Adventures of Jason, Teenage Stud Ch. 06

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Chapter 6

Employee Relations

(This series takes place in 2012 and traces the growth of a shy young male teenager with extraordinary physical gifts as he grows into manhood and begins to realize his sexual power. It is meant as fantasy and fun. Each story is stand alone, but to get his full adventure read the entire series. All the characters in this story are 18 years old and of legal age.)

My cell phone ringing woke me up from my deep slumber. I reached over and picked it up. It said 11:13 AM and the caller ID said MOM. I answered the phone in a groggy voice, “Good morning.”

Mom’s voice came through bright and clear, “Good morning sunshine! Time to wake up. I’m calling to remind you one more time that you are working the late shift here at the warehouse tonight. That starts at 9PM and I will be home by 6PM to make you dinner.”

“Yes ma’am,” I answered with all the enthusiasm of someone who just wanted to go back to sleep.

“How was your date last night,” she inquired. I struggled to remember what had even happened last night and then all the brain cells seemed to lock into place. I had gone out with Beth the waitress from Pizza Villa and had a wonderful time as I fucked her stupid in the front seat of her pickup truck. “Oh it was alright,” I answered.

“Are you going to see her again,” Mom pushed.

“I don’t know Mom. It was just one date,” I said in a weary tired voice while my teenage meat stick surged with enthusiasm remembering the things that Beth’s talented pussy had done to it the night before. “Probably. I don’t know.”

“Ok darling, I’m just asking. I’ll see you at dinner tonight. Have a good day.”

“You too,” as I switched off the phone and flopped back down on the bed.

After all that sexual physical exertion I’d had on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was tired but extremely satisfied. Lovely thoughts of Beth’s super tight cunt, and her screams of sexual pleasure kept me from drifting back to sleep. I reached over and picked up my phone and thumbed through the pictures of Beth covered in my cum lying exhausted on the front seat of her truck. It got me so horny that I almost stroked myself off but decided to call my sexy cheating wife next door neighbor and see if she was up for more hot cheating sex in her pool for the rest of the day. She picked up on the 2nd ring and quickly called me ‘Helen’, then promptly told me that she was still in Atlanta with her husband and that she would be back on Sunday and would see me next week. With that she said “Bye” and hung up. It now appeared that I was going to be without pussy for the first time in almost 4 weeks.

So with the prospect of no pussy that day, and my large eager teenage member waving back and forth in my lap, I jacked off. After a satisfactory conclusion, I washed myself up, and got up to make breakfast. Like any other normal lazy teenager with a full day ahead of himself, I sat on the couch and played my Gameboy for a couple of hours. About 2 pm, I wandered over to the public swimming pool to work on my tan and swim my hundred laps. Yet my newfound ability to attract the attention of the female gender continued as Emma, one of Amber’s lifeguard coworkers, flirted with me outrageously the entire time I was there. She was a slim girl with a swimmer’s body, a fantastic ass, great long legs and dark hair with green eyes. As I thought about her on my bike ride home, the image of being in between those tanned thighs with those long, luscious legs wrapped around my waist as I fucked her brains out made my dick very hard.

After I got home a little past 5PM in the afternoon, I jacked off again while taking another shower and thinking about all the fun I could have with Emma. By then, Mom was home, and I helped her make dinner. We sat down to watch the evening news and talked about our days. She told some gossip about Sally, who was going to be the late-night traffic manager on tonight’s late shift. Seems that Sally and her new current boyfriend, Jack, one of the loading dock managers were not getting along and were fighting at the office. Jack was about forty-five, a bit overweight from too much fried food and drinking. He was very obnoxious and thought himself to be a god, while Sally was a guy magnet. She was a divorced beautiful single mom with an amazing body who could dish out crap as well as take it. She was fiery, funny, determined, sexy and every truck driver that ever pulled into that building had tried to pick her up. Why she was with Jack at all was a mystery to me?

For some reason, Jack did not like me at all. Whenever I worked a shift with him, he was on my case all the time. It had gotten so bad a couple of times that my mom actually had to speak to him and tell him to back off. She couldn’t fire him, but as general manager she could certainly make life difficult for him if he continued to make life difficult for me. That worked for a while then gradually his obnoxious behavior resumed. Thank goodness he had been moved to a different schedule than me and I didn’t have to deal with him much.

Around 8:30PM, I left the house for the 30 minutes bike ride out to the warehouse with firm instructions from mom Sex Hikayeleri to be absolutely sure that I did not wake her up when I came home. Getting to the warehouse, I locked my bicycle outside the main office and clocked in. I stuck my head into the office to say hello to Sally. She smiled and waved me into the office. She told me we were going to be very busy that night. We had about twenty trucks coming in to unload and reload between 10PM and 4AM in the morning. Our trucking distribution center had forty truck positions on two loading docks. We are halfway between Jacksonville and Macon, 4 hours from Atlanta, an hour and a half from Tallahassee and 5 hours from Tampa. We could reach almost any place in North Florida or South Georgia in about 4 hours which made us a perfect location for a trucking center.

She also let me know that Jack was working tonight and to be careful because he was on the warpath. She was very clear for me to let her know if I had any trouble with him and she would handle it. I thanked her and went out of help unload a semi-truck on dock 19. When I got to the dock it was clear that Jack was pissed off about something and he wanted to take it on me. He was all over me like a cheap suit, complaining that I was always late and did not do as much work as others on the crew. Unloading tractor trailers is hard work, and I know I worked as hard as some men much older than me. So having this guy on my ass all the time pissed me off and made me feel uncomfortable. Yes, I was having lots of sex and was more confident in who I was as a young man, but I am still just a teenager. Having an older adult constantly bully you and put you down was not healthy. Yet, I was managing to keep my cool. I did not want to embarrass or cause trouble for my mom, so I stayed quiet.

About 11:00 PM, we took our first break, and while I was drinking a soda in the breakroom, Sally’s voice came over the PA system telling me to report to the office. Getting to the office, I stepped inside to find Sally on the phone having a disagreement with someone. She held up her hand and motioned me to just wait, so I sat down on the row of folding chairs up against the wall. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to observe Sally in all her glory. She was wearing tennis shoes and a pair of very tight black jeans that showed off her legs and incredible ass. She always came to work wearing a football jersey, this time it was a Georgia Bulldog jersey, stretched over her awesome 38D tits. Even after having two kids, her body was tight and sexy, and made me wonder if she was a tigress in bed.

Just as I was thinking what an incredibly lucky guy Jack was to have access to that hot body, Sally yelled into the phone, “Well fuck you too, buddy”, and slammed the phone down. “That son of a bitch! I should cut his balls off,” she said out loud. Then remembering that I still there, she took a deep breath and said she was sorry. I said it was ‘okay’ and sat quietly for a few moments letting her calm down and clear the tension out of the room. After a minute or so, I cautiously asked her why needed to see me, and she turned towards me and smiled, “I just wanted to see how it was going out there for you tonight? Is Jack picking on you tonight?

“Yeah he has but it hasn’t been too bad, I guess. So I’m OK.”

“Well you let me know if he gets mean. I told your mom I’d look out for you tonight and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” As she said that, she smiled and winked at me. “You better head on back to the loading dock before Jack notices that you are gone.” At exactly that same moment, Jack’s voice came over the PA system demanding that I come immediately to loading dock 26. As I turned to go, Sally invited me to come spend my dinner break with her in the office and keep her company. She said she had an extra sandwich and some pizza she could heat up in the microwave. Not one to turn down the offer of free food and attractive female companionship, I said I would.

As I hurried back to the loading dock, the idea that a super-hot, super-built, super-stacked 41-year-old would want me to keep her company surprised me. I barely knew Sally. She hardly ever paid any attention to me at all except to say hello or good night at work. I just figured it was her way of trying to keep Jack off my back.

I still did not clearly understand the sudden attraction that women seem to have for me. I knew I was physically attractive as I continued to grow up, but I wasn’t wearing a sign around my neck that said “huge dick with great staying power available now.” Yet, if I was honest with myself, I did not spend a lot of time worrying about it since whatever was going on was such much fun. I guess the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applied here.

When I arrived at the dock, Jack demanded to know where I was. I told him Sally had called me to the office. Suddenly, he started yelling at me for being lazy and that even though my mother was the general manager of the warehouse he was going to get my ass fired if I didn’t pick up the pace and start pulling my share of the workload. I just stared at him in amazement while over his shoulder Erotik Hikayeler my co-workers just shrug and look puzzled. For the next hour as we unloaded and reloaded trucks, Jack never let up criticizing and yelling at me. Finally I had enough and told him to back off and he physically came at me. I am pretty tall and in good shape, but he was way bigger than I was. After my co-workers held him back, he told me to shut up or he would beat my ass, so I just kept quiet but inside I wanted to explode. Finally 1PM rolled around and it was time for our one-hour dinner break.

As soon as I clocked out I made my way towards the office. Just as I was about to turn into the hallway that led to the office, I saw Jack come storming out and slamming the door behind him. He walked off in the opposite direction as he cursed underneath his breath. Counting to thirty to give him time to get farther down the hall, I walked up and tried the door, and it was locked. I knocked and the door buzzed. It was the first time I’d ever seen the office locked.

I entered the office; I asked Sally how she know it was me. She pointed to a monitor at her workstation. “That camera lets me see who’s standing there. I can lock and unlock the door anytime I want. It’s an added precaution. We have so many people that come through here. With that metal door, no one can get in here unless I want them, too. It is pretty sound proof in here as well.”

Then Sally walked over to a small fridge behind the work counter and pulled out a six-pack of Budweiser. She pulled two out of the carton and handed me one. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Come around and help yourself.” Behind the counter, sitting on one of the desks was a fresh pepperoni pizza, two Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and a box of spicy chicken wings.

“Wow that’s quite a spread. Is that for us or is that for the whole crew?” I asked.

“Fuck the crew, this is for us. Let them get their own food.” Sally knew my real age, so I was surprised that she had given me a beer, but I certainly wasn’t going to turn it down. For the next forty minutes as we sat there, I had one beer, three slices of pizza and a Philly cheese steak while she barely got through one slice of pizza but had three beers. We talked a little bit about our lives. I told her about adjusting to the new town, and swimming, and making some new friends. She asked very casually if I was seeing anyone. Not wanting to let anyone know about Amber or how old she was, I said no one. She told me a little bit about her life. Her daughters were 9 and 11, and she shared them 50/50 with her ex-husband who had them this entire week. When a lull in the conversation happened, I took the chance to ask her why Jack was so pissed off when he left.

“Oh you saw that? That cocksucker pisses me off more than I can say.” Deciding I should get in on this work rumor, I asked her what was going on. She told me that Jack had been the person that she had been yelling at on the phone when I first came to the office. They had been dating casually for close to six months, but her divorce still pretty fresh at nine months. He was demanding more time from her to see him instead of her kids. He wanted a more committed relationship. She was speaking to me as if we were old friends who would completely understand that she didn’t want to settle down just yet. She wanted to enjoy her freedom and have a little fun. She told me the thing that Jack was really upset about was that she’d had gone out with an officer from the Air Force base just outside of town. “Well he came in to tell me to stop seeing anybody else. That I was his girlfriend and that’s the way it is. Like I’m some piece of property that he owns. I told him to fuck off and that I will go out with anybody that I want, whenever I want, and he has nothing to say about it.”

I pointed out that these disagreements with Jack had put him in a really bad mood and he’d been riding my back for the last two hours. “I think he was pissed off at me because you’d asked me to come up to the office.”

“Hmmm, so he is hassling you? Let’s have some fun with him tonight. Not too long after you get back on the loading dock I’m going to call you back up here again.

“Oh please don’t make him madder at me! He’s already threatened to fire me or beat me up couple of times.”

“WHAT? He’s full of shit he can’t fire you. Your mom is management, he wouldn’t dare try to do that. He’s just trying to make you feel like you are unimportant. But the fact that he threatened you is really crossing the line. That pisses me off. Fucking bag of hot air and he’s a terrible lay on top of it.”

I was shocked at how candid Sally was being with me but then I realized she’d had very little to eat and three beers. She was probably pretty tipsy. Dinner break was over, and it was time to head back to work. Just as I was leaving the trucker radio buzzed. One of the jobs of the night manager is to take radio calls from the truck drivers as they arrived and tell them which loading dock to go to. In quick succession she had two truck drivers call in and she assigned them to loading docks on the opposite Tecavüz Hikayeleri ends of the building. The first one she sent to gate 2 and the other one she sent to gate 40. By doing that she put the crews on opposite ends of the building making it incredibly hard for Jack to coordinate things.

“That’ll teach that fat bastard to threaten my friends,” and with that she sent me on my way. When I got back on the loading dock, Jack was on the phone with Sally yelling at her that she could not ‘split the crews up like that’. She hung up on him. He cursed a blue streak, told me to go help unload the truck at gate 40, and went to supervise the crew at gate 2. About twenty minutes into the shift Shelly’s voice came over the PA system telling me to report to the office at once, and just then another truck pulled into gate 38. I passed Jack as I was headed to the office, and he demanded to know what was going on. I shrugged and he yelled to hurry back as he scurried off to greet the new truck. As I got to the office, I knocked on the door and waved at the camera and the buzzer sounded.

Sally was standing in front of her bank of monitors laughing and working on another beer. I came behind the counter and she passed the last beer to me. We stood there as we watched Jack run back and forth between both ends of the loading dock trying to manage his work crews. She thought it was the funniest thing she’d seen in a long time. While we stood there drinking our beer and watching Jack go crazy, he called Sally twice on the work phone demanding to know where I was and to stop sending trucks to opposite ends of the building. She hung up on him both times and then sent a new arrival to gate 4.

I must admit it was funny to watch Jack so frustrated with absolutely no control over the situation. He was an asshole, but all this seems almost premeditated as if Sally had some agenda. She finished her beer and reached into the top drawer of her desk, pulling out a pint of Jack Daniels. She poured two shots into paper cups and handed me one. We toasted and she watched me take a small sip. It made me cough and it felt as if my throat was on fire. I’d had beer and a lot of marijuana, but I had never had straight whiskey before. Sally smiled as I coughed and knocked hers back in one shot.

As my coughing fit calmed down, Sally looked at me for a long while. She leaned against the counter with her hip and crossed both arms under her enormous tits causing them to almost thrust themselves at me. It was all I could do not to stare at the large round globes pointing straight at me. She asked me if I was any good at giving back rubs. Somewhat bewildered, I answered yes. “Great! My neck and shoulders are so tight from arguing with Jack that I need someone to help relieve this tension. Could you rub mine, please?”

“Sure,” I answered in shaky voice. A big, beautiful smile came across Sally’s face as she turned around and placed her hands on the work counter. This situation was going into some strange places very quickly. Places I didn’t really understand. I thought Sally was hot. I often looked at her fantasizing what her big fake tits would look like naked or what that fantastic ass would look like in a bikini. Yet, I never thought a 41-year-old woman would be interested in me. Intrigued, I put down my cup of Jack Daniels and stepped behind her. Rising my hands to her shoulders, I gently began to rub her shoulders, causing Sally to let out a soft moan. Encouraged, I began to slowly and firmly kneed the tension out of her shoulders and work my hands their way around her slightly protruding shoulder blades.

“Feel okay? Not too much pressure is it?” I asked while admiring this beautiful woman’s shapely figure. Being this close to her, her intoxicating scent enveloped me, causing the teenage monster between my thighs to begin to wake up and grow as blood began to flow into my cock.

“Feels wooonderful, Jason,” Sally moaned in reply, sighing and carrying on as if I were giving her the greatest pleasure in the world.

Using a circular kneading rotation with my hands, I worked to warm up her back, but I noticed that the back strap of her massive bra was kind of in my way. As if reading my mind, she reached around and unsnapped the bra strap through her jersey. “I think that will make it easier for you,” she explained. What she didn’t explain was what would be easier – the back rub or trying to fucking her?

I now could use long strokes over her entire back from the top of her jeans to her shoulders. I felt the tension leave her shoulders and a lot of held-back energy release in those muscles as I gently stretched them out. As the massage continued, she gently urged me to keep going lower and lower on her back. I slowly worked my way down her back using my palms and fingers to break up knots along the way until I arrived at her lower back just above the top of her jeans. She moaned and sighed telling me how wonderful my hands felt. The irony was as she got more relaxed, my cock got harder and harder. My underwear started to pinch so I took one hand and adjusted my prick until it was pointing straight up in my pants. As I started to work on her lower back, she groaned saying that was where it really hurt. Then she leaned forward resting her arms and massive tits on the counter and pushed her ass right into my crouch. There was no way that she did not feel my thick boner pressed up against the crack of her ass.

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