Adventures of Sarah Ch. 11

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The breakfast was great and Hank and the boys ate like it was their first meal in days. Sarah thought they might be getting used to nice hot meals. She smiled as she thought of how good it made her feel to be appreciated in such a small way.

She wandered back into her bedroom to get dressed. Her new mindset was in full gear now and she grabbed her bra and panty set of red satin. Sarah loved the way they felt on her skin but she had only ever worn them when she got really dressed up. Not anymore, she thought. Life is too short and I should enjoy it as much as possible.

Sarah slipped the red satin panties on and she loved the way they hugged her ass. She ran her hand over her butt and the material felt wonderful. She put on the bra and looked in the mirror to see her tits spilling over the top. It was one of those with the little pushup pads and the girls were looking mighty fine in it.

Sarah went into her closet and grabbed a white button up shirt. She slipped it on and then grabbed one of her denim skirts. It was pretty short, not slut-short but short for a schoolteacher. She had always been afraid to wear it because she thought she should dress more “appropriately.” Sarah looked at herself in the mirror and realized the skirt wasn’t nearly as short as some of the ones the girls wore to school. She admitted to herself that her legs looked pretty damn good coming out of the bottom of the skirt. It went to about mid-thigh and she felt incredibly sexy.

Sarah glanced up at her shirt in the mirror and realized her red bra was plainly visible through the white material. She laughed.

“Girl, you have taken that one a little too far,” she said out loud.

She took off the shirt and grabbed a red halter. She slipped it on and then put the white shirt on over it. That looked better. The girls were still pretty visible over the top of the halter but now the bra wasn’t on display. You could only see a little of the edge and that was hot. She buttoned the shirt about halfway up and just left it untucked. She smiled in the mirror and thought she looked very cute. She then thought of the three men in her apartment and touched her sore little pussy through her panties. She was incredibly sore and wondered how often they would use her today. Maybe she should put on the “grandma” clothes. Sarah chuckled and skipped down the hall.

She almost ran into Tyshawn as he came out of the kitchen. He grabbed her around the waist.

“Good morning, Teach,” he said with a smile.

Sarah looked at him and his whole face was smiling. She thought it was the happiest she had seen him since she met him.

“Good morning, Tyshawn,” she responded.

“How are you feeling this morning?” Sarah asked.

“I am feeling just fine, thank you,” Tyshawn answered as he ran his hands up and down her back.

“How are you?” he asked.

“I am great, did you get enough to eat?” Sarah inquired.

“Oh yes,” he said.

Tyshawn leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“Miss Johnson, thank you so much for cooking for us. That is the best we have eaten in a long time,” he said and hugged her hard.

Sarah felt her body being smashed up against his hard, young body. She hugged him back but she felt there was more than food involved in this one. He pulled back a little and kissed her on the forehead.

“I need to hit the little boys room,” he said.

Sarah pulled back and stepped to the side to let him pass. He walked by and ran his right hand across her tight stomach as he passed. Sarah felt her sore pussy tingle again at his soft touch. His comments and hug made her feel so good she had to fight off the urge to just fuck him right there in the hall. She watched him walk down the hall and then turned to head into the living room.

Hank was sitting on the couch when he saw the little teacher bounce into the room. She looked amazing. She could have passed easily for a student. He shook his head as she ran up and jumped on his lap, straddling him. His tired cock sprang to life again as she nestled her hot little crotch right over it. Hank put his hands on her sides and looked right at her.

“Well, don’t you look incredibly cute this morning,” Hank said.

“Thank you kind sir,” Sarah answered.

“We have to be at the Smith’s at 3:00, so we have a few hours. What do you want to do?” Sarah asked.

“You mean, other than bending you over this coffee table right now?” Hank asked.

“Yes, other than that,” Sarah giggled.

Sarah leaned over and put her mouth close to his ear.

“Mr. Jackson, I am very sore. I am enjoying myself more than I ever have in my life but I may need a break,” she whispered.

Hank looked at her as she sat up. He thought to himself that if one of his “white girls” had said that to him even last week he would have picked her up and drilled her just to prove a point that he could take the pussy anytime he wanted it. He wondered what this little one had over him as that thought was the farthest thing from his mind. He wanted to just hug her and take care of her. astalavista porno She was an incredible fuck but she seemed to be more than that now. He shook his head and struggled with this new emotion. What was he going to do with this one?

“Baby girl, you have been working hard for the last 24 hours. I think you deserve a break. Nothing in that pussy or ass for the rest of the day. You okay with that?” Hank offered.

“The whole day?” Sarah said with a pout.

Hank laughed. She was incredible. She could make him laugh even talking about her sore pussy.

“Yes, the whole day. Don’t you let me catch you fucking anything for the rest of the day,” Hank said with a stern look on his face.

“Yes, sir,” she said with a little girl voice and a big pout on her face.

Sarah leaned forward again and whispered in his ear.

“Thank you,” she said.

Sarah leaned back up and looked over at Jesse. He was sitting in the chair wearing only a pair of shorts. She remembered his shirt was in tatters last night.

“Mr. Jackson, let’s take the boys shopping. They will need more stuff to wear if they are going to stay here a while,” she said.

Hank looked at her and thought how suburban that sounded. He wondered if the boys had ever “gone shopping.”

“I don’t know, are you sure that’s a good idea?” he said.

“I think it’s a great idea and it will be fun,” she said.

“Pleeeeaasse…” she drew the word out as she began to grind her crotch down on Hank’s hardening cock. Hank felt her warmth rubbing on his growing cock. She was very persuasive.

“Ok, I guess, it you insist,” Hank said.

“Goody. Jesse, we’re going to get you something nice to wear for this afternoon.” Sarah said over her shoulder.

Jesse glanced over at Hank with a surprised look on his face. Hank just shrugged. Sarah jumped up off Hank’s lap and he saw a glimpse of the bright red panties. His cock finished what little growing it had left and was now rock hard in his pants. He was going to have trouble walking. Sarah was standing directly in front of him and looking down between his legs. She looked up at him and smiled.

Hank sat there and watched her kneel between his legs and begin to loosen his shorts. She reached her little hand in and pulled out his massive tool. She got a glimmer in her eye and immediately took the head in her mouth. She swirled her warm tongue around the head and Hank moaned. He loved her tongue and her mouth felt like a warm glove. He looked down and saw her sliding down on his cock as she stared at him. He loved the way his black cock looked sitting in her mouth. She continued to slide down as more and more of his meat disappeared into her.

Hank felt himself hit the back of her throat and then she started slowly sliding back up. She reached the end and flicked her tongue across the head. She grabbed his balls with her right hand and squeezed them softly. She began to roll them in her hands as she started to swallow him again. This time when he hit the back of her throat she didn’t stop. He saw her push a little harder and then felt himself enter her throat. She pushed the remainder of his tool down her throat and her face was now flat against his crotch. Hank felt like he was in heaven.

Sarah felt like she had swallowed a watermelon. Her throat was packed but she was proud to have taken him all the way in. She pulled up and slowly slid back down the shaft. She flicked her tongue across the underside of his shaft as she withdrew. She felt him flinch and she knew he liked that. She figured he was close so she slid back onto him. She began a slow rhythm of moving his cock in and out of her mouth. He was pushing up a little and she incorporated his movement into her rhythm. It didn’t take long and she felt like he was about to cum.

Sarah prepared herself and pulled back until just the head was sitting in her mouth. She sucked it gently and then flicked her tongue across the underside. That did the trick and she tasted the first blast of cum as it hit her tongue. She let it slide to the back of her throat and swallowed it just as the second blast filled her mouth. She held his head in her mouth and swallowed again. Another smaller load hit her tongue and she left it in her mouth. She sucked the head again and moved her mouth off of it, trapping all the cum in her mouth. She looked at Hank and then swallowed the last load. She kissed the head and felt him softening quickly in her hand. She gently tucked him back in his shorts and fastened them back together.

“You ready now?” she said with a smile.

“Yes, I feel much better,” Hank offered.

Sarah jumped up and looked at Jesse. He was just staring at her with his mouth wide open. Sarah chuckled.

“You alright, Jesse?” she asked with a giggle.

He looked at her and started to say something but closed his mouth and just shook his head. Sarah looked at his crotch and saw his cock was also rock hard and obvious lying against his leg. She smiled at him and licked her lips.

“I asyalı porno think you can ride in the back seat with me to the mall, okay?” she stated.

Jesse just nodded his head like a puppy dog. Hank laughed at the poor boy. This girl was driving these two boys crazy. Tyshawn walked into the room and Sarah told him they were going to the mall. He looked at Hank and got the same shrug Jesse got before. Sarah bounced past him and grabbed her purse off the chair. She slipped her feet into her sandals and grabbed the door knob.

“I’m ready, who’s coming?” she said.

Jesse and Tyshawn scrambled towards the door. Hank got up off the couch.

“Jesse, you’re gonna need a shirt son.” Hank said.

Jesse realized his chest was bare and he looked at Hank. Hank looked at Tyshawn and he shook his head. Sarah let go of the knob and took off down the hall. The boys and Hank looked at each other as they watched her little ass jiggle down the hall. She was gone for only a few seconds and she came out of the bedroom holding a white t-shirt.

“It may be a little small for you, the guy it belonged to was quite a bit smaller than you,” Sarah said as she tossed Jesse the shirt.

Jesse caught it and pulled it on over his head. The shirt was indeed small as it looked like a second skin. Jesse’s chest muscles were well defined under the tight material.

“I guess the first thing we get is a new shirt for Jesse,” Sarah said and opened the door.

Hank saw her hop out of the door and start down the stairs. He started after her. She was a bundle of energy. He wondered if she was always like this or if her new activities were energizing her. Activities? He laughed to himself as he realized he had just described servicing three black cocks as “activities.” He shook his head as he started down the stairs.

Hank reached the car and saw her toss him the keys and climb into the back seat. Jesse scrambled in after her. Hank got in the car and Tyshawn got in beside him. Hank started the car and turned to back out of the spot. He glanced in the back seat and saw Sarah already swallowing Jesse’s hard cock. She was on her knees in the back seat and sucking him hard. Hank again was surprised at this girl. He pulled out and began to drive towards the mall.

Hank reached the mall in about five minutes and heard Jesse moan loudly as he pulled into the parking lot. He realized his little teacher was getting another load of black cum dumped in her mouth. He looked in the mirror and saw Jesse holding the back of her head as he pumped into her mouth. Hank parked the car and turned off the engine. He turned around and saw Sarah lifting herself off of Jesse and saw Jesse’s now limp dick flop out of her mouth. She flicked her hair out of her face and grabbed her purse.

“We ready?” she said as she wiped across her mouth with her hand.

Hank and the boys just nodded and Sarah opened the door and jumped out. They scrambled out of the car and followed her into the mall.

Hank thought it looked incredibly funny to see three black guys following a white girl into the mall. He picked up the pace to get up beside her.

“I think there is a nice store right inside this door. They have good stuff and it’s not that expensive,” Sarah said as she reached the door.

Hank entered the store and saw what looked like a sea of clothing. He realized he had not been in a mall in a long time. It looked almost unreal. He saw Sarah take a left and head down the aisle. He followed close behind. She stopped at a display of men’s shirts. She was rifling through the stack and pulled out two. He saw her grab Jesse and hold the shirts up to him. Jesse looked over at Hank with a weird expression and Hank just laughed. He was getting a kick out of the boys getting thrown into this world. They looked like fish out of water.

Sarah grabbed Jesse and Tyshawn and drug them towards the dressing rooms. She gave them each a couple of shirts and pushed them into the rooms. She sort of chuckled to herself as she noticed the look she was getting from the salesperson.

“You know, it’s so sad that these boys have to put up with people staring at them just because they’re black. Doesn’t that just aggravate you when that happens?” Sarah said and stared directly at the older salesperson standing to the side.

Hank laughed out loud when he saw the older lady scamper away. Sarah turned to him and smiled. Hank noticed Jesse and Tyshawn come out of the dressing room with the new shirts on. They looked totally different. The shirts actually looked pretty good on them. Sarah pushed them back in and ran over to get more shirts. Hank looked around and turned to watch the different people walking around.

He realized this was a totally different slice of population that he was looking at now. He saw a hot little number walking by with her friend. Hank looked at her long legs and her incredibly short skirt. Her shirt was straining to hold her massive tits. She was laughing as she walked by and Hank watched her tits bounce under duş porno the shirt. He stared at her ass as she moved down the aisle. He could feel his poor cock coming to life again.

He shook his head in disbelief and then noticed another couple standing at the display next to him. It was obviously a mom and daughter. The mom was going through a stack of pants and the daughter was just standing behind her. Hank looked at the girl and she was gorgeous. She looked very young, he figured about Karen’s age. Her face was perfect and her brown hair was short, barely touching her shoulders. She was wearing a pink shirt that buttoned up the front and Hank noticed the second button down, while attached, was straining behind the pressure of her full chest. The shirt was not buttoned at the bottom and was open to display her flat stomach. He saw a little glitter in her belly button.

Hank looked back towards Sarah and noticed her standing at the entrance, waiting for the boys. He looked back at the young girl and she was kneeling, tying her shoe. Her right leg was up and Hank could see most of her right leg was exposed. Her skirt was riding way up on her thigh and he stared at her beautiful smooth leg. He saw her look up at him and smile. He smiled back and realized she was very aware of his staring and was probably playing with him.

He continued to stare as she stood up. Her skirt dropped back but he saw now it was very short and her thighs were still visible. His eyes moved up her body past her stomach and then noticed that straining button was not straining anymore. The second button was now undone and the shirt was open, displaying a huge amount of cleavage. Hank could see the edges of a white lace bra peeking out of the open shirt. He watched as the little tease touched her necklace and then ran her fingers down her cleavage. Hank felt his rock hard cock jump at this little trick.

Sarah grabbed the shirts and turned to walk back up the aisle towards the middle of the store. She saw Hank standing at the edge of the department. She made sure the boys were behind her and moved towards Hank. As she got closer she noticed a young girl standing up next to her mom. She saw Hank staring at her and the girl was now running her fingers across her massive cleavage. Sarah felt a pang of jealousy hit her as she realized the young girl’s chest was twice the size of hers and she was using it to tease Hank. Sarah saw the mom grab a couple of pants and move away towards the dressing rooms. The young girl did not move and Sarah saw her adjust her shirt, obviously teasing Hank.

Hank snapped out of his trance as Sarah walked up and handed him a stack of shirts. He grabbed them and then saw Sarah turn to whisper something to the girl. He saw the girl make what he could only describe as a cocky face to Sarah. It happened so fast he almost didn’t see it. Sarah reached out and quickly ripped the girl’s shirt apart. Hank saw at least three buttons fly off and the shirt open to reveal her white lace bra. Hank could see her nipples clearly through the sheer bra. He saw the girl gasp and then pull her shirt together.

Sarah walked away and Hank and the boys followed. Hank turned to see the poor girl trying to patch together her shirt without much success.

Sarah pulled out her credit card and paid for the shirts. She grabbed the bag and headed towards the open mall. Hank could not believe his mild-mannered little school teacher had turned into a hellcat. He smiled as he watched her walk. She was strutting with Jesse and Tyshawn next to her. She seemed to be brimming with confidence. He could tell the boys were laughing as they talked about what she just did.

Hank saw them go into a shoe store. He looked around and figured out this store was way too fancy for him. He glanced at a price tag and saw $90 for a pair of heels and his suspicion was verified. He saw Sarah walk up to a clerk and say something to him. He walked off and disappeared through a curtain. He saw Sarah coming towards him. She motioned for him to lower his head.

“You just sit over there and watch how it’s done.” She said, pointing to the chair right next to him.

Hank sat down quickly. He noticed Sarah sit down in the chair just opposite him. He looked at her pretty legs and then got a nice glimpse of red as she opened them slightly. He saw her smile and then cross her legs. Jesse and Tyshawn sat down on each side of her. Just as the boys sat down the salesman appeared carrying four or five boxes. He knelt down in front of Sarah.

“Thank you so much sweetie. Which one should we start with?” Hank heard Sarah say.

“I think the black heels are just fabulous,” the salesman answered.

“Sounds good,” Sarah said and kicked off her sandals.

The salesman pulled out a shiny black shoe and held it up to Sarah. Hank saw her uncross her legs and then hold out her right foot to him. He took her foot and placed the shoe on it gently. Hank saw him place a hand on her calf as he guided her foot into the shoe. He saw the salesman run his hand down her calf and then fasten the shoe. Sarah lifted her foot to look at the shoe and then placed it back on the floor and stuck out her other foot. As she did this, Hank saw a glimpse of red and knew the salesman saw the same thing. He watched as the young guy went through the same routine with the left foot.

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