A Woman Scorned

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Allison stood beside Traci holding the bouquet of flowers tightly in her hands. She looked over at Traci, trying not to let the contempt and jealousy show so plainly on her face. Allison and Traci had been friends since the third grade. They had shared every single secret they ever had. Well, almost every secret. Allison knew everything that Traci had ever done, and soon, Traci would be made all the wiser as well. Allison bent her head forward and allowed herself a brief smile.

Glancing back up, Allison looked at Traci once more. The white dress she wore was perfect for her, and she looked just as she was supposed to be – the beautiful center of attention on her wedding day. Allison remembered the horrid pink dress she was stuck wearing. If there was anything that could make her appear less attractive and less sexy, this dress was it. Her only solace was that she would not have to wear it for long.

Looking past Traci, Allison’s eyes fell on John and her expression softened. John stood so tall next to Traci, his dark hair and eyes a striking contrast to Allison’s blond hair and blue eyes. She tried to catch his attention, but he was ignoring her. Or pretending to, at any rate. Well, what did it matter? Allison would have her day that was for certain.

As the minister droned on about everlasting love, Allison remembered that night two years ago when she and Traci had gone out to O’Halloran’s to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Allison and Traci had done almost everything together, spent hours sharing secrets, and told each other of their secret desires and heartaches. Until that night, anyway. That was the night that Traci and Allison had met John.

John had just recently ended a relationship and had gone to the bar simply because he did not want to be alone. He had wandered up to Allison and Traci and offered to buy them a drink. Not only had he proved to be good looking, but his jokes had kept Allison and Traci laughing non-stop. When it came time to leave, John half jokingly asked for both their numbers and each gave theirs to him willingly. To Allison’s embarrassment and chagrin, John had called Traci two days later. Within two months they were dating exclusively and seemed the perfectly happy couple.

Meanwhile, Allison burned just beneath the surface with jealousy. Normally, men flocked to Allison rather than Traci. While Traci was pretty, with her auburn curls and large blue eyes, it was Allison’s self-confidence and blatant sexuality that drew men like moths to a flame. Watching as Traci bubbled happily about John week after week only fed that anger and jealousy. But Allison knew she would have her time. She would get back at both of them. She only needed to move carefully.

And now, everything was finally in place.

Traci’s father was speaking now, telling the couple his hopes and dreams for them. Allison tuned him out as well. Instead, she remembered that day – a Saturday it had been – about eight months ago. She had just returned home from the gym and her phone was ringing. It had been John. Traci had left to visit family in another state and he had wondered if Allison would have dinner with him. Her heart skipped a beat as she realized she would finally have John all to herself! She calmly told him she could call off a date and agreed to go out with him. She knew John was lonely, but she didn’t care.

Allison had taken special care that night getting dressed and the results had been worth it when she opened her door to John. His jaw almost hit the floor, and Allison’s eyes sparkled at the attraction she found in his brown eyes. They had gone out to dinner and then John had taken her dancing. When the evening came to a close, she invited him into her apartment which he agreed to hesitantly. They began drinking and before long Allison was wrapped in John’s arms, returning his kisses eagerly. It hadn’t taken him long to get hard, especially at the sight of Allison’s firm, ripe breasts and long, tanned legs. As she had wrapped her lips around John’s cock, she relished the feeling of his hands in her hair, pushing her lower, forcing her to swallow him.

John had exploded his cum into her mouth that night, and Allison knew then and there that it wouldn’t be the last time they would be together. When John had slipped between Allison’s thighs, lapping and sucking at her clit and filling her with his fingers, she orgasmed easily.

They kept their affair secret, meeting when they could, calling each other daily, and exchanging emails several times throughout the day. Traci suspected nothing, and Allison derived a certain amount of pleasure as her friend talked to her weekly about how wonderful John was. When Traci spoke of John’s devotion to her, Allison smiled and nodded, laughing inside at the fool Traci had become.

Then came the phone call. Traci was on the phone in tears, almost hysterical. She had caught John cheating – cheating of all things! For a moment, Allison’s heart almost stopped. Had she found out? Had John, in a fit of some self-inflicted guilt, decided güvenilir bahis to come clean? But no, Traci was babbling on about finding a box of things in John’s closet. She had found letters and cards and small gifts. Things from a girl named Cathy. Allison felt her own rage rise as she thought of John playing her for a fool along with Traci. How dare he!

Allison calmed Traci down. Told her to have a glass of wine and long, hot bath. She assured Traci that John would come to his senses quickly enough and before long, they would be back together. When she hung up the phone from talking to Traci, she called John.

“Who the hell is Cathy?” She demanded.

“Oh God, I knew Traci would go running to you. Damn it!”

“Well? Who is she? Some whore you picked up somewhere? What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Listen, Allison, it’s been a tough enough day, okay? Traci and I just had a huge fight and I really don’t feel like getting into it with you.”

“Well, I think you at least owe me an explanation. You’ve been fucking me too, you bastard!”

“Allison, please –“

“Please what? Well?” She sighed heavily. “Well, I suppose I should have suspected this was going to happen. You are just a male slut, John.”

He did not respond, yet she could hear him breathing. She took a deep breath, and fought against her emotions.

“Look, I didn’t mean to yell at you like that,” Allison spoke softly into the phone. “I was just taken by surprise, you know? I mean, I thought we had something between us.”

“Allison, we do, believe me.”

“Then who the hell is this Cathy, and what is she to you?”

She heard him sigh before he spoke. “She’s just a girl I met on the internet. We flirt, we talk. It’s nothing. She doesn’t even live around here – hell, she’s in another state, for Chrissakes! She doesn’t mean anything to me. In fact, I’ve already emailed her and told we have to stop. I got shit from Traci. I got shit from Cathy. Now I’m getting shit from you. I don’t fucking need any of this!”

Allison could feel she was losing him, that he would simply hang up the phone and might be gone forever.

“John? John, look I’m really sorry. It was just a shock, you know? Hell, if she doesn’t mean anything to you, well I’ll try to understand that.” Allison’s heart was beating rapidly. She could feel herself groveling and she hated it, but this Cathy bitch had thrown a major wrench into her plans and she didn’t appreciate it.

“Yeah, I guess it would be a shock to everyone.” John sounded tired and beat. “Look, Allison, I don’t think I can talk right now. It’s not a good time, you know? I think I need to be alone right now.”

“NO!” Allison screamed into the phone without fully realizing it.

“What? What’s wrong with you?”

“Um, you really shouldn’t be alone right now, you know? I think you need a friend, maybe? I don’t have anything going on tonight – why don’t I come over and try to cheer you up?”

“Don’t you think you should try cheering up Traci? She is your best friend, after all.”

“I’ve already talked with Traci. Tried to calm her down, but she wants to be alone right now. As far as I know, she’s going to take a long bath and get some sleep. Nothing I can do to help her do that. Look, I will be there in a half an hour, and I’m not taking no for an answer!”

Allison quickly hung up the phone before John could argue with her. She waited a few minutes and when he didn’t call back, she smiled to herself. Tonight was going to be her night – the night she had waited for!

She dressed casually, pulling on a pair of form-fitting jeans and slipping on a soft, clingy sweater. She brushed her hair and applied just a touch of makeup. She slipped on a pair of sneakers and bounded out the door.

When she reached John’s door, he opened it before she could knock. He smiled at her and handed her a glass of wine as she crossed the threshold. She took in the candles, the fire burning in the fireplace, then turned and wrapped her arms around John’s neck. He wore only a pair of jeans, his chest wonderfully highlighted in the firelight.

“If I didn’t know better, I would think you were trying to seduce me,” Allison murmured against his ear.

“Who says I’m not?” He wrapped his arms about her waist as his lips searched for hers. When they connected, she felt herself melt under his touch. She felt him slide his hands under her sweater and felt the warmth of his hands against her bare skin. She ran her fingers through his hair, her lips playing under his and felt her body responding to his kiss.

She felt air brush against her body as John lifted the sweater from her. She took a sip of wine before setting the glass down and raising her hands over her head. John quickly pulled the sweater over her head, exposing her pert breasts to him. Quickly, he raised his hands, covering the nipples already standing at attention. John murmured her name and it landed as music on her ears.

She reached down quickly, and began undoing the waistband of türkçe bahis his jeans. As she loosened the waistband, she ran her hands over the skin underneath the fabric. She loved the feel of his ass and she grabbed and clutched at it, pinching the skin lightly. She knew that he loved having his ass played with, and that one of his wildest fantasies was to fuck a woman in the ass. And she knew Traci had never agreed to it – and neither had she.

She felt his hands at her jeans, pulling and tugging at the button and zipper, eager and anxious to set her body free from the confines of the denim material. He finally managed to breakthrough, and his hands grabbed at her ass, squeezing almost painfully. Allison pressed her body against him, feeling the length of him, enjoying him. She began to push his jeans down over his hips, but realized she needed to free his stiffening cock. She smiled up at him as her warm fingers wrapped around his cock, gently removing it from his clothing. He moved his legs and his jeans fell to the floor in a pool around his ankles. Allison continued to stroke his cock and tug on his balls. She cooed over the sight of him, as she always did. She let her fingers play teasingly with the tip, feeling the hole where pre-cum would soon begin to form.

Almost frantically, John pulled Allison’s jeans down over her hips and to the floor. She laughed at his eagerness, pleased with him and herself. She released him and backed up, kicking her shoes from her feet. Stepping from her jeans, she smiled up at him. She was just out of arm’s reach, and she began to run her hands over her body, slowly letting him watch her fingers glide over her curves. She cupped her breasts and presented them to him, nipples hard and aching to be touched.

“Is this what you want? How badly do you want this, huh?” Allison teased him, a smile on her lips.

John didn’t respond. Instead, he lunged for her, and they collapsed on the soft rug he had placed before the fireplace. He wrapped her in his arms and legs, his kisses almost smothering her. Her hands traced patterns along his skin as she clung to him, returning his kisses eagerly.

John released her lips and moved slowly down her throat. Allison sighed as she arched her back, delighting in the feel of him. He quickly found her nipples, and as his finger toyed with one, he wrapped his lips around the other one. Allison cried out his name as his tongue came into contact with the sensitive flesh, and she pressed his face into her body. His other hand moved quickly down to her pussy, already wet and tingling. His fingers toyed with her wetness as his eyes caught hers. He knew she was wet with desire for him, that she wanted him right now more than any other man, and she didn’t care that he knew.

He moved slowly down her stomach, his fingers searching for the entrance to her cunt. Allison spread her legs wide, wanting to feel his touch. But, just as he neared her most tender spot, she gently tapped his shoulder.

“Yeah, what is it?” His voice was hoarse with desire and want.

“John, I need your cock. I have to feel your cock in my mouth – now! Please!”

“But, baby, I was – “

Allison laughed as she grabbed his hips and pulled them up towards her face. He cautiously straddled her face, careful not to kneel on her hair.

“But, Allison, listen to me.

“Baby, I want this, I need this!” She was staring up at his cock just inches from her face.

“Allison? You’ve never wanted to do this before.”

Allison began stroking his cock, reaching up to lick the head, and tasting the pre-cum.

“Baby, there are lots of things I’ve never done that I want to do with you!”

She watched as he lowered his body over hers, and began taking long licks of his cock as it slid past her face. She felt her face buried in his balls, and began licking and slurping the tender skin. At the same time, she felt his fingers spread her pussy lips wide, felt his fingers tracing her lips and shivered as he blew on her clit.

Allison ran her tongue up slowly along the shaft of his cock, feeling the veins begin to throb. As she reached the tip, she placed her lips against the tip and sucked hard, sucking the pre-cum onto her tongue and enjoying the sweetness.

John lowered his head and took firm licks with his tongue along her pussy lips as he rammed two fingers into her cunt. Allison jerked against him, and breathed heavily against his cock and began to feel him fuck her mouth faster and harder. Allison parted her lips, letting him slide past and into her mouth. She kept her hand firmly on his cock, stroking him and pressing tightly. She began to moan and shake when John wrapped his lips around her clit and started sucking hard. The sensation was almost too much, bordering close to pain, and she tried to close her legs to his onslaught. However, John placed his shoulder against one thigh and his hand against her other and held her wide open. She was helpless to his licking and sucking and fucking.

She began concentrating on sucking his güvenilir bahis siteleri cock, on teasing and playing with the tip, making him want to ache to cum. He was large, and he easily moved his hips lower, pushing his cock more deeply into Allison’s mouth. She felt his cock hit the back of her throat and felt herself gag. He eased up slightly, only to thrust forward once again. Allison tried to grab his hips, tried to push him away, but he was too strong for her. He was going to fuck her face and she tried to find a position that would accommodate him.

The feeling stopped on her clit, and she found herself aching for the intensity of his touch.

“I want you to cum like this, Allison. With my cock down your throat and your cunt spread open, just like the fucking whore you really are. Don’t push me away, I know you like this, you slut!”

And with that, Allison felt his lips sucking hard at her clit and she felt the blood rushing to her nub of pleasure. His hips sunk back down, filling her mouth and throat, but his words had touched something in her brain. Yes, she was willing to be his slut, his whore – she delighted in the idea of being called these names, and tried to relax her gag reflexes, even as her cunt was spread open, his fingers flying in and out of her, and his lips sucking mercilessly on her clit. She began to feel herself tingle, and a warmth spread from her belly. She tried to tighten her thighs, but he kept them tightly spread. Her nails raked his back as his cock filled her mouth even more deeply. She felt herself begin to quiver and shake and then her mind exploded with feeling. Her pussy clenched down on his fingers as her hips slammed up to his face. She felt herself choking on his cock, but time had stood still. She felt she stayed on the crest of the wave of pleasure for an eternity before sinking back to earth.

When John had removed his cock from her mouth, she didn’t know. She came to her sense as his tongue was gently licking her swollen clit, and she playfully pushed him away, but to no avail. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and held them up to her.

“Look at my slut’s desire. Do you want me, whore? You want me to fuck your cunt?”

She looked into his eyes, her face a mask of lust and barely responded. “Yes, please, yes!”

“On your hands and knees, cunt. You want it that bad, don’t you? You just want to feel cock buried inside you anyway you can get it, don’t you?”

She kept saying yes over and over as she scrambled to her hands and knees. He knelt behind her and rubbed his cocked along her slit, his hands spreading her cheeks wide.

“Feel how wet you are, bitch? You just like to fuck, don’t you? Horny little slut that you are.”

John had never talked to her this way, and she was shocked that she was finding it so arousing. She felt her wetness seeping down her thighs, felt her body shift back, wanting him.

“Please,” she mumbled.

A sharp smack to her ass caused her to sigh deeply, her pleasure intensifying.

“When I say so, slut!” He continued to run his cock along her slit before suddenly plunging it into her pussy, his balls slamming against her clit. Allison screamed out at the feeling and began to try to move her body against him. Another smack greeted the first, and then another. Allison was moaning, pleading.

“Yeah, I always knew you were just a whore. Under that snotty exterior, you just love to fuck, don’t you? Well, you know what, Allison? I have a special surprise for you this evening. One I think we’re both going to enjoy!”

Allison was past the point of caring. She simply wanted to be filled and fucked. She reached down and began to rub her clit, surprised at how engorged it had become. She had never been so turned on, so ready.

She felt John slip out of her cunt, and she moaned softly. She jumped slightly when she felt the tip of his cock against her asshole and tried to move away. But he had grabbed a handful of her hair and she found she could not move.

“Yes, Allison, my slut. In the ass. You know, Traci won’t do this – she’s afraid of the pain. But not you, right, whore? You’re ready for this, aren’t you? You want this, don’t you?”

Allison gripped the rug underneath her and stared at the floor.

“Ye – yes,” she mumbled with hesitation.

“That’s what I thought.”

He pushed slowly through the tight ring of muscles of her ass as she clenched her teeth and cried out. Her fingers found her clit and she began rubbing and pinching the overly sensitive skin. The pleasure caused her to gasp, and suddenly John’s cock popped into her ass.

“Oh yes! Yeah! Damn, do you know how fucking hot this looks? My cock stuffed up your slutty ass?”

John held firmly onto Allison’s cheeks and pushed his cock deeper into her ass as Allison concentrated on playing with her clit. The initial pain was sharp and intense, and Allison wondered if she would be able to take what John had in mind. Once John was fully in her ass, he moved and rotated his hips, enjoying the feeling of her, her tightness, her anxiousness. Pulling out slightly, he rammed his cock back into her ass, his eyes rolling back at the sight of her ass taking all of him. His ears rang with her cries and pleas to both stop and to continue.

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