A Weekend With Mom

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My daughter Katie was spending a weekend home from college. It was great having her back home, if only for a weekend. I was feeling lonely since my husband passed away unexpectedly in a car crash some years back. My only saving grace was my daughter Katie. Katie was 18 years old and I was pushing fifty, which made me feel even older. But then something happened between Katie and myself that made me feel young, and whole, again.

It all began when I caught my daughter sunbathing in our backyard. I was on the second floor of our house when I walked by the huge bedroom window where you can look out and have a clear view of our backyard and just happened to catch her lying on a towel in her skimpy bikini. I started to walk by when I first noticed her, but something inside me–I don’t know what it was–made me stop and stare out the window in a lustful manner at my lovely young daughter. The more I stared at my half-naked daughter, the hornier I became. Things really got hotter when she started rubbing suntan lotion all over her tanned, glistening body. I knew I shouldn’t have felt the way I did, but, damn it, I just couldn’t seem to control myself! I looked around and checked to see if anyone else happened to be staring out their windows as I was doing, and, when I saw no one, I lifted up the dress I was wearing with one hand and slipped my other hand inside my panties.

I started playing with myself the way I did when I was younger as I watched my daughter. I started fingering myself with harder strokes as I closed my eyes and began imagining myself outside with Katie lying on top of her doing things to her that mothers weren’t supposed to do to their own daughters. I opened my eyes and caught her turning over on her flat stomach–the way mine use to be!–and I caught a glimpse of her shapely round buttocks sticking out of her bikini bottoms. I fucked myself faster as I moaned out and had the biggest orgasm I’ve had in a long, long time. And, not only did I come, but I squirted all over the window, which was something else I hadn’t done in a long time, at least not since the last time my husband and I made love which was months before he died. I fell to my knees, gasping for breath, and leaned on the window, staring straight at my own watery come that was streaming down the window. Feeling a little kinkier than normal, I stuck out my tongue and licked up all my come from off the window. It was hot, sticky and tasted oh so good! The question now remained, as I watched my daughter get up and walk inside the house, what was I going to do about the newfound lust I now had for my daughter.

I was still pondering that very question as I laid in bed getting ready to go to sleep. I was sitting up in bed trying to read a book–when what I was really doing was thinking about screwing my own daughter!–when Katie walked in. I looked up at her as she sat down next to me on my bed and had to literally force myself not to jump her bones right then and there! She was wearing an oversized white T-shirt that barely covered her pink panties. She leaned her pretty little head down and gave me a goodnight kiss, which caused my pussy to throb and ache with lust for her that much more. Again, I had to force myself not to stick my tongue down her throat and take her in my arms and ravish her. She pulled her lips away from mine and said in her baby doll voice, smiling sweetly at her mother, “Goodnight, Mom.”

“Goodnight, sweetheart,” I managed to say, my voice sounding a little more crackly than usual I was so torn up from her kiss.

She turned and walked out of my bedroom. I stared at her as her small, firm hips swayed back and forth, the bottom part of her buttocks sticking out of her pink panties the way they had done when she was sunbathing in the backyard. She closed the door behind her, and my head fell backwards into my pillow. Feeling rather ashamed of the feelings I was having for my only daughter that seem to have only intensified, I threw my book down on the nightstand next to the bed and turned off the light. I laid in bed and tried to go to sleep, but, after what felt like an eternity but was really just a few hours, I realized it was no use trying to sleep as I kept having these lurid, incestuous thoughts about my daughter. I turned on the light and sat up in bed, wondering once again what I was going to do about these thoughts and feelings I was having over and over for Katie.

Then, as if a light had been turned on inside my head, I slowly got up off my bed and slowly walked down the dark hall to Katie’s bedroom. Don’t ordu seks hikayeleri ask me why I did this; I just did it. It was like I was no longer in control of my own actions and I was now acting on impulse. I slowly, almost cautiously, opened the door to my daughter’s bedroom. I stepped in and looked down to see her lying sound asleep on her bed. I knew I was taking a chance, but, after I closed her bedroom door, I turned on the light in her room. The light hitting her face roused her a little, but, luckily, it didn’t wake her. I sat down as softly as I could on the edge of her bed and just stared lovingly, lustfully, for a moment at my daughter.

She was so beautiful! She didn’t have the covers pulled over her, so I was able to gaze at every luscious inch of my daughter’s slim, toned body. Her shirt was pulled up over her waist, and her pink panties were staring up at me seemingly begging me to bend down and take a peek at what was inside, which is just what I did! I lowered myself down as I grabbed her panties by both sides and, as slowly and as carefully as I could, pulled them down to above her knees. My daughter’s trimmed pussy was now staring me right in the face, and it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life! I put my nose right between her legs and sniffed her cunt. I couldn’t help but moan out a little at my daughter’s musky, wonderful scent. I quickly closed my mouth when she started rousing again, but, again, she didn’t wake up.

Once I was certain she was still asleep, I stuck my nose in the middle of her dark brown pubic hair, which matched the color of her long and curly hair on top of her lovely head, and took in another big whiff. I stopped myself from moaning out loud this time, though it was hard since her pussy hair smelled just as sweetly as her cunt lips. I stared at my daughter’s pussy for I don’t know how long before I couldn’t stand it any longer. I just had to taste her! I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked her outer lips. When I didn’t get a reaction from my sleeping daughter, I got a little bolder and stuck my tongue a little further up her sweet-tasting twat. This time Katie did moan out a little, but it still didn’t wake her. Being even more bold, I shoved my tongue all the way inside of her and started fucking Katie, my very own daughter, with my tongue.

That got her attention! All of sudden, as I was darting my tongue ferociously in and out of her wettening ginch, Katie came awake in an instant as she sat up in her bed. Her eyes widened to the point where they looked like they were about to fly right of their sockets when she gazed down and saw her own mother’s face between her legs lapping merrily away at her pussy.

“Mom!” she exclaimed in shock and possibly horror at what her mother was doing to her. “Wh-what are you doing?” I responded by plunging my tongue that much harder in and out of her cunt. “Please, Mom,” she begged of me, “please stop . . . please stop . . . please . . .” Her pleas for me to stop trailed off the more she felt her mother’s tongue inside her hot young and tasty body. Soon she was grabbing at my head and thrusting her hips up and down on my tongue so I could fuck her even harder, her pleas turning into passionate moans as she yelled down at me, “Oh yes, Mom! Give it to me! Give it to me good! Don’t stop! Don’t stop fucking your daughter! Please! Mom! Don’t stop!”

Naturally, I had no intention of stopping eating out my own daughter. I figured since I had gone this far, I may as well go even further as I wrapped my lips around her clit–which was by now hard enough to cut glass!–and sucked on it with abandon. I glanced up at my daughter who was bouncing her head up and down with her eyes closed and a big, lusty smile on her pretty face as I sucked and sucked her clit repeatedly several more times. Then, like a geyser getting ready to erupt, Katie had a screaming orgasm in my face. And, not only did she have a screaming climax, but, like her Mom did upstairs earlier as I was watching her sunbathe, she squirted waves and waves of her hot come right into my face, drenching my mouth and chin. (I guess having the ability to shoot a load like a man runs in the family!)

I closed my eyes and allowed my daughter to blast her Mom’s face with her steamy love juices, swallowing as much of my daughter’s womanly fluids as I possibly could without choking to death in the process! When the last drop of come flowed out of her pussy, I wiped my face and licked my fingers clean. I stumbled off the bed as Katie stared up at me, her breathing heavy, and watched me as I had watched her earlier leave her bedroom. I didn’t even bother to turn off the lights or close the door behind me as I went back to bed. I turned off the light again in my bedroom and slept like a baby.

The following morning I was awoken to the feeling of something–or someone–licking me between my legs. I opened my eyes and looked down with a gleeful surprise to see my daughter Katie with her face buried right between her Mom’s legs. My nightgown was up over my waist and my panties were below my knees as Katie was eating my cunt with a fierceness that astounded, even shocked, me. She gazed up at me, my pussy juices dribbling down the sides of her mouth, when she noticed me awake as she grinned sweetly and warmly at me and said, “Good morning, Mom!”

“G-Good morning, sweetheart,” I stammered back at her, wondering whether or not I was dreaming.

She went back to eating, and hopefully enjoying, my pussy. I leaned my head back into my pillow, closed my eyes and ran my fingers through her hair the way she had done with me the night before as she was repaying me in spades for the generous tongue-lashing I had given her. I moaned out more the more she ate at my wet, pounding quim. My daughter may not have been the most experienced pussy licker in the world, but, what she lacked in experience she more than made up for in enthusiasm! I felt myself on the verge of a truly stupendous orgasm. That’s when Katie stopped licking me off and sat down next to me on the bed. I gazed up at her, wondering why she stopped giving me head, as she looked down at me grinning her big, sweet grin. Judging by the lustful gleam in her big blue eyes, she had plenty of other things in store for her Mom! Without saying a word, she removed the white T-shirt that she was wearing the previous night and I saw that she was totally naked underneath. I heard myself gasp out loud at the sight of my daughter’s nakedness. Katie’s smile got bigger as she asked me in that sweet, innocent voice of hers, “Mom, would you like some breakfast?”

“Yes, honey,” I replied, giving her a big smile of my own. “I sure would!”

Again, without a word, she grabbed her small, pert boob in her hand and lowered it down into my unexpecting mouth. It took me a few seconds, but I wrapped my lips around her perky little nipple and sucked on it as hard as I could. Katie giggled like a horny little schoolgirl as I sucked on her hardened nipple and nibbled on it with my teeth.

“Gee, Mom, you must really be hungry this morning!” Katie said laughingly at me as I continued to suck and bite on her tit.

She took her one tit out of my mouth and fed me her other tit. I sucked on that one the same way I had done the other. Katie finally took her titty out of my mouth then she lifted up my nightgown and pulled it all the way off me. Now I was just as naked as she was, though, I must admit, I was a little embarrassed since I didn’t have the beautiful body that my beautiful, sexy daughter possessed. Katie must’ve sensed my embarrassment as she began to softly caress my flabby flesh with her hand then she lowered herself down and took a saggy breast in her hand and began to lick and suck on it much in the same way I had licked and sucked her breasts. She gently bit into my nipple, sending shivers of passion up and down my spine. She turned her attention to my other breast as she licked, sucked and nibbled on it. After playing with her Mom’s breasts for the next few minutes, she gazed up at me and said in a soft, purring voice to me, “You’re so beautiful, Mom.”

I swear, after she said that to me, I wanted to take my sweet, loving daughter right then and there! And my daughter happily obliged her Mom as she got into a 69 position above me and lowered her pussy right into my face. Neither one of us wasted any time as we started fervently lapping away at each other’s pussies. While I ate and fingered my daughter’s sweet, sweet gash, she pounded away at my wrinkly folds with her lips and tongue, becoming more and more experienced at pussy licking with each stroke of her long, pink tongue. Then, suddenly, I felt her tongue move away from my pussy and lick all the way down to my asshole. I removed my mouth from her pussy and squealed out as I kept fingering her gash when I felt my daughter’s tongue swirling around my ass. Not wanting to disappoint her, I raised my head and returned the favor by rimming my daughter’s lovely, pink asshole.

I added an extra finger to the one I already had inside her to further please her pussy as I continued to rim and suck off her asshole while she continued to rim and suck off mine. I couldn’t speak for my daughter, but, the combination of her tonguing my pussy and ass up and down made me close to climax. Katie must’ve had a sixth sense about these things because she got up off me again before I had a chance to come. She positioned herself below me as she slid one leg under me and laid her other leg on top of me. It didn’t take me that long at all to catch on to what she was doing as I scooted myself closer towards her until our hot, moist pussies were touching.

We then grinded our cunts together as we held on to each other’s legs for all it’s worth. We picked up the pace of our grinding and mashed our pussies together harder and grinded them faster. This time I could tell Katie was going to let her Mom, let both of us, come as we gripped our legs tighter and screamed out. Then we came as wave after torrential wave of our female sperm shot out of our bodies like a cannon, drenching everything it came in contact with. We were soaked from the waist down as we finished squirting. We both collapsed on the bed and basked in the incestuous afterglow of our mother and daughter lovemaking. Several minutes passed by as we lost track of time. All of a sudden Katie jerked up, looked at the clock on the wall and said, “Oh, shit! I’ve got to get back to school today!”

Normally I would’ve scolded my daughter for using such foul language, but, given the circumstances, I thought it might be wise of me to just let it pass. Katie jumped up out of bed and ran to the bathroom to clean herself up and get herself ready to go back to school. I laid there in bed a little while longer then I remembered that I, too, had to get ready to go to work. Katie finished up in the bathroom and let me go in there so I could shower and change. I was putting on my clothes, a white blouse and a light blue dress, while Katie was finishing packing in her room. She was still in her room when I walked to the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in my hand waiting for her to come and say goodbye to me. A few minutes passed as I was sitting there sipping on my coffee when Katie came merrily walking into the kitchen where I was. She strolled up to me in her clean white shirt and dark brown mini-skirt. She gave me that warm, sweet smile of hers and said cheerfully, “Well, Mom, I’m off to school. I’ll see you later!”

“Bye, bye, sweetheart,” I said as I reached up and kissed her on the lips.

But, before she left completely, she stood next to me and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties off. She next raised up my dress and pulled my panties all the way down to my ankles. I immediately sat the cup of coffee down on the table and sat back in my chair. Katie then sat down on top of me, facing me, and straddled her Mom. She wrapped her arms around my neck and held on for dear life as she grinded her pussy against mine much harder and much faster than she did earlier. I just sat there with my hands gripping both her buttocks and let my daughter mash her pussy into mine.

At one point, she leaned her body backwards and grabbed the edge of the table with both hands and grinded her swollen pussy into me that much harder. It didn’t take long for us this time to shoot out our come all over ourselves as we screamed. Katie grinded her cunt into mine some more until she, both of us, were completely spent. She got up off me as I pulled my dress back down over my soaking legs. I watched her as she bent over and picked up her panties that she had pulled off and thrown down on the floor. But, instead of putting them back on, she took them and rubbed them all over her dripping pussy. She smiled at me as she threw them at me. I caught them in my hands and sniffed them right in front of her.

“That’s something to remember me by until our next weekend together,” she said to me lasciviously before she turned around, waved bye to me and walked out the door.

I listened as she got into her car, pulled out of the driveway and drove back to school. I waited for a little while longer as I finished drinking my coffee in a normal fashion as if nothing at all out of the ordinary had happened that weekend with my daughter. I stood up, straightened my clothes and headed towards the door. I walked out of the house, got into my car and went to work with my daughter’s come still dripping down my legs and her sopping wet panties in my purse that I used to masturbate with at work during my lunch break.

And, naturally, I acted like nothing out of the ordinary had happened to me all weekend . . . or the next weekend my daughter spent with me . . . or the next . . .

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