Abby Thanks Gavin

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It had been a long week. After weeks of getting off just about every day, I was now backed up with six and a half days of anticipation. Autumn, the 18-year-old beauty next door, and I had been masturbating for each other ever since she moved in two weeks ago. She had started it all by fingering herself in her bedroom with her window shades open. But she had caught me, and so the next day I took my turn on the stage and jerked off all over my window for her.

This had been going on back and forth ever since. One of us would satisfy ourselves in plain view while the other watched unseen from in the dark. Unfortunately, we had not taken that next step by masturbating together in full view of each other. That is what I used to wish for. Now I just wished Autumn hadn’t left.

She wasn’t gone for good. I knew that much. Her room was the same, and her truck was still parked in the street. I had worried that she might be staying at a guy’s place, and I rooted around for gossip in hopes that wasn’t true. Although I still hadn’t said or heard a word to her or her parents, the neighborhood always talks if you listen hard enough. Autumn worked as a secretary or something for a realty company, and had been asked to join some of the staff to an out-of-state seminar. That’s what I had heard, anyway. Of course, I had also heard that she would only be gone for “a few days”, and six sure seems like a hell of a lot longer than “a few”.

Now I was at work, desperately trying to concentrate, but failing in every way. I was a mover. A manual laborer with a strong back and the ability to work from sun up to sun down, as was often the case. My sister, Alana, and her friend owned the small company, and I was their star worker. Ever since my parents died when I was 15, we had been taking care of ourselves, and putting everything we had into our work was the only way to get that done. She skipped college. I worked through high school. It was a lonely way to live, but Autumn had changed all that.

Now I was seeing just how much she had changed it. On a normal day, I would have had this job done half an hour ago, but I still had a room’s worth of furniture to load up. I had had to rearrange how I had packed the moving truck three times now in an effort to make sure everything was going to fit in. This was a small, one bedroom apartment. Yep. I should have been done half an hour ago.

Of course, it didn’t help that I had been walking with a hard-on all day, either. Thinking of Autumn’s milky skin, her curly red hair, and her perfectly sculpted body had made things quite restrictive. But I couldn’t help visualizing her, missing her, and anticipating the next time we’d meet at our windows. I fantasized about the time we would finally watch each other; her fucking her pussy with her wet fingers, and me pounding my dick until I came–all why we stared into each other’s eyes.

It would have been easy for me to just flip on the lights while she was doing her show, but I didn’t want to lose what we had going. She apparently didn’t want to take that next step, and I wasn’t going to push. She was too special to risk, and our situation too fulfilling to compromise. For now, we were voyeurs, not lovers. Not even acquaintances. And yet we were so undeniably close.

It didn’t help matters that the woman I was working for today was 19, just a year older than me, and smoking hot. She was a petite thing, about 5’7″ and 110 pounds. She had short, dark hair, big blue eyes, and reminded me very much of Natalie Umbrulia. Her name was Abby. She was sweet, talkative, but not too much so, and didn’t mind getting dirty as she helped load the smaller things. Most of my clients were a bit older–it was unusual for someone so young to have a place of their own around here. It was definitely a nice change; I just hoped she wasn’t offended or threatened by the obvious bulge in my pants.

All through the move, Abby was the only thing that brought my mind off of Autumn. Although, she never helped to lessen my erection, only to change whom it was there for. I had to quickly divert my eyes when I would see her bend over to pick up something, or I’d stifle a moan when I had to brush by her through a maze of boxes. She wore a tight, light blue jogging suit that beautifully hinted at everything she was hiding beneath. Her chest was a small, but perky B-cup. Her ass was gorgeous, and she wasn’t sporting underwear, as evidenced by the lack of outlines under her tight pants.

Trying to concentrate, I grabbed a particularly heavy box of books and started out the door. The truck was only fifteen feet away, but by the time I got there, I didn’t have anything left. My body was giving up, but I pushed myself anyway. I almost had the box on the edge of the back of the truck when I lost my grip. The box fell, threatening to land on my feet, but I slipped under it, stopping it–and so did Abby.

She had come from nowhere and reached me just in time. She might not have looked strong, but the weight she took off of me was noticeable. I sputtered out a “thanks” as we lifted the box together. Then, ankara escort bayan just as my erection was beginning to subside due to the strain on the rest of my body, Abby’s hand moved under the box and touched my crotch. It was definitely unintentional–the edge of the box that she needed to grip just happened to be right by my groin. I don’t even think she knew what she was touching at first, because her hand slipped all the way up; her fingers sandwiched between the cardboard and my now hardening tool.

We wrestled the box into the truck, and started back toward the apartment. Any hope of her not realizing what she had done was gone when she glanced at my crotch and then turned away, her face reddening with embarrassment. I started talking to try and take our minds off it. Once I felt the tension between us had dissipated enough, I had to tend to the tension in my trousers.

I left Abby to pack the rest of her smaller things and moved for the bathroom. The door was closed, but I knew we were the only ones there so I just walked right in. As soon as I was inside, I reached for my dick and sighed heavily.

“Oh, what I’m I going to do with this?” I whispered to myself. “Ok, Gavin. You’re almost done. Think about work. Think about work. Think about baseball. Think about something! Shit!”

But it wasn’t working. If anything, by trying not to think about Autumn, or this girl Abby and where she had just touched me, I was growing harder! I considered just ending it, and jerking myself off right there in the bathroom, but I decided to try something less extreme. I whipped out my hard-on and turned on the cold water in the sink. I held my hand under the water, and then grabbed my dick. The wet sensation was good, but the coldness was having an effect on shrinking my problem. I put my hand back under the water to try it again.

All the sudden, the door opened, and Abby was there. I jumped back in alarm, but before I could do anything, she had exclaimed an apology and slammed the door shut. I panicked, unsure what to do, or what Abby would do. But I had to face the facts: either Abby had seen what I was doing or she hadn’t, and either I stayed in this bathroom for the rest of my life or I finished the job and got the hell out of there.

On the plus side, the intrusion did scare the erection out of me.

I finished the job. All Abby had said to me since I exited the bathroom was that she was sorry, and that she didn’t know I was in there. She didn’t seem embarrassed, and I thought maybe I had lucked out. Maybe she just caught a glimpse of me at the sink and assumed I was washing my hands.

On the other hand, she did slam that door pretty hard.

With everything loaded, and the sun finally set, I popped back into the apartment to say good-bye. Abby was there, finishing with her vacuum. The place was otherwise completely empty.

“Well, unless you have anything else for me, I’m going to be heading off.”

“Thank you so much, Gavin,” she said, “You were a really big help.”

I expected a good bye and a “see ya later”, but she kept talking, and actually moved between the door and me.

“So this is your last job of the day, then?”

“Yep, I go straight home, go to bed, and get up tomorrow to do this all over again.”

“Oh,” she laughed. “Too tired for late nights out, I bet. You live alone?”

“Yeah, well sort of,” I said. “I live with my sister. She gets the basement, I get the rest.”

“Well that’s nice.” Then, from out of nowhere, “So you’re not married or anything?”

“Nope,” I replied, not sure where this was going, but becoming excited at the thought that she might be interested in me. “Still looking.”

She smiled. I smiled. Then there was a long pause that Abby interrupted by closing the door shut.

“So what do you usually get tipped?”

“Oh, you don’t need–” I began.

“Because I noticed earlier,” she interrupted, “that you could use a little help,” and she looked right at my crotch and smiled. “If you want.”

I didn’t know what to say. But before I could say anything, she stepped toward me.

“Oh come on, don’t hide it now. It’s been out there all day.” Her eyes never left my crotch as she moved closer still.

I should have been embarrassed. I wasn’t. I was horny as fuck. “Well, I’m in good company.”

At that she looked up at me and smiled. She was right there in front of me. I could smell her sweet breath. Then she lowered herself down, her hands grabbing my belt and unbuckling it. She undid my jeans and tugged them down. My dick was already tenting my boxers. Abby fixed that quick by jerking them down to my ankles. She grabbed my legs and looked at my huge erection as it stared her straight in the eyes. She smiled again.

“Is that for me?”

I was breathing so heavy by now, I could barely get out a word. “Oh, yeah,” was all I managed.

Abby reached up and lightly tickled my balls with her fingertips. My dick jumped at the sensation. I had had sex once before, years ago with a drunk chick. We had gotten right down to business. There eryaman escort was very little foreplay, and the experience was ultimately a disappointment. I could already tell that Abby was going to be something else altogether.

She continued playing with my balls, rolling them in her fingers and tracing them with her manicured nails. Her other hand grasped my dick at the base and slowly began stroking it. Then she leaned forward, licked her lips and began kissing me on the underside of my penis, right where the ball sack begins.

After a few soft kisses, Abby opened her lips and began sucking my flesh into her mouth. She moved lower, down to my hanging testicles, and took one in between her moist lips. She tongued it wetly, then sucked it all the way in. My body jerked in response, and I saw the tip of my dick begin to glisten with its first drop of pre-cum.

Abby released my nut from her mouth and played with it in her hand for a bit. Then she opened wide and stuffed both testicles–my entire nut sack, actually, into her salivating mouth. It was so hot and wet, and the feel of her tongue dancing around my balls, tickling the hairs and soaking the flesh between was almost too much to take. She sucked gently at first, and then tried harder, making my skin go tight and pulling my testicles towards her throat. It hurt a little, but not enough to tell her to stop. She seemed to know exactly how far she could go, and I wanted her to go there.

My cock, it seemed, didn’t want to be ignored any longer, and reminded Abby of its presence just above her by oozing a drop of pre-cum onto her cheek. She let my balls roll from her mouth and pulled back. The drop of pre-cum became a string, and it clung from her cheek to my dick. When she moved her face back toward my cock, the string became slack and it draped down her cheek, over her upper lip, and then disappeared as she kissed my sticky, wet head. The kiss was long, and started out with just her lips, but then she opened her mouth a little and licked me there, poking her tongue into my tiny hole.

When she pulled back, another, thicker, string of pre-cum connected Abby’s lips and tongue to my aching member. She looked up at me, smiled, and twirled her tongue around, licking her lips. The cum string stayed attached to the tip of her tongue, and so she took her index finger, rubbed it against my tip to break the string, the drew the cum into her mouth. She closed her lips around her finger and sucked it clean. Then she smiled up at me again.

“That enough?” she said.

“Oh God,” I panted, “Please don’t stop.”


“No, please suck me.” I was pleading.

With that, Abby looked back to my penis and opened her mouth. Her wet tongue slid along the entire underside of my dick as she slowly engulfed me. I felt myself hitting her throat, but she didn’t stop. She took me all the way until her lips had hit the skin above the base of my cock. Finally, she closed her lips around me and began fucking me with her mouth. She bobbed on me, slowly at first, but gradually picking up speed.

What amazed me most was how wet her mouth was. Saliva was actually dripping from my dick and out the corners of her mouth. Abby grunted a little every time she went down on me, and so did I. At this pace, with all of these sensations, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” I confessed.

Abby pulled off my dick. A long, thick stream of saliva and pre-cum hung from her lips and my cock. She was breathing almost as heavy as I was.

“You want to fuck me?”

“Yeah,” I answered, almost before she had finished the question.

“Then don’t cum yet.”

She gave me one last good, strong suck, cleaning off all the cum and spit that was dripping off of me. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and laid on her back on the floor. She grabbed the waistband of her jogging pants and yanked them down, revealing, as I had suspected, a naked pussy. In fact, it didn’t even have any hair. She was shaved completely, and her pretty pink lips were out and open for me, already glistening with her cum.

Now I didn’t have much practice with any of this stuff, but licking pussy was particularly nerve-wracking. I had been coached, in the short time that we had, by my one-night stand, and could only hope that that would be enough experience to give Abby everything she needed.

I dropped to me knees and bent down between her spread legs. As I came closer to the sculpted folds of her pussy, I slid my fingers across her thighs and down the sides of her ass. When my fingers reached the floor, Abby pushed her hips up, lifting off the ground so I could slip beneath and hold her firm cheeks in my hands.

Slowly, I closed in. My lips were not yet touching hers, but my hot breath was rolling over her smooth skin and mingling with the strong, sweet scent of her sweat and arousal. Just an inch away from Heaven, my mouth was watering. There, I paused, wanting to savior the moment.

Above me, Abby gasped her frustration, “Oh come on. Just lick me. God, I etlik escort need this.”

Quickly obeying, I closed the gap between us with my tongue and licked at the folds of her slit. She jumped beneath me, but that only served to make me move closer and press my tongue deeper. I licked all up and down her cunt, from the soft, moist bottom to the hard little clit at the top. Abby grew wetter still, due to both my salivating tongue and her increased arousal. Soon, I was slipping my tongue deep into her with ease, causing Abby to hum a satisfied little laugh as she lightly ran her fingers through my hair.

Still, the best reaction from Abby came when I would tease her hot little clit. As the tip of my tongue rubbed over it, moving side to side at a furious pace, her whole body would tense and she would suck in a quick breath of air. Her ass muscles clenched in my hands, and I squeezed them back, pulling her up to me as I put my whole mouth on her, still tonguing her nub. Abby helped by raising her hips. Her fingers in my hair were now pushing down on my head, even though I was already as close as was physically possible.

Not used to this kind of excessive workout, my tongue soon grew tired and stung with overuse. I switched to licking her clitoris up and down, and then went back to lapping at her whole pussy. This only helped me last a bit longer, though. Eventually my whole jaw began to hurt. Finally I stopped and pulled off her. My face was wet and Abby’s crotch was soaked. I looked to her face and our eyes locked. We smiled.

“You’re kind of new to this, aren’t you?” Abby laughed.

My shoulder’s shrunk back and I looked away sheepishly. “Yeah, I’m sorry if–“

Abby quickly sat up. “Oh, don’t be sorry.” She took my hand and guided it to her sopping pussy lips. “If you can get a girl this wet without practice, you don’t ever have to be sorry.”

She reached down and started massaging my cock and my balls. I had softened a little, but her hand was bringing me right back.

“God, I’m going to miss this,” she said. “I’m moving back in with my parents. They’re so controlling. It’s gonna be a long time before I get to fuck like this again.”

She looked up at me, waiting for a response. But I didn’t know what to say. Before I could blurt out anything, however, Abby interrupted. “So you ready to fuck, or what?” She smiled big and, before I could answer, pushed me over onto my back. She grabbed my dick and guided me into her hot, naked pussy. I slipped into her wet tunnel with ease, but the fit was still very snug. I felt her hot flesh gripping every square centimeter of my dick, then felt her walls stretch as I grew harder within them.

Instinctively I began thrusting into Abby as she pulled off her top and sports bra, freeing her breasts. Then Abby just rode me, bouncing against me and grabbing my shoulders to hold herself in position. Her small tits swung just over my face, so I craned my neck up to catch a nipple between my lips. I sucked and licked at Abby’s tits as I fucked her. My hands were on her ass, squeezing and guiding her as she called out with her desperate, feminine grunts.

Already I was close to cumming, so I closed my eyes and tried to think of distractions. I thought of work, the evening news, baseball and golf, but nothing could keep me from feeling the full intensity of Abby’s pussy lips sucking at my cock as I pounded in and out of her. I stopped sucking her tits, hoping that would save me a few more minutes–or even seconds.

I opened my eyes again and saw that Abby now had a hand on her clit, and she was rubbing it feverishly. Her mouth hung open and she was staring right in my eyes.

“Hold my tits,” she said in an unsteady voice. “Touch my nipples.”

I immediately obeyed, grabbing the soft mound of flesh and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. Abby closed her eyes in ecstasy, then looked at me once more.

“I’m gonna cum. Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum!”

Abby’s whole body trembled, delicately at first. The she began to shake violently, throwing her head back and moaning loudly. Her hand stayed at her clit, still fingering it with fast, hard strokes–just like how I was stroking in and out of her cunt with my steaming cock, ready to explode.

Then it was happening. I felt the floodgates open, and there was a rush of hot lust shooting up the length of my dick.

“I’m cumming!” I exclaimed.

Abby jumped off of me and grabbed me with her hand. She began pumping me rapidly, and had just enough time to direct me at her hanging tits before I erupted. We both watched as my cum shot up, hitting the underside of her breasts, then dripping off and back onto her hand and my cock. One string of my hot seed spat up through her cleavage, landing on the top of her left tit before running down over her nipple and finally landing back on me. The rest of my huge load splashed across Abby’s taut stomach, leaving white, sticky streaks that slipped down toward her pussy. Abby continued pumping me even after I had emptied myself. There was enough cum on her hand and my dick to keep me very wet and lubricated. She rubbed the cum into me, and I watched as it oozed between her fingers and dripped down over my balls. Soon, however, my penis was too sensitive to handle any more of this, and I had to ask her to stop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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