Acceptance Ch. 07

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As he entered the barn, Andy noticed that looked like it was in good shape. He could tell from the aged look of the wood and the gaps in between the slats that it was a very old barn. The main area was open and there was a ladder to the right of the door entrance that wend up to what Andy figured was a loft. It was dark in the barn, and Andy hoped that Al had thought to bring something for light since he had an expectation of seeing Al’s naked body for the first time.

Al left the car and headed into the barn with the lubricant and the sex toy duffel bag. Thinking that it looked fairly dark, Al returned to the car and got a battery powered lantern from the trunk. As he pulled the lantern from the trunk, he thought about how Andy was always chastising him because of the amount of junk he kept there. Al laughed to himself thinking that for one time, Andy would be happy that there was a plethora of items in the trunk.

As the door to the barn opened, Andy could barely make out Al’s silhouette. He could tell Al was carrying several items. Al put everything down and turned on the lantern. The soft glow of the light dimly lit the barn. Al breathed in deep as he saw his best friend’s nude and stiff cock. “Sit on your knees” Al told Andy.

Andy ankara escort knelt down. He hoped that Al would undress in front of him. Andy had frequently wondered what Al’s naked body looked like. The thought of finally seeing it and being able to touch it made more pre-cum ooze out.

Being in no particular hurry, and feeling fairly secure in the barn, Al slowly walked over to Andy. He stopped directly in front of him and put two fingers under Andy’s chin and pulled his head up. “I need to ask you something, and I want you to think about your answer before giving it. Do you understand?” asked Al.

“Yes sir.” Andy replied, his heart beating quickly wondering what Al might ask him. Because Al had adopted a routine of telling Andy he had a question before asking it, Andy was not necessarily shocked by Al’s statement. Kneeling in front of Al naked with his cum still fresh on his breath made this time, however, different. Whatever Al asked, Andy knew he was willing to entertain Al’s request. Quite frankly, Andy thought to himself, anything Al ever wanted, Andy would give or do for him if it was within his power.

Al took a deep breath. His eyes conveyed that he was pondering just exactly what he wanted to escort ankara say. As he glanced at Andy’s naked body and into Andy’s eyes, Al’s eyes darted around, signaling his desire to ask something, and his fear of what the answer might be.

“Just ask. The worst I say is I cannot.” Andy said. The reply was so well established that it gave Al peace in articulating his question.

“You and I are both married and we are both bisexual.” said Al. He continued “I know that you want to explore your bisexuality. Having been with other men, I will understand if you cannot give me what I want.” Al paused and stared for a moment at the floor.

“Ask.” Andy said.

“I am glad that I am your first bisexual partner” Al said. “The more I have gotten to know you, and the more we have experienced together, the more I wanted this night to happen” he added. “What I want to know, is whether you think that you and I might become lovers, not just periodic fuck buddies?” Al asked.

The question itself momentarily stunned Andy. The day he first met Al, he knew he had a strong desire to be with him. Al had a quiet demeanor that conveyed both dominance and vulnerability. As the two became friends, Andy found the time the ankara escort bayan two shared as peaceful and relaxing, even if the two did nothing more than change a flat tire. Al’s vulnerability appealed to Andy’s inner desire to help others, though he had never quite experienced with others the satisfaction that helping Al gave him. Al’s boyish good looks and, what Andy referred to as his “contagious smile” attracted Andy to Al in a way that went above simple friendship. Hearing Al express a desire to be more than just friends, or just friends with benefits, made Andy, for a brief moment, speechless.

Andy looked into Al’s eyes and replied “Since you came into my life, I have felt younger, happier, and more alive. Whether hearing from you in person, by phone or by text, I immediately feel better about my day. When I see you, my heart flutters and memorizes your every detail. When we are apart, I wonder how you are. I am able to share everything with you without fear of judgment, and I tell you things no other person has ever heard. I never expected that I could love another man and often only thought that my bisexual desires were more fantasy than real. In the last hour, I have learned more about myself than I ever knew, and I have no doubt that you are the only man I want to help me explore my fantasies.”

The answer made Al’s heart flutter. He placed his hand on Andy’s shoulder, looked him in the eye, and said “If you mean that and want to be my gay lover, bend over and we will seal this deal with an ass fucking you will never forget.”

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