A Woman for my Girlfriend

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Separated by some 3,000 miles, I wrote several stories for my girlfriend, hoping to keep us in touch and sexually connected. This and other stories are fiction based on her fantasies and written with her as the first person. I tried using details to evoke visions of what the characters would see, hear, feel, smell and taste—something I believe is missing from most Literotica stories. Although catered to her intimate fantasies, I am sharing them with fellow readers hoping you will also enjoy them.

As a writer, I am always looking to improve my craft and would appreciate feedback, especially from women. I’d like to know what you, the reader, found particularly arousing and what could be improved upon.


I entered the parking lot of the hotel, anxious, nervous and wet. My Baby brought another woman with him, but for me, knowing of my long fantasy to be with another woman. My Baby always makes me happy, but this is more than I could have expected.

Previously, we texted and spoke once or twice, trying to set it up.

“I met her today. I think you’ll like her.”

“I hope so.” I said.

“I think so. She looks nice, in her 30s. Straight hair down to her shoulders. Bright dark red lipstick, medium height and has a nice rack. She’s been with several women and really enjoys it. She says it’s been awhile since she’s been with a woman and wants to experience it again. She says she’s very oral and knows how to please a woman.”

The last line sent shivers through me. The idea of woman sucking on my breasts and eating me out turns me on. I too have dreamed of doing the same with a woman.

“She also likes to be serviced. I assured her that you too are very oral and interested. Sucking her nipples and licking her pussy are two things you very much want to do.”

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. I don’t know how many times I’ve masturbated, thinking about making love to another woman. How much I want to caress her milky white breasts, gently pinch and fondle her nipples and suck on them. I so badly want to put my mouth over her breast, suck her flesh into my mouth and run my tongue over her nipple. Just thinking about her nipple sliding between my lips drives me crazy and makes my nipples and clit hard. I wondered what her breasts would look like? Big and firm? And her nipples, how big are they? Are they puffy, or pointed?

I also wondered about her pussy. Was it covered in dark hair, trimmed, or shaved entirely? Then there are her lips. Are they big and puffy? Do her inner lips poke through? Doe they get real long when she gets excited? Does it look like a porn pussy? Does she get real wet and gush or squirt?

The more I thought about it, the more anxious I became. I wanted her badly. I needed her.

I opened that car door, grabbed my bag, closed and locked the door behind me, then entered the hotel. I found the room and slowly tried to compose myself and not be so nervous. My hand rapped twice on the door. The door opened and my Baby was there, welcoming me with a big smile. I walked in, through my bag on floor and we wrapped our arms around one another, pulling us together tight as be started a passionate kiss.

“Wow” said the voice from behind me. “That is sexy” as she watched us kiss.

We broke apart and looked over to see her. She looked just as my Baby described.

“So I hear you want another woman?”

I nervously shook my head up and down.

“Ever been with another woman?” she asked.

I shook my head from side to side.

“I think you’ll like it. It’s different with a woman.”

Her easy smile and eyes helped me ease a little.

“Come here.” She said, and I nervously approached.

I walked to her and stood less than a meter away. She reached out and took my hands in hers and held them. Her eyes dropped from mine, then ran down my body to my feet, then back up to my eyes.

“You’ll do nicely,” she said. She then pulled me towards her and I stood just centimeters away. She looked me in the eyes and I stared back into hers. She released my hands and raised her right hand to my hair, slowly brushing aside a few strands. I stood there, nervous, wondering what to do next. She then placed both hands on my checks, her eyes locked on mine as she pulled me close. Her mouth opened slightly as she placed her lips on mine. I stood there mesmerized and not sure what to do. Her lips moved over mine and easily slid given their covering of lipstick. Her eyes slowly closed and I stared into her face. Her lips parted slowly and the tip of her tongue brushed my lips, sending shivers through me, prompting me to close my eyes and open my mouth. She followed and parted her lips, darting her tongue forward into my mouth as she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me tight. Unsure of what to do, I placed my arms around her waist. She continued her kiss, turning her head slowly. The kiss had awakened me; my anxiety and nervousness were now turning into arousal. The smell of her perfume and feeling of her breasts pressed against mine reminded me that I was with a woman and the thought of being with a woman sent a wave of arousal through me as my nipples and clit grew hard and I began to get wet. My hands now pulled her bursa escort bayan tight against me as I returned her kiss and sent my tongue back into her mouth. Each of us increased the passion of our kiss as our breathing increased and hearts began to pound. I ran my hands down her back and felt the curve of her ass, pulling her against me tight.

We parted and she looked at me, then pulled off her top. Shaking her hair free from the shirt, she then reached behind her and unclasped her bra, then pulled it off her shoulders. My eyes locked on to her breasts. They were a nice pair, probably C cup. Her areolas were fairly large and her nipples stood out slightly. She looked at me and smiled as she saw me watching her tits. Then she twisted her shoulders fast and I watched as her gorgeous breasts twisted, jiggled and flop about. Now I could appreciate the attraction men had for them. She took a couple of steps towards me and I didn’t move my eyes. Her hand lifted my chin and she delivered another kiss to my lips. My hands rose up along her sides. I so much wanted to hold and fondle those large breasts of hers. After a moment, she pulled away, smiled and placed her hands on mine, then on her breasts. My hands began to massage and knead her soft flesh and I stood there in amazement.

Next, she bent over, sliding her hands down her legs, taking her skirt and panties off. She stood erect, then lifted one leg, then the other out of her skirt and panties and stood there before me, completely naked. She stood at ease, a spectacle for me to enjoy and I think she enjoyed me looking over her body as my eyes traveled to her ample breasts, then dropped down to the triangular patch of pubic hair between her legs, then down to her long, shapely legs. She took a few steps and sat on the bed, then gave me a “come here” gesture with her index finger. I walked towards her and she laid down, raising her arms over her head, stretching her breasts across her chest. Looking up at me she said, “Suck on my breasts.”

I got down on my knees, leaned over her and moved my head near her chest. My eyes were fixed on her left nipple, its irregular tip and areola. I could feel the heat coming from her body as I approached and she arched her chest slightly towards her moving her breasts towards my eager mouth. I placed my lips on her nipple, rubbing them over it, then parted them a little so I could stick my tongue out slightly. I looked up at her to make sure I was doing it right. She looked down at me, giving me a slight smile and approval. I moved my head around, dragging my lips and tongue over the pink protrusion, testing it. I stuck my tongue out further and moved it across her nipple, back and forth. Next I opened my mouth, then placed it over her entire nipple and kissed it, then sucked it, drawing it into my mouth. I could feel her nipple begin to stiffen and elongate. Again, I looked back at her.

“That’s it, it feels so nice,” she said.

Encouraged, I began using my tongue, flicking her nipple inside my mouth. Then I descended on her breast, sucking as much as I could into my mouth, then pulling my head away, stretching her breast as far as it would go, until it popped out my mouth and jiggled as it fell back into its normal position, the nipple now poking straight up and shiny with my saliva. I could taste her skin; a mixture of deodorant soap, perfume and the light oil and salt of her flesh.

I looked up at her and saw that her head was now back, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her chest rose and fell faster with each breath. Clearly, she was enjoying it, but I was enjoying it even more. So long have I wanted to suck a woman’s breast, kiss her nipple and feel her bosom that I was getting excited. My left hand gently squeezed her breast, pinching her flesh upward and towards my awaiting mouth. My other hand grasped her right breast and began kneading it, her nipple stuck between two of my fingers and was slowly pinched and massaged. Suddenly, I became ravenous. I had to have her in every way. I needed her, needed to be close to her, needed to taste her skin. My mouth began to work furiously, moving around, caressing her breast while my tongue wagged back and forth, flicking her nipple with each pass.

“Don’t forget about the other one” she said as she twisted, a move suggesting I switch breasts. My mouth then descended on her right breast and I feverishly began working on it. My hand moved back over her other nipple and my fingers slid over her wet, slippery nipple.

“Oh my God, that feels good. You do that so well….you’re making me so wet.” She sat up, bracing herself on her elbows, my mouth still latched on her boob. She lifted her hand and lifted my chin off her chest and looked me in the eyes. “I want you to go down on me,” as she turned sideways on the bed. Her feet were on the edge and her butt in the middle. She looked at me as she parted her legs, revealing her bush. I watched as she laid back on the bed, then my eyes trailed down to her hair and saw the two large lips, the line between them and the slender pink lips that poked out from between. I approached her on the bed and noticed her lips were moist from her juices. I guessed that the tit sucking must have turned her on.

My head was just görükle escort inches from her pussy and her feminine musky scent filled my nostrils, sending a wave of lust through me. Her hands then reached between her legs and her fingers came to rest on her lips, then pulled them apart. I could now see the outline of her pussy, resembling an upside down wishbone. Her clit was at the top, poking through its hood, resembling a peanut, down below I could see her urethra. Looking down further, her vaginal opening gaped open and was covered in her thick juices.

“Lick me.” She said. I lowered my mouth and gently pressed my lips against her pink flesh. Her scent was very strong. I stuck my tongue out slightly and tasted another woman for the first time, enjoying the salty, sweet and slightly musky taste. Her flavor lit a fire between my legs and all apprehension stopped and I dove in and attacked her pussy, licking it. She began to squirm with each lick and her hips rocked and moved up and down. My tongue went up to her clit, flicking her soft round bud a few times, then dropping down to her opening, were a little trickle of white sweet fluid ran out. I could taste her juice as my tongue swept passed her hole, before returning up to her clit. For a few minutes, I ran the flat topside of my tongue along her pink flesh, up and down. “Lick my clit,” she said. So I returned and focused on her clit, rolling my tongue around it then flicking it with my tongue. At one point I was able to suck it up between my lips and pull it and the flesh around it in my mouth, prompting her to sign and moan in pleasure. She put her head on the back of my head, pushing it against her, prompting me to work harder. I increased the speed and pressure on her clit and looked up to see her breasts rise and fall with each breath before she cried out ,”Oh, god, oh god, that feels so good, oh god, I’m cumming.” He hips began to spasm in convulsions and she screamed, then fell limp. I stopped and looked up at her. “God, that felt good,” she said. “Come here.” I rose up over to her and she kissed me hard. Her tongue circled my mouth and went deep inside to taste her juices. “I want you. I want you so bad.” She lifted my shirt up and off me and began to work on my pants. I unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down with my panties, then undid my bra and tossed it aside. She laid down on the bed, flat. “Get on top of me, she said.” I did as instructed but then she said “Other way, so we can do each other.” I climbed on top and positioned myself above her. “Come towards me,” she said and I tried scooting back towards her head. “That’s good. Lower your pussy.” I tried sliding my knees out further to lower my hips towards her awaiting mouth. I could feel her lips touch mine, then her tongue run up my slit. Damn it felt good. I remained in the same position, enjoying the pleasure she was giving me then looked down and her triangular bush and lowered my head to work on her pussy more. I lifted my arms and placed them between her legs, then pushed her legs aside. I could feel her naked body under mine, her breasts against my torso and mine on hers. Looking down at her beautiful pink pussy, I pulled her lips apart and noticed some of her white juice trickle out her vagina. I quickly descended and licked and sucked it up. Then I lapped my tongue around her opening, tasting her juices and using my fingers, pulled he open and was rewarded by a flood of juice, which I licked up and brought back into my mouth to better taste. Once her juice ran out, I went back to work on her clit. Meanwhile, I was thoroughly enjoying the service I was receiving. My pussy could feel her tongue travel from my clit to my vagina, occasionally darting inside, then back to work on my clit. Her hands pulled my ass cheeks apart, providing better access for her mouth. I too used my fingers to pull her lips apart and get better access.

Her mouth was pressed against my pussy—her lips to mine while her tongue darted around. Her fingers moved down into my crack and I could feel one work its way and touch my asshole. I could feel something pointed and sharp which I believe was her nail, then her finger worked its way in and pushed in deep. The finger in my ass drove me to new heights and set me off. I dug my face into her pussy harder and will new vigor ate her out. I moved my hands from above her legs to between them. Using my elbows, I pulled her legs back, effectively pulling them up towards her chest and spreading her pussy and ass apart. Her hips were now rotated towards me and I could better access her pussy and moved my mouth further down her slit and dived my tongue into her vagina, sticking it in and out, licking her walls. I then moved my fingers into her crack, now wet with her juices. Feeling around for the soft spot I knew to be her asshole, one of my fingers found it and I pressed it harder. I could feel it give way to the pressure and my finger sank in which her tight sphincter wrapped around it. I pulled her cheeks apart further and shoved my finger into her ass. I wiggled it around a little while I continued licking her. Her lips were now swollen and open and I could easily run my tongue and mouth all around her wet, pink flesh. My finger was only inside her hole to the first bursa escort bayan knuckle and when one quick thrust, I shoved it in all the way. I was propped up on my elbows and using my other hand, decided to finger fuck her pussy. I stuck two fingers inside her gaping hole and worked them in and out. It must have put her over the edge because she stopped licking me, bucked her hips and cried out. I didn’t stop and kept working my fingers inside her and licking her clit. I could feel her getting even more wet as she had another orgasm. I kept up my finger action and my licking and she kept rocking her hips and crying out. She must have had another orgasm and gotten too sensitive. “Stop!” she cried, as she put her legs together to stop me. I pulled my fingers out of her ass and vagina and raised up. She patted my butt, indicating I should get off and I rolled over and off her. I looked at the two fingers I had in her pussy and they were wet and covered in her juice. I stuck both in my mouth and sucked them clean.

She rolled over and on top of me and aligned her body to mine, then planted a kiss on my lips. She then dragged her tongue around my cheeks, chin and neck to lick up all of her juice before delivering another deep kiss. She held me tight our bodies pressed together, our breasts pushed against one another and she slid her body around against mine, lubricated by sweat. Her legs fell inside mine and her lips began to thrust against my pussy, as if she was dry humping me. Sensing what she was doing, I spread my legs and she pushed herself up off me to put more pressure on her pussy, which was now grinding on mine. We were both so wet down there and I could feel her lips sticking out rubbing against mine. At one point, something firm ran over my clit, greatly stimulating it. She felt it too and moved to recreate the feeling. I felt it again and again as I realized it was her clit rubbing against mine and she too was enjoying the clit on clit action. I looked up into her eyes, filled with lust and passion. We stared into each for awhile as each of us was giving and getting sexual pleasure from the other. I looked down and watched her breasts and hard nipples sway forward and back with each thrust. I wanted more and raised my legs higher and grabbed the back of my knees. My hips rotated, raising my clit and pussy, making it much easier for her. Her rhythm began to increase and the stimulation to my clit and pussy did likewise. It felt so good and I wanted more and reached back to grab her ass and pull it tight against me. She rode me hard and I could feel my pussy begin to swell and twitch with the arrival of an orgasm.

She got off me and the bed. I laid there, trying to regain my breath. Moments later she appeared at the edge of the bed, standing. I looked over and saw something unusual sticking out from her pussy and it took me minute to realize what it was. She was wearing a strap-on, but this one was different. It had two cocks, a large one on the bottom and a smaller one on the top. I was confused until she said, “sit on the floor and lay on the bed.” I got off the bed and put my knees on the floor. I looked back for additional instructions and she only said, “Now lay on the bed.” I did as instructed and rested my chest against the top of the bed. My knees were on the carpet, my thighs pressed against the side of the bed and I my torso rested over its top. I heard her come around behind me and felt the head of the larger dildo brush over my ass. She grabbed it and directed it into my pussy, now open and soaking wet. She slowly inserted it and I felt the head of the other one on my crack. She directed that one towards my asshole and pushed. I felt both go in slightly, but my asshole wasn’t quite ready for something that big. She pulled out, then I felt some liquid pour over my crack and her fingers work over my rosebud. They went in, then out and thoroughly lubed up my hole. She used one finger, then another until my hole was wide enough to take the fake cock. I reached back and grabbed my cheeks, pulling them apart to give her better access. She aligned both dildos and thrust them into me. With a brief moment of pain followed by pleasure, the smaller one entered my ass. Again she thrust again they went in further. A third thrust shoved them all the way in and I could feel her against me and my ass and pussy stretched as they were filled by the cocks. She pulled back and I could feel the heads on the fake cocks slide inside me, only to be thrust in again. She repeated the process until she was continuously fucking both holes, sending me into a fit of ecstasy. Both my ass and pussy were on fire. I could feel my pussy tighten around the cock as I began to come and screamed out, causing her to fuck me harder. I reached down under me and began to rub my clit, further exciting me and felt another orgasm approach. Reaching forward, her hands slid under my chest and grabbed both tits and held them firm. Now she was riding me hard thrusting both dildos deep inside and grabbing my tits hard. I could feel a trickle of warm liquid run down my leg as my pussy was now leaking. Again, I could feel my pussy pulsate and grab the cock and I came one last time. My body went limp and she stopped riding me. She tossed her strap on aside and told me to lay on my back on the bed. I pulled my limp body up off the floor and laid down on my back. She then climbed on top and straddled my face, then lowered her pussy to my mouth. Her lips were swollen and protruded outward and her entire crotch was wet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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