Accidental First Time Ch. 05

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Authors note: Thanks for the positive feedback, sorry again for the lapse between chapters, and for newcomers, although this story can stand on its own, a better sense of the evolving relationship between these young (over 18) first timers can be gained by reading all chapters.

As you start to come down, momentarily drained you open your glassy eyes, a bit confused, a little shy, lightly biting your lip looking to me for approval, your finger still lazily circling your pussy, the chair and your legs soaked with your juices. I am wide eyed, a huge grin on my face with my cock straining for relief, wet with precum. You take your foot off the bed (ending my wonderful view of your almost obscene display ) and while looking me in the eyes place your open mouth at the tip of my cock and blow on it as I groan. Then leaving your open mouth at the tip you wrap your small hand around me and I explode into your mouth. After multiple squirts half in your mouth some on your chin/face and the rest dribbling down my cock you lick the tip. Then like I told you earlier how porn stars do, look up into my eyes open your mouth to show me my cum then close and swallow. My mouth is wide open, my shy quiet girl has in a short time become a “vixen”. You then quickly regain your teasing impish self stick out your tongue at me and say we better get cleaned up as you walk to the bathroom. I lay back basking in this almost dream condition, watching your cute ass sway away. After cleaning us up you ask if we should get dressed, already expecting my answer. Of course I ask that we stay nude for awhile if your ok with it as you pick out a movie for us to watch.

As we watch a movie, still both nude from our recent encounter, we continue to chat both about things we always talk about combined with our expanding curiosity of sex, each others bodies, and the ensuing flood of emotions filling our beings. You continue to ask more detailed questions about how men masturbate, Cebeci Escort our thoughts about women, what do we like best –breasts, pussy, ass, legs. etc. I in turn flood you with questions about what do you like best, what turns you on, have you watched porn etc. We even start to discuss the inevitable of, where this might go. We both agree that before the accident we would have never dreamed we of doing what we have. We also agree that, as much as we care for each other neither of us is ready to “go all the way”. You then get silent in thought, and when I ask you what you are thinking, you get that impish grin and say, “I will find out after lunch, but now you are hungry.

After the movie and lunch, I have the normal request relating to a lot of fluid and resulting consequences –I state “I need to pee”. You burst out laughing, reach out to grab and squeeze my penis, taunt me then obtain the bed pan and hold my slightly inflating penis in the pan, looking closely still curious about all aspects/parts of your expanding knowledge and awakened feelings. As I start to pee you look even closer, making me a little nervous, and also more turned on as I start to swell more. This in turn causes a smile to spread over your lips, as you relish the power you are sensing you have over me, or more correctly stated, my cock. As I finish, instead of shaking the last drops off you wipe them with your finger and gingerly put it in your mouth tasting my pee. I stare in amazement as your impish grin again appears and you offer “what, I was just curious”. I laugh and rib you at your expanding boldness, but also realize once you gain confidence, although shy around others you have always been more open and daring with me.

You then state your intention of emptying the pan and then having to pee. I again note my desire to watch you pee, causing you to stop, ponder, then turn move closer, and Kolej Escort place the partially full pan on the floor. Looking into my wide eyes you again surprise me by squatting over the pan , spread your pussy lips in an almost lewd way, then grimace as you start to pee into the pan with some spattering onto the floor. I stare wide eyed, my cock now at full attention, and not unnoticed by you. As you finish you stand to move the almost full pan to the bathroom, stating you need to wipe, then plan to take care of my – problem– as you grin from ear to ear. I respond asking ” please do not wipe, let me have the honor”. You smirk, then realize I am serious, leave the pan on the floor, gently climb back onto the bed in a “69” your pussy with a few drops of pee inches from my face, you take my hard cock back into your mouth very slowly sucking/playing. I lick your pussy clean, tasting a mix of a little pee, and your flowing juices. I last much longer, having just cum and am getting more accustom to your mouth, and start to push you closer to another orgasm, alternating between “fucking” you with my tongue, and licking your lips/clit.

As you get close to your orgasm, you gently dismount turn to face me, a mix of lust and that impish grin. You are now sitting with my cock pinned to my stomach and very close to your pussy entrance, your rock slowly grinding stimulating my cock, and your clit, looking into my eyes with a mix of uncertainty, and desire. You ask quietly (your shyness and lack of confidence returning) if I am willing and want to “experiment”. I look into your eyes and nod a yes, but remind you I do not want to take advantage of your lust and harm you long term, reminding you we had agreed not to engage in intercourse. You smile, bite your lip, slide your lips over my cock getting it wet with a mix of our juices, then looking into my eyes, wet your middle finger by inserting it into Rus Escort your pussy then reach back and squint your eyes as you insert it into your anus. I suddenly realize your intentions, my having admitted to an “interest” to someday experience anal..After repeating this several times, finally with two fingers, you move forward and up placing my rock hard cock at your anal entrance, rub my flowing pre-cum all over, then holding me at the entrance start tp push down. As we look into each others eyes you push harder but I slip away, causing both of us to burst out laughing, as we realizing our inexperience. You are however determined and try again, and after several tries the head of my cock pops in and you freeze with your eyes closed, surprised at the slight discomfort and relieved at the success. I on the other hand have never felt such a tight grip on my penis, and let out a soft groan with a slight involuntary push up, before I catch myself and stop, trying to let you get accustomed to me and set the pace.

After several seconds you open your eyes, look into mine and ever so slowly slide down my penis, with short up thrusts to help the entrance. You slowly continue this process till I am bottomed deep in your anus, you beaming/glowing with success, me getting close to another mind blowing orgasm as the reality of where my penis is and the tight grip, sinks in. You ask how it feels and I can barley reply that it is not only awesome, fantastic, but I am afraid I am going to cum as soon as you start to move. You tell me that is what you want, but as you start to undulate I stop you, asking you to “play with yourself for me so that we can cum together. You smile as your start to rub your already overexcited clit, and as you get close start to move up – down on my penis. Looking into each others eyes I start to cum first thrusting up deep inside you, which triggers your orgasm. You lean forward onto my chest, till you start to recover, and as my deflating penis pops out of your anus, you climb off me and hurry to the bathroom to use the facilities, and clean yourself up. You then return with a basin of warm water, and cloth to cleanse me. We chat and kiss as you clean me, then dress us both, as we again watch a movie, waiting for my parents to return and dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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