Adventures at Hardonis Academy

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New Student=s First Day Part 1
By Victor Lavay

“Welcome to Hardonis Academy.” The distinguished looking Principal said from behind his desk as Sandra walked into his office. “Have a seat.” He pointed the young girl to a big comfortable chair in the centre of the room. She quickly took her place as ordered. Her parents had told her that the school could be a lot of fun, but it would be strict on discipline. They assured her, the punishments were not something she would ever forget. So Sandra was on her best behaviour.

“As you know, Hardonis is a privet school that specializes in teaching its students everything they may need to know in life. It is well loved by all its graduates for the sexual education it provides, and the countless assignments and opportunities students have to practice what they learn in class.” Principle Lazlow explained calmly. Sandra blushed a little at the mention of the sexual education. “In some ways the school is very conservative, in other ways it is modern. You see, Hardonis is co ed, with a dorm for boys and one for girls. Students are allowed to mingle during the day but are expected to keep to their own rooms at night. My assistant Miss Violet will show you to your room when this interview is done.” The woman who had escorted Sandra to the office, was still standing near the door. The young girl glanced at the attractive red haired woman, and got a reassuring smile.

“One very important thing I want to make clear right now.” Principle Lazlow said seriously. “Is that your parents know exactly what goes on here. They know all about our curriculum and teaching methods, having been students her themselves. Also, they have given permission for us to do all the things that we will be doing to you.” The last sentence stuck in Sandra=s mind … things that we will be doing to you… did not sound normal.

“As I hope your parents explained to you, the school can be a wonderful place, you may enjoy your classes, you may make lots of friends, and even fall in love. But the school is also well equipped to handle discipline problems, with an authentic dungeon and all the latest equipment to brake a student of his or her unacceptable habits.” He looked directly at the young girl in front of him with his dark iron stair. This was starting be scary, but Sandra told herself it was normal hor a principle to want to frighten his students into staying in line. “Do you understand so far?” he asked her politely. She game a nod and said “Yes sir.”

“I will let Miss Violet give you a full reading of the rules later, right now I simply want to stress rule number one; You will always obey, to the best of your ability, any order a teacher or staff member gives you. Even if the order shocks you.” He smiled and wiggled his finger at her as he spoke. “While you are at this Academy you have no rights, only privileges which are given to you. Do you understand?” He said more seriously. Again Sandra nod and said “Yes sir.”

“Very well, Miss Violet, please secure young Sandra to the chair.” He said it simply as another matter of business. Before Sandra could think what to say in protest, the red haired woman was pulling her arms behind her back and tying them, very skilfully. Violet then tied the young girl=s feet to the legs to the chair. “What are you doing?” Sandra managed to sputter.

“This is part of the interview, try to relax.” Violet whispered into Sandra=s ear as she finished securing the girl to the chair in the middle of Principle Lazlow=s office. She then stepped back dutifully to take her place near the door.

“This is an object lesson my dear.” The Principle explained as he walked around to the front of his desk. “Nothing you have is yours, You are in control only of your mind. Your clothes are not yours, your body is not yours. You are simply using them at this moment.” The girl looked puzzled. She was tied to a chair and the Principle was explaining some king of odd philosophy to her. Sandra was really confused. Of course Principle Lazlow had seen this sort of reaction before.

“Tell me Sandra, have you ever had sex?” He asked. The question came unexpectedly as far as she was concerned. “Umm no, Iv never gone all the way – if that is what you mean.” she answered trying not to dwell on the fact that it was a very inappropriate question.

“So you entered this room a virgin?” Principle Lazlow asked pointedly. Sandra=s eyes grew wide as she read meaning into that question, then she started struggling against the leather straps that held her to the chair. “What…no..NO… your not going to do that? You cant do that to me!!!” She started to panic.

“Yes my dear.” he said calmly, knowing that the girl would not get free. “You think your body is your own, that no one can touch you or use you with out your permission. That is a social illusion that we her at Hardonis do not subscribe to.” Principle Lazlow walked over to stand beside the new student. He reaches out his hand and placed it on her young breasts. She tried to struggle. “People are so afraid of having their personal space violated, of having themselves violated, you will learn to overcome that.” He rubbed her chest, gently but firmly. “What we will teach you here will free you from so many silly taboos.” He assured her softly, his lips close to her ear. Sandra slowly stopped her struggles.

“What are you going to do to me?” Sandra asked in a small voice, filled with both fear and curiosity. Her mom had been at Hardonis, had she been through something similar? “Im going to strip you of your clothes, Im going to touch you all over, Im going to kiss you and lick you, Im going to make you cum. Then I will pop your little cherry and fuck you like you were my own daughter.” He gave a small glance towards the red head standing next to the door. “When we are done, Miss Violet will accompany you to your dorm room, get you cleaned up, and go over the rest of the rules.” It all sounded so reasonable when he said it. Sandra found herself nodding ok.

…more to be posted soon…
Let me know what you think.

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