Adventures with Leslie Ch. 09

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From Behind

Chapter 09 — 20 Questions

I took a quick shower after Vivian left and threw on a golf shirt and jeans. I grabbed a protein bar that I devoured while I checked email. By the time I was done, it was time to get a move on. I jumped in the car and headed to Leslie’s house.

I pulled in the driveway and noticed a sharp white convertible there already. I had seen this car last weekend there as well. Was Leslie entertaining one of her guests from the pool party? I was a little confused but that passed as I headed to the door.

I rang the bell and waited. Leslie opened the door in a tank top and jeans. Her feet were bare. I started to realize just how attractive she really was, even when she wasn’t made up or dressed to kill. I smiled at her.

“Come in,” she beckoned.

I entered and stood with her in the front hall.

“Go have a seat at the table in the dining room,” she instructed me.

I did as she said, passing through the kitchen and seating myself at the dining room table. I sat there alone, as Leslie did not follow me. I heard her go up the stairs and could hear muffled voices from somewhere up there. I then heard her footsteps on the stairs again. Soon after, she emerged from the kitchen and seated herself next to me at the table.

“Are you ready,” she asked.

“For what,” I wanted to know.

“Today you are going to play a game,” she revealed. “With Brooke.”

“Really,” I responded, quite surprised. “What game?”

“20 questions,” she disclosed. “Brooke wants to get to know you and the game better since she has agreed to join. I have given her this as a formal introduction to the game. You will alternate until you both have asked 20 questions. Brooke is putting the finishing touches on her questions now.”

“Do you think that’s fair,” I solicited. “I was not given time to prepare.”

“It’s probably not fair,” she admitted. “But that’s your problem.”

It was at that point that I heard footsteps behind me in the kitchen. Brooke emerged from the kitchen and seated herself across from me at the table. She had on a royal blue sundress and her feet were also bare. She put her list of questions down in front of her on the table.

“I am here to ensure that the game gets going correctly,” Leslie explained. “I will only be present for the first five questions. Brooke, begin when you are ready.”

Brooke smiled at me and then looked at her list of questions.

“Name the women you have fucked in the game,” Brooke said bluntly.

The directness of her first question took me by surprise. I thought for a moment and then answered.

“Emma, Penny, Vivian, Nikki, Sienna, Leslie and Lisa,” I confirmed. “My turn. Are you prepared to be a full participant in this game?”

She thought for a moment. My cock started to twitch in my pants due to the nature of how this little game had started. I wondered if that would continue.

“Yes I am,” she declared. “Which of those women was the best lay?”

That was erzincan escort a tough one, especially with Leslie sitting just to my left. I thought long and hard about the answer, but finally decided to just be honest. My memories of the situation began to stir the bloodflow to my groin.

“Nikki,” I answered in a matter-of-fact manner. “Are you comfortable with the other women in the game?”

She did not hesitate.

“After last Sunday’s girls outing, I most certainly am,” she exclaimed. “Have you fucked any women outside the game since it began?”

“None,” I replied quickly. “When is the last time you got laid?”

She looked puzzled by this question. I threw it out there to toy with her a little bit.

“Last night,” she responded. “What is the sexiest thing a woman can wear?”

I was floored by her answer. Leslie didn’t flinch which made me think she might have already known the answer, or better yet, had there been something around the game that happened for Brooke last night? I was lost in her answer and now had to think about Brooke’s fourth question. Thank god it was an easy answer.

“High heels,” I revealed. “Are you prepared to cut off all sex outside the game?”

I used that as a follow-up to my previous question, hoping to get more details about last night without asking directly. My dick was now getting very firm and uncomfortable in my jeans.

“I already have,” she confirmed. “What is the sexiest thing a woman can do to you?”

Another tough question. I took a long moment to refine my answer.

“The sexiest thing a woman can do is take the time and effort to dress like a slut for me,” I confessed. “What is the number one thing you like to do to tease a man?”

She looked confused by my question, and then she smiled at me.

“Teasing is easy, I make them put their cock inside me and then I don’t allow them to move,” Brooke divulged.

Before Brooke could ask her next question, Leslie stood up from her chair. I looked up at her.

“That is five,” she announced. “I am leaving before I have an orgasm listening to you two.”

She left the room, leaving us to finish this game on our own. Truthfully, I had almost forgotten she was there as I was so concentrated on Brooke and the effect she was having on my shaft.

“What’s your favorite position,” Brooke resumed.

“Reverse cowgirl,” I acknowledged. “Yours?”

I could sense the pace of the game picking up. I was rock hard in my jeans which was making sitting there a little uncomfortable.

“Probably doggie,” she reacted, though she seemed unsure. “Do you find it better to give or receive oral sex?”

I thought for just a second.

“While I enjoy both, I would hate to be selfish, so I will say give,” I deduced. “Do you ever dress with the specific intent to seduce?”

“Don’t be silly, all the damn time,” she retorted, giggled at me. “Where is your favorite place to cum?”

I loved that question. erzurum escort I was looking forward to answering it so much that I was positive that I had leaked a gallon of precum into my pants.

“On a really sexy pair of high heels,” I responded definitively. “What is the sluttiest thing you have done to sell a house?”

She turned her head, as if she were confused. She thought for a long moment or two and then finally straightened up.

“Sucked a guy off after he just got done fucking my ass,” she disclosed frankly. “What is the strangest location you have fucked while playing the game?”

I had to really thing about this one for a moment. Her previous answer almost put me over the edge. I felt like I was going to combust thinking about that and her new question. This game had been an adventure and there had been a few unique places I had found myself screwing. Finally, I found the answer.

“The dressing room of a lingerie store at a mall in another town,” I admitted, remembering fondly my adventure there with Emma some time ago now. What a day that had been. “So, do you spit or swallow?”

“No doubt, swallow, unless I am sharing,” she replied. “Have you been with more than one woman in the game at the same time?”

“Of course,” I declared. “Have you been with any of the women in this game yet?”

She paused.

“Yes,” she answered plainly, not giving away anything. I wondered if that related to last night. “What was your worst experience in the game?”

“Easy, fucking your sister Lisa,” I cemented. “What are you looking forward to as part of this game?”

“Seeing how many times I have to fuck you before you admit that I am the best lay in the game,” she stated arrogantly. I liked that. A lot. “Who has made you cum the hardest in this game so far?”

“Penny,” I confirmed for her. “Do you prefer a man to cum in you or cum on you?”

“Depends on my mood,” she hedged. “Do you like to fuck girls on the rag?”

I scowled, remembering when Emma had made me do that. I was not a fan.

“No,” I confessed. “Do you like to fuck on the rag?”

“Only in the shower,” she toyed. “Have you been videotaped while fucking during the game?”

“Yes,” I verified. “Have you ever been taped?”

“Once, no big deal,” she shrugged. “Better lay, Emma or Leslie?”

Wow, that was direct and difficult.

“To date, Emma, but I don’t think I have seen your sister’s best yet and I have a feeling that when I do, she is going to rock my universe,” I declared. “What style do you keep your pussy hair in?”

“Bald,” she quipped. “What is your best experience in the game?”

Wow, she was pushing me to think about the game hard, as well as her shaven twat. My concentration was gone and my thoughts were a scrambled mess at this point. Not to mention the wet spot on the front of my jeans.

“The fashion show I received from Nikki, Penny and Vivian,” I decided aloud. “What is your favorite eskişehir escort place to fuck?”

“The kitchen,” she snapped. She knew herself well enough to answer quickly. “Did you think I looked good in my bikini last weekend?”

“Of course I did,” I confirmed. To be honest, she looked great. “You only have 3 questions left. Did you want to fuck me last weekend?”

“Not sure,” she wavered. I wondered if she was having any sexual reaction to this at all. “Are you hard right now?”

“Stupid question, but yes” I retorted. “What kind of panties do you have on under that dress right now?”

“Blue, satin, thong,” she simplified. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“An even more ridiculous question, of course,” I stated, almost pleading. “You have one left. Are your panties wet right now?”

Instead of answering she stood up and reached under her dress with both hands. She bent down at the knees and then stood again and tossed me her panties. They were soaked. I love this game.

“If I let you fuck me today, where would you want to cum,” she asked, relentlessly.

I thought for a long moment. Right at this moment what would be my answer. I looked at her and found the answer right in front of me.

“On your face,” I responded. “Do want to fuck me right now?”

She did not answer, she simply nodded in confirmation. She walked around the table and stood over me in my chair. She helped me stand and then pushed me backwards onto the table itself. She undid my belt and zipper and tore my jeans down past my knee. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke as I gushed precum all over her hand.

She pulled me up off the table and hoisted herself onto it. She removed her dress and laid back across the table, exposing her bald pussy to me. I did not need an invitation; I quickly positioned my cock to her hole. She was soaked and I slid in easily. She felt amazing; her cunt was pretty tight for someone who had apparently seen a lot of action. I wasted no time pumping my dick into her. I was so worked up that I began to fuck her madly. I used her hips to pull her to me and I rammed my rod into her box. She winced and moaned slightly, but I knew I was never gonna last long enough to finish her off.

I pushed in and out rapidly, very excited after the game. My nuts quickly swelled and I grinded my teeth to try to hold out longer, but it was no use. I filled her with jizz, shooting several large, gooey jets into her. I pushed until all my juice was inside her then I collapsed back into the chair. Brooke laid there for a moment then got up off the table and kissed me on the cheek.

“Next time I get to cum too,” she giggled.

“Why not now,” I pleaded, very much wanting more.

“It’s Leslie’s game and today was a one shot deal to welcome me to it,” she informed. “I’m going to take a shower.”

She headed off through the kitchen and then I heard her heading upstairs. I collected myself and pulled my pants back up into place. I turned to leave and saw Leslie standing in the kitchen. We made eye contact and I saw something change in her eyes, it wasn’t hurt or anger, it felt more like determination.

“You will get my best soon enough,” she stated. Then she turned and walked away.

I let myself out and headed home, wondering.

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