A Well Planned Seduction

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I hope you like my story, yes it is all true, the names have been changed, except mine of course. I would love to hear what you think.


I looked into the full-length mirror and sighed, feeling a shiver of anticipation. I knew I looked, and I certainly felt, incredibly sexy, especially as Megan … Mistress Megan I corrected myself, had directed me to dress like this, it just felt so embarrassing, it wasn’t a way of dressing that I was used to having strangers see me. I took a deep breath and opened the door.


I had been phoned earlier that morning and been told to present myself at Mistress Megan’s apartment at 6pm.

‘What should I wear?’ I had asked breathlessly. I hadn’t spoken to Mistress Megan in two weeks and had been anxiously awaiting her call.

‘Wear whatever you like, I’ll have something for you to change into when you get here. Just be sure to shave your pussy completely naked, Josie. I know you normally leave a tiny amount of pubic hair, but for tonight I want you to be completely shaven. Of course wear lots of make-up and I do like it when you put your hair in plaits, you look so adorable!’

They were fairly simple directions, so I completed my shopping and housework by lunch and spent a good part of the afternoon pampering myself for the evening. I had a long bath, sitting on the edge to shave my legs and pussy, immediately feeling strange with a completely hairless pussy. I couldn’t resist touching myself, running my hand over the soft hairless skin. I hadn’t seen myself like this since I was a little girl. After a luxurious long soak I got out, dried and plaited my hair, then sat naked in front of the mirror to do my make-up. I chose the deep red lipstick that Mistress Megan liked and grey/green mascara to accentuate my green eyes.

By 5 O’clock, I was pulling on a pair of jeans and calling a cab.

Mistress Megan opened the door to me with a look of delight and anticipation.

‘Mmm, you look good enough to eat Josie!’ She held open the door and ushered me in to her small apartment. The smell of incense bringing back incredibly sexual memories that immediately made me tremble in anticipation. Mistress Megan was obviously excited as well.

‘We’re going to have a special treat tonight, Josie. You’re going to help me seduce a friend that I know is tempted by other woman, she’s been whispering about it for ages but just never makes the move. You’re going to help me put that right!’ She smiled at me and led me by the hand to her bedroom. ‘I’m going to open some wine, you get dressed,’ she pointed to a pile of clothes on the bed. ‘I’ll be back in a while to watch.’

As the door closed behind me I looked to the small pile of clothes on the bed. Everything appeared to be newly bought. A pair of black seamed stockings, still in their pack was on top of a matching set of black lace knickers and bra. Underneath was a folded dress of small blue and white squares – I held it up.

It looked a little like a waitress’s outfit, possibly a maid’s uniform. It had short cap sleeves, a deep plunging square neckline edged in white lace, the front section was held up with large buttons which when undone, would drop the front of the dress to expose my breasts. The skirt had three internal petticoats of white cotton lace that helped it flare out and it looked short. I couldn’t wait to put it on.

‘Anything wrong?’

I spun round. I hadn’t heard Mistress Megan come in. She was standing in the open door holding out a glass of wine, a big smile on her beautiful face.

‘No, Mistress. I was just looking at the dress … it’s … very nice.’

Mistress Megan’s smile grew as I took the glass and took a good drink to calm my nerves.

‘You’ll look simply gorgeous, Josie. Just what we need to temp Sarah, she’ll be here soon so get dressed now or I’ll have to punish you in front of her … strip Josie … now.’ I knew I had to do as she said and without argument, so I began to take my clothes of being sure to make a show of the process for my Mistress’s entertainment.

Putting a foot on the dressing stool I pulled up my jeans and unzipped my boot then pulled it off, repeating the process on the other boot. Turning away from her I slid my jeans down, pushing my bottom out and keeping my legs straight to look my best. I held still as I felt her hand caress my bottom, then a small slap signalled that I could continue.

I stepped out of my jeans, turned around to face her and, keeping eye contact as long as possible, lifted my T-shirt over my head. I was blushing furiously at this point. I still didn’t find it easy to strip in front of someone, but that’s also the feeling I crave so much.

‘I just love your breasts, Josie,’ said Mistress Megan as she ran a finger-tip over my cleavage. ‘Take off your bra, don’t stop for me.’ I reached behind and unclipped my bra and pulled the whole thing forward. I dropped it onto the bed next to my jeans and T-shirt feeling my nipples harden as Mistress bahis şirketleri Megan gently touched them. I pretended to ignore her touch and she smiled again.

I realised I should have taken my socks off when I took off my boots, I blushed as I stumbled about trying to find a sexy way of removing them and failing miserably.

Mistress Megan laughed at my efforts. ‘Oh good, a reason to punish you, Josie. I think it’s also a good reason to make you as embarrassed as possible when we are playing later, don’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress,’ I replied nervously, wondering who this stranger, Sarah was who would be witnessing my embarrassment. The socks were now off and I turned around to remove my knickers, pushing my bottom out and keeping my legs straight so my Mistress could enjoy watching me. As I turned around again to toss the knickers on the bed I remembered my naked pussy, newly shaven, and blushed again, unconsciously covering my naked sex with my hands. Marion reached out and pinched my left nipple painfully.

‘Take your hands away, be my good little slut, Josie. Remember you belong to me, so your pussy belongs to me.’ She pinched my right nipple and I bit my lip but didn’t cry out or pull away. She was right. I was her self confessed lesbian slut and she could do whatever she wanted with me.

She took a step back and gazed down at my shaven pussy. ‘Put one leg up onto the bed, Josie so I can see you properly.’ I did as she asked and she ran a cool hand over my hot sex. I felt my juices begin to flow and her middle finger teased the entrance to my vagina. I trembled but held still. Our eyes were locked together as her hand came up and she licked her finger, then moved towards me. Our lips touched and I could feel the stickiness of our lipstick. Her hand had traveled back to my pussy and she began stroking all around my aching cunt making my legs wobble.

The doorbell chimed and she broke away.

‘Get dressed, don’t forget the bows in your hair and when you come out, don’t you dare refuse me anything, do you understand?’

‘Yes, Mistress, I understand.’ The door closed and I took a deep breath trying to get some control over my shaking body. I heard the sound of voices come back into the sitting room on the other side of the bedroom door, then turned to the pile of clothes on the bed.

I sat down and broke open the packet of stockings, unwinding them and separating them ready to put on. I loved the feel of stockings as I slipped them up my smooth legs so took my time, savouring the feeling of my transformation from shy office worker to lesbian slut, feeling deliciously rude and sexy. When both stockings were on I stood up, and looked behind in the full-length mirror to make sure the seams were straight. I put on the suspender belt and took my time clipping the stockings to it, then turned back to the pile of clothes on the bed.

The black knickers were lacy, expensive and tiny. I pulled them on over the stockings and wondered how long I would be wearing them. I kept catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and was getting extremely turned on.

The voices in the next room sounded in good spirits, with laughter coming from time to time and I wondered what they were saying; the thought of going in there began to make me nervous again.

The black lacy bra was padded slightly, and matched the knickers in quality and size. I slipped it on and as I clipped the back together, it enhanced my already ample cleavage, pushing my breasts together making them look and feel huge. My juices were flowing with anticipation once more. I pushed my hand down my knickers to wipe away some of the evidence then licked my fingers – I’ve always liked the taste of my own pussy.

The dress was a struggle to get into, but when I realised I had to undo the large buttons at the front it got a lot easier! I shrugged it over my shoulders and looked in the mirror. With the front flap down it exposed my breast, when I did the buttons up the flap came to the top of my bra but didn’t cover much else. It was tight to my waist and the flared skirt covered the stocking tops, but only just.

I gazed at the girl in the mirror. Little Miss Muffet? English maid? Whatever, it was a great little dress; a bit embarrassing to be wearing, completely humiliating to be seen in by a stranger … but very very sexy!

A pair of black 4 inch heals were set on the floor by the mirror and I noticed there was something in the right one as I picked it up. I tipped out two matching blue hair bows for my plaits and a gold chain with letters on which read, ‘Property of Mistress Megan.’ I happily put it on.

I slipped the shoes on, immediately feeling ten feet tall and rather wobbly. I’m tall already and rarely wore shoes over 2 inch’s before discovering this side of myself, so was still new to the feeling even after several hours of waking practice at home. I sat at the dressing table and checked over my make-up, tucked back a few strands of straying hair then stood up. Butterflies flittered around bahis firmaları my tummy as I looked at the door, now ready to go out at last.

Sarah was a natural blond with a good figure and a pretty face and had been popular with the boys since early school years. She had known her friend Megan for about six months and soon realised her friend was a lesbian. At first this had put her off socialising with Megan, she was the first gay person she had met, but Megan was fun to be with and Sarah realised she actually felt a strange thrill at the thought of a possible lesbian encounter.

On several drunken occasions they had talked about it but Sarah had always been scared to make that final step and admit to herself that she would really like to experience another woman. She was past the point of feeling threatened by Megan and had come to Megan’s apartment today full of the normal thrill she now associated with her friend.

So ‘if’ you were to experiment with another woman, what would you like from the encounter?’ questioned Megan as she passed Sarah a wineglass.

Sarah blushed and sipped her wine. ‘What do you mean?’

‘Well I love to dominate other women, to make them my loving slaves.’ She smiled wickedly. ‘Do you like that idea? To have another woman do anything you ask of her?’


‘Anything … or would you like to be the one that has to ‘do’ anything for her Mistress?’

‘Megan! Don’t lesbians have just normal loving relationships?’

‘So you admit you would like to experience being with another woman?’

Sarah hesitated as Megan grinned at her. ‘Well maybe I would, but not with you, you’re my friend … it would feel strange with you. It isn’t going to happen, Megan. I’m not about to approach some girl in a bar and proposition her. I’ll just happily stay in the closet thanks.’ She giggled.

‘What would you say if I had a girl here now … in that room, that would do anything I say?’

‘Do you?’ Sarah looked nervously towards the bedroom door.

‘Yes, but she’s mine. I suppose I could let you borrow her … wait until she comes out and see what you think.’ Megan watched her friend, thrilling at the look on her face. Sarah had crossed her legs and tugged her skirt down protectively. ‘So if you did like her, would you like to dominate her, tell her what to do … spank her?’

‘Spank her!’

‘Oh yes, she loves to be spanked … and teased … and embarrassed. But don’t worry, I would never hurt her or cause her real distress, I lover her.’

‘I don’t think I’d like to be spanked,’ said Sarah taking another sip of her wine. The door handle pulled down and softly opened and Sarah suddenly stopped breathing as a tall girl peeked into the room. Sarah put her glass down before she dropped it and was lost in the moment as the only sound in the room was the girl’s heals on the polished floorboards. The girl stood in the doorway uncertainly, obviously very shy and blushing furiously. Sarah felt a mixture of emotions that ran from poor girl to outright lust.

The girl was fiddling with the hem of a very short blue dress that barely covered the tops of her black stockings. She was beautiful. Long dark hair was gathered at the sides into two long plaits, and green eyes gazed nervously between her and Megan, she was biting a crimson lip.

‘This is Josie,’ said Megan breaking the silence. ‘Say hello to Sarah, Josie.’

I looked from Mistress Megan back to the blond girl, Sarah. She was very pretty but looked almost as embarrassed as I was. ‘Hello Mistress Sarah.’ The girl looked shocked and glanced across at Mistress Megan.

‘Oh Sarah isn’t a Mistress … at least I don’t think she is, we have to decide that still, don’t we, Sarah? Josie, please go and get the wine from the fridge and bring it back here, bring your glass as well will you.’

I turned and walked to the kitchen, glad to have something to do. I could feel both the girls watching me as I tottered a little on my heals’. I tried my best to walk properly. I knew they could see me from the couch so when I reached for the wine bottle I bent down just a little further than was necessary, allowing them to get a good long look as my dress rose up.

I brought the bottle back and filled their glasses. I watched Sarah’s eyes go to my breasts as I bent over to pour the wine making me feel extremely exposed but I held back the impulse to cover my chest.

‘Turn around and put the bottle on the table please Josie.’

I turned and placed the bottle on the table then felt Mistress Megan’s hand run up and down my leg so bent over a little further for her.

‘Would you like to touch her.’ She must have been talking to Sarah and I waited as another hand hesitantly touched my left leg.

‘Will she do anything you say?’ Sarah whispered.

‘Yes, just about anything. Why, what would you like her to do?’ Mistress Megan laughed and I stayed still, pushing my bottom out, hoping that I would be made to do something rude and naughty.

kaçak bahis siteleri ‘No, nothing! … well, oh I don’t know, you’re confusing me Megan!’ exclaimed Sarah, and I felt sorry for her, knowing the uncertainty she was feeling. That is why I love to be told what to do, to have all decision taken away and be made to do naughty things.

‘Josie stand up and turn around,’ Said Mistress Megan and I did so.

‘Sarah, you stand up as well.’

I watched as Sarah got reluctantly to her feet. She was shorter than me, especially as I was wearing these impossibly high heals.

‘You will both do exactly as I say, do you understand?’

‘Yes Mistress,’ I stammered, nervously fingering the hem of my dress.

‘Sarah? … Don’t worry, I just want you to kiss Josie … would you like to do that, to have your first lesbian kiss?’ Sarah was silent then turned towards me. I bent down looking into her blue eyes then saw her lips part slightly and her eyes close as we came together, then there was the familiar feel as our lips touched and our lipstick coated lips stuck slightly together, I loved that feeling, it’s so intimate, so lesbian.

‘Good girls. Now stay in that kiss and, Sarah, let me take your hand.’

I felt Sarah’s hand being placed on my leg under my dress and the hesitant way she traced the line of my suspender where it clipped onto my stocking top. The hand then moved around and shyly caressed my bottom, all the while our kiss continued. It would seem that Mistress Megan was getting her way. The hand was then moved up and brushed my left breast then pulled quickly away.

‘They won’t bite you, Sarah,’ said Mistress Megan with a giggle. ‘Josie has beautiful breasts, would you like to see more of them?’

‘No! … ‘ she looked quite panicked and I had to smile.

‘Would you like to kiss her again?’

Sarah was silent as she looked up at me, I smiled at her and she smiled back.

‘Yes, I would like to kiss her again, but … I need another drink and to sit a moment, I’m sorry, sorry Josie.’ She sat down looking embarrassed and Mistress Megan stood up.

‘I hope you don’t mind if I play with my slave for a while. I want to tease her, she’s looking far too relaxed.’

Sarah shook her head and watched as Mistress Megan sat back in her chair and smiled up at me.

‘Lift your skirt for us, Josie.’ I did so, slowly pulling up the hem with the petticoats until my stockings and knickers were displayed for my audience. I shuffled uncomfortably, fighting the urge to drop the dress down again.

‘Turn around and bend over for us, Josie.’ I turned, opened my legs a little to get a better balance then slowly bent forward, raising my dress at the same time. When the dress was over my back I held onto my legs for support.

‘Isn’t she beautiful?’ I heard Mistress Megan ask Sarah.

‘Yes,’ came the soft reply. ‘She really is.’

‘Would you like her to do anything? Maybe pull her knickers to her knees? She’ll do anything you ask her, won’t you, Josie?’

‘Yes, Mistress,’ I replied.

‘Josie?’ came Sarah’s voice. ‘Would you pull your knickers to your knees for me please.’

‘Yes, Sarah, of course I will.’ I reached up and slowly pulled my knickers down, feeling the crease of my bottom reluctantly let go. I spread my legs a little further so the knickers would stay around my knees and waited, feeling my pussy and ass naked and rudely on display. A hand stroked my bottom, Mistress Megan’s I think, it was confirmed a moment later as a finger slipped into my wet pussy, Sarah wouldn’t do that to me, not yet anyway. I let out a little moan.

‘Would you like to touch her?’ there was no reply. ‘Stand up, Josie and turn around.’ As I stood my knickers fell to my feet and I bent down to pull them up to my knees again; I hadn’t been told to pull them right up. I stood looking from the smiling face of Mistress Megan to the flushed, excited face of Sarah. ‘Lift your skirt and show Sarah how nicely you shaved for me.’ I lifted my skirt and saw Sarah’s eyes widen as she gazed on my naked pussy.

‘Go and kiss her pussy, Sarah.’ I was surprised when Sarah stood and came across to me. She glanced quickly into my eyes then dropped to her knees and put one, then a second kiss onto my naked pussy. I could feel her breath on my sensitive skin and I ached for her to lick me, but she stood up and returned to her chair.

‘Step out of your knickers, Josie, you wont be needing them for a while. If your pussy gets cold I’m sure we can ask Sarah to warm it for you. Now pour us some more wine please.’

I poured more wine, drank more myself, put music on and was told to dance and pose for them for a while, which I happily did. I could see that Sarah was getting a little drunk and was loosening up, becoming used to me being at their beck and call.

‘Josie, you’re overdressed and Sarah is looking lonely over here. Come and sit on her lap and let her undo your dress.’ I walked over to Sarah and, seeing no resistance now, straddled her legs so my breasts were at her eye level. She was giggling which made me laugh as well and my breasts jiggled in her face, she grabbed them and squeezed. The laugh fell from her face and she looked up at me, still cupping my breasts.

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