A Wish Made in Moonlight Pt. 02

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All person’s in this work are over the age of 18 years

It had been almost two months since Jarod had met Salem. Or that is what Jarod had been convincing himself since then. He knew intellectually that it was all a dream, but he couldn’t ignore his feelings. It felt all too real. Since then Jarod had found himself day dreaming about him. That wily smile, knowing glance. The languid way he moved, like the air itself around him bent to his energy. Jarod had resolved that if this encounter had been real that he needed to know for sure. There wasn’t much to go on. The internet, of course, was full of crackpot theories and close encounters. Nothing that was directly on point with what happened to him. So instead Jarod focused on what Salem had said to him. That he was a dream come true. The look he gave Jarod when he saw that he was going to hurt him by leaving. The fact that this all happened on a full moon.

When Jarod had waited for the next full moon, to his disappointment, nothing had happened. But then again it was a cloud filled sky, there was no moonlight coming through his window. But tonight, tonight was a clear sky. Jarod had gone all out. He place a small table inside his room with two seats. Placing a fine table cloth on it, he laid out wine glasses for two. A sweet tort placed in the centre, with a dish each. He even placed rose petals over the whole affair. He laid back on his bed. Once again, he was bathed in moonlight. He looked over at table set.


He frowned, but concentrated. He imaged Salem being here. Sitting at the table, elegantly take a sip of the wine. Laughing at a joke he was making. It brought a smile to his lips. Leaning back he closed his eyes. It was all a dream after all. Still, what a dream.

The gentle click of metal against porcelain reminded Jarod of the times, as a child, he and his brothers eagerly wolfed down their dessert. It was a sound that came with the feeling of joy. And it was a sound he was hearing right now. He flung his eyes Yakacık escort open.

There he was. He was sitting in one of the seats, slowly dissecting a piece of tort on his plate. This time Salem was wearing a light flowing robe of black, which perfectly matched his hair. A choker with a metal buckle was affixed around his neck. He glanced over at Jarod and gave that wonderful smile.

“You sure know how to lure back your prey don’t you Jarod.”

Jarod didn’t hesitate.

“Only if it was you, Salem.”

Salem clucked his tongue.

“Tut tut, don’t be saying things like that. You couldn’t possibly mean what you are saying.”

Jarod ignored the rebuke, just happy to see him. Really happy, it was almost like a physical thing. He got up and took the opposite seat to him, drinking his form in. Even in moonlight those emerald eyes of his almost glowed.

Jarod picked up the wine bottle and filled both glasses. He picked one up, holding it out. Salem regarded it for a moment, then took it. Taking the other one Jarod lifted it up.

“A toast.”

Salem smiled.

“To what, if I may ask.”

“To someone who made me realise exactly what it is to be alive.”

The smile didn’t falter, but Jarod realised that there was a slight sadness to Salem’s demeanour. Clinking glasses they both took a sip in silence.

Feeling bold, Jarod asked.

“Salem, could you stand up for me.”

Taken aback by the request for a moment, Salem pushed the chair out. He stood up with the grace of a dancer. His robe loosely tied at the waist, still showed his beautiful toned body and the shapeliness of his legs. He bit his lower lip.

“Would you like to see more?”

Jarod nodded.

“Yes, but use the chair.”

Salem grinned. He pulled the chair towards him, he then gingerly sat down. He opened up his legs wide. The darkness still obscured what was so tantalisingly close. He lifted up one of the robe ties and casually swung it back and forth. Two could play Atalar escort bayan at that game. Jarod was wearing his boxers. His started rubbing the front of them. He had no idea how to seduce a being like Salem, but he thought he would give it a shot.

Realising the game he was in Salem, leaned back, allowing his cock to come into view. As it did Jarod had a feeling like electricity go through him. His own cock responded, a slight tent now forming from his boxers. Jarod got up, walking over slowly he knelt in front of Salem.

He placed his hands on Salem’s knees, gentle pushing them apart. Salem gazed down at him.

“Now, isn’t it my job to service you?”

Jarod shook his head.


With one careful hand he started massaging Salem. His cock was far bigger than he remembered, even though it was still flaccid. Slowly, he started stroking it. Salem purred. His cock stiffening under Jarod’s touch. Soon it was at full mast. Knowing what he wanted to do next, Jarod shuffled forward. Licking his lips, he stuck out his tongue. He started licking at the base, working his way up the shaft. It was all Jarod could do to control himself. He wanted this cock in his mouth. But it was important to take his time, to make this last. Salem had been bracing himself with his hands behind him, but now Jarod felt a soft hand on his head. It was guiding him, the sensation of Salem’s hand ruffling his hair as a consequence turned him on even more. This time he gave in.

Opening his mouth wide he engulfed Salem’s cock. Salem gasped, then moaned with pleasure as Jarod bobbed his head up and down. Salem’s scent permeated him. It was intoxicating. Remembering not to neglect them, Jarod massaged Salem’s balls as he worked. At this point Salem was biting his lip, attempting to stifle his moans. What a champ, thought Jarod, trying to be discrete. Doesn’t he know I want him to be as loud as he wants. Fuck my housemates.

Jarod tasted precum on his lips. Salem was almost there. Escort Kadıköy Picking up the pace, the twitching of Salem’s cock told him exactly when to act. Just at the moment of final ecstasy Jarod buried Salem’s cock down his throat, taking it to the hilt.

“OH FUCKKKKKK!” Salem screamed.

He came like a fire hose, ropes and ropes of hot cum splashing down his throat. Even though he was prepared it was everything Jarod could do to swallow it down. Coughing lightly, some of Salem’s gooey seed came out of Jarod’s nose. He didn’t care. Salem twitched uncontrollably. He head lolling back in absolute pleasure. When he slowed down Jarod allowed himself to come up for air. He got one gulp full before Salem kissed him passionately. Together they savoured Salem’s cum.

Jarod was dizzy, this was a lot to take. When they broke from their messy make out session Jarod felt back onto the hardwood floor. Salem came along with him, snuggling up against his shoulder. Even through the haze Jarod could see that Salem was more than just satiated. He looked so content. Jarod brought him in tight, not wanted to let this moment end. But eventually the moonlight started to wane. Salem blinked and got up. Jarod got up too.

“Don’t go Salem. Please, you don’t have to.”

This time Salem didn’t smile. Instead his face was a mask of sadness.

“I’m sorry Jarod, but I have too. I shouldn’t….. I shouldn’t have come back. It’s dangerous.”

“Then why did you come back?” Jarod asked. “Was it my store bought tort?” He joked.

Salem managed a weak smile.

“It was so I could properly say goodbye.”

Jarod could feel his heart beating rapidly. It can’t end like this, it just can’t. And yet there was something in Salem’s face. Something that made him believe this wasn’t the end.

“Salem, I don’t know what is going on but I know this. At the next full moon I will have a big surprise for you. And if you don’t come back, you’ll never get it.”

With that Jarod got up and crashed into bed, turning away from Salem. It was a gamble, but he had to believe. He felt that same caring hand on his shoulder, a slight tremor in its touch. Then it was gone.

Jarod had a whole month to get a ‘big surprise’ ready. More than enough time. He couldn’t wait.

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