Adventures of an Indian Cuckold Pt. 02

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Hi All,

I will be continuing the story from my previous part. To set the context, this story starts when Kruti & I were girlfriend boyfriend, she was 22 and I was 24.

The next day, Kruti dressed up in a nice casual western outfit wear with a T shirt and shorts and had her purple innerwear and her hair was neatly tied up. We both were really excited and bit nervous meeting Girish again. Girish had booked a nice room in JW Mariott Hotel and we were supposed to meetup just around afternoon time. Our place was 30 mins from cab to the hotel and we both were really excited to begin this journey and were holding our hands throughout the cab ride. At the entrance of the hotel, me and Kruti both looked at each other, I asked her if she is comfortable and she was good and also slightly horny just by the thought of it. We entered the reception area and texted Girish. After 3 mins, Girish came down to the reception area to pick us up. He was dressed in a white shirt and blue 3 fourths and had a dashing personality. He just gave a nice hug to my girlfriend Kruti for like 10 seconds and complimented her looks. Then he shook hands with me and with a firm voice “So shall we go”, and we followed him to the room on higher level.

The room was beautiful and spacious was sea facing and had a nice sofa and chair and king sized bed. Girish asked us to be comfortable and closed the curtains, he kept it slightly open from which the beautiful Arabian sea was visible.Then with a stern voice he asked if we need anything drinks or food, but we already had it so we said no. He asked me to sit on the sofa chair and asked Kruti to come near him. Kruti and Girish were standing right in front of me 5-10 meters away and bed was behind them. Girish held Kruti’s hand and said “They are really soft”, he looked at Didim Escort me and told “If anytime you or Kruti feel uncomfortable or want to quit you can feel free to voice our by using the code word “RED” 3 times”. We both nodded. Girish said since its our first time he will be a guide us to be his submissive couple. He then leaned over and held Kruti’s soft cheeks and started kissing her on the lips. Kruti was a bit shy but started responding with the lip kissing after a while. It lasted for about 30 seconds and then Girish looked at me and following conversations happened

Girish: “Raghu, you are a lucky man, your girlfriend has got a juicy lips, and from now on I am going to use it as if its my property”. I nodded.

Me: “Yes, please”

Girish: (turning back to Kruti) “Kruti, are you ready to be my property”

Kruti: “yes Girish”

Girish gave a light face slap to Kruti and said “From now on you and your boyfriend will address me as Sir”

Kruti: “Yes Sir”

(Girish face slaps Kruti a bit harder this time )

Girish: “Yes what?”

Kruti: “Yes Sir, I will be your property and me and my boyfriend will address you as Sir from now on”

Girish: “Good Girl! I will turn you from a good girl to a good slut today” saying this Girish pulled Kruti closer to him and started touching her boobs.

Kruti: “Yes sir, I will be a good slut for you”

Girish: “Good slut. Now open you mouth wide open and show your tongue to your boyfriend”

Kruti does as she was told

Girish: (turning towards me)”Look at your girlfriends tongue and mouth, I am going to use this slut “

Me: “Yes Sir”

Girish then starts kissing with tongue while pressing her boobs and Kruti responds to his kiss, they kiss for about 3 mins continuously and both me Didim Escort Bayan and Girish get a hard on. He then moves Kruti to face me and gropes her while Kruti moans softly.

Girish: “Is this what you wanted to see, making your girlfriend a whore”

me: “yes sir” and started touching myself

Girish: “Look Kruti, you boyfriend is so eager has already started to touch himself, lets give him a proper show, what do you say slut”

Kruti: “Yes sir, please make me you whore in front of my boyfriend” with a horny tone.

I had never seen Kruti get so horny before.

Girish pulls up Kruti’s T-Shirt while fondling her boobs and her purple bra is visible now.

Girish: “Raghu, Go ahead and pull down your girlfriends shorts” and I oblige

Now, Kruti is getting fondled by a guy almost twice her age and she was only in her purple inners. Girish now moved his one hand towards Kruti’s panties while the other hand was busy with her boobs, and I was enjoying seeing my girlfriend in right hands. Kruti was moaning and was enjoying too, after some time Girish pulled her cheeks over and started lip kissing with use of lot of tongue while the other hand was now inside Kruti’s panties and he was rubbing it nicely, I had already cum on my pants seeing this.

Kruti started to become more vocal now and started moaning loudly.

Kruti: Ahhh, Ahhh!! please sir!!! keep doing!!!! aahh, Ahh!!

After some time, Girish stopped and asked Kruti to go over to the door and start crawling towards him like a dog and she obliged. While she started crawling Girish now removes all his clothes except underwear, I could see a huge bulge and could say it looked way bigger than mine.

Girish: “Do you like seeing your girlfriend crawl towards me like a bitch”

me: Escort Didim “yes, sir!”

Kruti reaches near the Girish.

Girish: “Start sniffing my toes, you slut!” Kruti starts sniffing his toes and feet and after a while Girish instructs her to sit in kneeling position. Her position is perfectly place her mouth is right near Girish’s bulge.

Girish : “Go ahead bitch! have a sniff! And make sure you keep glancing over your boyfriend while doing so”

This was the hottest moment I have ever seen by girlfriend, she was sniffing this man’s cock through the underwear while looking at me, the sexiest moment I could say from Kruti’s eyes too! They were full of lust and she was enjoying the moment.

Girish: “Nice bitch! do you want more of it?”

Kruti whispers: “Yes sir, I want to suck your cock!”

Girish gives Kruti a nice tight face slap and “Say it loudly you bitch!make sure your boyfriend hears”

Kruti: “Yes sir, I want to suck your cock!! Please give it to me”

*slap* *slap*

Girish: “Say it Louder you filthy cunt!” and Girish unties her hairband

Now, Kruti is begging for his cock with her open hair and she is kneeling in just her inners. Kruti much louder this time : “Yes sir, please let me suck your cock!”

Girish: “Good bitch! Open your mouth now!”

Kruti: “Yes sir!” (opens her mouth with tongue out)

Girish inserts his hand in his underwear and with his finger takes out his precum and places in Kruti’s open tongue and asks her to swallow

Kruti: “mmm! aah” swallowing his precum

After finger fucking her mouth for a while, Girish finally removes his underwear and Kruti and me could not believe our eyes, they were so big around 7.8 inch, mine was just 5 inch when erect. Kruti’s eyes were full of lust as she asked permission from Girish to suck his cock.

Girish: “Yes bitch, I know you are eager, go ahead and just lick the tip of my cock”

Kruti started licking the tip while maintaining an eye contact with me, it was a beautiful scenery to me.

*to be continued*

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