Advantages of a Well Read Daughter

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I am 39, and am married, with two children. Or, at least, I was married up till 14 months ago when my wife was involved in a fatal car accident. She was returning after visiting her mother, it was winter, lightly snowing on a frozen surface, and she was caught in a multiple car crash on the freeway. There were many injuries and two fatalities, my wife being one of them. Whose fault? No direct cause could be established.

A combination of bad weather, bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I can be grateful for just one thing, if it’s possible to feel that way under the circumstances. It was supposed to be a family visit for the children to see their grandparents on their nanna’s birthday, but they both had the sniffles and we decided, despite tears and tantrums, that they must stay home. I had to stay with them and my wife Jeannie went alone. Even now, twelve months later, I cannot say her name without tears and an overwhelming sense of emptiness and guilt that I did not prevent her from going alone. But life must go on, and I had our two children to care for.

Jeannie and I were married for 19 yrs and our daughter Anne is now just 18 and Chris, our son, is 10. I am a financial consultant, and Jeannie was a teacher. We had similar tastes in music and literature and our modest life style allowed us to have our home almost debt free at the time of the tragedy. It seemed so pointless to have achieved this enviable situation without her but, as time went on and the pain lessened, I realized that at least it would make the children’s life more secure and permit me to spend more time with them.

I began working from home and with the help of the lady who had worked for us when Jeannie returned to her much loved teaching, our life settled into a simple routine which included weekend visits by Grandma who would baby-sit whilst I took care of my business visits to my local clients. I met several ladies, dated a few time but always felt a sense of disloyalty. Certainly, I had known a full and satisfying sex life and was often tormented by a need for sexual relief, so I resorted to the practice employed by all young boys before the opportunity to take advantage of the joy of a loving responsive woman, for which there is no substitute, be it magazines or triple-X videos.

We now reach that point in my story, which brings me to this attempt to rationalize my behavior and hope that it’s cathartic effect may help me to justify what happened. But even now I try to convince myself that under the prevailing conditions any man would have succumbed.

My daughter Anne is 18 going on 30! She’s tall and slim like her mother, pretty, and with a keen enquiring mind. We saw great things for her, and her mother encouraged her with her education and discussed all aspects of life frankly and openly with her, including sex. She listened to and talked to her school friends to the point when her mother told me sometimes she wondered who was teaching whom, though I did not learn this till later. Anne persuaded her mother to describe our sexual preferences, particularly those acts from which each of us derived the maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

I am just an average guy in height weight and appearance and am not a frequenter of gyms or workout clubs. Jeannie introduced me to the habit of jogging which we did together until the children arrived, and then separately and intermittently from that time. In the last months I have started jogging again during the late morning. My kids are at school, the neighborhood is quiet, my time is my own and I find it relaxing and a bit tenuous, but a pleasing link with the past.

The evenings are the most difficult. My daughter and I each do a little simple cooking. Some frozen dinners, takeouts, pizza and the occasional real meal prepared by grandma takes care of the most basic needs. Anne is great with Chris, giving him his supper, bath and off to bed, then we usually have our meal on the sofa watching TV, a common and comforting custom.

This particular evening I intended to order pizza. Chris was in bed, Anne in her room doing her homework as per her normal routine, and I was relaxing on the sofa with a glass of wine after a long shower. I was dressed only in my robe as had been the custom for many years and was experiencing that wonderful combination of drowsy security and horniness. I was thinking of Jeannie and gently stroking myself in a semi-conscious dream, when I was jerked back to awareness by a voice saying “Dad” in an almost breathless whisper.

Anne had completed her school project and had come downstairs to remind me to order the supper! I can only try to imagine her reaction to the tableau, which presented itself; her father lying on the sofa, with his robe open, naked underneath, moaning and gasping, gently stroking his rock hard cock.

I opened my eyes expecting to see a look of disgust and shock on her face and was surprised instead to see one of what I interpreted as being tekirdağ escort a mixture of interest and curiosity.

My immediate reaction to this most unusual happening, was to cover myself with my robe, thinking as I did that it was fortunate that I had not reached the point of climax with it’s additional source of embarrassment. Closing my robe proved a little difficult with my current state of arousal and even when closed the bulge was so evident that nothing could disguise that my erection refused to subside, since the thought of my daughter seeing me masturbate was unaccountably erotic.

I sat up and stammered shamefacedly “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t hear you come down and I lost track of the time.” Weak I know, but I was flustered, ashamed and still not fully awake and it was the best I could do. I was consumed with embarrassment and did not know what to do in this strangest of situations, with my overriding fear being that this would irreparably change our wonderful trusting relationship and cause her to view me as some kind of pervert.

Her reply took me completely by surprise. “I’ll order a deluxe pizza and we can watch the movie as usual, and while we wait for delivery I’ll make a little salad and then join you in a small glass of wine.” She did just that, and while I don’t normally encourage her to drink, I thought it more advisable not to choose that moment to give a fatherly lecture on age and alcohol and the evils thereof!

I took advantage of the brief wait to return to some semblance of normal, closed my robe firmly and applied a double knot. ‘Talk about closing the door after the horse has bolted!’ I thought wryly. We sat together on the sofa as usual and ate our supper with a small glass of wine. She cleaned away the debris, as usual, sat beside me, as usual, and leaned her head on my shoulder and pulled my arm around her neck, as usual. I began to wonder if I had imagined the whole incident, and then, traitor that it was, as I relived the past hour my erection came on strong and hard as we watched the movie. To this day I have no recollection of that movie since my primary concern was to conceal the growing tent in my robe and to bring this calamitous evening to a close. As we sat there with her warm body pressed close to me, and her hand resting casually on my leg I became increasingly more restive. Finally she asked me if there was something wrong, “Not with you princess,” I answered, “but with the way I feel about my behavior tonight I think I would prefer to go to bed now and discuss what happened this evening tomorrow.”

“There is nothing to discuss,” she laughed. ” What you were doing, ‘masturbating’ I believe is the correct term, is very understandable given the circumstances. You miss Mom very much and the need to relieve and relax yourself must be overpowering at times. Looking at your state now and being very much aware of your restlessness, I believe one of those times is now.” In saying that she reached over and put her hand on my erection. It was so completely unexpected that for a brief moment I was speechless.

“You can’t do that, ” I spluttered,” you’re my daughter.”

“Yes, I know and I think that gives me the right to do anything which helps my family. All my life you have cared for and comforted me, and now I can comfort you. Mom is not here to help you, but I am and I really believe she would be happy to know that I can do this simple thing for you.” And in so saying she slipped her small hand under my robe and wrapped it around my rigid cock.

I thought I would hit the ceiling, and being the strong willed, sterling, moral and high-principled character that I am, I attempted, with all my power to remove her soft and tender hand. But, of course, she moved my restraining hand away without apparent effort!

She undid my belt, opened my robe and took me in both hands, rolling it between her palms. By this time I was moaning and gasping with unbelievable pleasure as I pushed my body against her hands, seeking more friction and movement. She sensed what I was doing and, gently squeezing my balls with one hand, began to pump me with the other. The sensations and incredible pleasures that were consuming my whole being were beyond belief and I hoped they would go on for ever. In reality I was so excited that it lasted only a minute or so before I erupted in a mammoth orgasm, sending jets of semen all over my chest.

She gently continued to work me until the seemingly unending flow ceased and I began to soften. She continued to hold me until my breathing slowed and I was able to open my eyes and focus. She looked at me with gentle understanding, leaned over and kissed my cheek, stood up and walked to the kitchen. She returned with a warm damp cloth and began to clean me. With what little remaining energy I had left I tried to do this myself, but with a twinkle in her eyes she said she had lots of practice cleaning Chris, and the only difference was size.

I tekirdağ escort bayan rearranged my robe and tried to say what I felt, a complex mixture of love, gratitude, relief, guilt and a wonderful sense of well-being. Anne could see my confusion, placed a finger on my lips and asked me how I was feeling, to which I replied. “Totally relaxed and content, and at peace with the world.”

“I think you should go to bed now and relax,” she ordered, “and I will finish up down here. I want to listen to some soft, romantic music and I will go to bed later.”

“Very well.” I replied, not quite knowing what to say, but realizing that our father/daughter relationship had dramatically changed, and that the role of home authority had subtlety shifted to her.

I stood up and she reached to give me her usual goodnight peck on the cheek only to feel her lips full on mine. She opened her mouth very slightly and brushed the tip of her sweet tongue across my lips. Her eyes met mine, she smiled, kissed my cheek and walked into the kitchen, while I, in turn, went up to bed.

I have slept nude since a young boy, so I slipped under the sheets and tried to sleep. With the incredible events of the evening flashing through my mind, I began to harden and, engrossed in these memories, and being more relaxed than I could remember, I surrendered to sleep.

A slight movement woke me, and I half turned to check when a soft whisper said, “It’s only me, Dad. I couldn’t sleep so I decided to join you. I tried not to wake you, hoping to surprise you in the morning, Go back to sleep.” Having said that she turned over and was asleep in a few minutes. I was not so lucky. With her warm body so close to mine my libido took over and try as I might I could not go back to sleep.

The next thing I knew I was being wakened by a strange and unfamiliar sound. I did not wish to wake since I was deep in the most exciting and realistic dream. Jeannie and I were engaged in our usual foreplay prior to intercourse, and as I reluctantly opened my eyes I saw Anne on her back, legs wide open and her nighty up around her tummy. My arm was around her neck with my hand fondling her breast while my other hand caressed her sweet, sweet pussy. Her one hand was squeezing my rod and the other was on mine urging it to stroke faster She was moaning and pressing herself up to my fingers. This was the unfamiliar sound that pulled me from one dream into another. She sensed my waking, opened her eyes, closed them and continued her actions. I made to withdraw my hand but she pressed it even closer and I was at a loss as to what to do. At that moment the wakeup alarm sounded and I literally jumped out of bed, forgetting that I was naked and sporting an early morning boner. Anne, watching from the bed, tried hard not to smile as I found my robe and tried to cover myself. I actually ran into the bathroom.

It was Friday, a school day. Anne rose, went to her room to prepare herself for school, and then woke Chris and did the same for him. Meanwhile, I was fixing breakfast and packed lunches for both of them. A daily routine that we had established and which worked quite well, but only because Anne was so competent and reliable and that I was always at home. A similar arrangement with the neighborhood to take and collect the children from school required my participation once a week only, but that was not today. Anne, due to class commitments, after school activities and friends, was usually home about 5:30 would let me know if she would be late. This allowed me to carry on with my workload during the day and have lots of free time for the guy-things with Chris before Anne returned. This day, however, I was more preoccupied with what had transpired in the past 24 hrs.

There was no precedent for me to use as a guide and I took some comfort in knowing that Grandma would be coming to collect Chris for the weekend. a monthly visit which he loved and so did they, and Anne and I would go for dinner on Sunday and drag him, kicking and screaming, back with us, ready for school next day.

All went as planned, with Grandma, as always, bringing freshly baked lasagna for our supper. I’m sure she suspected we only ate junk foods and made sure we had something more substantial when she came to visit. After she left I decided to wash the car, since it was pleasant to be out in the sun. I was still very unsure of my greeting to Anne, for when she left to go to school it was the usual peck on the cheek and “See you later, Dad.” I had not heard from her to the contrary, so I expected to see her at her normal time, about 5pm.

Sure enough, just after 5, while I was still outside, I heard her call, and she came towards me with the sun highlighting her golden hair. I murmured a quick prayer to whatever fates were compensating me for the loss of her mother, said hi, and she went on into the house. I followed her in and told her that Chris had gone and we had a special escort tekirdağ for supper. She knew what I meant and said she had some work to complete, a few calls to make and a couple of emails to send before her shower. “OK.” I replied, “I’ll finish the car and see you for supper.”

I went inside and sat down with a glass of wine and some Mozart on the radio. Our norm is that she would prepare Chris for bed, give him supper, put him to bed, do her homework, have a shower, and then we would have a leisurely supper at about 8 and watch the TV or a video. With Chris gone I knew she would take her shower earlier, so I waited till my usual 7:15 before going up for my mine. I undressed, put on my robe and walked to the main bathroom where I had installed an oversized shower. I preferred it to the bath/shower combo in our small en suite. I stepped into the bathroom, only to be confronted by Anne in the act of stepping into the shower. “I’m sorry,” I said ” but I heard the music from your room and I assumed you were there.”

“I did not realize it was so late,” she replied, quite unflustered, “but now you are here we can shower together to save time. And before you try to talk your way out you should check with your friend. He is obviously very happy to see me.” I did not need to check. The very site of my beautiful girl in the nude had the inevitable effect. She turned on the hot water, turned to me and extended her hand. I shrugged off my robe and meekly followed her into the stream of warm water. She soaped and rinsed me from tip to toe, paying most welcome attention to my friend and then, with cheeky grin, offered me the soap and said quite simply “Your turn…”

She turned her back to me and I proceeded to wash her back and rump, trying hard not to touch her with the more outstanding part of me. I reached around to lather her tummy and paused, not knowing which way to go, up or down! She sensed my quandary and took my hands and placed them on her small firm breasts. Emboldened, I began to cup them, wash them and roll her enlarged nipples between my thumbs and fingers She sighed and moved back, pressing her cheeks against my erection. I reluctantly dropped to my knees as she turned to face me, allowing me to wash and rinse her legs. I paused and holding my breath, gently washed and rinsed her golden treasure. Standing, she dried me and I returned the favor. I went to open the door, but she shook her head and handed me a small plastic bottle. “Body lotion,” she explained, “to keep my skin soft and smooth. To be applied very sparingly everywhere immediately following a shower.”

So, as instructed, I began this laborious unwelcome chore, while wishing only that it would last forever. Her skin was like warm velvet, and I applied the lotion to every part of her upper body as if I were worshipping her beauty. I then knelt and began to do her legs by cupping my hands around them and sliding them up and down. Each time I went up to the top my hands would touch her lips, followed by slight tremor and an almost imperceptible widening of her thighs. I stopped and looked up. “Everywhere.” she commanded, opening her legs slightly, and with as gentle a touch as possible I applied the lotion to her most intimate parts. She moaned softly and moved her body as I happily followed her instructions, and made no effort to stop myself as I paid meticulous attention to the joining of her lips, massaging the liquid into each irresistible millimeter.

At this point her glorious, young womanhood was only inches from my face, and without thinking, an overwhelming impulse made me lean forward and kiss it with open mouth and full tongue. She shuddered as I used my tongue to trace her lips up and down, once, twice, thrice, paused, and waited for the reaction to my first initiative. I felt her hand on the back of my head pressing me closer as she breathlessly requested. “Please, don’t stop…”

With that permission to encourage and further embolden me I continued the strokes, allowing the tip of my tongue to enter her lips a little deeper each time until I touched her clitoris. She gasped, opened her thighs more to invite greater penetration, leaned back against the wall, and as I continued to stimulate her petite pleasure button she began to spasm and, realizing she was having her first man induced orgasm, I continued the action until her body relaxed.

I was very reluctant to leave my position, tasting her juices as I did, but rose and held her close while she regained her normal composure, and though I was fully erect, it seemed unimportant. She put her arms around my neck, pulled my head down and gave me the most loving kiss; open mouthed and filling me with her sweet tasting tongue. Then, before I appreciated what was happening, she bent down, ran her lips along my cock, kissed the head and dashed out of the shower to her bedroom.

I, somewhat at a loss, donned my robe and went down to prepare our supper, it only requiring to be put in the oven for a short time. After tending to the food, I put out the dishes, etc., and sat waiting for her to come out of her room. After thirty minutes I began to become apprehensive that I had overstepped and that she would stay in her room. I was relieved to hear her door open and I stood up as she came down the stairs.

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