Absolute Sex Sessions Ch. 03

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Return Visit

A couple of weeks go by and I’m left wondering if they were thinking of me as much as I was thinking about them.

Both Kylie and Hanna had great looking bodies and appeared to enjoy the sexual tension we built up. The rules of our little “Sessions” are there so everyone feels a level of protection and control, but also builds that tension.

Of course im hoping at some point one if not both of them will cross the lines and push things to the limit. Just wishful thinking. Then the unexpected visit.

One morning the back doorbell rings. To my surprise, its Hanna.

“Hey Hanna”, I say surprised as I open the door. “Kylie is not here this morn.”

“I know, she’s running errands this morn but I just had to see you.”

“Ok, what about?” I question.

“After our last “Playdate” me and Rick have had great sex multiple times,” she smirked.

“That’s great!” I say. “Glad to be of assistance,” I joked.

“Well thats why I had to come down here again,” Hanna continued.

“It got me so horney and I had the biggest orgasm when you were so close to me in that moment. I was wondering if we could do it again today?”

“Well I’m not one to say no,” I state.

“And this time I want you to actually rub your cock along my pussy,” She says. ” I want to see another mans cock wet and stiff down there while I get off again.”

“Are you sure?” I ask. “Its going to take a lot of control on both our parts to make sure it doesn’t go further.”

“Im sure,” Hanna says as she steps out of her sandals and drops her shorts on the floor before climbing onto the kitchen table.

There she is with her legs spread, her wet mound exposing her excitement at the thought of what is to come.

“Well there is an awesome sight!” I exclaim as I drop my shorts and start to stroke my semi-erect cock.

“You really think so?” she says gleefully as she spreads her lips with two fingers.

“Yea I do. Its tempting in so many ways,” as I stare down at the sweet pink slit.

“You can have a closer look if you want,” she says with a smile, rubbing her dainty clit.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I say as I drop to my knees near the edge of the table. It was the perfect height to get a clear view of her beautiful pussy.

The sweet smell of coco butter and her wetness fills my nostrils as I get closer.

“Looks great and you smell delicious,” I insinuate on purpose. What I wouldn’t do to just dive my tongue right into that honeypot.

“well… your ex did say you really knew how to make her feel good with that tongue of yours,” she smiles rubbing her clit a little more vigorously.

“Rick hasn’t gone down on me much in all the years we’ve been married. It would be nice to know how it feels on the receiving end,” she says with a slight moan.

“Are you telling me you want me to go down on you? I just want to make sure we both understand,” I state, hoping for a positive reply.

“Oh… yes I am,” she says spreading her wet fingers all over her mound. ” Its just your mouth and tongue… Anadolu Yakası Escort no penetration so to speak.”

She doesn’t have to say anymore as I move in for a taste of that sweet goodness. I kiss and suck at her pussy lips as my tongue flicks her swollen clit.

“OH MY GOD…!” she exclaims as she pulls my head in.

She tastes so good as I move my tongue up and down before darting into her hole. Her husband has been missing out.

“Ohhh fuck this feels so good.. mnnnnn…ohhh,” Hanna’s eyes close as she allows me full control over the oral session.

I cant get enough as I kiss, suck and give her a deep tongue lashing. Her hips grind toward my face with every lick.

My saliva mixes with her juices. I suck on her clit in between the circles I draw with my tongue.

“mnnnn…. ohhhh… agghhh.. I…ugh… cant believe…oghhh… feels so good,” she can barely speak the words as her breathing rate increases.

Her actions show me that she is really enjoying what I am doing to her women hood.

“Your husband is really missing out,” I exclaim as I take in the musky sweet scent of her wetness, before diving back in.

She giggles at the compliment before a loud moan as my tongue dives deep in her pussy.

“oghh keep going… oh my God… ohhhh… just like that,” She squirms in excitement as I grab her hips to keep her close to my face.

“Your gonna make me cum!” she exclaims as my licking and sucking intensifies. I want to drive her absolutely insane.

My arm wraps around her leg as I reach down to rub her clit while continuing my oral assault.

“Oh fuck I’m cumming!” She yells as I work vigorously on her pussy, my chin dripping with her love juices. My cock is rock hard with precum dripping onto the floor.

Her body convulses with each wave of the oragsm. I love making a women feel this good.

“She was so right,” she says as she rubs her hands all over her stomach and breasts. “Just Amazing!”

“Thanks,” I state matter of fact, wiping her cum from my chin and rubbing my throbbing cock.

“Looks like you liked it as much as me,” she says as she starts rubbing her pussy at the sight of the swollen cock in my hand.

“It was amazing, got me so hard,” I say as I spread the precum down the length of my shaft.

I slowly start stroking my shaft to the rhythm of her motions. She watches intently as I move from base to tip.

“That so hot especially after making me cum like that,” she says watching me as if in a trance.

My eyes look into hers as she motions with her finger for me to move closer.

“Would you mind if I Help a little?” she asks reaching for my hard-on.

“Not at all,” I say as I stare into her icy blue eyes.

She hesitates for a moment before grasping my shaft as if it’s the first time shes ever touched one.

She nervously strokes my cock up and down looking at me face for approval.

“Feels real nice,” I reassure her.

She smiles running her hand up and over the tip and back down Kadıköy Escort again.

Hanna starts working it more and more with each stroke. I start moaning as she starts caressing my balls with her other hand.

“Oh Hanna its feeling really good,” I tell her watching her focus stroke after stroke.

She moves closer to me as her ass rests on the edge of the table.

I take one step closer between her legs, hovering over her pussy as she continues to stroke it with a slow strong grip.

She is so aroused with me being so close. She inserts two fingers inside her pussy and starts pumping them in and out.

I take over stroking my throbing meat. Our rhythm increases as we watch each other pleasuring ourselves so close in proximity.

She places one foot on my chest as she rubs her clit once more, watching me stroke my cock.

she reaches down to grab my cock. “I just want to feel it again,” as she starts stroking me.

“I’m loving it,” I say watching her lubing my shaft with her juice and my pre-cum.

“This is so different but nice,” she says moving back to her clit

I begin to stroke my cock again, wondering how long I can last without exploding.

She grabs my cock again and rubs it up and down from her clit to her pussy.

“I’m just your plaything,” I say as I relinquish control to her.

She’s now moving her hips up and down working my cock like her personal sex toy.

“Oh this is so hot, I cant believe I’m doing this,” Hanna says in between heavy breaths.

“Its yours in the moment,” I say thinking I might have to slow things down before I have an orgasm of my own.

“Ohhh… it feels so good,” she moans rubbing it up and down then circling her clit with the tip. She pauses the tip at her hole as if to tease a deeper encounter then moves it up to her clit again.

“Allow me,” I say as I take my cock in my hand and resume rubbing the tip up and down her dripping slit.

Her moaning increases, deep breathing and pleasurable sounds fill the room. The scent of sex in the air.

She rubs and pinches her nipples, both legs in the air with her heels on my shoulders. I lay my cock on her pussy and pump it up and down the length of her slit with my hips… a not so dry hump.

“aghhh… ohhhh…”she breathes as I move the tip of my cock from pussy opening to clit and back down again.

I grab her legs for control, moving the shaft up and down her wetness… her skin is so soft, her pussy so wet… her scent so alluring.

“oh… aggghh…agghh…ohhh,” is all she utters moving her hips up and down.

It takes everything I have not to plunge my cock deep inside her each time, ensuring that I remain outside the love hole.

“ughhh… ohh…It feels too good…ohhh,” Hanna utters.

My hips move faster, my balls swelling with the pending orgasm.

I pull back and pause, not wanting to end it quite yet.

She continues rubbing her clit.

“Put the tip just outside… please?” she begs, grabbing my cock and placing the İstanbul Escort tip right at her entrance.

“You’re killing me girl,” I say as she grinds her hips teasing the tip of my cock with her wet hole. It wouldn’t take much for me to trust my hips forward and slide right in, but I hold off trying to follow the rules.

Her moans get louder rubbing her clit, her eyes wide open staring at my cock just waiting to penetrate her dripping hole.

“So fucking hot…. oh my… ohhhh, ” she moans.

She suddenly thrusts her hips toward me allowing my tip to slide in.

I pull back out quickly. “Sorry…” I state.

“Please just a little… I’m so close,” Hanna says. “Its ok.. just the tip,” I hear her moan between breaths. “Just don’t cum inside me.”

She grabs my cock again pointing it at her hole as she places both feet on my chest so she has better control of the situation.

“Im just going to stand here,” I say. “Your personnel fuck toy.”

She surges forward, the tip sliding in easily once again.

“Oh fuck!” She exclaims as she grinds on the tip. Ferociously fingering her clit.

“Oh my God… right there!” she continues to grind, the tip of my cock sliding in and out. My cock is throbbing and my balls are getting tighter… I hope she finishes before I do.

“Oh fuck you feel too good,” I moan as I feel the impending climax.

“Oh fuck oh fuck… I’m cumming again! Your making me cum again!” She screams as the orgasm takes hold and she convulses in ecstasy.

“I’m gonna explode!” I yell as I try to pull out.

She grabs my hips with her hands and pulls me all the way in, my cock driving deep inside her tight pussy.

“Oh shit,” I stammer as I pull back again only for her to pull me in forcefully again.

I’m in deep, the tip of my dick hitting her cervix. Warm and tight, I’m going to explode.

“Fuck!” I exclaim as I quickly pull out, just in time for my cum to squirt all over the outside of her pussy.

“Fuck…” We both say simultaneously as I stroke more cum out of my cock as she rubs it all over her clit.

“That was fucking awesome,” she says with a big smile on her face. She tastes the cum on her fingers. “Just as good as before!”

“That was too close,” I say. “You realize you pulled me all the way in right?”

“I know. It felt so good and it looked so hot with another mans dick near my vagina that I had to know what it felt like to have it deep inside me.”

“Well I’m not complaining because you felt amazing… but we need to make sure we know what we are getting into.”

“Nothing serious,” she said as she entered a calm, satisfied state. “Its just sexual experimentation, mutual satisfaction.”

“You have demonstrated what I have missed in my relationship with my husband and its something I can work on with him,” Hanna states wiping the rest of my cum from her pussy.

“Well if you ask me, its him that has been missing what he has in front of him.” I say as I hand her her clothes.

“This makes everything more exciting in the bedroom,” she says while getting dressed.

“Thanks Jay!” She smiles. A kiss on my cheek, a wink and a wave, and she’s out the door. “Till next time!”

“You know where I’ll be,” I say.. definitely looking forward to the next “Playdate”.

‘To be Continued…’

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