A Well Satisfied Cocksleeve

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He plunged into her with a single, purposeful thrust. Not violently, yet not tenderly either. His sizable cock fully buried into her as she lay draped face down over the table that she and her husband shared so many meals together at. Any feelings of guilt she may have had at that thought were fleeting as the warmth of the smooth wood pressed against her bare chest, gently massaging her breasts as she bounced forward repeatedly from his impaling. It was just high enough off the ground that only the tips of the toes on one of her feet could touch the floor at any given time, increasing the sensation of rapacious vulnerability she began to enjoy as his sack slapped against her clit, teasing her with tormentingly brief sparks of pleasure every time he re-entered her. He wasn’t the largest she’d ever had, but certainly larger than she’d enjoyed in a long time, stretching her to the very razors edge of pain and pleasure.

He had no intention to hurt her with his efforts, but no intention to please her either. That was her husband’s job, not his. Her pussy was solely for his pleasure in that moment. A warm, luscious, incredibly tight cocksleeve, for him to use, to stretch, and to fill. She was his sybaritic little fucktoy, and she knew it. She moistened at the thought, and lifted her chest slightly from the table, arching her back to provide delicious friction and pressure for his cock along the front wall of her “sleeve” with each of his thrusts. She may have been little more than his plaything at that moment, but she was intent on being the best and most memorable plaything he had ever used, or filled, before.

Adrenalin began to course through his veins, granting him increasing vigor as over and over he plowed past her engorged folds, ravenously anguishing for his release. Her full breasts hung slightly above the plane below her now, and swayed back and forth each time he bottomed out in her, her feet still unable to find leverage to steady her hips against him. Without conscious thought, she relaxed her arms just enough to ensure her stiffened, crimson nipples brushed the surface with each swaying, relishing the sensations provided by the table’s inanimate caresses.

Her auburn hair hung in front of her, veiling her sight of anything but the table below. She loved the scent it gave off, jasmine and lavender, remnants of the scented oils she has used on it in anticipation of his arrival. She opened her mouth with an inaudible moan as she tried several times to brush it aside, to glean a view of her rapture-contorted face in the mirror on the wall in front of her. But each time she enjoyed only a brief visage of his closed eyes and determined expression before the impact of his hips into hers jolted her forward and jostled it back to dangling before her.

She felt her pleasure slowly building within her. Not from the sensations of his cock savoring the incredible tightness of her loins, but instead, perpetrated almost entirely by his groans. Primal, animalistic, determined moans of fulfillment as his strong hands and powerful arms jerked her hips backward lezbiyen seks hikayeleri into his, impaling her onto his rod with each stroke. The table shook violently from his effort, her legs still dangling helplessly, and the supple flesh of her ass cheeks rippling with each impact. She knew his orgasm would be the cause of hers, and as he approached his, so did she approach hers.

It didn’t take long before his pace quickened, his urgency crescendoing as he pounded into her harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. She bit her bottom lip unconsciously and allowed her head to lay upon the wood, her blushed left cheek pressed to the table as she felt his cock to begin to swell inside her. She knew he was getting close.

She wasn’t sure whether his orgasm would come first or he’d tear her open before that, but the pain of his size had juxtaposed entirely to pleasure, and she knew that she’d soon have to settle for her husband’s cock again. And so she decided that she was going to enjoy his use of her pussy either way. She desperately squeezed her own breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers when she heard his groans cease and he held his breath.

She felt him somehow harden even more, as if he was made of the very same oak that held her lithe body in the air, perfectly elevated for his needs. Despite the ferocity of his efforts, she no longer felt his balls slap against her as they tightened closer to his body in preparation to empty themselves in their entirety into her well ravaged pussy.

His girth filled her so completely that when he buried into her that final time, with his hands pulling so forcefully backward on her hips, and held himself there, deeper than he had been able to enter her before, she actually felt his dick pulse over and over as he came. As his orgasmic roar filled her ears, so did his seed fill the deep spaces inside her. She closed her eyes and imagined she could actually feel one warm rope of his load after another splash against the walls of her quivering womanhood. She lost count at the seventh pulse of his cock inside her, and knowing that he was filling her with his orgasm, completely satiated by the usefulness of her body, his fucktoy, was more than enough to push her over the edge as well.

It was now her that shook the table. She convulsed uncontrollably; his overly sensitive stiffness still buried deep inside of her. Her movements, combined with the squeezing of her vaginal muscles, milked him even further, filling her with so much cum that it began to leak out of her from around his shaft.

He looked down, and pulled himself only half way out of her, admiring the glistening of her wetness against the raised veins of his still rock solid member. He watched proudly for a moment as she panted feverishly and pulled herself back to reality. As he saw a bead of creamy white escape her, bathing her clit in its warmth before it leaking down her leg, he became insatiably lustful all over again. He effortlessly lifted her up and flipped her onto her back. She brushed the hair from her eyes and took the opportunity to watch him for the first time since he began fucking her. She admired his physique as the beads of sweat trailed down his chiseled torso while he easily manhandled and repositioned her.

He then withdrew himself completely from her, and as he did, the milky combination of their orgasms flowed out of her, propelled somewhat by her intentional contractions, determined to show him exactly how proficient of a cockmilker she really was. His desires became more wanton as he watched the lubricating mixture reach her asshole. She saw the hunger fill his eyes, and she reached down to grab his now twitching cock. She used it to spread the cream all around her rosebud before bringing its head back to her pussy to cover it again, going back and forth several times, preparing her ass for his taking.

The sensations of his cock rubbing against her clit and ass only increased his determination to fulfill his rekindling need. She took the opportunity to use his cockhead to massage her clit, jerking herself off with his tip, increasing her own arousal. “You’re not done with your fucktoy yet, are you sir?” She mocked, locking her lustful gaze to his, never ceasing the teasing of herself with his manhood.

The taunting had its desired effect, as he locked his fingers of both hands together behind her neck, pulling her head off the table forward and leaning close. She could feel the grunt escape his lips as his breath wafted over hers, and she gasped as he pushed fully into her ass with the same conquering forcefulness as he had her pussy. He had exchanged one cocksleeve for another as he began to use her asshole now.

Pain gave way quickly after the initial shock faded and she relaxed to accommodate him. “Not even close, my little kitten” he whispered defiantly as he released her neck and stood upright, moving his hands to her hips, gripping them tightly. He slowly began pulling out and thrusting back in, always getting the sensitive frenulum of his cock head right to her incredibly tight opening before re-entering her depths. “Don’t you dare fucking come before I do!” He growled as he began to relish in the use of her ass, his own cum mixing with hers as lube.

She closed her eyes and smiled, pulling her legs up to rest on his chest and shoulders as she was filled over and over once again. “I wouldn’t dare, sir” she coyly replied. She knew it would take him longer this time to reach his peak, but her ass was even tighter than her pussy, and she knew that when he did come, it would be far more intense of an orgasm for him. And as vocal as his last one was, and as forcefully as that had made her cum, she could only fantasize about his screams as he finished deep inside her again.

But if that thought alone wasn’t enough to cause her concern that she wouldn’t be able to do as he commanded and stave off her own orgasm until he was finished with her, his next two words almost surely would send her careening over the edge. He closed his eyes as he began to sink his hips downward with each withdrawal, putting pressure against her g spot through the thin wall that separated her pussy from his cock’s current residence, and lifted back up with each thrust.

He moaned in satisfaction as he took her, conquered her, used her, thrust after rapacious thrust. Desire, blended with anger, melded with frustration, dripping mellifluously with needful lust. He leaned in close to her, and whispered in her ear those two words that caused her to furiously bite her lip, and dig her fingernails into his back as she tried desperately not to cum. He knew exactly what he was doing, exactly how to make her fail so that he could enjoy punishing her for doing so. He knew exactly what would happen when he softly said …….”Good girl”

“Fuuuuuuckkkkkk!” She screamed, louder than she ever had before. He forcefully covered her mouth with his hand before she had finished so as to muffle her outburst. Still riding her orgasm, she opened her eyes wide, and swore she saw the devil himself in the broad, heinous smile that beamed from his face. A thousand images filled her mind of the ways he would punish her for failing to do as she was told.

Those very images combined with his growlings of “naughty kitten!”, and “You’ll pay for that” sent her over the edge again before her first orgasm had even finished. He chuckled devilishly and picked up his pace. “Naughty indeed” he gloated, and withdrew from her as quickly as he had entered her. Before she could protest, a sharp sting radiated from her ass cheek as his hand came down upon it. He forced himself back into her ass and withdrew again before another sting landed upon her other cheek. “Your husband won’t be home until tomorrow my little fucktoy. And by the time I’m done with you, you’ll need a damned good excuse for the redness of your ass cheeks, and your inability to walk straight for the next few days”.

She may have been worried that he was right, if she was still capable of coherent thought, but that time had passed. He wasn’t done with her yet, and she wasn’t done with being had yet either. Before the night was to be finished, she was determined to hear those two magic words again. And this time be allowed to come from their utterance. Her mouth, her pussy and her ass were all for his use and his pleasure. And his pleasure would certainly require all three in order to be satisfied. But as she laid there on that table, dawn approaching, covered in sweat and cum and tattered remnant of clothes, barely able to muster the energy to move, he finished tying his trousers and prepared to leave.

She felt empty, abandoned, and wished he would fill her again before he left. But he leaned over her one last time and gently circled her swollen, tumescient clit with two fingers of one hand while he brushed the matted hair from her face with the other, smiling as he said. “You, my little kitten, are without doubt the most perfect little fucktoy I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.”

Before she would lose consciousness from her exhaustion, and he left her there to remember what she would be missing, on the very same table he had fucked her on for hours, one last orgasm would wrack her body as he whispered to her…. “Good girl”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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