was almost drooling over it. My erection continued to grow and grow, I was getting harder than I had ever been and I hadn’t even touched him yet. He moaned a little as he turned towards me with his eyes closed. He began to walk towards the doorway, when he opened his eyes and saw me. He jumped in fright, but then realized who I was.

“Patrick? Hey, how’s it going?”

I could barely mutter a “Fine.” Before he said,

“Wait, how long have you been waiting there?”

I just froze and couldn’t say anything. I had no idea what to do. I cleared my throat and said,

“I was just looking for the bathroom, and-and I-I”

He let out a deep bellow of a laugh and said, “Calm down, Patrick! It’s okay; just go back into Daniel’s room for now. Go back to sleep and we’ll talk in a couple hours.” I was about to leave the room when he said, “Oh, and you’ve got a red mark on your face.” I turned around to leave and smiled ear to ear before I burst out laughing in Daniel’s room.

My laughter woke him up quickly and he asked, “What? What happened?” He looked tired and worn.

“Nothing, Daniel. Let’s go back to bed.” I climbed under the covers with him and this time, I put my back against his, my warm body pressed against his curves. Going from his strong deep back to his tight klasbahis giriş little bubble butt. I began to get drowsy as I admired his body. I reached across Daniel, hugging him, and grabbing his long soft shaft. I feel asleep and dropped his dick, but continued to hug him for the next two hours as we slept.

“Wake up, Sleepyheads!”

Mr. Raimundo stood above us, wearing only athletic shorts and sweat covering his entire body. His dark black hair swept back with a slight curl to it. He looked amazing. Daniel sat up,

“Morning, Dad. So…do you want to tell Patrick, or should I?”

“I will.” Mr. Raimundo spoke with his husky voice, even deeper and more seductive than Daniel’s. “Patrick, I’m going to be blunt and straightforward with you. Daniel says he trusts you and if he does, then I do too.” Mr. Raimundo sat down next to me in the bed and placed his hand reassuringly on my bare shoulder. “Daniel is gay; I’ve known that for a long time. Yesterday when I came home and found you both soaked in his cum and sleeping naked, I kind of got the impression that you were too.” I laughed and became a little more comfortable. “So, I think it’s safe to tell you that I, myself, am gay. And…” He took a long pause, unsure of whether to continue or not, but he looked at Daniel, who nodded, and continued. “And…Daniel and I have sex. We haven’t been doing it for long, but we recently found each other out and that’s where the discoveries led us. This is also why his mother and I divorced.” I was shocked to say the least, but also extremely intrigued.

I asked slowly, “Does this mean what I think it means?”

“Now, I would never force you to do anything you didn’t want to do, I’m only asking because Daniel told me that you would want to join us.” I smiled and yelled, “Of course I want to join!” And I jumped from under the covers onto Mr. Raimundo’s sweaty muscular body. He laughed that deep, bellowing laugh and hugged me back, holding me tight in his arms. I felt like I never wanted this to end.

Mr. Raimundo pulled back, and I followed his lead. We began to kiss and run our hands over each others’ bodies as Daniel watched, his dick growing in size. Mr. Raimundo picked me up with ease, and placed me next to Daniel. Mr. Raimundo started to dance sensually for us. He swayed his hips, his beautiful abs and pecs dancing in front of us. Daniel threw the covers on the floor, exposing his rock sold 11 inch dick.

“My, my son! It’s been too long! Look how much you’ve grown.” Daniel smiled bashfully and began to jerk his dick up and down. Mr. Raimundo continued to dance and pulled down his shorts, revealing his speedos. Daniel leaned over and grabbed my massive erection. “I think he likes it, Dad!”

“Good! Now I heard you liked to measure Daniel’s dick the other night, right?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Please, call me `Dad’.”

“Of course, Dad. I loved measuring Daniel’s dick. We used the ruler right over there.” I pointed over to Daniel’s desk which had the standard 12 inch ruler on it. Mr. Raimundo looked over and said,

“Oh no, that just won’t do. Daniel, could you go out to the garage and get me the tape measure?”

“Sure thing, Dad!” He leaned over once more and whispered “You’re going to like this one, Patrick.” Daniel jumped out of bed, his erect dick bouncing up and down as it stuck straight out, almost a full foot in front of him. He ran downstairs and in no time came back up with a tape measure.

“Good job! Thanks so much, son.”

Mr. Raimundo picked up Daniel in his arms, carrying him like a baby and kissed him. Daniel’s dick pointed straight up, his Dad kissed that too. He then playfully threw him onto the bed. Daniel landed on my chest with an “Oof” and we all laughed. Then Mr. Raimundo said, “Come over here, Patrick. If you liked Daniel, you’ll love me.” I slowly walked over, almost too excited to stand it. I kneeled down in front of Mr. Raimundo as he slowly pulled down his speedos. They fell to the floor and out popped the largest cock I had ever seen. Mr. Raimundo rested his hands on his hips and thrusted forward, showing off every inch of his flaccid glory. I picked it up and felt it, swinging it around in the air like a propeller, he laughed. My jaw dropped at the sheer size of his cock, not to mention the two grapefruit balls that dangled low between his legs. I cupped his balls and cock in my hand, shocked. I grabbed the tape measure and measured the length of his tan, soft cock. My jaw dropped.

“It’s 10 1/2 inches long and 7 1/2 inches around soft.”

“Now let’s get it hard!” Mr. Raimundo shouted. Daniel got on his knees with me as we both worked his dad’s massive schlong. I tried to put it in my mouth, but it was humungous.

“Slow down, buddy. Savor it. Take your time.” I began to lick the side of his shaft as it grew and grew. Daniel gently pushed me aside and began working on his dad’s dick. He went up and down the shaft like a professional, no wonder he was so good with me. His dad’s klasbahis güvenilirmi dick just kept growing and growing as Mr. Raimundo stood proudly. I stood up with him, much shorter than him, though. I began to feel his rock hard chest, licking around his nipples, nuzzling his chest hair. I became so enamored with the beautiful man in front of me, that I forgot Daniel was sucking his cock and that it was still growing. I hadn’t even looked down in the past couple of minutes.

“Close your eyes, Patrick. Let me guide you down.” Mr. Raimundo spoke softly to me. I obeyed and he gently moved me to my knees in front of him, my eyes still closed. He put the tape measure in my hands and said, “Open!” In front of me was a cock easily surpassing Daniel’s, in length and girth. I grabbed the tape measure and was awestruck.

“It’s…16 inches long and 9 1/2 inches around hard…that’s huge!” I yelled with excitement. Both Daniel and his Dad laughed. Then, Mr. Raimundo bent over, picking up both me and Daniel around the waist and slinging us over his shoulder. His strong arms felt amazing against my ass and cock.

“We’re going for a little trip, gents. We’re going to go to my bed and see where that takes us.”

He walked us through the door, his massive 16 inch boner leading the way. With each step his dick swung through the air like a Louisville slugger, throbbing and swaying. His grapefruit balls hung low and swung between his legs. His massive cock led the way to the last door in the hallway, which opened to his bedroom. Daniel and I stared into each others’ eyes as his Godly figure of a father carried us to his bed. He threw us down onto the covers and said, “Patrick, why don’t you sit back for a little and let Daniel show you what to do. It’s not easy taking a huge cock like mine.”

“Yes, sir!” I obediently walked over to the reclining chair near the bed and sat down, beginning to stroke my throbbing cock. Then the fun began.

Daniel slowly walked over to his dad and they began stroking each other’s chests. Mr. Raimundo said, “Hey Patrick, why don’t you tell us who you think has the better body. Come on Daniel, stand beside me and we’ll flex.” I continued stroking my massive erection as Daniel and his dad lined up together. First, Daniel walked forward and puffed out his impressive chest, his hands on his hips. He turned a little and then flexed his huge, tan biceps. He turned around, facing away, and made his ass cheeks dance up and down. He turned towards me and for a finally, made his huge 11 inch cock throb up and down, before spinning it in the air like a windmill.

“Alright, now it’s time for you to see what a real man looks like.” Mr. Raimundo walked over, pushing his son playfully and commanding him to lie down on the bed. Mr. Raimundo then walked towards the door and quickly turned around. His flaccid monster cock flipped through the air, reaching around his side and slapping his ass. He strutted close to me and raised his arms, flexing his massive 18 inch biceps. His legs were toned and tanned and his muscles bulged all around. His huge, wide pecs danced up and down with ease and his abs popped. His chest hair led from the top of his massive pecs, down around his abs to his treasure trail and pubes. He leaned forward, flexing his whole chest at once. My cock was growing harder and longer by the second.

He turned away, making his beautiful hairy ass jump up and down. Daniel watched intently from the bed, stroking his massive boner and watching his dad compete against him. Mr. Raimundo then turned around; his cock was now hard as a rock, sticking out almost 1 1/2 feet forward. He quickly walked towards me, grabbed his cock near the base, and slapped me in the face with it.

“Daniel said you might like that.” We both smiled at each other with lust in our eyes.

“Now, Patrick, who won?”

“Daniel, you know I love you, but you don’t have anything on your dad yet. You win, Mr. Raimundo!”

Mr. Raimundo let out his low rumbling laugh.

“I knew I would win! This puny shrimp just can’t compete with his old man.”

Daniel laughed and said, “Old man is an understatement!”

“Ooohhh, looks like I’m going to have to punish you for that one. Get on all fours on the bed!”

Daniel obeyed, smiling ear to ear. Mr. Raimundo walked over to his desk drawer and pulled out a tube of lube, “Why don’t you help me put this on, Patrick?”

I jumped up immediately and ran over, my excitement obvious. I grabbed the lube and kneeled down in front of the massive hunk of man in front of me. His gigantic monster cock stuck out towards me. I took the lube and squeezed a line of it along his shaft, like putting ketchup on a foot long hot dog, except much longer! I moved my hands up and down the massive shaft, Mr. Raimundo letting out some soft moans. I kept moving my hands around his humungous 16 inch erection until it was completely covered in lube.

“Thanks, Patrick.”

“Anytime you need that, I’ll be ready.”

Mr. Raimundo smiled, and then he put on his serious face.

“Someone else in here as been a very bad boy, it looks like I’ll have to punish you, Daniel.”

“Please don’t Dad; I’ll be good!” Daniel pretended to plead for forgiveness, but his lust was obvious.

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