Adesuwa, the House girl Pt. 02

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I did not have the chance to do anything with Adesuwa for more than three weeks. My sisters had returned from school and it was really a full house. Sadly though, unlike before, Adesuwa did not talk to me much after the fuckfest we had with her friend. The bright smile she always had for me was gone. Even Ireti began to regard me with an upturned nose and uncouth manner anytime I came across her. I guess it is true when they say that once a girl tastes your dick, the respect she has for you fades away instantly. I figured out the best thing to do was ignore them both and act like I did not care.


As usual, it was a very quiet weekend in the house. Dad went for a conference all week in Lagos and since Mum was not feeling too well, he had taken her along to rest, leaving me in charge of the house. Trust my sisters, the rules they laid down for me to enforce flew out of the window once I had returned from dropping our parents off at the airport. They both told me they were going out of town for the weekend and will not be back until Sunday. I told them that so long as they behaved themselves and did not forget to “tip” me, then everything would be alright. They promised to bring me some goodies from the party they were going to attend and left on Friday. I told them I would gladly look forward to their return and shoved them out of the premises once their ride arrived.

Meanwhile I hadn’t seen much of Adesuwa throughout the week. At some point I was told she was away at her father’s house where she stayed for a few days. Not that I cared anyways, but my horniness was beginning to creep back. I immediately banished the thoughts of her naked body out of my head. She returned home about a few hours after my sisters left, just as I was about to hit the town myself. I told her to take care of the house and that I will be back much later in the night. She responded with a nod and huff and continued inside.

I did not return from the club near until around three in the morning. I had a splitting headache from all the alcohol I had drank and it was a miracle I made it back home alive. I did not know how I managed to drive all the way back in the state I was. Till date I do not remember much of the journey, but I do remember having vague recollections of staggering to my room and passing out once my body hit the bed. The next thing I was aware of was someone shaking me roughly. I opened my eyes and the brightness of the daylight streaming in through the window almost blinded me. Groaning out loudly, I squinted and saw it was Adesuwa trying to wake me up.

“Bros AY, why are you like this? When did you come in?” she asked, covering her nose. I must have reeked like a brewery. I hadn’t bothered removing my smoke and alcohol smelling clothes the night before. I tried to talk but my mouth felt dry, like there was a huge wad of cotton wool shoved in it. I just mumbled incoherently at her. Through the red mist that enveloped my vision, I pictured her with a blue shirt and a wrapper draped tightly around her waist. The way her puppies moved, I knew she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, but the signals in my mind refused to reach my dick. I mumbled again.

“Sir?” Adesuwa asked, a clear look of disgust written all over her. I genuinely wanted to reach out and slap the look off her face, but I could not summon the strength.

“Water…” I hoarsed dryly.

She turned and left and through my squinted eyes, I stared at her wobbling arse as she stepped out of my room. I lay my spinning head on the pillow and waited for her to return. She came back about five minutes later with a bottle of cold water and some painkillers. I gratefully downed the two tablets.

“Do you want to eat anything? Do you want me to cook something for you?” she asked.

I waved my hand at her. My tummy wasn’t settled and I knew any attempt to take any food in at that moment will only end up with me emptying bitlis escort the contents all over the place. She just shrugged and left me in peace.

Later that evening I lay on my bed watching a movie on Mnet. I had managed to get a bit over my hangover and taken a nice long shower. Adesuwa had brought in some fried yam and egg sauce around two o’clock and I had devoured it like a hungry lion. She told me she was going to be with Ireti as they had some homework to cover and asked me to call her if I needed anything. I had not seen her since then and remained in bed after eating. Around seven I heard a knock on my door. I reached for the remote just as Adesuwa came in. I had just woken up from another long nap and now felt a bit refreshed.

“Broda Ayo, good evening,” she greeted.

“Good evening dear,” I replied. As usual, she looked hot. I guess she must have just styled her hair. The long bangs contrasted nicely with her light skin. Her off-shoulder blouse molded her body perfectly with just the right amount of cleavage showing. A tight pair of leggings smoothed over her hips and I could not help but notice how nicely rounded they were. I just could not stop staring at her. She must have caught my lust-filled look because she averted her eyes and turned away.

“I just came to check on you,” she said, her hand on the door handle, “do you want to eat anything?”

“No, I’m not hungry yet,” I replied.

“Okay. Please let me know when you are so that I can prepare whatever you want,” she responded as she opened the door to leave.

“Adesuwaaaaaa….” I called. The way I suddenly dragged her name out must have caught her unawares as she jumped slightly. She turned to face me.

“Yes, broda Ayo?”

“Why you come dey form yanga for me na?” I broke out in pidgin.

“What do you mean yanga? Which yanga I dey form for you?”

“You think say I no know? You just dey behave anyhow to me since.”

“How I dey behave?”

“Stay there dey ask me,” I replied. My eyes were glued to her protruding chest and she shifted uncomfortably. “Since that day wey I fuck you and your friend, you just dey behave one kind to me.”

Adesuwa blushed. “B-b-broda Ayo, I-I-I no wan talk about that day again. Let us just assume it never happened,” she stammered.

“Why I go assume that? You think say e easy to forget such a thing with such a fine girl like you?”

“Broda Ayo I said I no wan talk about am again. Abeg leave me!” she retorted angrily. Her body language told me otherwise. I could detect she was more of unhappy than upset, telling from the way she reacted. I decided to press further.

“Come on now Adesuwa, I know we all enjoyed it. You just wan dey form innocent girl.”

“No be Ireti you concentrate on more that day?” she blurted out, now clearly upset. “Upon say na me convince her make we do wetin you wan do. Na she you fuck pass!!! You fuck am pass the person wey even wan fuck more(You fucked her more than who even wanted to fuck)!!!”

The cat was finally out of the bag. I knew that was her problem and I laughed. “Look Adesuwa, I did all that just to teach her a lesson. You saw as she dey act like like tough girl na.”

“But that one no mean say make you focus on her alone.”

“Oya no vex. E no go happen again like that next time.”

“Next time?” she looked at me with an angry, disbelieving frown, “who tell you say there will be a next time? Shuu!!! God forbid!!! It will never happen again!!!”

I just smiled. I never knew she was this upset. I decided to bide my time with her.

“Okay I’m sorry. Can you prepare some rice for me?”

She eyed me up and down and hissed. “Okay.”

“Don’t burn it again this time oh, or else… you know what will happen,” I responded with a sly smile and wink.

If looks could kill, I would have been a dead man by now.


Over bolu escort the rest of my holiday I kept a close eye on Adesuwa. I could not do anything because the house was always full, and I also noticed she made it a point to stay out of my way. It was obvious she did not want to be alone with me anywhere. My mind kept telling me I should just ignore her and forget about what I planned, but her snobby behavior and surprising sudden rudeness made me vow to do as I promised I would. It may take me a while, but I promised myself the next opportunity I had to fuck this girl, I would make it an experience she would never forget.

School resumed and I went back to campus. I made my usual trips home, but I cut it down to once every month. I decided one of the reasons for her foolishness was the fact that I had been home and indoors most of the time. I guessed staying out of sight would help matters a bit. I wasn’t wrong.

One evening, as I was returning from a discussion group, I felt my phone vibrate. I opened the WhatsApp message and noticed it was Adesuwa. I smiled. I hadn’t been home in almost six weeks and I had intentionally ignored her throughout.

Bros Ayo, hmmmm, dis one wey we no see your brakelight for house(We’ve not seen you at home for a while). I hope everything is okay,” she wrote.

I ignored the message and did not reply. I got to my room. I took a quick shower, changed to a pair of basketball shorts and a sleeveless shirt, put on the TV and switched the channel to SuperSports. I noticed my phone flashing on the bed beside me, indicating I had another set of messages. I checked it. Adesuwa had chatted me again.

Bros, I hope everything is okay. You didn’t come home since,” she wrote.

I’m fine,” I replied simply.

I saw she was responding so I waited. Soon another message came in.

So why did you take so long to respond?

This girl get liver oh(she is bold). A simple maid like her demanding why I took so long to respond to her message. No be her fault. I waited another ten minutes before replying.

Look Adesuwa, do you want anything? I’m busy.

I waited for a while for her response, but she did not reply. I was about tossing my phone aside when her message came in.

I’m sorry I’m disturbing you. I just thought to check up on you since you don’t come home like you used to.

I’m okay. Thank you for checking.

There was a pause for a while. “When are you coming home again?

I smiled. “I don’t know. Whenever you see me at home.

Okay,” she responded, “bring something for me when you decide to come home.

I smiled again. The cold treatment really works. I decided not to respond to the last message. She waited for some time then sent another.

You didn’t reply to my message.”

I ignored the message. After like ten minutes, my phone rang. It was her. I let it ring once more before picking it up.


“Broda Ayo na, haba. Is that how to greet someone?”

“Adesuwa what do you want? I’m studying.”

She paused. “Hello?” I spoke into the phone.

“I…I just wanted to check on you.”

“Didn’t you do that when you sent me your messages?”

“I thought you didn’t see my last message.”

“I did.”

“So why didn’t you respond?”

“Look, I can decide or decide not to respond to any message. I’m busy right now.”

I hung the call up as she began to speak and tossed the phone on the bed.


Later that night around eleven, another message vibrated my phone.

Broda Ayo you seemed intentionally cold and harsh. I did not mean to disturb burdur escort you today. It was just unusual of you not to come home at all. I was just worried, that’s all. When I did not see you nor hear from you, I was wondering if you were okay. I am sorry I disturbed you. it will not happen again.

I sighed and began typing.

Adesuwa, if I didn’t call you, were your fingers paralyzed? Couldn’t you call me if you wanted to hear from me?”

“But you know you’re the one that always buy me credit.”

“Are you trying to tell me mummy doesn’t give you money? How do you have data then?”

She did not respond, so I continued. “Besides, I intentionally didn’t call you.”


“Ask me once more.”

“What did I do?”

She was beginning to get me angry, so I tossed my phone aside. It buzzed again.

“Plsss na. Tell me what I did to you.”

I typed furiously. “I blame myself. If I had not stooped so low to fuck you and your friend, both of you would not have had the guts to act and talk to me the way you have the past couple of months. Is it because we treat you not as a house-girl, but as a member of the family? Small girl like you forming for me as if I’m your mate. Like I said, I blame myself.”

She went silent, and when she did not respond again, I decided to go to sleep.


The following morning, I woke up to a series of messages from her.

Bros AY, I’m really sorry the way I behaved. I did not know I offend you like this so much. I now realize I was very rude to you. It is not that I hate you for what happened. Far from it. I like you very much. You mean so much to me and I really appreciate all you and the family have done to treat me not as the house girl I am, but as a member of the family. It is just that I was a little bit surprised when you decided to have sex with Ireti and I at the same time. I had a long time to think about it afterwards and I was rather surprised you had the mind to. Apart from that, you focused more on her. I think it was the shock of it all that got to me. I thought I could handle it.

I didn’t mean to upset you or get you angry. I am sorry if my attitude portrayed that. I just needed to wrap my head around all that happened that day. Your presence all the time at home did not help me much either. I think not seeing you every day now seems a bit strange. I know I should not say this, but I do miss you. I miss seeing you around. I am sorry for offending you. Please forgive me.

I pumped my fist in the air in triumph. I began to type but thought better of it and called. She did not even let it ring before she picked.


“Adesuwa. How are you?”

“I-I’m f-fine sir,” she stammered.

“I saw your messages.”

“I’m so sorry Broda Ayo. I promise not to be rude to you again.”

“Look it’s okay. I’m not upset anymore.”

“Is that why you didn’t come home all this while?”

“No,” I lied, “I had a lot of schoolwork to cover, and if I came home, a beautiful girl like you would only be a distraction.”

She laughed. “Everywhere is just booorrrinnnggg!!!!”

“How about Ireti?”

“That one?” she hissed, “She dey her papa house. I’ve not seen her for a while.”


“I can’t wait to see you. Mummy and daddy are travelling again this weekend and the house is going to be boring.”

“Okay, I’ll try and come home this weekend. Just to keep you company.”

I heard her laugh. “Okay. Don’t forget to bring something for your Adesuwa oh.”

Your Adesuwa. “What do you want me to bring for you?”

“I don’t know. Anything.”

“Okay. I will think of something.”

“Don’t forget, or else I will chase you out of the house and I will not cook for you.”

I laughed, “Okay young lady. I will bring something. I am going to class now. I’ll call you in the evening.”

“I will expect your call.”

“Bye babe.”


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