A Wife Frist Lesbian Sex

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This story and contains lesbian sex.

Hello my name is Jemma What’s and I’m 42 years old and I’m happily married to my husband Frank who I’ve had 3 c***dren with, twin boys named Max and Ben aged 10 and my daughter Christy aged 5 and we have a loving and caring babysitter named Lilley White aged 27.

What I’m about to tell you shouldn’t of happen because now I can’t stop think about it, yesterday I had lesbian sex with Lilley who I’ve known for 15 years from her looking after the boys and my daughter, I don’t know what made me want to have sex with her but now it’s all I want is to feel her lips on mine, to have her lick my nipples and to have her head between my legs, oh fuck I’m getting of track so let me tell you what happened.

Monday morning came around and everything was as they normally went as I now work from home due to the k**s and Lilley always helped me out by taking the boys and Christy to school, my husband work in a high end job and I am a writer with a best selling novel all about life of a mother and I was working on my second book when Lilley back to my place look very sexy short skirt and tank – top, with flat heeled shoes and I thick she wears stockings or pantyhose but I can’t be sure, she is 5’5 with long dark red hair, brown eyes, with her body like 32,14,32 and she is half Chinese and half American, I know she wasn’t wearing those clothes early when she too my k**s to school.

“Hi Mrs What’s sorry for dropping by like this but I had no where else to go”

I noticed tears in her eyes as she stood there.

“Oh Lilley what the matter, come and sit the couch with me and tell me what wrong”

I got up from my computer and walk over to the couch, sat down as Lilley sat next to me.

“Well I had a fight with my girlfriend Daisy about my job as a babysitter, because same bitch who likes her said I was cheating on her with you, now I don’t know what to do”

I couldn’t believe that Lilley was a lesbian and she had a girlfriend, so I had to ask her “What about your mom and dad, couldn’t you get to them just asking” then she really started crying.

“Hey hey come here, sorry for making you more upset” I said giving her a hug.

I held her motherly like she was my daughter and I could smell the most wonderful scent of coconut from her hair and rose perfume as I held, I started to feel something inside tingle because those are my favourite smells.

“I know you didn’t mean to upset me Mrs What’s, but the truth is my mom and dad kick me out of the house when I was 18 when they found out that I liked girls more then boys, you know what there like believe in the story book know as the bible, so I said to them you kick your daughter out but you believe in Jesus who might have been gay for all we know, with that said I packed my bags and lived with my girlfriend ever since.”

“I’m shocked that you mother changed that much, I mean she was a party a****l and she got with anyone she could , I know she had sex with a few girls back in the day, but ever scene marring that bible basher dickhead James she changed a lot”

“Wait a minute did you say my mom who loves the bible, when she was my age she slept with other girls”

The look on Lilley’s face that she was shocked to hear this, but she smiled.

“Looks like I might have a bargain chip to get back into my home”

“Oh well yes she did and yes you may want to show her these too”

I said handing Lilley some photos of her mother making out with girls and her head between girls legs.

“Wow I can’t believe that is my mom kissing and going down on other girl”

“Well I took the photos because she told me to and she met James 4 days after that in a church”

“So I can take these and get my mom to get dad to have me back home, it’s to good to be true thank you Mrs What’s”

The Lilley hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I did the same to her, then our eyes met as pulled from kissing each other on the cheek that was kissed on the other cheek and when we pulled from kissing on the other cheek our noses were touching, our eyes locked together then I place my lips on Lilley’s lips, which she don’t fight because we shared a passionate kiss.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that, please forgive me Lilley”

“No I’m the one that should be sorry Mrs What’s, I shouldn’t have kissed back but I couldn’t help myself because you’re so sexy”

We both went red face as I couldn’t believe what Lilley just said to me, before I knew what was happening I had grabbed Lilley’s face and pulled to mine as I began to lie on my back and we began kissing again.

“I know I shouldn’t be doing this with you Lilley but your lips are so soft and your body so sexy, I want you to help me with my first lesbian sex because I’m so horny right know”

“Are you sure you want to do this with me Mrs….”

I placed my finger over Lilley’s lips.

“Please call me Jemma, yes I want you to do it, please I’m so fucking horny”

“Ok Jemma I’ll be gentle with you but you are going to enjoy this”

Before I could say anything Lilley placed he lips on to mine, our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as I could feel her tugging at my top and I was doing the same to her top.

With both our tops off Lilley started kiss my neck and rub my bra coved breasts that I started moaning in pleasure as Lilley undid my bra from behind.

“Wow you wasn’t laying when you said your horny Jemma, look at how hard your nipples are”

Then she started to grab my breasts and playing with my nipples before she licked them and suck on them too.

“Oh my god that feels so good Lilley oh fuck I feel so hot and I think I had a little orgasm”

“Oh really, mmm Jemma you nipple as so good, I want to taste you”

Then Lilley stood up and took of her bra, skirt and thong, and then she grabbed my bottoms and pulled them down with my panties.

I’m still a bit shy about me being naked in front of my babysitter Lilley I tried to cover up but she didn’t let me.

“Don’t hide your sexy body Jemma, look at you 36B, 16Body, 34waist if I had to guess”

“Yes I am and we are both the same height too, sorry for trying to hide my body I’m still a bit shy”

“Well you’re the one that wanted this so you don’t need to be shy Jemma”

Before I could respond to her, Lilley place her right hand on to my pussy and began to rub me.

“You are so wet Jemma mmm I love it”

Then she started kiss my thighs before kissing around my pussy mound, then my body shakes as I felt Lilley tongue lick up and down my pussy lips before she placed her mouth around my pussy’s clit and began sucking me.

“Oh my fucking god, oh it feels weird having a girl lick me there, but it feels so good though, oh my god I’m cumming fuck I’m cumming”

I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have an orgasm from another woman licking you, but Lilley continued licking and sucking my pussy, then she stuck two fingers in to my pussy making me orgasm again.

“You taste really good Jemma; mmm here let me show you how good you taste”

Lilley kissed me on the lips and I could taste how wet and juicy I tasted on her lips.

“Oh my god I can’t believe I came twice so quickly, do you want to continue eating my pussy”

“Not yet because it now your turn to try me”

“Oh ok but I‘ve never been down on another girl before”

“You’ll be fine trust me, let’s switch positions”

I got off the couch so Lilley could take my place lying down with her legs apart.

I was still nervous of going down on another woman, because I never been with a woman until now, so I started kissing Lilley before I slowly grabbed her breasts and started licking & sucking them.

“You so cute, I know this is your first time but you’re doing a good job keep going”

“Thanks but I think I’m still a bit shy about all of this, but I would like to try your pussy now”

“Go ahead Jemma it’s there for you to try”

Then I started to kiss down Lilley’s body, and then I got to where her pussy was and kissed around it before I licked her pussy to taste it.

I’ve never tasted something so good before in my life, Lilley pussy was wet, sweet, sour, bitter, juicy all at the same time.

Lilley was moving her body all over the place that I thought I was doing something wrong but she shouted.

“Why you stopping, don’t stop, you’re doing a great job keep going Jemma!”

“I’m sorry I thought I was hurting you, I’ll go back to licking and sucking your sweet pussy Lilley”

Then I went back to her pussy and began to lick and suck her as I put two of my fingers into her pussy making Lilley moan.

“Oh Jemma, yeah keep going, oh you’re so good at this, I can’t believe this is your first time with another woman, I’m cumming”

This was my first time with another woman, I never knew how hot and sexy woman can be until now, I could taste Lilley’s cum on my tongue it was very sweet.

I went back up Lilley’s body and kissed her again before asking “what’s next”.

“What’s next umm how about 69 or scissoring Jemma?”

“Well I know about 69, normally it were a girl gets her pussy licked by a guy while she sucks his cock but in our case we be licking each other’s pussy’s, so I would like to know more about scissoring?”

“Well scissoring or grinding in other countries is were to woman rub pussy together “

Lilley show me with her hand’s what she meant.

“Oh ok let’s give ago then Lilley”

Lilley grabbed my right leg as she placed her stocking covered right over my left leg so our pussy’s met as one.

Lilley began to move and I could feel her pussy rubbing against mine, it was making me feel hot watching her breasts go up and down.

We both moan with pleasure with every movement of her pussy rubbing my pussy, then we both moaned “I’M CUMMMING”.

Then Lilley laid next to me as we catching our breath, then we started kissing again before we fell asleep for a couple of hours.

I woke up at 3:00 pm in the evening “oh fuck Lilley wake up, come on wake up”

“What’s the matter Jemma?”

“Fuck look at the time, you need to get changed and pick up the k**s”

“Oh shit, ok fuck were my panties and bra”

We started to get dressed as I couldn’t take my eyes of Lilley’s sex body as she quickly got dressed.

I grabbed her as she finished getting dressed and kissed her again.

“Lilley if things don’t work out between you and your girlfriend, you always welcome to live with us as we have spare bedroom”

“Really? But what would your husband say if I moved in”`

“Don’t worry about him, I will talk to him later, but you must remember I still have to pleasure him”

“I know that Jemma, but I think he’ll be as good as me”

“Naughty girl but your right I love having sex with you move then I ever had with my husband”
“Good to hear Jemma, I will see you later”

Then we kissed again before she left to get changed at her place to pick up my k**s.

Later that night on a dinner date with my husband I told him that Lilley was having trouble at home could she come and live with us for a while and to my surprise he said “sure why not, she good with the k**s and I don’t have a problem with it”.

The next day I told Lilley that she can move in whenever she wanted to and she hugged and kissed me “Oh thank you Jemma, you won’t be disappointed” as we had another day of pure pleasure.

To this day I and Lilley still having lesbian sex when we are alone of some times of night when everybody asleep, we even fingered each other watching movies with my husband and k**s in the same room.

All I know is that I don’t want this to stop even if I have to divorce my husband to be with her, I know that she love me and I love her but know we are happy with the way things are.

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